I Love Hong Kong: Wan Chai

I’ve been missing out on something, something with a whole lot of potential: Hong Kong! So many times I find an interesting wall and then use that as my backdrop. Well, there’s so much more to this city than it’s cool, grungy walls. For this reason, I’m starting a new series today called “I love Hong Kong”–which is so completely true. Pretty much every weekend we venture out into the city, and I always dress up, so I’ve decided to share the neighborhoods I love in this great, bustling, and actually very tiny island city.

My “I Love Hong Kong” series starts with a neighborhood called Wan Chai. Historically it was known as the spot for the sailors to go to when they came to port. Sadly a red light district still exists, but it’s easy to avoid that area. An extremely great book to detail this part of Hong Kong is a story called The World of Suzie Wong by Richard Mason.

Basically there’s this very busy street called Queen’s Road that runs through the northern part of the island. When you’re on Queen’s Road East you can pretty much head north toward the waterfront onto any one of the alleys and find bustling markets and funky store fronts. Now that the neighborhood has experienced gentrification in multiple places, the café, restaurant, and bar options are super fun to explore. The tram runs through Wan Chai, and there’s an MTR stop as well. It’s one of our favorite neighborhoods to explore because there’s something always new–or often quite old, to stumble upon.

This bamboo…it’s actually scaffolding. Yes, the Hong Kongers use bamboo that scales stories and stories upward into the sky, and the bamboo creates the scaffolding. Next time I’m out and about, I’ll make sure to take a building covered in scaffolding.

Yes, sequin mini skirts are great for New Years Eve, but in my opinion they’re also great for Saturdays around the town. Why not! I feel like life, even little daily, mundane Saturdays can be elevated with a little sparkle. I don’t relegate my sequin options to special events. Rather, I like to make a day strolling out and about in the city a special day. Why not make the best of the best, right?!

By chance we have found our optical store in Wan Chai. They are the sweetest folks in this little store. Part of this past Saturday’s venture was to get my prescription updated. Awww, I can see again! I’ve been needing to purchase new contacts, and the world is now visible to me again–thanks to the gentlemen at Wing Kwong Optical (Shop IC, G/F, Newman House; 35-45 Johnston Road; Wan Chai, Hong Kong).

I’m always happy touring around with Gigi!

I love Hong Kong!
Shall I continue with more posts like this highlighting the city I call home?

Rug Lane Markets–Save the Date for November 11th!

Rug Lane Markets

Over here in Hong Kong, we take advantage of every single second hand swap experience we can. Enter Rug Lane Markets. So far I have attended two of the Rug Lane Markets as a buyer and one as a seller. In fact, everything I am wearing in this post is from Rug Lane Markets. I picked up this chic jumpsuit from my girlfriend and fellow blogger I’m a Norbyah–I was so startled to fit in it because I am literally twice her size, but it works. I love how I feel and look in this jumpsuit! The booties too absolutely thrill me. How many years have I been wearing tennis shoes? I can’t keep track; suffice it to say it’s been a long time. When I tried on these never been worn Zara booties, it was love at first sight! Yes, there is a little itty bitty heel, but my legs can handle it. It’s like having a pair of high heeled shoes, and it’s an understatement to say I’m ecstatic! The necklace seemed like a no brainer: it was only $10 HKD. Why not, right? So in total, the jumpsuit was $50HKD, the brand new Zara shoes $150, and the necklace $10. Boom! New super chic outfit for $210HKD which is like $30 US bucks. I was so pleased with my Rug Lane Markets purchases.

Now for the important news:
Rug Lane Markets is having an event this November 11th. Click here to buy your tickets beforehand, or show up at the door. But, definitely come with some moolah because I guarantee you’ll need it! I’ve already bought my tickets and can hardly wait to attend–not this Saturday but the next. Save the date: 11/11/17 at 12:00!

Rug Lane Markets

Rug Lane Markets

This $10 bauble is actually from Accessorize. What I love best about it is how tarnished and vintage it looks. The previous owner wore it down to perfection!

Rug Lane Markets

These Zara studded booties were such a score! The lady bought them, but was never able to wear them because they were too small for her. Go figure. They are actually a size too big for me, but with a pair of insoles they fit me perfectly. I can wear these shoes all day long. WIN WIN!!

Rug Lane Markets

Rug Lane Markets

Rug Lane Markets

Hong Kong Readers, will I see you at the Rug Lane Markets on November 11th?
I sure hope so. Say hi!!

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Spirit Lake in Hong Kong


When I stopped in to see Bob at Thunder Ridge on Main Street of Spirit Lake this summer, he told me how great it was for his shop to be featured on Kremb de la Kremb last summer. That made me feel so good, and of course I volunteered to highlight this little t-shirt/gift shop from Spirit Lake again. Yet, this time, I wanted to put a new spin on it: I figured I should bring my Spirit Lake tee to Hong Kong and show it off here in the metropolitan town where I live. The two places found could not be more more opposite–and not just geographically speaking! I wore it just the other day when the whole family took a trip to Causeway Bay for some errands mixed in with bowling and finishing with dinner. This time around I paired my fashion forward tee (heehee!) with some sequin shorts–why not darling!? I don’t have any problem wearing sequin for a casual day; in fact I like to think wearing sequin on a casual day elevates my entire day’s experience. I feel this way often–as seen here, here, here, and here! There are two vital things to know about my style: I’m going to be comfortable but I’m also going to feel great! That means pairing things like Spirit Lake t-shirts and Old Skool Vans with short black, sparkly, sequin shorts! Why not Darling!? I have t-shirts that stay out at Spirit Lake and some that stay here in Hong Kong. I’m glad I brought this Thunder Ridge tee back with me. What do you think of Spirit Lake in Hong Kong Bob? Doesn’t it suit HK!!?






Do you save sequin items for only fancy events?
Or do you wear them casually like me?

#ElleinHK Last Year on this Day

Last year on January 6 of 2014, Elle arrived to stay with us in Hong Kong for six weeks. OH! It was such fun!! I end up missing her quite a bit since that time that she stayed with us. It was such a treat to spend a solid chunk of time with her. Elle is my goddaughter, so there’s an extra bit of pride set aside for her. She just turned 17 on January 2nd–I can still remember when she was just a little babe. Man, before Julie and Matt know it, she’s going to be heading away for college. I know this six week trip last year was a big one for the family; maybe it helped to pave a bit of the way toward their first one heading off. Now the two set of folks need to scheme for Vincent’s possible exchange and even Maeve’s. I looked up the hashtag #elleinhk and found some of these great pics while she was here in Hong Kong. Oh man, we had such fun exploring the city, shopping, and trying new things like surfing or trying different food. Who knows….maybe Elle will return for a follow up visit some day….

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6th Links á la Mode

My recent post about the Louella Odié Skyline Tote made it on this week’s Links á la Mode on Independent Fashion Bloggers. I wrote about this Hong Kong tote traveling all over Shanghai. It was such a fun collaboration with Louella Odié. I’m happy for both of us to get more exposure on IFB!

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Hong Kong in Shanghai with Louella Odié

LouellaOdie.3-3As seen from so many updates here on the blog, my Instagram feed, or my Facebook page, we recently visited my sister Mary in Shanghai for Thanksgiving. It was such fun, and I’ll try not to post too much from the trip. One post I will dedicate my awesome travels to is Louella Odié. Louella Odié is a local Hong Kong handbag boutique. First, the reason I love this line of bags is the printmaking. With a brother as a printmaker, I have grown to have an appreciation for all things printed. With this mother-daughter team, mom Karen is the artist behind Louella Odié while Lauren is the businesswoman. The team is sensational as are the bags. I was so excited to carry The Hong Kong Skyline Tote throughout my four day weekend in Shanghai. It’s as if the bag, as many of my personal items, became a being, and She was often referred to as Her. Take a look at where She went in Shanghai!

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Sassy Contributor

Sassy_LogoHong Kong has afforded me many opportunities that I would have never dreamt would come my way. One such opportunity has been the ability to contribute to one of my favorite web sources for all things Hong Kong: Sassy Media Group. I first read from the Sassy site when I was in Beijing knowing I would move to Hong Kong. Both Sassy Hong Kong and Sassy Mama HK are the go-to spots on the Internet for finding out what is hot in Hong Kong. Fashion posts, restaurant reviews, awesome give aways, field trip ideas, advice on anything and everything… the list goes on for all that Sassy offers its HK readers. Sassy isn’t limited to Hong Kong either; there’s also Sassy Singapore, Australia, Dubai and Paris is coming soon. Contributing for Sassy has given my family and me tons of really cool opportunities like an overnight stay at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, a cooking class at The Mixing Bowl, a spinning class at XYZ to name a few. Now I’m taking my expertise in books and will be offering a book collection–stay tuned for a December post. It feels very rewarding to contribute to a resource that I personally find so valuable. Sassy definitely makes life better in Hong Kong, and I’m pretty proud to be a Sassy contributor!


Cross the Line


C_YC Top

Hong Kong has no shortage of style and creative talent! The entire city exudes of all things chic–from shops to street style, it’s all here in HK. Enter Cross the Line–a new e-commerce site bustling with Hong Kong and Taiwanese designs. To highlight this great online shopping destination, I chose to elaborate with lines–not only in and on the clothing but the in the lines of our bodies as well. Tora is the perfect model to highlight our body’s lines; from her absolute beauty to her extreme flexibility I instantly thought of Tora. Witness Tora Cross the Line…


Plate Movement Top and Skirt


C_YC Top and Bottom


C_YC Top and Chun Ting Liu Skirt


C_YC Top and Bottom


C_YC Top and Envol Avec Ning Skirt


C_YC Top

|CROSS THE LINE| starring Tora Northman |PHOTOGRAPHY| by Ann Krembs |STYLING| by Ann Krembs |ASSISTANCE| from Gigi Krembs |CLOTHING| from Cross the Line |SHOT ON LOCATION| at The Repulse Bay

Hong Kong Junk Trips



JunkTripCollage3Something really fun happens in the beachy weather of Hong Kong: junk trips! A group of friends will typically get together and hire out a junk for the day. Jaspa’s Junks is one of the most popular companies that offers deliciously catered junks with boozie options all day. I’ve been on two junks so far in Hong Kong–both with the same captain! Going on a junk provides a fun alternative to a beach day; you’re literally on the water OR simply in it the whole time. I’m grateful to Kayla, Amber, and Amy for getting this Labor Day celebratory junk out this last weekend. Thanks Girls!! It was a blast!

Sunday Summer Sundresses

SidePortrait2I have many more posts from our month of July out at the cabin, but I did want to include a little bit of the gloriousness that we are experiencing in Hong Kong. While it is really tough to always return when the folks back in the States have one more month of summer holiday, Hong Kong makes it that much easier by being so gorgeous! This weekend was filled blue skies and sun beckoning us all to the beach! That’s another fabulous thing about Hong Kong–there are beaches everywhere! So while we do have to work, Hong Kong spoils us with awesome perks. Therefore, I spent this Sunday in a sundress. Well and to be honest a swimsuit too but what can I say, the beach is minutes away!





Some Outfit Details
Earrings–Florence, Italy at some corner boutique that I would frequent during our visits from Saudi Arabia during 1998-2000.
Necklaces–the hamsa and evil eye are Free Press, and the coral was made by my good friend Mariana Morrill for my mom who then gave it to me.
Lipstick–Purty Persimmon by Wet’n Wild (more on this magic wonder later!)
Dress and Sunglasses–Forever 21
Handbag–soooooo old and also from our days in Saudi Arabia from Aldo. I’m amazed at how well the dress and bag match–it’s as if they were made for one another! Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised by the items I treasure for so long!
Shoes–Dolce Vita