A Girlfriend Blogger Collab: Playsuits with Sheela

girlfriend blogger

At one time I had so many different collaborations going on with different girlfriend bloggers around the world. Then, for various reasons they all ended…. But now, I bring you a reunion with my very best girlfriend blogger: Sheela! Sheela is the one who got The Fab 40s started. She’s the one I can count on to text with morning or night–never in the middle of the day because one of us would be sleeping. Sheela lives in Houston. Sheela is also one of the strongest women I know, having life throw her different challenges along the way, but always overcoming them and always cheerleading other women on through their own life’s path. There have been many an occasion when I’ve wanted to give up blogging or Instagram, but Sheela always grounds and centers me. She reminds me to bring back the joy of why I blog: a passion for fashion and a love of sharing my stories. These two simple characteristics brought us together to create a strong bond. I’m so happy to have Sheela back on Kremb de la Kremb again; it had been to long.

Here the two of us styling up our playsuits. We both live in climates that allow us to carry our summer rompers on into fall. I just wish we were able to pose side by side. As of yet, we have not met in person; however I do trust that one day we will….

girlfriend blogger

The way Sheela wears her clothing is exactly how she is as a friend:

Sheela is fierce AND fearless!

girlfriend blogger

Sheela is whimsical and romantic!

girlfriend blogger

Sheela is loving and loyal!

girlfriend blogger

This was the romper that I wore all summer: it became my uniform for any summer event or get together. It had already been stored away for next summer, but I pulled it out and attempted a fall styling. I simply added a layer with the sleeveless denim and some funk with Western styled booties. Also, I discarded the belt it came with and added a touch of turquoise any which way I could: belt, jewellery, and even bag.

girlfriend blogger

girlfriend blogger

You can still see the aftermath of the terrible T10 we experienced in September. Trees still haven’t been cleared out from my neighborhood. Typhoon Hato really shook HK up!

girlfriend blogger

girlfriend blogger

Believe it or not, but in this pic, Gigi captured me sending a video message to Sheela via Instagram. There are so many ways to keep in touch with others these days, and not only catch up, but simply meet. Like I said, Sheela and I have never met in real life; for now we are virtual girlfriends, but girlfriends all the same!

Mwah Sheela! So happy to collaborating with you again!

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  • mummabstylish

    Lovely, both the outfits are lovely. Both of you have great legs – I’m envious. Jacqui

    • Thank you so much!! Sheela has been working so hard on hers. They are so strong! Meanwhile, I’ve just started the gym, and bit by bit, I’m building mine up.

      Thanks again!

      Love, Ann

  • Judy Gramith

    I hadn’t realized that you and Sheela were such close blogger mates! I don’t follow Sheela but I know her through several of the bloggers that I do follow and I’ve enjoyed seeing her bold and confident style. I also know that her writing abilities are admired by other bloggers. I may be wrong but I think Sheela is taking a break from blogging and spending some time regrouping??
    Clearly the two of you play well together!! It’s fun to see you show off your own versions of romper styling and it must be fun to do a Fall version of a traditionally summer look. I like your polka dots with the denim vest but Im really loving the addition of some western and turquoise accessories! I like Sheela’s monochromatic vibe in that her romper picks up on her hair color so well! Also, this is a woman who loves uniquely styled shoes. Yup, Sheela truly is fierce!

    • Ya, Sheela and I became closer and closer with The Fab 40s collab. Before you knew it, we were texting night and morning. It’s so interesting and awesome to have virtual girlfriends–similiar to you. I don’t have a lot of GFs over here in HK. I have more online than in person at this point in my life. At first it felt so odd, but now I’m good with it. Girlfriends come to one in life in all sorts of ways!

      Mwah to you Jude!! Love, Annie

  • Love this fun post, Annie! So good to see you and Sheela back together again. 🙂 You know I love that romper… I enjoyed seeing how you styled it for fallish weather.

    • Thank you Jennie! Are you excited or what?! We might be getting back together… WOOT WOOT!!

      A X

  • You and Sheela have both nailed these playsuit looks! I am loving that you switched out the matching belt (I never wear the matching belts!) and added turquoise details. So very “Ann”! You are looking marvelous, my friend. And I adore Sheela so much as well. I did get to meet her in her real life back in February and it was more than I had anticipated! She is just such a lovely, down-to-earth, caring, gentle, empowering, fierce, and fearless woman. And I feel honored to call her my blogging friend, too! I can’t wait to hear all about it when the two of you finally meet in real in life! You better give yourselves a week together to get all the fabulous talking in!