The Fab 40s are Mad for Plaid

Of course I was thrilled when Jennie called Mad for Plaid for this month’s Fab 40s blogger collab. I’ve had this perfectly Christmas plaid skirt for a few years now. It belongs in my holiday box along with all my other Christmasy items. Yes, I have a wardrobe solely for this season! I cannot take credit for the adorable oppositely matching top. It belongs to my dear friend Dana. When she wore it to our office Christmas party I boldly asked to borrow it, and of course she said yes! Once it goes on sale, I plan to add it to my holiday party box. There are a few more items that I cannot take credit for; I shot this look at our school’s Christmas tree. I brought the outfit but forgot both a bag and coat–luckily my librarian assistant let me borrow both: a perfectly red long duster cardi and a cute striped tote. Without these two pieces I would have looked bare. So, thank you to two dear friends for helping out a style blogger in need. Merry Christmas to all and always remember to be mad for plaid!




(I’m writing this post from a little haveli in Udaipur, India. The wifi is spotty to say the least. I’m already late with this post, so I will get it up and add proper links once I have stable Internet connection.)

Jennie from a Pocketful of Polka Dots

Diane from Fashion on the 4th Floor

Samantha from Fake Fabulous

Mary from Curlybyrdie Chirps

Vero from Cid Style File

Our guest, Alison from Get Your Pretty On

Sheela from Sheela Writes

And me!


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  • Marilee (Judy) Gramith

    These plaids are absolute perfection worn together!!! The scale of the plaids are spot on and the colors magically compliment each other!
    I LOVE that you asked to borrow the top. It makes for a perfect fashion blogger Christmas story.
    Hey! How’s pinky doing these days? Are you keeping up with your physical therapy? Any holiday dancing?
    Happy New Year to you and your lovely family Anne!

    • I’ll be honest: I felt pretty chuffed with this outfit. I thought the plaids complimented each other perfectly too. I love it when I feel proud of my contributions to The Fab 40s, and for this month I surely did.

      Pinky is GREAT! Now, the rusty, old engine (left knee–hahha!) needs lubricant! Here’s to Feb 17!!

      A x

  • Anne, what a genius idea mixing 2 plaid prints. LOVE LOVE this look! Its so gorgeous on you and absolutely perfect for the holidays! Hope you are enjoying your holiday in India! Can’t wait to see what you have for us in 2017! Cheers! 😉

    • Thank you Vero. I do like the way these two plaids came together. Too bad the top doesn’t belong to me! And it was sold out before I could get my hands on it. Maybe my good friend will let me borrow it again…I bet she will!

      I’m so late in replying. Ugh. The comments are hard to keep up with, yet thank you for always being so good about it!

      Much love, Annie

  • I knew you’d come up with something magical with plaid, Annie 🙂 you look amazing!!

  • Diane Capozzi

    Mixing 2 plaids looks together is so bold & amazing Ann! I tried it with my look, but it was a complete flop, but yours is spectacular & I so love love this look & everything matches perfectly! Way to create such a festive outfit & so wonderful for Christmas! Hope your stay in India was relaxing & enjoyable with your family xxx Diane

    • Thank you Diane! I think it worked so well because they’re almost like inverted opposites or something, and plus they’re both cut on the bias. I don’t know but I agree! I’m quite proud of this look! It’s one of my favorites yet, but then I just love Christmas like crazy too!

      We do have fun don’t we. Now this month however….it’s challenging me!!

      Love, Annie

  • No my dear, with the bags and the cardi you would have looked bare. Just lovely and all the more focus on you, the plaids and by golly, those exquisit earrings. I would probably not be able to wear them as I am allergic to nickle otherwise I would ask you for the shop.
    Alison intrigued me with that plaid shirt underneath the white sweater and a fab necklace with it. Cool. And of course all the other ladies look good. Too many good outfits to mention them all.

    • I pretty much want that necklace! It’s beyond fabulous isn’t it?!

      Luckily all my friends came through to help me pull off this look!

      Thank you Greetje. Love, Ann

  • this is stunning, the plaids work so well together

    • Thank you Linda. Is it too braggart if I agree! Hahah! I am proud of this look though. It’s a fun one.

      Love, Ann

  • Thank you Gail! I went to try to buy the borrowed top, and unfortunately it’s sold out. Maybe that good friend will let me borrow it again….

    Here’s to plaid! A x