I Love Hong Kong: Wan Chai

I’ve been missing out on something, something with a whole lot of potential: Hong Kong! So many times I find an interesting wall and then use that as my backdrop. Well, there’s so much more to this city than it’s cool, grungy walls. For this reason, I’m starting a new series today called “I love Hong Kong”–which is so completely true. Pretty much every weekend we venture out into the city, and I always dress up, so I’ve decided to share the neighborhoods I love in this great, bustling, and actually very tiny island city.

My “I Love Hong Kong” series starts with a neighborhood called Wan Chai. Historically it was known as the spot for the sailors to go to when they came to port. Sadly a red light district still exists, but it’s easy to avoid that area. An extremely great book to detail this part of Hong Kong is a story called The World of Suzie Wong by Richard Mason.

Basically there’s this very busy street called Queen’s Road that runs through the northern part of the island. When you’re on Queen’s Road East you can pretty much head north toward the waterfront onto any one of the alleys and find bustling markets and funky store fronts. Now that the neighborhood has experienced gentrification in multiple places, the café, restaurant, and bar options are super fun to explore. The tram runs through Wan Chai, and there’s an MTR stop as well. It’s one of our favorite neighborhoods to explore because there’s something always new–or often quite old, to stumble upon.

This bamboo…it’s actually scaffolding. Yes, the Hong Kongers use bamboo that scales stories and stories upward into the sky, and the bamboo creates the scaffolding. Next time I’m out and about, I’ll make sure to take a building covered in scaffolding.

Yes, sequin mini skirts are great for New Years Eve, but in my opinion they’re also great for Saturdays around the town. Why not! I feel like life, even little daily, mundane Saturdays can be elevated with a little sparkle. I don’t relegate my sequin options to special events. Rather, I like to make a day strolling out and about in the city a special day. Why not make the best of the best, right?!

By chance we have found our optical store in Wan Chai. They are the sweetest folks in this little store. Part of this past Saturday’s venture was to get my prescription updated. Awww, I can see again! I’ve been needing to purchase new contacts, and the world is now visible to me again–thanks to the gentlemen at Wing Kwong Optical (Shop IC, G/F, Newman House; 35-45 Johnston Road; Wan Chai, Hong Kong).

I’m always happy touring around with Gigi!

I love Hong Kong!
Shall I continue with more posts like this highlighting the city I call home?

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  • Cindy

    Yes, please do! I love exploring with you!

    • Yay! Will do. This weekend I’m going to pack two outfits and shoot in town. My favorite photographer, my daughter, is coming with me!

      A x

  • Rozanne Swift

    Yes, definitely, this was really interesting! Great sequin skirt too 🙂

    • Oh good. I’m going to keep it up then. And I agree. I couldn’t say no to this skirt!! Hahaha!

      Love, Ann

  • Judy Gramith

    Absolutely you should highlight Hong Kong!! Take us to your haunts! Introduce us to you wonderful tailor! Go shopping in some of your favorite stores! Eat at your favorite restaurant and have coffee somewhere other than Starbucks!
    You look just darling in your new bangs and sequin skirt. Cool enough there for a peacoat eh!

    • Will do Jude. In fact, Gigi and I are going to hit the town on Saturday!! I’ll get a coffee and she’ll get cocoa at our favorite café. Also, their chocolate cake is to die for; it tastes like my grandmother’s chocolate cake!

      A x

      PS What do you really think of the bangs? I can’t decide if I should keep them or stick to my usual.

      • Judy Gramith

        I like the bangs! I noticed that you had them swept to the side in this post. I like that too! You said Kevin didn’t like the bangs… well, clearly you have the swept to the side option to fall back on. You need to “live” in a look for awhile before deciding.
        I’m excited to see you in your city Ann! Focusing on you and your stylings against interesting local backdrops that are meaningful to you in a variety of ways is another way to reveal Annie! What’s not to love??? You have a very unique lifestyle and I’m curious to know more about what it’s like to be an American woman, living and working and raising kids in one of the world’s most exciting and diverse cities!

        • I think I’ll get this cut one more time before growing it all out. It’s been fun to have this “look.” Wanna see the inspo? Google Taylor Lashae. Oh! She’s gorgeous!!

          A x

          PS I’ll try to incorporate some of that last bit as well….great queries!!

          • Judy Gramith

            Yup, Taylor is very pretty. So are you Annie.

          • Aww! Thanks Jude!! ;D

  • Awesome! I will make sure to keep it up. I think I’ll shoot in Central this weekend–maybe even the Midlevels. Remember those escalators? So cool!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    Love, Ann

  • señora allnut

    so lovely post, I always enjoy to see some Real Life, and you’re so kind to introduce us into your city life, thanks!!
    And you look fabulous in your sequined skirt and cute shoes!, comfy&cool!, and so lovely bag!

    • Thank you Monica! I’m having a lot of fun with this series!! A x