Is Leopard Print Too Bold for You? Not me! Day 2

Maybe for some leopard print is just too bold. It is pretty wild–op, probably not the best word choice. Yet for others, they claim leopard print to be a neutral, going with everything. I spoke to a blond who gave me her thoughts on leopard print. She said, “I feel trashy in leopard print. That’s why I don’t wear red lipstick either.” As she told me this, I was wearing both! Does hair color play into wearing this pattern? Blonds don’t wear it; brunettes do. I don’t think so. The case of my two nieces has the blond embracing it and the brunette not so much. Yet, the brunette is bold in other ways: pixie cut and pink hair to name a few (here’s an example!). I really want to get to the bottom of this query. Why do some wear leopard print and others do not?

Have you come up with any ideas for me yet?


These are definitely bold leopard print joggers. They’re on the brighter, bigger side of the print as opposed to yesterday’s more muted sweater. Because I wanted to wear these pants as a neutral, I chose a basic tee–my California Republic with the brown bear and little touches of red. Hints of red obviously led to a (metallic) red lippy (this one is my favorite right now). Leopard and red lipstick pair very well. This was the exact outfit I wore to the Ruglane Markets, so of course I needed comfortable tennis shoes to get me through the day. In addition, both my hands needed to be free hence the waist belt bag.

leopard print

leopard print

leopard print

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  • Judy Gramith

    I’m an infrequent leopard print wearer. I like it, but it’s not a “go to” print for me. In purging to prepare for our move I gave at least two leopard tops to Goodwill.
    You look cute in those leopard joggers and the outfit looks perfect for a day when comfort is key ( kind of an every day deal for me ). Most women don’t choose to wear leopard on the bottom. Leopard is one of natures polka dots right? Anyway I think it makes for a “rounder” effect and with the current focus on having a great ass…it’s funny more women DON’T choose leopard bottoms. I may have to rethink my approach! Thanks for inspiring me…again!

    • I love how you refer to leopard as one of nature’s polka dots. You’re totally right! Luckily these joggers are full around the a$$ area–I would never be got dead in tight leopard around that area! No way José! Not right now anyway. If say I had Giselle’s a$$, it would be different story! Hahaha! Awww, to have Giselle’s butt!! I can’t even imagine.

      I digress!! I’m pretty much about comfort every single day. Why do you think I have some many tennis shoes and t-shirts!? Ha!

      Thanks for stopping by Jude.

      Love, Ann

  • Cindy

    I just bought leopard pants from Old Navy – can’t wait to wear them. I have lots of leopard stuff and I love it. And I love a red lip!