Christmas Sequin Top–Ping Pong Post No. 10

When I realized my Ping Pong Posting month was December, I was pretty excited to share my beloved sequin top. I’ve had this sequin top for many, many years. It was purchased with my dear friend Mary Kelly during one of our shopping excursions in Caracas, Venezuela. It was on sale at a very chichi boutique. It wasn’t the holiday season, but I knew this top screamed to be worn for Christmas parties and New Year’s too. I have worn it many times for holiday occasions–in Caracas, Bombay, Spokane, Beijing, Seattle, and Hong Kong. This sequin top has been around the world and now even more so with a stop in the Isles of Scilly with a final destination in Scotland. I have passed on this top to Samantha; it now has a new home, but I know Sam will wear it as proudly as I have! Enjoy your new Christmas sequin top Samantha; many more style stories are ahead for this special garment! Merry Christmas to my Ping Pong Post buddies Samantha and Anna.




Anna’s Island Style

Anna is having some fun! Yes, this shirt screams for a cocktail, and her’s looks delish! She too paired the top with black pants and fancy heels. (Although, I bet she can actually wear those beauties!) Cheers Anna! Enjoy your holiday parties!!

Fake Fabulous

Samantha has a very glamorous look going here–very worthy of the sequin top. Didn’t I tell you? It has an excellent new home! And those mint, satin pumps, well those too are a dream. I love how you’ve style this, and now I can’t wait to hear about the parties you’ve been to in this exact ensemble!

Kremb de la Kremb

sequin-top-1I mixed and matched two black pieces to create a semblance of a suit. A cape shows off the top nicely and wide legged pants help to accentuate my waist. I only stood in the sparkly heels but one day… one day! A bow clutch seemed appropriate since it is Christmas and all.
I faked a chignon here with this big red flower hair clip. Hahah, the mullet was swept away here. And these earrings…well, I took matters into my own hands last January when Santa forgot to bring me these Rudolph earrings! Sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

Merry Christmas from the Ping Pong Posters! Do you have a sequin top to wear during the holiday season?

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  • Anna Parkes

    Congratulations Ann on the perfect Christmas offering for us all to style! This top is divine and an absolute dream to wear – so flattering for all of our figures. And who’d have thought that we’d both end up wearing trouser suits with this one? Thanks for adding a wonderful dash of Christmas sparkle to our day. Wishing you a lovely family holiday in India. Happy Christmas!
    Anna x

    • Thank you Anna. I’m glad you liked it!! I finally had a petite-ish top for the two of you minis. Even though I gave it away to Sam, I still have a colorful sequin top for me. My up-to-date version is more boxy for my frame now. As you can guess, this one always felt a bit small on me.

      Oh! And I have a funny story: I wore it to a holiday office party three years ago. Goodness! All anyone would say to me was, “Whoa, what a top!” Let’s just say not many people dressed up, but of course I did–it was a holiday party! Anyway, I need more stylish people around me. (No offense dear colleagues if you happen to be reading this!) In turn, I’ve become better at styling for the event!

      Until next Christams!! I can hardly wait!!

      Love, Annie

  • Jodie Filogomo

    You are such a generous soul Ann!! How fabulous to give the top to Samantha!!
    It is such a stunning piece, and you look positively fabulous in your outfit!

    • Thank you Jodie. I love giving away clothing to people I know and love. Really, if there is ever an item you see here on Kremb de la Kremb, all you have to do is ask. Okay? I mean it!!

      Love, Annie

  • Oh what a lovely top. And so nice of you to give it to Samantha. I hope you are not already secretly regretting this a little bit as this top looked terribly good on you too. Your outfit is very well styled. Love the cape and the clutch (so cute!!) and the shoes. Applaus.
    The earrings are stellar. Yes a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do. So right.

    • Luckily I made sure to have a totally sparkly top in my arsenal before handing this one over. I have a boxy total sequin top that replaces this one nicely as it suits my frame better. It always felt really, really tight on me. Granted, I got it when I was skinny and in my 30s. Ahhh, the joys of getting older (and rounder!). Hahha!

      Thanks Greetje. Love, Anni

  • Marilee Gramith

    This top is really special and I love that the sequins are square!! That kind of quirky detail gives me a little extra thrill. I think the fact that this top also looked equally smashing on all three of you is also pretty exceptional! You all have really great figures and are setting a pretty high bar for this year’s holiday party look.
    An inspirational collaboration!

    • All the sequins are in different shapes. It’s quite unique actually. One thing I never liked about the top however was that the back isn’t also sequin. Sometimes it bugs me when the whole item isn’t complete. My replacement piece–a boxy tee style–will work better on my frame now. And for Samantha, this top suits her so well!

      Thank you Jude. Love, Annie

  • Yay Annie! You picked the perfect piece for Christmas.
    You look ageless and beautiful!
    Perfect styling.