Looking Back–I Definitely Have a Thing for Velvet


When Zara no longer had this little mini dress, I picked it up at Shein. I’m still trying to figure out this brand….I do love it, but I don’t understand how they have all of Zara’s products.

Looking back on this past fall and winter, I will admit it: I’ve had a real thing for velvet! Pretty much every other outfit post has been in this luxurious fabric. I am either wearing a little black velvet dress or a little red velvet dress. My sweaters have been plush and fuzzy as have my sweats (not shown). I’m hoping this trend–since I love it so much–last for years and years. And then, this wishful statement makes me think….even if it isn’t a trend, and I love velvet so much, KEEP wearing it! Here’s the funny thing about me: I look ahead to the next Christmas. So, the black suit featured down below….I bought it after Christmas ’15 for Christmas ’16. The same has happened this year. I bought a beautiful, forest green, co-ord pant and cami outfit that I cannot wait to wear next Christmas. I don’t think I’ll be caring much if velvet is “in” or “out.” I love the fabric. I love it’s play with color. I love the way it feels. I simply love it and always have, so I’ll be wearing all these pieces again next winter–just you wait. Oh, and velvet for spring and summer….yep, I’ll be trying to see if I can make it work in the warmer temps!

Velvet LBD

The tassels on this little black dress got me. I was smitten at first (web) site!

Velvet LRD

Then when Zara offers you a luxe red shift–well, I ordered it online and was very happy when it arrived!

Champagne Blush Velvet

Again, another Zara score. I finally found a store that had my size to try on. I liked the way this dressed draped almost (but not really) similar to an Indian sari where I’d be wearing the dress.

Champagne Blush Velvet Dressed Down

With such a low cut and a high slit, I wanted to figure out how I could wear this gorgeous dress casually–add the Canadian tuxedo and presto, CASUAL!

Black Suit

I do love this suit. I’m already sad that the winter season is over and I need to wait 9 months to pull out this wonder again. But! It is a wonder! It is the perfect black suit!!

Blush Sweater

Oh, this sweater is so cozy. It’s like wearing a teddybear! Seriously. Cozy, luxe, and cozy–op! I already said that! I wore this sweater all holiday long when we toured through Rajasthan, India for winter break.

Sea Foam Velvet

Probably my most favorite shoot and by far my favorite outfit for 2017, you might agree. This blouse, it’s just so pretty. And then I really hit the easy jackpot with this metallic mini against these Rajasthani walls.

How about you? Do you own a lot of velvet? Do you want to try it out? Ask me–I know I could totally help you if needed.

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  • I’ve always loved velvet too – ever since I was a teenager when I had a few velvet skin tight dresses lol. It’s so luxurious and soft and comfortable, I wish I had more of it in my wardrobe. I did have a purple long sleeved velvet top which I wore to death a couple of years ago but then I lost loads of weight and threw it away. I should have kept it and revamped it. Now I’ve only got one velvet jacket (a floral 1920s style one I bought recently) and a couple of dresses but if I see anything else in velvet that takes my fancy, I shall be snapping it up!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE just about every outfit you’re wearing above, Ann. Velvet certainly is YOU. You look absolutely stunning in every photo!
    Suzy xxx

  • Judy Gramith

    OMG. I have ONE velvet shirt… What the hell is wrong with that picture??? I like velvet too, but clearly not as much as you do Ann. Perhaps it’s because I tend to think of it as a dressy fabric and my life just isn’t that dressy. In fact, the shirt I mentioned was a Goodwill find; it’s stain glass type floral print and it’s definitely casual.
    Seems that you’re craving the cozy and perhaps that’s a way to give yourself a hug. Very healthy and smart.

  • Karen Bowers

    Last night at a great restaurant a young woman walked in wearing a dusty rose crushed velvet dress and black moto jacket. I had fun imagining she’d taken inspiration from your blog.