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If I Could Go To Target

This #selfie picture is from my Instagram account during June, 2014!
The Target on the South Hill near both my mom and dad’s and sister’s house had opened.

Restyled White Shirt, A Book and an Outfit, and I Love Hong Kong: Big Wave Bay

I couldn’t decide which series to categorize this post. On the one hand lately for Wednesdays, I’ve been taking an item from the previous Wednesday post and restyling it.

CNY with Maeve

Selfie with my niecie Maeve!
*Oops! I thought this was published last Monday, February 4th, and now I am finding out it’s still a draft!

What I’ve Been Up To This January

This is a family pic from the start of the year, 2019 when we went to
some beautiful rice fields in Bali.

Restyled Plaid Pants and Our Luck Must Change

Last week I wore these plaid pants with my Jaws sweatshirt.
It looked as if I was wearing my pajamas!
Holy smokes!