Rug Lane Markets–Save the Date for November 11th!

Rug Lane Markets

Over here in Hong Kong, we take advantage of every single second hand swap experience we can. Enter Rug Lane Markets. So far I have attended two of the Rug Lane Markets as a buyer and one as a seller. In fact, everything I am wearing in this post is from Rug Lane Markets. I picked up this chic jumpsuit from my girlfriend and fellow blogger I’m a Norbyah–I was so startled to fit in it because I am literally twice her size, but it works. I love how I feel and look in this jumpsuit! The booties too absolutely thrill me. How many years have I been wearing tennis shoes? I can’t keep track; suffice it to say it’s been a long time. When I tried on these never been worn Zara booties, it was love at first sight! Yes, there is a little itty bitty heel, but my legs can handle it. It’s like having a pair of high heeled shoes, and it’s an understatement to say I’m ecstatic! The necklace seemed like a no brainer: it was only $10 HKD. Why not, right? So in total, the jumpsuit was $50HKD, the brand new Zara shoes $150, and the necklace $10. Boom! New super chic outfit for $210HKD which is like $30 US bucks. I was so pleased with my Rug Lane Markets purchases.

Now for the important news:
Rug Lane Markets is having an event this November 11th. Click here to buy your tickets beforehand, or show up at the door. But, definitely come with some moolah because I guarantee you’ll need it! I’ve already bought my tickets and can hardly wait to attend–not this Saturday but the next. Save the date: 11/11/17 at 12:00!

Rug Lane Markets

Rug Lane Markets

This $10 bauble is actually from Accessorize. What I love best about it is how tarnished and vintage it looks. The previous owner wore it down to perfection!

Rug Lane Markets

These Zara studded booties were such a score! The lady bought them, but was never able to wear them because they were too small for her. Go figure. They are actually a size too big for me, but with a pair of insoles they fit me perfectly. I can wear these shoes all day long. WIN WIN!!

Rug Lane Markets

Rug Lane Markets

Rug Lane Markets

Hong Kong Readers, will I see you at the Rug Lane Markets on November 11th?
I sure hope so. Say hi!!

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  • Marilee J Gramith

    Oh! How I wish I was a Hong Kong reader!!! I would SO be there at your side sucking up the bargains! :-):-)
    Your jumpsuit is really cute. It has a sort of menswear tie print and it really looks great on you Annie! I also like the little booties. I think they have a bit of a Western boot vibe and the heel looks fun and not too high (win/win). The necklace is very pretty and the pearls add a nice contrast and also do their feminizing job as well. You look faboo!!

    • Thank you Jude. I did indeed score!! And now stay tuned for what I purchased last weekend. I walked away happy!!

      A x

  • Wow! You look great in that jumpsuit! It really does fit you well! I love what you said about the necklace – that the previous owner wore it down to perfection. I’m a huge thrift fan myself and that’s how I view previously loved pieces, they are perfect! Thanks for a fun read.

    Cathy V.

    • Thank you so much Cathy. And thanks for stopping by. I hope you come again!

      Love, Ann

  • This market sounds so amazing! I wish we had something similar where I live. And this outfit is spot on! And what a score on price. Thank for translating the dollars to USD for us…otherwise, I was going to have to go convert it myself out of curiosity.


    • Unfortunately Shelbee, we don’t have Goodwill or Salvation Army. We do have this one chain of stores that is second hand, but everything comes from Japan or Korea and so is sometimes rather odd and definitely always small (for this size 12 gal!). Anyway, I’m all about the swaps in Hong Kong–it’s our only way of enjoying a little secondhand. There’s another one coming up next week. I can hardly wait!!

      Love, Annie

  • Annie, this jumpsuit is so great on you! I love the burgundy print and when i first looked i thoght it was vintage, such a neat design! i always get excited when i can wear a heel.. even if it is the chunkiest block heel becuase i couldnt’, so yea! for those booties working for you!
    Thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    • I think it is vintage since I got it from vintage blogger I’m a Norbyah. All she wears is second hand and vintage. Plus she’s a lot smaller than me, so I was so surprised that it fit me. YaY!!!! I need to wear this jumpsuit again real soon. It’s so comfortable too!

      I’m glad I linked. You’re the best Jess!

      Love, Annie