The Fab 40s in Pop Art

Oh gosh! Sometimes the themes for our monthly Fab 40s collaboration are truly outfits I would wear. Take for example last month’s leather and lace, yes I would wear that outfit; or even the month before with plaid in December, again, I would definitely wear that! But this month’s theme, I am not so sure. Samantha called “pop art,” and I definitely used my librarian research skills for this one. I was not sure what to do! And I know I wasn’t the only one proven by our email strand going back and forth as to what we should all wear. Sam, you got us good this time around! I should take that back: it’s not like we’re trying to stump one another, but a good challenge was surely set. When setting out to dress in “pop art,” I wanted to incorporate both red and blue with hints of yellow. Those are the colors I think of when this art style is mentioned. While I love each of my pieces individually, I cannot say I’d wear this “pop art” outfit all together as one. The shoes are always on repeat, the skirt is leopard so I love it, and I made the shirt so it’s a fave. I also made the clutch just for this post, and I did buy the shirt which I do adore and will definitely wear again. (I used to have a crop top version that I got rid of long ago.) I just don’t think I’d pile all this pop into one outfit.

What do you think of a “pop art” outfit would you wear it all at once or individually? In my opinion I over did it! What do you think?

Shall we see how the others interpreted “pop art” style? Let’s start with the one who chose the theme:


I have to say I was very surprised by Samantha’s interpretation. I don’t know what I was expecting but I really appreciate how toned down her look is. Granted she’s in bright pink trousers, yellow socks, and blue cluth, but that’s nothing new with bold Sam. And the super cute tee is totally wearable. Nice job Samantha! Just a normal outfit for Samantha I believe.


Ok, I have a crush on this month’s guest. Samantha invited Lisa of The Sequinist. I mean, come on, a brand and blog name cannot get any better The Sequinist! Can you imagine her wardrobe? Oh, to get a glimpse!! Well, simply follow her blog and everything about her. And this outfit, wow! What a winner!! I’d wear it head to toe–op! Except, those heels, which are stunning, I’d never be able to pull off. I’d have to switch out for some trainers.


Ok, before I comment on Sheela’s outfit, I must mention how svelte she is looking. Sheela has dropped so many pounds it’s inspirational! Next March will mark two years of the Fab 40s, and it’s safe to say she’s transformed her body–and legs! Look at how toned they are!! Right on Sheela. Now, I think you and I belong in the same camp throwing together everything kitschy that we could. Would you wear your outfit Sheela? Just curious….


Mary, your coat is so cute! And I really wish I could see this adorable gingham dress in all its glory. Also you’ve got such a cute clutch and pumps. Super outfit here Mary!


Jennie, you too, I love the pops of color in this outfit. The skirt, tights, pumps, and that clutch! All of your are making me rethink my approach to “pop art.” You truly are adorable!! Nice outfit.


Ok, I’m guilty: I did save my favorite for last. Look at the simplicity of this outfit. AND, she DIYd the sweatshirt. Plus, she’s wearing tennis shoes–my all time fave. Diane, you nailed the “pop art” theme in my book. Right on girl!

And Me, Ann

What do you think of everyone’s “pop art” stylings? Do you have a favorite? Which one?

Styling an Apple

Cream Beret | White Shirt | Navy Blazer (I switched out the buttons for gold ones) | Paisley Pants | Navy Sneakers

The diet I mentioned on Wednesday has started! In the meantime, I wanted to demonstrate once again how I have been styling an apple shape. I wear longer shirts and blazers, and I tend to wear tighter pants. This outfit is similar to Monday’s outfit. Basically, I am making every attempt to conceal the tummy weight I am carrying beneath the shirt and blazer. Every single woman seems to find something they don’t like about their bodies. I bet men do to, but in my opinion they may not fixate on it as much as the female gender. Women, it’s time to find something we do like on our bodies, and then FLAUNT it! I like my legs. So, I will do everything I can to make use of them while concealing something I don’t like as much. Am I going to let my heavier tummy bring me down? No! Instead I will try to fix it, and in the mean time style my physique in a way to accentuate what I do have at this moment: skinny legs.

What do you like about your body? Do you need help figuring out how to accentuate it better? Let me help!

It’s Just 21 Days

I would like this waist back!

It’s just 21 days! That’s what I keep telling myself. Really, it’s just 21 days. Here’s the thing: I have to do something! I’m an apple in terms of my figure, so when I gain weight, it goes straight to my tummy. As it is right now, I can only wear so many leggings and long tunics. I miss wearing a belt or tucking in my shirt. It’s really up to me, and if I set my mind to it, I can get back to the weight I like to maintain. It won’t be easy, BUT I can do it. Plus, it’s just 21 days. It might turn out to be more, but by then (hopefully!) it will be easy.

I’m going to go on the Bone Broth Diet. And, because I know I’m going to need help, I’m making the announcement public over here on Kremb de la Kremb. In fact, I intend to use this post as my daily journal. (Hopefully there won’t be too many swear words! Hehehe!)

Dr. Kellyann has created a dieting sensation about what she calls “liquid gold.” Basically the Bone Broth Diet is five days of eating whole, pure foods, BUT no sugar at all. If I’m honest there are only two sugars I’m scared to live without for 21 days: my red wine and dark chocolate. During the other two, nonconsecutive, days of the week, I’ll be fasting on bone broth all day. It sounds disgusting–I know! But, while doing my research I found many great benefits to bone broth, helping osteoarthritis being one of them.

My knee has been killing me. It seems right when one thing gets fixed on my bod (for example Pinky, my remarkable and lovely hip replacement), another thing breaks. Carrying extra weight definitely does not help my knee; plus the health benefits of the bone broth sound too good to be true–healthy, glowing skin being one of them. But heck, it’s just 21 days. I can try this. It will be difficult, and I guarantee I will be cranky, maybe even a b*tch! But, if I want to remain clear to my mission of feeling good in what I wear, I need to do something about my growing gut!

This is just a year ago. Notice how I was able to cinch my waist. I want to be able to do that again!

My weight is always fluctuating; I go up and down, so this isn’t anything new. There are periods of time where I’m able to create balance and maintain the weight I feel best at. Currently, I’m not in balance. The reality is that in my closet, I usually have a span of several sizes. Writing this blog and posting pictures of myself in my clothing obviously offer some incentive to maintain my happy weight. I’ll never be a small, petite woman, and that is ok with me. I do however know when things have gotten beyond my happy self: I start wearing more large shirts to cover my middle, I resort to baggy jeans, and I stop trying to create a waistline. All these strategies are a result of being an apple shape; when I gain weight, it goes straight to my middle. Luckily, my legs stay true to me, and I find ways to show them off–shorts and mini skirts with tights, dresses with leggings underneath, and skinny jeans with loose tops.

I’ve had enough however, and I’d like my balance back. It’s time to do something about my weight gain. Being a librarian, I’m always researching–something. This time around I found Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet. It’s just 21 days, and I’m going to give it a go. I thought I’d use this spot as a place to update my daily progress. It’s going to be a tough 21 days, so coming here to vent and write it all out might offer the perfect therapy.

Hehehe! Here’s my cecil (Kevin’s term for you know what) from this summer. No shame! But I sure wouldn’t post my butt in jeans now though!! Eeek!

It’s just 21 Days!

I plan to use this spot as my journal when need be. Follow along if you dare. And please reach out if you’d like to join me. I’d love a friend or two to support me on this 21 day (possibly longer) journey….

Wanna Join Me?

Starting Weight: (I’m too embarrassed to post this just yet. I will at the end. Hopefully there’s a difference!
Ending Weight:

Starting Inches: 41 inches
Ending Inches:

Day 1:
Day 1 didn’t go so bad–granted it was only the first day. I have harder days ahead I know! I had a full 2 egg omelet with spinach and 1/2 an avocado for breakfast. At lunch, I had pumpkin soup. In order to satisfy the sugar craving I usually have at this time, I had about 10 blueberries. All day I drank water infused with lemon and a few black berries. For dinner, we had this leftover eggplant and onion mishap. (The helper had made the wrong appetizer recipe for my birthday, so I used it to convert it into a main dish.) I added chopped roasted chicken (pulled from the roasted chicken for my bone broth), sauteed the eggplant with the chicken and added a ton of spinach. It made for a nice warm salad. Again, that sweet tooth! I ate ten more blueberries. And brushed my teeth! During my difficult time–which is always after school–I went for a bike ride, with my new bike! Also, after the ride, when I’d love a glass of red wine before dinner, I had a cup of tea. I have really, really difficult days ahead of me, so I’m happy Day 1 wasn’t too hard. Here’s to broth all day tomorrow! EEK!

Day 2:
This day was not hard. Not really at all! I did have some humorous difficulties which I will share, but I can honestly say I didn’t feel hungry all day long. The bone broth is very satiating and savory. In fact, as I write this I still haven’t had my breakfast for day 3….

Here are the humorous bits: first, I didn’t realize this but you are not suppose to microwave the bone broth. It turns one of the proteins neruotoxic–whatever that means, but the word toxic is enough to tell me to figure out another way to reheat. Since I don’t have a kettle yet, I had to get creative at work: I put the broth in a jar, and then I put the jar in a coffee pot filled with hot water. I let it sit there for about 40 minutes. It finally heated up.

The second funny/disastrous thing that happened was in a Zara shop. I was downtown for a doctor’s appointment, and since I was early, I stopped into Zara. Well, a flip of my bag and all of a sudden there was bone broth everywhere leaking out of my thermos! Eeek! Not good!!

So, there are two new purchases I will be making this weekend: a new kettle to reheat my bone broth and a new thermos to carry it in. No biggie. If these were my only two glitches I’ll take it. Now on to day 3’s breakfast!

Day 3:
Amazingly, after the day before’s bone broth fast, I didn’t wake up famished. In fact I didn’t eat my 2 egg omelet with 1/2 an avo until 9:30 am. I like to try to eat a little later as it helps me once I get home and want that 4:00 pm snack. Because breakfast was late, I wasn’t hungry for lunch until 2:30. For lunch I had a huge plate filled with roasted vegetables and chopped up chicken heated up on some romaine and arugula. I seasoned with salt and pepper flakes plus olive oil and red wine vinegar. It ended up that I couldn’t eat the entire plate.

I was worried about my Friday night ritual which consists of blogging with a glass of wine. Later on I usually have another glass of wine with a big bowl of popcorn while I watch tv. To battle that habit, I replaced the wine with tea. It worked–for last night anyway. Amazingly–I think it’s because my lunch was both late enough and big enough–I wasn’t that hungry for dinner, so I had an avocado with sea salt and a small apple. That was it. I have to say, the sweetness of the apple was amazing! It did taste like candy!! So, that was Day 3. Done, and not too bad–even without the usual bowl of popcorn and vino!

Here’s to bone broth all day tomorrow….

Day 4:
Today was another bone broth day. Again, I waited as long as I could before having it, which was about noon. That way I was able to have another one around 3:00 pm. It seems I still have more to get used to! My cooking method failed: I put the mug in a simmering pot of hot water. And, of course the bottom fell out of the mug when I went to grab it out of the pot of hot water. Oh well. Luckily I had made back up. Although, my backup wasn’t as good…hmmm. There’s something to get right about the recipe! Anyway, I made do with my not-as-good broth. I had some more around 7:00pm. Then I brushed my teeth promptly after. I was still feeling something–probably wasn’t necessarily hunger, but I had one more helping of broth around 8:30. I think it’s ok to have 2 cups over of the allotted 6 cups in a day. I’m not going to sweat it. I could have difficulties watching the family eat Cali Mex burritos but I just avoided the thoughts. Not really sure how I did that! Back to whole foods tomorrow….

Day 5:
I felt good yesterday after the bone broth fast the day before. I had an amazing sleep; I woke up at 9:30 am! I never sleep that late!! I had an excellent brunch around noon: scrambled eggs with sliced cherry tomatoes and sliced breakfast sausage (nitrate free!) mixed in. Yum. It was very good. Then, to crave my sweet tooth, I had two handfuls of blueberries. It was a chilly day, so I drank all sorts of different teas all day long. Around 4 or so, I was hungry for a snack, so ate some macadamia nuts–perhaps too many. Also, before dinner (we always eat way too late–drives me crazy!), I ate a very small apple. Dinner was delish however and worth the wait: salmon on the barbie and roasted cauliflower. Again, to crave my sweet tooth, I had a handful of blackberries. There is one thing that I need to inquire about–how much fruit am I able to have? Perhaps I ate too much, but oh, berries and apples taste like candy after not having any sugar for five days!

Day 6:

Day 7:

Day 8:

Day 9:

Day 10:

Day 11:

Day 12:

Day 13:

Day 14:

Day 15:

Day 16:

Day 17:

Day 18:

Day 19:

Day 20:

Day 21:

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A Black Drapey Top–Ping Pong Post No. 12

This was almost going to be our last Ping Pong Post, but luckily the three of us have put our thinking caps on, and we have figured out how to continue. In terms of mailing our items across the seas, this is the 12th time we’ve done it: this time around the black top we’ve styled belongs to Sam, yet I am now the lucky owner as she’s passed it on to me for keeps. She definitely felt buyer’s remorse with this item after she paid way too much. That’s the worse when that happens, and usually the very reason that I wait for the sale. For me, and with some of the (unwanted!) weight I’ve gained, this kind of top is perfect. It rounds in where I’m skinniest at my legs. When I do gain weight I am definitely an apple, carrying my kgs/lbs at my midsection, breasts and even chin. My legs always seem to stay the same. With a top like this styled with an untucked shirt, you have no idea of the muffin top beneath! Hahha! Yes, I do have one–especially now. But! I will do everything in my power to style it away. Wait to hear what I’m going to do about the extra kgs/lbs till Wednesday–the day after I turn 45!

Samantha from Fake Fabulous

Look at how ingenious Samantha wore this top: backwards! It makes it so cool–and very on trend with the sloping back. It’s funny to me that this top fits Sam as a dress! This demonstrates the size difference I experience with the PPP. Both Samantha and Anna are very petite. My full figure took off about 4 inches from this black top. One other style note that I love here, is the vinyl leggings underneath. This layer, along with the strappy bralette, give Samantha’s look plenty of edge. She’s basically a rock star!!

Make sure to follow Samantha’s blog Fake Fabulous and her Instagram handle @fakefabulous.

Anna of Anna’s Island Style

You would never know that Anna had a very difficult time styling this black top. In fact, out of the 12 installments, she found this one to be terribly hard, yet in my opinion she looks effortlessly classy. A cinched waist highlights here petiteness perfectly and the black top serves as a nice contrasting layer–at least in my opinion. I think she made it look easy to wear!

Make sure to follow Anna’s blog Anna’s Island Style and her Instagram handle @annasislandstyle.

Me, Kremb de la Kremb

Thanks for this black top Samantha! I think I will find plenty of use from it. It’s a great layering piece for me–especially for the temperate winter we’re having in Hong Kong. I’m still waiting for the usual cold blast, but maybe it won’t come this year….

Stay tuned for Wednesday…I’m going to divulge how I plan to lose some of this extra weight.

Waiting for the Sale

Black Embroidered Tunic | Jeans (on sale!) | Sneakers

Before you read this post, pleace check out this picture of Carmen. The woman has amazing, no covetable, style. When I saw this picture of her, I knew I had made a mistake and maybe should have just bought this black, delicately embroidered tunic. But, it was very pricey–at least for me–at a $130. I just couldn’t guarantee I’d wear it enough at that price tag. Instead, this was one of those items where I’d be waiting for the sale, and hopefully, I would get lucky….and guess what? I did! Before returning to Hong Kong after our travels through India, we had a stop over in Kuala Lumpur. We were staying at the iconic Traders Hotel that sits directly across the Petronas Towers. Right at the base of those super tall towers is a mall, and of course we went in–a couple of times. During one of the mall visits, I went in for a very quick jaunt to Zara. The moment I saw this piece, I instantly thought of all the times I had wanted it but said no. I could even remember commenting on Carmen’s pic describing my discouragement with myself for not purchasing it. But, lo and behold, there it was, and lucking my waiting for the sale came through. This is a beautiful piece that I know I will now get plenty of wear out of, AND I only paid $50 instead of $130! The funny thing is…don’t ask me about the price of my shoes!!!

What item has you waiting for the sale?

The one thing I seem to have no problem spending money on is my ever-growing sneaker collection. I had plenty of options of tennis shoes that I could have brought with me on my trip to India, but I wanted to just bring one pair, and one comfortable pair that looked good with evertyhing. Enter my Ash embroidered kicks. I wore these shoes almost every day; I am happy I bought a separate pair because these shoes got dirty! I’m still wearing them often, but I do find it interesting that while I had a hard time buying a $130 tunic, I didn’t bat an eye at these $190 shoes. Go figure!

What will you splurge on?

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Under the Dress

Pink Crush Velvet Dress | Embroidered Jeans | Pink Velvet Sneakers

To avoid being too overly predictable–velvet, blushing pink, and sneakers–I tried something new. I wore things under the dress: a crisp white shirt and a pair of embroidered jeans under the dress make for a way more casual look to this ultra shimmery velvet crush dress. I am often guilty of eating my breakfast or lunch in a 5 minute break. It’s awful really and not a very French way of eating and enjoying my meal. Therefore, if I place a fashion magazine under my nose, I have the chance of taking 15 minutes to eat rather than 5. I also benefit in my #ootd department. Recently while reading the February People Style Watch, I came across a couple of trends to try: the white shirt and crop jeans under the dress. Presto! I read, learned, and executed! What do you think?

Do you wear something under your dress?

Now that Shein reached out to me, I’ve started visiting this site with more regularity. I have found something out: somehow this brand has items that have sold out of other stores–like Zara for example. My jeans are from Zara and long gone sold out, yet I was able to find a version of them (for only $30!) on Shein right now. My dress, which was only #14 is also from Shein, yet I remember seeing it online at Zara… Hmm, I won’t wonder too much about how Shein has these items, but I like the price and so far the quality is great! Do give Shein a try if you are thinking about sampling a trend.

Do you have a go-to place for trying out trends? Do share!!

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My Red Lipstick Research

There were many old photos of me to choose from on the blog here where I’m wearing red lipstick. I chose this pic from a post wearing my LBWSD (Little Black and White Striped Dress).

Dear Readers, I know you know I love lipstic–especially red lipstick! And, if you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, you might have noticed I’ve been going through all, I mean ALL, my red lipsticks. I have so many of them–orange reds, blue reds, velvet reds, and now dried out reds. There is no possible reason why I should need over 20 red lipsticks. So, I’ve been researching all the red lipsticks I own putting them through the test. I’m doing red lipstick research–I am a librarian after all! Some of my criteria include application, smell, orange or blue color, the coffee cup test, and lasting power. Not all are making the cut, some need replacing, and of course there are new red lipsticks I’m eager to try. Enjoy my findings!

Red Lipsticks to Keep

Unfortunately there are quite a few lipsticks that I’m either passing on or actually throwing out. Some of my red lipsticks are just plain old and gunky. No one wants to put those on–no wonder I haven’t been. There are a couple I’m definitely keeping though, so take note:

Giorgio Armani Maestro #400this lipstick stood the test. The color is great, it goes on smoothly, and it last a long time. It’s not noted as a long lasting lippy but it holds really well, and for how moist it is, I was pleased it never rode up into my lip line wrinkles.

All my Topshop red lippiesI have a Lip Bullet in Joyride and two lipsticks in Rio Rio and Watermelon. Basically I highly recommend any Topshop lipstick: they smell great, glide on, and feel more like wearing a long lasting lip balm. I swear by these lippies and hand them out to my sisters and girlfriends as presents. Really, find the Topshop (or two, or three!) lipstick colors that work for you. They’re amazing; you can’t go wrong!

Red Lipstick Replacements

With having so many reds, some of them have definitely become neglected, and therefore are in need of replacing…

M.A.C. Ruby Woothis is a definite must in terms of red. It’s long lasting-especially with the M.A.C.’s Prep + Primer worn underneath. This red lipstick makes every single “best red lipstick” list. Before I replace with Ruby Woo however I will try Lady Danger. This one has been highly recommended as another great M.A.C. red.

Nars Dragon GirlMy stick is almost finished. I could leave the old one in my office beauty basket. This lip pencil is perfect underneath any red lippy to make it last even longer.

Bourjois Hot PepperThis is my favorite orangey red. In fact it replaces the famous NARS Heat Wave in my opinion. I usually have a couple of these tubes as it’s such a great red. Now I’m down to one tube, and it’s just about gone. No wonder I haven’t been wearing it! This lipstick LASTS too plus it passes the coffee cup test.

Red Lipsticks to Try

Of course, being a red lipstick wearer, I am always aware of new brands and shades for me to try. Here’s a list of what I’d like to sample:

Smashbox Bawsejust check out this article, witness this color on ten different women, and then tell me you don’t want to try it. I know I sure do….this will be the first red I purchase! (Unless maybe Smashbox wants to send me that sample box I’ve seen floating around my Instagram stories….)

Maybelline Red RevivalI have several Maybelline lipsticks–they are so great for the summer. I have a perfect coral and pink. Now if they have a red for me to love, I’m all game. The thing I like best about Maybelline is there lipsticks feel more like wearing a lip balm stain than anything. It’s worth an $5 try!

E.L.F. Rich Redbefore I replace my M.A.C. Ruby Woo, I might try out this drugstore option. It’s compared to the famous color–which I already know I like. Maybe I could save some money by going with this very reputable but economical cosmetic brand….Hmm, $3 verses $20? Seems like a no-brainer to me!

Charlotte Tilbury in So MarilynI keep seeing this lipstick brand. I had never heard of it, so perhaps it’s new to the market. I do know that I keep seeing it in colors I want to try. Aside from their red, So Marilyn, I am very intrigued by Glastonberry. It looks like a very gorgeous berry color.

*Upon further research I have found out that Charlotte Tilbury is a UK makeup artist. AND, I love her site for choosing lip color. There are about ten women to choose from with the lip color on, so you have an idea of how it might look on yourself. Genius Charlotte! Absolutely genius!!

Your Turn!

Tell me! What is your go-to red lipstick? As you can see I’m eager to always find more and other reds out there. I’d love to know which red lippy works for you….

The Winter Sweater

The Winter Sweater 6

Red Sweater | Levi’s 569 | Bandana Slip-ons

Each winter it seems as if I pick up THE winter sweater. THE sweater that I end up wearing over and over. Take for example this red winter sweater; it has definitely exceeded its cost per wear. I bought it for a little over $20 USD, and I think I’ve already worn it at least 10 times in the last three weeks since I got it. Last winter I bought a rather similar piece that became THE winter sweater I wore over and over. You can see it worn here last winter in Vancouver, Canada or here up on Schweitzer Mountain. In comparing these two very similar winter sweaters, there are two important things I look for in THE winter sweater that will keep me returning to over and over: they need to be both cozy and cute!

The Winter Sweater 3

The Winter Sweater 2

The Winter Sweater 5

The Winter Sweater 7

The Winter Sweater 4

The Winter Sweater 8Here’s a close up of the glitter lips. If you haven’t seen my first vlog describing how I achieve these lips, you can go watch it here. (It’s my first one, so don’t worry: there’s definitely room for improvement!)

Glitter Lips (and my first vlog!)

Red Winter Sweater 8I’m giving a vlog a try. This first vlog of mine is all about creating glitter lips. You have permission to laugh! I know I sure have! But not too much, k? I’m always eager to try new things, so here’s my stab at a vlog. It’s my first one, and I definitely have so much room for improvement. Like, I need to figure out where to place the camera and make sure my makeup looks okay. I also have a lot of research to do in terms of editing. For now, all I could do is figure out how to insert titles….Anyway, give it a look. And if you ended up having as much fun as I did, answer the survey at the end of watching! Thanks. And (try to) enjoy!!

My First Vlog on How to Get Glitter Lips

What do you think of Glitter Lips?

Should I try another VLOG?

Nah, stick to pictures.
Sure, go for it!


But actually the real question is will you try to make glitter lips?

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My First “Courtesy Of” with Shein

courtesy of Shein 3This cute sweatshirt is courtesy of Shein! Oh, I want, no make that dream to have a “courtesy of” anything when it comes to writing this blog, and it finally happened with clothing! It has gratefully happened with both jewelery (Lustre) and handbags (Louella Odié), but so far it hasn’t occurred within the clothing department–except for that one off post with prom dresses years ago (Fame and Partners). The great thing for me is Shein is a clothing outlet that I can support: it’s actually difficult to find any items over $30 USD, the shipping is free (around the world), and they offer tons of codes for even more discounts. Me likey! (In fact since I can’t seem to get enough velvet, I just made an order today for two more velvet dresses–this draping, steel grey blue, wrap one and this blushing pink t-shirt dress for only $14!) I had trouble figuring out what to choose among the pages and pages of fashionable options, but then I kept gravitating toward this chevron navy, white, and red hoodie. These colors are both our school colors and my son’s baseball team’s colors. With this hoodie, I can support the team without having to be logo’d out. It ended up being the perfect lightweight layer for this past Sunday’s game. Go Eagles! And thank you so much Shein for the courtesy of picking out a piece. I hope we can work together some more. (And to help me with that dear readers, please click on any of the Shein links; they’re keeping track, and if I do well….maybe I’ll be able to have some more courtesy of Shein!)

courtesy of Shein 1

courtesy of Shein 2

courtesy of Shein 5

courtesy of Shein 6

courtesy of Shein 7