Angkor Wat: Day 2

One day at Angkor Wat doesn’t suffice. In fact, Vincent and Kevin went back a third day on mountain bikes just to cruise around. Unfortunately on our second visit to Angkor Wat Gigi wasn’t feeling well–at all. She was such a trooper, continuing on, but by the fourth temple, she lost it. Literally. We had managed to see three though which was plenty for me. I immediately returned back to the hotel with my sick little Gig while the fellas stayed on. Momentarily, I got sick approximately 8 hours later. It was a nasty but quick flu–thank goodness. But boy, Gigi was such a trooper. In any of these pics you will notice how pale and non Gigi-like she was.

See that hole in the middle–that’s where the bamboo pole would go. In this way two people were able to take either side of the bamboo pole and transport the bricks that were used to build these temples. Amazing, huh?

This is a regular market scene. It actually could be anywhere in Southeast Asia!

We had two really great tuk tuk drivers both days. They were so sweet with us. There was this older guy, and then a younger one that I really wish I had captured. I guess I must go back….

See how totally ill Gigi looks. She couldn’t even smile her real self into the occasion. I felt so bad after she got so sick!

Again, it just isn’t the real Gig.

Gigi isn’t the only photographer in the family. When Gigi allows Vincent to borrow hers, he takes some pretty good shots too. Hmmm, his birthday is in May…

Once I sweated my way through this cute blouse with just a touch of yellow–yes, you will see me trying to attempt this spring! I bought myself an “I <3 Cambodia" tee which after this trip is completely true! Again, we will be back....

This is Kevin’s blogger pose. Pretty good eh?

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  • Judy Gramith

    Ha ha ha!! Kevin’s blogger pose is too cute!! I don’t know where he gets the idea that bloggers pose that way. You don’t ever have your perky nose in the air! The “boys” look a lot alike.
    Poor Gigi!! Yes, she’s a trooper , just like her mom. Can’t help but think of you describing the almost constant pain before your hip surgery!! Also, she values these experiences with her family and didn’t want to be a dropout on the latest adventure!
    These are some great shots Annie!! The details in the stone statuary are faboo! I love the shot of you sitting in the temple window/doorway at the very beginning of the post. Your outfit is a great example of pattern mixing too! I LOVE the paisley pants!!! Really cute!!!

    • You’re right–little Gig isn’t one to want to miss out. I think she gets that from both of us! And Vincent is definitely becoming a man before our very eyes. It’s rather crazy. I’m cherishing each and every moment with him. I get very nostalgic about the fact that college will indeed be around the corner. Eeek! I WILL be a wreck. Or maybe that’s what all this anticipation for that actual moment is all about, so I’ll be prepared when it arrives….

      It was a very magical spot with photo ops everywhere one looks. We couldn’t really go wrong! I like pattern mixing. I felt it with this one, and hopefully it wasn’t too much either.

      The paisley pants have had a life, I’ll tell you! In Beijing, where they needed to be long, the helper shrunk them. I’m glad I’ve hung onto them because they make much better hot weather pants than cold. They’re perfect for viewing temples where one must be covered.

      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed these two posts Jude.

      Love, Annie

  • Cindy

    Love your pics. You make me want to go to these locations! One day…..
    Glad you and Gigi got better quickly. Never a good time to get sick, but especially not on vacay.

    • Thank you Cindy! Your travels to Tripoli looked fun! Travel is so wonderful isn’t it. I’m a true wanderlust. My husband too. It’s what connected us on that rooftop in Greece back in 1993….

      Love, Annie

  • I think i said Vietnam the other day! Now i won’t forget it’s Cambodia!

    • No worries. They are very similar countries but with their own distinct differences too. Tomb Raider with Angelina Jolie put these temples on the map. No, not really! They’ve been there a REAAAALLLLL long time! Wouldn’t have that been cool to be the one to stumble upon these ruins?

      Love, Ann