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The Fab 40s in Goth

Goth 1
I might have taken the theme to far this time! Dawn Lucy chose goth for The Fab 40s theme, and I think I maybe took it to literally. I mean I even pierced my septum for this one! Just kidding. I did not, but it was fun finding a fake one to wear. Shopping for me is half the fun. I didn’t want to purchase any more black–I’ve got plenty of that, but I did add the septum ring and black ribbon for effect. For me it was the perfect reason to try my stab at shopping again down in my favorite part of the city: Causeway Bay. I even asked a stranger to get a pic of me down in the hustle and bustle.

Dawn Lucy also invited Gracey from Fashion for Giants. Gracey isn’t a real giant of course, but she is very tall and plus sized. She does a great job of demonstrating style regardless of height or size. She admits the struggle of being a larger woman is real, but it is not stopping her sartorial statements! Make sure to check out her blog. Welcome to The Fab 40s this month Gracey!

gracey the  giant in pleated chiffon dress, piperlime sweater, ON necklace & splendid boots

Gracey from Fashion for Giants

Outfit details:
Dress–thrifted vintage
Necklace–Old Navy
Earrings–gifted vintage


Dawn Lucy of Fashion Should Be Fun

Outfit Details:
Dress–Old Navy
Jacket–Karen Kane
Clutch, necklace & earrings–vintage (thrifted)


Jane from My Midlife Fashion

Outfit Details:
All Zara! (Very impressive Jane!)


Dixie from Inside Outer Style

Outfit Details:
Jacket–Free People
Booties–Sam Edelman
Sunnies–Ray Ban
Hat–East Village Boutique, NYC

Sheela Goth

Sheela from Sheela Writes

Outfit Details:
Sweater Dress with Lace Skirt–Forever21
Raven Skull Ring & Cuff–Alchemy of England
Lipstick–Transylvania from Nyx
I love how Sheela also took this theme quite literally. Don’t we look like we should be sulking together in an alley somewhere. Which makes me ask, am I misplacing angst with goth?
Goth 5

Goth 4

Goth 2

My Outfit Details:
(Faux) Septum Ring–Beverly Island
Ribbon–Jardine’s Bazaar
Lace Top, Pleather Skirt, and Knee Highs–all Forever 21
Tread Booties–Beverly Island
*Graffiti shutter in Stanley Market, Hong Kong

In my life, I did actually go through a very brief goth period. It didn’t last long. Back in 1990, I was so excited to be starting my life in the big city of Seattle. I used to take the bus all over that place, and one of my favorite places to hang out was the Ave in the University District. Eventually however, I conformed. I had pledged a sorority; that meant preppy was going to replace any black in my edgy wardrobe. It’s all good though. Every bit of life’s pathway has influenced my sartorial decisions.

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DIY Découpage Purse

DIY Découpage Purse 11Découpage is the craft of gluing cut outs onto another surface. When I saw this Découpage purse, I felt inspired to create something similar. The black purse I picked up from the 4th of July Spirit Lake Fair in the town park. The honest truth was I needed another black bag like I need a whole in the head. But, this black bag was different, and the stories it had experienced called to me as the vintage seller explained what a special bag it was. Heck, I was an easy sale. I got it along with a few other special vintage items as she’s my favorite stall at this annual fair; I beeline to each and every summer. With a little Pinterest fun, this bag seemed like it could use some découpage love.

1. Gather the supplies.

DIY Découpage Purse 1Any plastic based purse or even leather purse will work. Mod Podge is the perfect glue for découpage. A sponge brush will be best for adhering the glue–I actually picked this one up at Forever 21! Also, small, fine scissors are necessary for cutting out the desired items. Since I don’t have a red and black bag, I went with this color scheme. I looked for fabrics that had details that I would be able to cut out. The little butterflies from one scrap and the peonies from the other seemed like a perfect combination. All the items for this project–aside from the purse and the sponge brush–were purchased at JoAnn’s.

2. Carefully cut out the details.

DIY Découpage Purse 14I chose two scraps of fabric with details that I thought could be cut out: butterflies and peony flowers. Using small, sharp scissors is perfect for delicately cutting closely to the exact detail.

3. Glue on the details.

DIY Découpage Purse 15Once I had a substantial amount of cut out items, I arranged the items on the purse in a few varieties. When I found the arrangement, I liked, I left it as is, and began gluing on the cut outs. Basically I globbed a bunch of glue on the underside, attached it back to the purse, and then painted more glue down. Each cut out item has therefore been glued on twice from both sides.

4. Don’t worry how it looks wet.

DIY Découpage Purse 10Mod Podge glue is all white and gooey. But it doesn’t matter; once it dries it becomes transparent. It’s a water based glue, so when the decals had dried, I then cleaned up any glue leftovers with a wet cloth.

A DIY Découpage Purse added to my collection!

DIY Découpage Purse 13
As the holiday season approaches, I think this is the perfect clutch for me to use with the hints of holiday red. And…maybe this easy DIY could become a thematic gift idea for the upcoming holidays.

DIY Découpage Purse 12If you have an old purse in your closet that’s getting neglected this is an easy way to provide it with some new life. Let me know if you want help….I’d be happy to figure out how!

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Style Story Link Up No. 3–Reality vs Wishful Thinking

Style Story3.3This week I really started to feel fed up with wearing sport shoes. Granted, they are so comfortable, but there were times this week when other options would have looked so much better. Therefore, for this week’s Style Story, I posted a picture of what I actually wore next to a picture of what I would have liked to have worn. Wednesday, as detailed up above, was a day off from work, so I felt comfortable in my Christmas plaid slip-ons all day long. I had just firmed up our family Christmas plans, so these Christmas plaid shoes seemed utterly appropriate.

Style Story 3
On Monday, I wore a leather skirt. For sure the open toed booties look way better. I should have paired the leather with any one of my many graphic tees. I’m coming up with a formula here….I just need to figure it out. Tuesday’s outfit could go either way. The white slip-ons work, but the boho fringe is so much more!

Style Story 3.2Thursday was a bust. I happened to be downtown early in the evening for a doctor’s appointment. When I saw a glimpse of myself in the mall mirrors, I gasped and then chuckled. This combo didn’t work at all! Again supporting this formula forming in my mind, I think it goes something like this: if one wears tennis shoes, one more casual item must be incorporated. On both Monday and Thursday, I needed one other casual item to balance out the shoes. I’ll make sure to remember this as I get dressed this coming week. Friday too…my tennies can work but the sandals just match the whole boho vibe so much better.

Can you tell I’m getting tired of the tennis shoe look? I mentioned the doctor: I’ve got another 4-6 weeks in them, so it’s time to ROCK IT AND OWN IT!

How was your style this week? Did you hit any ruts? Or did you have an awesome (opposite) week where things just worked? Please tell me your Style Story! I’d love to hear it….

And fellow bloggers, link up!! I love seeing what you’re up to and connecting with all of you!

Style Story Link Up No. 3

Let’s Go Shopping for a Touch of Fur

FurJacketIt’s Friday night, so let’s go shopping! This time however I’m searching for touches of fur. I have my good ol’ Chewbaca coat waiting for me to pull out of the winter boxes, but until the temps chill here in Hong Kong, I’ll have to opt for more subtle options. For those out there who want to try the fur trend in a simple way, anyone of these items below would totally work. I found some hats, scarves, gloves, and shoes. All that’s needed is just a touch, and you’ll be furrrrrbulous!

Add a Touch of Fur

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J

*This post contains affiliate links through rewardStyle. Any purchase from an affiliate link gives me literally a couple of cents. But hey, pennies add up! Thank you for shopping with me, and please do let me know if there is something you want me to shop for–I consider it my side job. ;D

Trying a Trend: The Long Skinny Scarf

Long Skinny Scarf 8
I’m all for trying a trend. Last month I gave the kerchief neck tie a try. I’ve worn this style a few more times, and I’m starting to like it a bit more. This month however I’ve attempted another neck accessory: the long skinny scarf. This elongating scarf trend I like a whole lot better! It’s like wearing a really long necklace, with flowing, swaying, and lengthening goodness. This is a style I can support. Granted, I’m not really any taller in these pics, but hey, if you feel it, it counts for something! For those individuals who solely wear scarves for a purpose this, nor the kerchief tie, are for you, but in my opinion anything around the neck provides warmth–I’d even argue that a statement necklace can provide a bit!

Long Skinny Scarf 6

Long Skinny Scarf 1

Long Skinny Scarf 3

Pictures by I’m a Norbyah.

Do you think you’ll try the long, skinny scarf?

Inspiration from Pinterest for the Long Skinny Scarf:

Are you on Pinterest? Let’s follow each other, k? I’m Kremb de la Kremb there.
Follow Kremb de la Kremb’s board Long Skinny Scarf on Pinterest.

Shop for a Long Skinny Scarf:

I’ve used affiliate links here. If you purchase from one of these links, I’ll make a couple of cents. As always, if there’s ever something you’d like me to find for you, please don’t hesitate to tell me. I love shopping. Like with a capital LOVE!

Some Outfit Details:

Long Skinny Scarf–Zara
Pearl Earrings–Ben from Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay (4th stall on the left)
White Blouse–Maple (a little chain boutique in Hong Kong)
Black Boyfriend Blazer–Forever 21
Jeans–Diesel that I hacked at the hem (Here’s a ready made pair.)
Black Suede Crossover–Girls Zara
Glitter Boots–Zara

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Style Story Link Up No. 2–I Learned a Lesson This Week!

Style Story Link Up I Learned a Lesson Weekly Style Work Style

Oh! I learned a lesson last week. Basically, I found out that I really like my options. I was trying to follow the October Capsule Wardrobe I’ve been offering as an optin if you join my email list. I mean, if I’m going to promote a capsule wardrobe, I should be able to follow it. But, this past week I found out that I like my options. No, let me amend that: I love my options. While I tried to follow the items in the capsule, I deviated greatly. I think this is ok, but also rather hilarious. Now that I know this about myself, I am definitely not adhering to something for one very long month! I can see how capsule dressing is a great idea for travel or certain situations. In the meantime, I’m scheming of a better optin for all of you to join my email list–unless you’d just like to join just for future Kremb de la Kremb updates. If so, link here. (Don’t worry. I’m not creating an email list to spam you rather for the day coming soon when I can really, professionally offer my style services to you. I’m just one assignment shy of becoming a certified stylist!)

Style Story Link Up No. 2

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Formula Dressing: Pair Bold with Cozy

Go Bold with Cozy 2
I’m all about formula dressing. When I dress with a formula it’s usually a pairing of two (sometimes more) elements of style. One formula that works for me is to pair something bold with something cozy. I’m totally aware that my bold might not be everyone’s bold–here I embrace a feather skirt and know it is definitely on the bold side of dressing. This fabulous skirt paired with over the knee boots makes it even more bold. Whatever the bold piece is doesn’t really matter. It could be anything that is out of the oridinary for you–a statement necklace, a bright lip or shoe, a texture that’s different or even a color that’t out of your normal roundup of colors. They key to attempting anything bold in my opinion is to pair it with something cozy. Kind of like how the blankie helps the night time fears, something cozy will calm down anything bold. If anything the cozy calms down the individual’s anxiety of wearing something bold. Does that make sense? When we are taking risks, it only makes sense to grab on to something that makes us feel more assured.

Pair Bold with Cozy Feather Skirt with Fisherman Sweater
For me, in my bold feather skirt with over the knee boots I knew this outfit was headed toward utter over-the-top-dome. Therefore, I grabbed for my cozy, understated, nobby fisherman sweater. The color is neutral, the texture is cozy, and the look is simple. All these three elements help to calm down any apprehension I might have with wearing bold down below.

Go Bold with Cozy 1
This smile says comfort, and comfort speaks to confidence–at least for me. Also notice how I didn’t bother with anything else bold: no bright lip and no need for accessories. I’m letting the skirt and boots do the talkin’ and the sweater do the calmin’.

What bold looks would you like to try but are afraid to? Let me know in the comments or you could email me, tweet, message me in Facebook, or give me a call. I wanna help you with formula dressing!

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Boots Haul

Boots is such a great drugstore! Unfortunately we don’t have this UK chain in Hong Kong–which always kind of surprises me. Luckily Thailand does; therefore it’s a regular stop for me when we make a trip to Thailand. There a couple of items I always stock up on, and of course it’s fun to try a few new items too. Here’s my Boots Haul:

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Style Tip: If You Think You Are, You Are

If You Think You Are 4
There’s always so much to be insecure about. Really there is. I do know this, but I choose to ignore any self doubt that tries to creep in my mind. Rather I choose to follow this style tip: If I think I am, I am.

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First Style Story Link Up

Style Story Link Up

I love a good Style Story. I seem to have a story behind pretty much everything I wear each and every day. And, I also have really appreciated how other bloggers offer link ups–a place where bloggers can share a link and then connect with other bloggers. What’s a Style Story without connection? Kind of nothing. If my clothing and choices in what I wear have a story, it’s most likely I want that story to be shared. Therefore in an attempt to connect with others and their Style Stories, I’m starting my own link up. Share a post or a picture from Instagram or even a comment from your Style Stories. That’s the sort of connection I’m after. You in?

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