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Boots Haul

Boots is such a great drugstore! Unfortunately we don’t have this UK chain in Hong Kong–which always kind of surprises me. Luckily Thailand does; therefore it’s a regular stop for me when we make a trip to Thailand. There a couple of items I always stock up on, and of course it’s fun to try a few new items too. Here’s my Boots Haul:

Boots Products 2
I love the line Soap and Glory! Aside from the totally cute packaging and quirky descriptions for each product, every one of their lotions and potions smells absolutely divine! After the Glow Lotion lasted for actually years, it was time to replace my bottle. This lotion gives such a lovely, irredescent shimmer. I put it on for special occasions. The Scrub of Your Life has litte sugar granules in it. I like the product for shaving my legs–it seems to exfoliate so well while using it as a shaving cream. Finally, I tried a new product Rich & Foamous: unfortunately this doesn’t get too foamy like I was hoping, but despite not a lot of bubbles, it smells so good I don’t mind. There are so many products in Soap and Glory; I just had to draw the line somewhere as beauty products really add up in weight while traveling.

Boots Products 1During one of our trips to Thailand, I tried the coconut line hair care. It seriously smells just like fresh coconut, and the conditioner leaves the hair super soft. I always like to pick up leave-in conditioners–they’re the perfect product to keep in a beach bag. I tried the Boots’ line of shampoo and conditioner. To be honest, the shampoo is a little to squeaky clean for me, so I won’t buy this line again.

Boots Products 3
During the summer, I picked up this Botanics’ serum at Target. I really, really loved it. I’m super bad about my nightly routine. I wish I was better, but unfortunately I’m not. This serum though! It smells so good and makes my skin feel wonderfully tight, they I reach for it night after night. As long as it’s by my bedside I’m good to go. During this Boots haul, I decided to try out the cleansing oil. Since I love to used oils as moisturizer, I thought it’d be worth a try. I am pleasantly surprised. Such an easy way to wash my face, and since again the smell is so good, I keep going back to it each night. This is a win for me and my nightly routine.

Where you live, is there a Boots? What are your favorite products from this fun drugstore?

Here’s another drugstore haul post based on other international beauty products.

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3 Responses
  • Johanna
    October 16, 2015

    I love the scent of all soap & glory products…heavenly!

    • Kremb de la Kremb
      October 22, 2015

      Yes, heavenly! That’s the perfect word to describe Soap and Glory! A x

  • Kremb de la Kremb
    November 12, 2015

    This was the first post of yours Anna where I thought I approved your connection with me, but as I can see now, it did not go through.

    It is interesting to me why Bangkok has a Boots and Hong Kong does not….

    Also, I kind of knew I’d be misleading with the title, but I didn’t want to put “Boots Pharmacy Haul.” I liked the tease! Heehe.

    Thanks for your patience with me Anna! ;S