Fall’s Must Have: The Plaid Suit

This plaid! It’s all over this fall. I venture to say that this plaid suit is the must have for the fall season and on into winter. I kept seeing all sorts of different variations all over Hong Kong, but then… on the best site of all, I found the perfect version of the plaid suit. Thanks to International Targé, I now have a plaid suit to wear with pride. I love this ensemble. Now, one might be thinking, “Huh?! All the way from Target?!” Well, with the shipping, this suit still came in under $100USD. This was a steal when I compare the versions at high street shops like Zara, H&M, and the Gap. Just the jacket alone is usually a tad shy of $100, yet at Target I was able to purchase the jacket, trousers, and pay for shipping under $100–this is a great deal. I’ll be shopping at International Target more often! Like a friend of mine told me: “Think of it as the taxi fair to town and back!” which is usually $20USD one way. Done and done!!

Do you have your plaid suit for fall?

Here’s the international link for the jacket and trouser.

And here’s the Stateside link for the jacket and trousers where you’ll appreciate free shipping! (So the suit before tax will be $63 USD. Now that’s a steal for a smart looking plaid suit!)

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  • Judy Gramith

    Good gawd! You look absolutely darling in this little plaid suit!!! Also, I love it with the sneakers. I don’t have mine yet… if I was still working Id be all over your Target info.
    Have you lost some weight dear Ann? You’re lookin faboo!!

    • I’ve been working with Coach Ian. I haven’t lost weight, but maybe it’s shifting? I certainly hope so!

      I love my plaid suit!!

      A x

  • Oh Ann! The suit is fabulous, but then add in your sneakers for the footwear and I nearly fainted in a swoon of sartorial envy! So good! You have nailed this look and I can only imagine all the amazing ways you will be styling this beauty!


    • I almost wore it to work today, but then went with something else. I can’t wait to wear it again. I think I’ll pair it with black instead of white….

      A x

  • Fabulous suit and a great price too! I love how you’ve styled it with the sneakers and those amazing sunglasses!

    Emma xxx

    • Thank you Emma! And thank you for stopping by. What you need to know about me: I’m always in sneakers of some sort! Haha!

      Love, Ann

  • Do I love this on you Annie! I have been staring at plaid for awhile now on Zara and cant bring myself to spend $130 on just one of their jackets! ill be hitting Target tomorrow anyhow for the holidays. so thank you.. will check out the plaid. The fit is great on you and i love the white tee and sunnies for a fun look.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  • A very cool look! I love the sneakers with it!