Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year

It’s the Year of the Dog! Happy Chinese New Year!! Remarkably, one of the best things from living overseas (for over 20 years!) has been experiencing all the wonderful festivals and holidays around the world. With three years in Beijing and our sixth year in Hong Kong, we’re on our 9th CNY! It’s such a fun holiday too. First the house gets cleaned and household becomes orderly. What’s not to like about some spring cleaning!? The holiday celebrates new beginnings, so it’s best to start off in a clean way–so to speak. Good health and wealth are the wishes for every year–basically everyone desires a good year. I can agree with that. Family time is the most important; the eldest in a family hosts everyone. Games and candies are out for everyone to enjoy–a majohng table is always going somewhere in the house. (I learned last year and experienced some serious beginner’s luck!) Finally lai see, red packets, are shared. The youngest receive the red envelopes filled with money. These special packets are wide spread since usually someone is usually still the youngest until they are the patriarch and matriarch. There’s usually an aunt or uncle out there though that might still be older than grandma and grandpa–I say this because a recent older taxi driver told us he still gets packets! He was definitely in his late 60s, maybe even 70. Regardless of the money, Chinese New Year is a very special holiday. Happy Year of the Dog!!

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Yes to red! It’s an auspicious color for the Chinese, so it’s seen everywhere. I do a lot of shopping after the Christmas and New Year sales. When I saw a table of berets at Niko and … (a super hip Japanese clothing and home store–the Japanese are amazing marketers, click the link), I wasn’t sure which color to go with. There was grey and black, a khaki version, and then a red one on the table that when I put on said, “Go with me!” I couldn’t resist this bright beret, and happily I’m wearing the heck out of it (also seen here in Lan Kwai Fong). This year’s Hong Kong winter has been cold enough for some sort of head topper each day, and I’ll go ahead and admit I’m enjoying all the hat wearing!

Chinese New Year

Do you celebrate Chinese New Year?
Kung Hei Fat Choy!

PS I’m realizing now that this would have been the perfect post to highlight my pooch, Rani! I’ll save that one for another time…

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  • Judy Gramith

    You look like a darling French woman on holiday in Hong Kong!! I’ve been a long time fan the beret and have several. I wasn’tt even tempted to purchase any additional ones cause I figured I’ve got this trend covered!
    YOU clearly enjoy celebrating Chinese New Year. Thanks for sharing some aspects of the holiday that I wasn’t aware of Annie!

    • Yes, I do love CNY! We are really lucky that Kevin’s brother lives here and is married to a Hong Kong gal. We’ve been able to celebrate CNY at her folks’ apartment multiple times. It’s always so fun. They live in a very, very small apartment, yet it doesn’t matter it’s jam packed with people. We are always treated so well because we are guests. Last year is when I learned how to play mahjong. So fun!! I do love culture—all of it!!



  • señora allnut

    so lovely beret, and so lovely to see you rocking lots of red color! gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing those details of Real Life! I enjoy them particularly!