Fall Layers and Zara Editorials

fall layers

Has anyone else noticed all the fall layers lately? Dresses are being worn over pants. Entire outfits are layered with a kimono. Textures and prints are also contributing to the layers. For sometimes I like to just go to Zara.com and look at all their editorials. Then satiated with tons of stylish inspiration, I try to emulate what I just saw. “Lights Galore” was a beautiful editorial filled with tons of haphazard fall layers. I tried to resemble “Lights Galore” in my outfit: chenille sweater over a floral dress over a DIY of two tone jeans. Then I added some sparkles for good measure with a velvet sash belt, ornate beaded bag, and glitter blush booties. I’m not sure if I pulled off the fall layers, but it was very fun to try.

fall layers

fall layers

fall layers

fall layers

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Zara in Hong Kong, Gigi in Zara, + Zara Holiday Outfit Ideas

Zara Girl's Suit 1
Online shopping just keeps on becoming easier and easier. More and more lines are offering the service to shop from your couch, wait for a little bit, and then have the item delivered to your home–sometimes for free if you spend enough money on the site. As we’ve watched Zara ship to other localations around the world, we were excited to see that now Zara in Hong Kong also delivers. We know this first hand because Gigi got the suit of her dreams. And because of this delivery experience we might just all wear Zara for Christmas eve….

Zara Girl's Suit 2

Gigi kept seeing this suit online, but none of the many branches of Zara had it in the stores. We finally took the plunge and ordered it. What a treat! The package took about five days to arrive which wasn’t too bad of a wait. The delivery man kept calling us at 9:30 at night because he wanted to make sure he got exactly the right house. Once the package arrived it was seriously like Christmas: the suit was beautifully wrapped in perfectly arranged tissue, closed with a little sticker encased in a sharp looking cardboard box. It was certainly a decadent experience and one Gigi thoroughly enjoyed.

1, 2, 3, JUMP!

Zara Girl's Suit 11
Next was determining the wear of this suit–would it hold up to Gigi’s standards of comfort and activity combined? Yes, most definitely! She was able to run and jump all day even while exclaiming that she was the best dressed out of all of us for our family day in the city.

Zara Girl's Suit 8

Zara Girl's Suit 6

Gigi Style!

Zara Girl's Suit 3

Most importantly Gigi above all felt really confident in this suit. Confidence in what we’re wearing has an affect on how we feel about ourselves. This can start as early an age as 12 and was evident by the strut she had all day long!

Zara Holiday Outfits for the Family:

Now, I’ve loved Zara since I was first introduced to in during our time in Venezuela. In fact, since the family usually has to allow me to go in, it might be fair to say they like the store as well–or else they loathe it. I’m not sure… This Spanish company initially started out in Spanish speaking countries, but I think it’s fair to say that Zara has become very, very global! Zara is a well-known and most definitely well liked brand. When I daydream about our upcoming trip home to the Northwest for Christmas, I have come up with Christmas Eve outfits for each of us. Some of them might actually happen; we’ll see. If anything, the brand always serves as perfect outfit inspiration. With all the Zara branches plus shipping from Zara in Hong Kong, it’s definitely an option. Here’s what I’m thinking of for each family member:

Gigi's Zara Outfit

Vincent's Zara Outfit

Kevin's Zara Outifit

Annie's Zara Outfit

White Sundress

With outfitting Gigi in a white dress for her First Holy Communion, it meant I had my eyes peeled for the perfect white dress each time I went out. It’s only predictable that I found one a sundress version for myself; I liked the bohemian flow to this one. Paired with my little brown booties and a denim sleeveless jacket, I feel like I could be prepared for some fun music festival–take Clockenflap for example which I will be attending next year!


Special thanks to Sarah Tan for teaching me some new skills in Photoshop for this post. I’ve been trying…Photoshop is really tough, but practice makes perfect–well practice makes me learn more. I’ll just say that! Like Sarah’s photography on Facebook.

Some Outfit Details
Flower in Hair–DIY from Adrian and Kate’s wedding
Sunglasses–Chinese Village Town
Lips–MAC Party Parrot
Flower Earrings–Market in Seoul
Puca Shell Necklace–Puca Beach in Boracay
Ganesha Necklace–Market in New Delhi
Gold Necklaces–from Kevin
Denim Sleeveless Jacket–Topshop
White Sundress–Forever 21
Booties–Forever 21


frontCulottes have made a comeback. Or did they ever leave? I have had these ones forever! I can’t even remember the year I got them, but it must have been in the India year. There are two embarrassing facts about my black culottes pictured in this outfit posts: first, they are so old I’ve even had to re-dye them black before. (By the way, that’s one of the easiest ways to fix your favorite faded black clothing. Rather than get rid of it, just dye it black again.) The second fact about these culottes is where I got them. It’s humbling for me to say. I got them at Shopko–yes the very, very budget store up by my folks house. I think Shopko might even be below Wallmart in pricemark. It’s for sure not Targé. This makes me think of my mom in gratitude. She’d go to K-Mart to shop for us when we were kids, and I never cared. Ok, maybe a smidgen in middle school, but not really. She taught me to have a good eye before the brand name of any item. I really appreciate this–especially since good quality can be just as easily found at any budget store!




Some Outfit Details
Sunnies–Forever 21
Pearl Hairpins–Costume Alley at Pottinger Street, Central
Lippy–“Love that Red” by Revlon
Pearl Choker–Zara
“A” Charm–from Kevin
“Cremé de la Cremé” Charm–gift from friends, Kate Spade (One of the sweetest gifts I’ve ever received. Thank you HK Girlfriends:)
Rhinestone Earrings–DSW
Polka Dot Blouse–Forever 21 (I had to get this blouse the MOMENT I saw it as I have been forever trying to emulate Taylor Tomasi Hill’s look seen at Fashion Week 2012.)
Culottes–Shopko (Sooooo old though!)
Purse–gifted from Oroton
Sandals–Staccato via Swap and Shop HK (I was so stoked to score these brand new and unused!)

Stripes on Stripes


Right after our one day of spring sunshine, we have had the typical rainy showers in April that will bring May flowers. Luckily it’s not super, super cold so I can start transitioning my wardrobe–except for booties. I remember wearing booties straight through all the rain last year all the way to August. It’s as if fall weather in Hong Kong is the sunny, strappy sandal weather. Yes, I wore stripes on stripes, but I like it. I felt cheerful all day! Like, in a I-know-I-don’t-match-but-I-don’t-care way! I added my Tutti Frutti necklace to add some bling. And one thing I seem to keep repeating this spring is an orange lip. My favorites so far are Rendevous by Revlon, Infared by Topshop, and Orange Power by Loreal.



Some Outfit Details
Striped Sailor ShirtLandsend, also seen here and here
Tutti Frutti NecklaceWhat the Frock
Striped SkirtForever 21
Treaded BootiesIsland Beverly, shop 306
Handbag–c/o Oroton
Pearl Bracelet–Zara
LipsOrange Power, Loreal

Zara in 5

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 5.34.57 PMOn Sunday this last weekend we went to the Hong Kong Maritime Museum down at the Star Ferry Terminal in Central with Cork, Sally, and Little Guy. It was a very well put together museum and very interesting, but that’s not the subject of this post: Zara is. Afterwards when we were about to catch the 6X bus home, I asked, well no, I begged if I could have just five quick minutes in Zara at the IFC Mall. I stuck to my word. I went in to see what new things were going on as the entire summer collection is gone and autumn is here. I only had five minutes, but in that quick time, this is what I walked away wanting…

  • A leather black backpack–so much better than my Stanley market number that kept breaking at the strap. Luckily the fellas I bought it from fixed it up so it’s back to new, but this one is so much cooler!
  • This flower dress just looked perfectly cute for the warm fall Hong Kong will offer.
  • This necklace just screams “STATEMENT!” I love it!! And it would be very versatile matching with so much.
  • Blake Lively wore this stunning white capelet suit to an event. This Zara shirt kind of reminds me of it–with out having to be totally all dressed up.
  • I admit it: I almost did just walk out with this one, but then I stopped myself. I will most likely get this denim pencil skirt though. It’s just too perfect, and it would go with EVERYTHING!
  • There’s really no reason to explain this little leopard bag. It has my name all over it–don’t you think?
  • I’ve had my eye on this necklace for awhile. I now own this one (which I am very excited to style and wear) from What the Frock?!, so I don’t feel so needy for this statement necklace, but I still really like it. I’m thinking about a DIY though inspired by this one….
  • Famous people like Chiara, Rumi, and Eva have the real Balenciaga version of this boot, but people like me opt out for the copycat Zara version!
  • And last but not least, these runners are just so colorful and therefor very cute!

Any of this catch your fancy? Or do you have your eye on something else? You can tell me in the comments.

Waiting for the Bus

I get pretty excited on the weekend for extra time when I can head to the bustling north side of Hong Kong. It doesn’t matter what time I leave and for how long; I could go to the city for an hour to all day. When I step outside our apartment to catch a bus, I won’t necessarily know which area of Hong Kong I’m going to. If the #40 Green Mini Bus comes by, I’ll be going to crazy Causeway Bay, and if the double decker 6X City Bus chugs up the hill, I’ll be headed to bustling Central. It doesn’t matter: I’ll be happy anywhere exploring in the city. On this particular day, I ventured around SOHO and the Mid-Levels of Hong Kong.

[ Waiting for the Bus: Monogramed Cap / Chiffon Leopard Blouse (similar) / Zara Leather Shorts / Reebok High Tops / Black Backpack / NARS Catfight ]



Where does your bus take you? Tell me. I want to know!

My Zara Skort

I’m a very thrifty shopper. It’s actually a fault: I always go for quantity over quality but as I grow older (ha!), I’m trying to reverse that mindset and go for quality over quantity. I’m getting somewhere! For example, the Zara skort….

I rarely spend $50+ for an item of clothing, and I especially don’t usually buy multiples, but that’s beginning to change. Take this Zara skort for example. I first purchased it in black. With a couple of wears, I knew I’d get similar mileage out of the same piece in white. I also took cues from other fashion bloggers. This Zara skort is a winner, and it’s still available for you to pick up in black, white, red, and cobalt blue. For fall, they’ve got it in a charcoal pinstripe. (Maybe that will be my third piece, but then I’ve got to stop!)







Do you own a Zara skort? How do you wear yours?

Respond please!

The Zara Skort

Before the summer ends (officially tomorrow with the first day of school), I thought I’d get this post up. It looks like I wasn’t the only one enjoying the Zara skort this summer. Here I rounded up a few of my favorite fashion bloggers’ take on this super summer essential from Zara (it might still be available in some stores left over from the summer sales):

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And from Hong Kong, Fashion Hedonism

Farmer Girl in Mon Kok

When Vincent saw what I was wearing on the day we went to investigate bearded dragons, he said I looked like a “farmer girl.” Well yeehah! I decided to live it up in the middle of Mon Kok’s streets!
(I’m actually not that tall, but don’t I look like I’m towering over these two little ladies!)

[Farmer Girl: Plaid shirt from the boys’ department at Target (I was trying to emulate the one Julie took.) / Cut-off Levi’s made with the Goddaughter with Style (Farfetched has some good ones.) / Red cowboy booties from the girls’ department at Zara (similar pair by Frye here) / Balenciaga knock-off from ages ago (story below)]

For me, my jewellery always has a story! The first turquoise strand was purchased during my year living on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation way back when. We visited the Hopi Tribe during on of their a pow wows, and this was what I picked up. The turquoise beaded necklace history may be found here. The turquoise pendant was from an amazing student of mine back in Bombay: Aliya Modi. I just did a Google search on her and tons of images came up! I must let her know every time I where the pendant I think of her! And the “K” I bought during this trip to Temple Street. We each had exactly $50 HK (about $6.50 US) to spend. It was a bit of a competition to see who could do the best; of course I think I did! And the silver strands holding the “K” were giving to me by my lovely mother-in-law, Jane. It’s hard for me to wear jewellery and not have it mean something; there’s a story behind everything!
Ahh this little blue bag….it has a history! So, I can’t remember what summer it was, but Julie and I were at Target, and she found this little bag. Of course I copied her and headed to the checkout. Once I got home, I was like, meh, I don’t need this. So I took it back–even thought it was only like $14.99. I don’t know why I took it back because it was really cute, but I did. Then, I hunkered into our 13 hour flight back to school for the start of the year. I opened up my Lucky magazine and started browsing. What do you know! Right there in the middle of the “Must Have for Fall” article was the little blue bag I had taken back! I grew panicky. I was anxious with dread. Why did I just keep the silly purse! Well, we were flying through Seoul with a night layover there. We checked into the airport hotel, and I noticed the business center on our floor. I said, “Kevin you go ahead. I’ll be right there.” Ahh, I hopped online and with in 5 minutes I ordered and shipped my little blue bag. What relief! I didn’t actually get to physically have the bag until the next summer. (We were living in India at time, and if I wanted to ever see it, it would be better to wait and retrieve it in person rather than send it.) I think this might have been my very first online purchase! Needless to say, I was able to sleep that night. Ha!

Have you ever done something this silly? Tell me about it.