4 X 4 of Snake Print : The Perfect Print for Warm Weathered Autumns

4X4 Snake PrintI will never complain about the weather in Hong Kong; it is quite lovely all year long. Some people find the humid months to be stifling, yet I actually enjoy them–just another reason to visit any one of Hong Kong’s lovely beaches. Our weather will cool down, but it will just take a while. In the meantime, I love seasonal style and fashion: I enjoy the shift and anticiation. In fact, just this last weekend I switched out my wardrobes pulling out winter skirts and trousers to replace the more vibrant summer colored clothing items. The fabrics of my seasonal wardrboes matter. I’m not ready for wool or even cashmere. I sweatshirt is pushing it. Yet, I want to look autumnal. Enter snake print. Snake print is the PERFECT print for autumnal dressing. It’s got the muted colors, and it looks warm. Snake pring is the perfect November fall look without suffering through any additional heat waves. The other totally amazing quality of snake print is it’s timelessness. Some of the items below are new from this season while there’s one top in my wardrobe that dates back to 2000 where I picked it up in Saudi Arabia. Basically, add some snake print to your wardrobe–you can’t go wrong!

Here, I’ll show you four pics each of four different snake print variations:

Snake Print Shorts

Snake Shorts 1.1
These shorts from Zara are my newest addition to my snake print collection. I picked them up at zara. Shorts, in a luxe, wintery texture are the perfect fall look for Hong Kong. While we’re still having weather in the 28s/80s, shorts are an excellent option. Just choose muted, fall-like colors and textures.

Snake Shorts 4.4
For accessories I went simple since I’m wearing a mock neck top. I chose my snake eye earrings and kept it at that.

Snake Shorts 2.2
A short sleeve mock turtleneck is a great option. They’re not hot. In fact, once you hit the AC of most buildings you’ll be happy for this layer. This top looks wintery, but it’s not.

Snake Shorts 5.5
Autumn and the coming cooler months scream for texture, so at no cost to my temperature I added fringe black boots and my ostrich feather bag. Again, everything here my look warm, but my temp was not!

Snake Print Pants

Snake Pants 3Another great option to own is a pair of lightweight snake print trousers. I purchased these with a great friend named Sandy during one of our shopping day dates in Beijing–Zara always being a stop. I love how I can go into a Zara, see a type of pant, grab the large, and always be assured that it fits. Odd, but true.

Snake Pants 5Being the sucker for graphic tees, I was smitten with this “Hola” one. (“Hello” in Spanish!) To make this outfit appear more fall-ish, I simply wrapped a denim shirt around my waste. No, I really never had the need to wear it, but sometimes the tied-shirt-around-the-waist serves just as much as an accessory than anything.

Snake Pants 2

Snake Pants 6
This was an outfit I wore on a city day hence the kicks and a simple crossover bag. Again, I rely on the texture of fringe to add some more autumnal style to this look.

Snake Top

Snake Top 2
Here’s a top I’ve had forever! Since my days in Saudi Arabia to be exact which was back in 1999-2001! It’s really been the perfect fitting top that shows absolutely no wear. I will probably never get rid of it–is this jinxing myself with a stain of some sort!?

Snake Top 3
Snake print needs snake accessories, no?!

Snake Top 4
To both dress up this snake print top and add some fall-like touches, I added a leather jacket for my shoulders and a pair of sock booties. No tights are needed yet, but a full, flared midi skirt is weather appropriate even in the 80s. It’s still a skirt, so it’s airy, yet it’s a length that’s more suited for colder temps–even if we don’t have them.

Snake Top 5
My photographer (whom shall not be named for this particular set of shots–read teenage son) informed me my hair was WAY Justin Beiber. He caught me trying to fix it. Yes, I will admit it: I’m in a really weird hair stage. Not sure what is going on!

Snake Dress

Snake Dress 1
Oh this dress! I do love it!! Even though it is quite short I compensated the amount of seen skin with my over-the-knee boots. See here’s the thing: not much skin is actually showing–only like four inches. This feels totally safe and not provocative in the least.

Snake Dress 4
This was the snake print dress that I randomly picked up at a garage sale encounter while visiting the Jakarta Krembs. It was a “Stop the car!” moment.

Snake Dress 3
I added some over-the-top chain earrings that actually kind of match the sway of my hair’s waves. I think these will be on repeat….

Snake Dress 2
Psyche! I was wearing shorts underneath that short dress all along!

4 x 4 Snake Print

So, there you have it: four different yet at the same time similar interpretations of snake print and how it can be used to look autumnal yet still be comfortable in a warm weathered climate.

What do you think? Does snake print work for you? Will you be trying out snake print this season?

Stay tuned for a shopping post on snake print later this week….

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  • I love all these outfits!! I need some snake print! 🙂

  • Oh, I love a bit of snake Ann…I had a similar top in the mid-90’s…great for clubbing :oD.
    It can be a tricky thing to find it and you have some great pieces here (classics).
    Isn’t it funny that I am reading your comments about being “safe” in OTK’s and a mini and I am thinking that the addition on those fab boots has amped up the sexiness of that dress x10.
    What is it about the over the knee that should make things safer and more covered but actually just looks braver and more feisty (in my mind)….I imagine you striding out in your OTK boots…the tassels of your vest (and earrings) streaming out behind you. A force to be reckoned with!
    Of course your amazing legs are MADE for shorts and short hemlines and any kind of shoe…but those high boots are fabulous.

    • Hahah! <3 U! So, Samantha, I know you have amazing legs–you gonna give a short hem with OTKs a try? I wanna see it! A x

  • ADA

    Such bold awesome outfits here Ann. I need to own more snakeskin patterns. Used to have pants like yours. I love your snakeskin pants, the tee and the snakeskin dress. I also love (and want) both pairs of black boots, your fringe pieces from these outfits and that snake necklace.

    On my outfit today I am sharing an outfit which has some python faux leather trim on it. =)

    Have a good one! <3 Ada.

    P.S. I live in Michigan, since you were wondering. =)

    • Thank you so much Ada! I’ll have to go check out your trim. As you are noticing I do love myself some trim!! Hahha!

      I was imagining somewhere more warm for where you live. Wow! It sure is beautiful though!!

      Love, Ann

  • Anna Parkes

    Ann you’ve certainly given us value for money with today’s post, hurrah! Love them all, and am impressed that they each say something quite different. I don’t have a favourite, but do hope that our dear Samantha takes a leaf out of your book and gets to it with the OTK boots and a flash of thigh. She, like you, has amazing legs so should be showing them while she can. Here speaks the voice of one who did too in her 40’s! Brilliant post – only hope my comments get through this time.



    • Yes, I am also hoping to see a little bit more of Samantha’s legs!! ;P I know she can! And what is stopping you now? I know you wear fun tights–I am sure you could show more of them off too! I plan to be like Tina Turner. Well, I hope to be at least. I want her legs FOREVER! Such a rock star!!

      Thank goodness I fixed you on the commenting front. You’re connections are really important to me, so one more quick apology for the very long delay in getting you up here!

      Love, Ann

      • Anna Parkes

        I love your idea of rocking it like Tina Turner. Much as it pains me to agree with Samantha about certain looks being a bit tragic on we older ladies (and OTK boots are one of those) I do have a fab little dress that I wore recently on our staff outing. Will get a snap or two together of me in a mini as I glide (not so gracefully) towards my 60’s!
        Anna x

    • Thank you Anna…Ann is right, your pins could be out too! Funky tights and short skirts :oD XXX

      • Anna Parkes

        You guys have maybe not checked out my “Health” page…Me, shorts, tights!
        Let me know when you do xxx

  • Thank you so much Liyana. And I am happy to have maybe instilled some style inspo for you. I find that snake seems much more neutral than leopard. Don’t get me wrong: I love leopard too. But snake seems just a tad bit more neutral. I’m glad to hear you like the top and midi skirt the best–it’s actually my least fave. Interesting huh? Thanks again for stopping by, reading, and then commenting! The BEST!! Love, Ann

  • SheelaGoh

    I’m a HUGE animal print fan especially of snake (but you knew that!!). And woman, damn you fine 😉 xoxo

    • Ah sheesh! Thanks Sheela! I had fun creating this post–especially since I love snake so much. I still have more that I could have included, but I stopped at four! Love, Annie

  • vanity andme

    Love all the variations of snake here! Makes me want some
    Laurie x

    • Oh good! Nothing like some #styleinspo working!! I hope you embrace your inner snake!! Ssssss! A x