Are You a Leopard? Leopard Print Day 1

Leopard Print

Are you a leopard? I mean not the actual animal, but the type of person that will wear leopard print. I definitely am. My sister Julie and my mom are definitely not. My other sister Mary sometimes is a leopard print person. When I look at my two nieces, Elle is not, but Maeve totally is. Gigi my daughter is not, while my mother-in-law in color is a leopard person. I can’t say what it is that makes a person a leopard or not…it has me completely stumped. Please weigh in, and help me. I’ll be exploring this theme all week long with a leopard print post Monday through Friday. Let’s start first by completing my little anonymous survey at the end of this post.

Leopard Print

I’d say this is pretty mild leopard. (Here’s the US link to this sweater, and here is the HK link.) This sweater is super cozy with extra big sleeves and a front panel of leopard. Lately, I like to pair big with big, so I wore this sweater with my oversized Levi’s. (Here are two great places on Etsy to get your Levi’s on: Fair Season and Hunted Finds.) For an extra little touch of leopard, I added my leopard crossover bag. Am I a leopard! Oh yes!! Most definitely!!

Leopard Print

What about you?

Are you a leopard?

Yes, I totally wear leopard print!
No, you’ll never find me in leopard print.
Sometimes, but it has to be very subtle.

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I can’t wait to see your answers!!

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