LRVD (The Little Red Velvet Dress)

little-red-velvet-dress-7Last week I insisted on updating the LBD (little black dress) to an LBVD (little black velvet dress). This week I am going to say something even more bold: it’s time to update the LBD to an LRVD (little red velvet dress)! Shall we all become the dancing red lady emoji this holiday season and enjoy some shimmer-shimmer with a little red velvet dress? I know I will be! When I saw this dress online at Zara, I knew I had to have it, and then when I saw that it came in XL (and even XXL), I ordered it. If I were to lift my arms too high, this little red velvet dress would be way too short, but luckily I bought myself a bit of extra length with an XL. In my opinion, a jewel tone dress is perfectly paired with, well, more jewel tones. I’ll always be the first one to say, “more is more!” So, I styled the dress with my blue velvet booties and pulled out my multicolored, satin scrap tote made from the Kala Raksha ladies India.



little-red-velvet-dress-5I love this bag and barely use it because I don’t want it to get too worn, lucikly a trip to India is in my near future! (If I were to bring some of these lovely Kala Raksha bags back from my trip to India this December, do you think you would want to buy one? Let me know in the comments, through a tweet @krembdelakremb, an email or message through Facebook. You know how to find me!)




Get Your Little Red Velvet Dress!

Your turn! You can get my exact dress at Zara OR here’s a bunch of other options to tempt your little red velvet dress desires!

*Special thanks goes to Priyanka for helping me with my smiles here. She caught me just outside her home before going in her front door.

**Also, this post has been linked to Sheela Goh’s #projectsisteract and Catherine Summer’s #iwillwearwhatilike twice.

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  • Judy Gramith

    I may be wrong but I think this fabric is called “crushed velvet”. Anyway it looks beautiful on you Ann and the cobalt blue boots are delicious!!
    I’m guessing you’re having all kinds of fun making up for lost time on shoes with some heel height! Are you still doing your physical therapy? Please be careful and cautious about overdoing it in those heels. I can just feel your enthusiasm all the way from Hong Kong and I know your an energetic gal who may need a reminder to go slow.
    Sheese, I know you don’t need a mom but I do care.
    You look beautiful and happy Ann!

    • I think you’re right Jude! I think LRCVD is too long though, so I shortened it!! I do love these cobalt boots. I haven’t actually pulled them out to wear, wear yet though–only style. Maybe this holiday look might get worn though. We’ll see. I have my first holiday party this Friday, although I’m thinking of wearing a black velvet suit. The pants are so long I could get away with sneakers! Heehee.

      The hip is good–I need to commit to something, either walking or yoga or something. I end up quite tender and sore, so I think it’s just a matter of being routine about things instead of going all out like I did this weekend walking tons and tons of steps at a music festival! Anyway, baby steps, baby steps. Thank you for caring. It means the world to me!

      Big hug! Love, Ann

      • Judy Gramith

        I really hope I’m not overstepping my boundaries here but may I recommend a stationary bike or treadmill? Perhaps you can find a used one?? Actually your physical therapist would probably love the idea of a stationary bike because it would be more gentle than even walking but would allow you to duild the muscle around that new “pink” joint.
        I have both at home and use them both almost every day. At home you can more easily get into the “habit”. You can start slow and just pace yourself for a tiny bit more time each day (I’m talking only minutes more)
        Maybe start with a 15 or 20 minute time period at 2.5 mph.
        I know you probably don’t want to own a big ol honking machine like this while in Hong Kong and maybe renting your home?? BUT! If you can find a decent used one I guarantee it will be worth the investment.
        Please don’t hesitate to tell me to “shut up mom” but at 65 my workouts are the ONLY way I keep my arthritis at bay and CAN keep moving!
        Much love to you and little pinky ,