This Season’s Tights: Pants Under Dresses

Pants under dresses–they’re everywhere. In fact it’s fair to say that pants under dresses are replacing tights! These black pants should look familiar; I just posted them on Monday’s post when I rant about Black Friday. This week, and mind you it’s only Wednesday(!), I’ve been having trouble getting dressed. I just can’t figure out what to wear, and I haven’t been feeling very stylish. Basically, I can hardly wait for December 1st to happen, so I can start wearing all my festive holiday clothing! So, in a funk at only Wednesday, hump day, I took the time to sort out my wardrobe. Winter dresses were pulled down, and this fun snake was added to my closet. Changing out my seasonal clothes is a bit like shopping! At any rate, I don’t have any black tights yet, but I do have these amazing black Who What Wear trousers from Target. As professed before, they are utterly perfect. In my opinion this cropped and flared style is excellent for wearing pants under dresses. In fact, I prefer it to a pair of tights. Have you given this rendition a try? Let me confess to feeling fun and flirty today. Ahhh, finally. I liked what I was wearing!

Both this dress and the belt were picked up at swaps. The belt is quite recent from the Rug Lane Markets–I couldn’t decide on the brown or black one, so I got both! The dress has quite a story: the short version is I was visiting my brother-in-law and family in Jakarta. His wife Jenn and I saw a garage sale–yes a literal garage sale! Stop the CAR!! This dress was snatched up in a jiffy. The last time I styled this dress, I wore over the knee boots, a little fringe vest, and no belt. Which way do you like better?

Black and brown isn’t a very popular color combo, but I love the chance to combine the two. My blogging friend, Carelia, over My Small Wardrobe, just brought this unpopular color combo up on her blog giving me extra incentive to prove, like her, that it’s possible. Check out her post here and don’t drool too much over her stunning skirt! Oh….to have that piece of Ralph Lauren vintage…. I dream!

So, what about you? Will you be adding pants under dresses? Or will you stick to tights?
I recommend this. It’s so, so very comfortable!

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  • Cindy

    Wearing pants over dresses! Yes! I’ve worn jeans over dresses several times. I love the look. Go girl!

  • Judy Gramith

    YIKES! I almost missed this post. This is great! This dress has a tunic vibe because of its length and that I would have no problem with especially if the pants are like the ones you’re wearing here Ann. In fact, at 66 if I see a cute short dress and I love it to bits, it immediately becomes a tunic in my mind and in my closet. Truthfully I’m mostly wearing leggings in this scenario however. I I have worn skinny jeans though!!!
    I love your belt and the darling pair of brogues too dear girl!!

    • What did you think of when I wore this dress with over the knee boots? I think I prefer it this way….am I maturing Jude!? Eeek! I don’t want to!! Hahaha. Actually, next time I wear the snake I should pair it with nude sparkly tights with tennies. That will bring the kid in me back out!

      A x

      • Judy Gramith

        Don’t EVER allow the kid in you to fizzle Annie!

  • Oh! I’m so glad Carelia!! You must have noticed from clicks to your site because I never had a chance to tell you. I love that skirt of yours so much. If I was petite like you, I’d probably be making offers on it. It’s Ralph Lauren right? I should try to hunt it down. I don’t know if I told you; I feel like I may have. But that skirt reminds me of a sweater cardigan vest (I know gasp now but it was the early 90’s–they were quite in, in Italy anyway!) I purchased while studying in Italy my junior year. I had to have that vest; I coveted it. After a gazillion times of visiting I finally purchased it for myself. And now I”m so mad I hadn’t kept the darn thing!

    Anyway, I love brown and black together. I think it totally works!!

    Love, Ann

    • I actually google my blog for mentions and features every week, that way I have the chance to thank others for sharing it. I’ve been doing this since I started my blog 5 years ago. Try it!! you will be surprised how many people shares your looks and by the way, thanks so much for sharing my blog and for trying this fun combo. This is skirt was sold to me as vintage but I really don’t know what decade was made. I totally love the shape and colorful chevron print.
      Ann, I totally understand about your feelings with your vest. I’ve done this a few times. In fact, recently I sold a pair of shoes that I wish I kept. Oh well, lesson learned ;-(

      xo, Carelia

  • Yes! Try it with the jeans. You won’t regret it! Here’s sample of when I wore jeans instead of pants. Let me know how it goes, k?

    Hey and with that, you’ve helped me figure out what to wear today! I’m going to wear the little red velvet dress at the end of December 1st’s post!

    Thanks for stopping by Rozanne. I hope you come again.

    Love, Ann