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A Little Blue Dress–My New LBD

Usually on the first day of school, I always wear an LBD–of the black variety. But, this year, I deviated and wore a new sort of LBD–the little blue dress.

Cherries and Chevrolets

This post’s subject is going to be a little odd, but, I feel inspired to talk about some thoughts I have on a rather random topic: driving.

Cabin Candids—Spirit Lake Summer 2018

It’s Monday, August 6, and I leave for back for Hong Kong in a couple of hours. With two hours left of summer,

Blue Jean Baby in My Cut Offs–a Fab 40s Post

It’s my turn! And since I knew a couple of things about this July–like no wifi out at the lake alongside total lake style,

Summer Summer Summer Summer Time

Summer time is coming to an end. My sister has started a new saying though: instead of “All good things must come to an end,”