Jakarta Krembs

We are so lucky to have family in Asia! We’ve got two sets of Krembs in Hong Kong–us and Cork and Sally. Then, my sister Mary is in Shanghai. Plus we’ve got another set of Krembs–Brian and Jen, in Jakarta. For the past weekend we’ve been visiting the Jakarta Krembs, and we’ve had such an amazing time! Here’s a little compilation of our time with them pulled from my Instagram account.

1. & 2. Pool time at the Pondok Indah Waterpark.
3. Delicious lunch at La Trattoria
4. Happy hour at Hacienda
1. & 2. Pedi and cream baths (for the hair) at Puri Santi
3. & 4. Jen and I were going for a drive, and I spotted this garage sale. I immediately said, “Stop the car!” We went and met Nancy–plus bought some of her fabulous goods!
1. & 2. Pool time in the Krembs’ Cave Plunge Pool with happy hour on the side settee
3. Krembs’ Dance Party!
4. Gigi just has a way with the kiddos
1. We’re determined (well I am!) to get a treatment a day in Jakarta. Here the four of us are getting foot massages at Martha Tullir.
2. Cousin Anthony giving more love to Gigi.
3. Kevin and I were able to catch up with Catherine Roback–a friend from our days working together at ASB in Mumbai!
4. It was pretty neat to see Uncle Kev with the babe! Brought back some fond memories for me.

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