The Holiday LRD, Round 4

Holiday LRD 14
Here’s one last holiday lrd! I know I have way too many red dresses: there’s my boho version, my wrap dress, and my retro vintage. Now with this post, I’ve styled my cocktail version of the little red dress. Usually I spend my winter holidays vacationing in warmer climates. With a three week holiday this time around, I’ll definitely need to be dressing to stay warm. Therefore for this one shouldered holiday lrd I wore fleece leggings and a wool turtleneck underneath. Guaranteed I’ll be warm in all the snow! Plus all the fanfare on this lrd is so festive. I love this dress–so much. It was picked up during my travels at a Forever 21 in Bangkok. I’ve had it for years–and I don’t think I plan on binning it anytime soon. It really is the perfect holiday lrd–for cold or warm climates!

Holiday LRD 12

Holiday LRD 10

Holiday LRD 9

Holiday LRD Details:

Red Dress–Forever 21
Black Turtleneck and Fleece Leggings–
Uniqlo Heat Technology
Sock Booties–Target
Red Clutch–This sweet number is a new acquisition; my library team gave it to me for Christmas
Red Earrings–Shenzhen Market

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  • Oooooooh, what a dress to see on Christmas Eve! Red and with that fabulous detail. Great styling with the sequin clutch and the boots! RARRRR!
    I’m gonna have to get me a red dress in the New Year and work it’s ass off, like you do! Ha, ha!

  • vanity andme

    That dress is gorgeous, and what a fab way to wear! I may be copying this idea!
    Merry Christmas Anne
    Laurie x

  • Ann!!!
    Firstly…I have to apologise for being poorly, and not commenting earlier…
    Secondly…those ear jackets are AWESOME!
    Then it is the wonder of a ruffled and overly posh cocktail dress with the superb layering of a ribbed polo and opaques.
    I can’t believe it is from Forever21?!?!?! It looks far too posh for that!! hahahaha.
    The lips, the boots, the ruffles….LOVE!!