Head to Toe Zara

Sometimes the shopping gods shine down and something magical will happen like head to toe Zara all at once! I didn’t mean to dress in head to toe Zara, but it just kind of happened–all of it, each and every single piece, was discounted! Here’s how it all came together: I’ll start with the blazer that I picked up last year at Zara’s huge sale after the holidays. The black and white tweed look was just starting to resurface and become popular. I wore this jacket a ton last winter. Next up are these cowboy-esque, black studded, little booties I scored at a Ruglane swap. Granted they are a size larger than what I wear, but at $20 and never having been worn, it was worth the investment score. The toe is so pointy I don’t think a 37 would have fit me anyway; plus I add some insoles and I’m good to go. These are my first regulary, daily shoes I’ve been able to wear that have a bit of a heel! Oh, have I missed my heels! Let’s move on to the skirt–I scooped it up immediately during this year’s after the holiday sales. Could it have been a leftover from last winter? It sure looks like it; the fabric is exactly the same as the jacket. Lucky me! I now have a suit!! Last but not least are my accessories: I picked up the earrings for the holiday season, and the circular backpack was another score from the recent sales. There I am in head to toe Zara without even thinking twice about it!

Has this sort of serendipity ever happened to you with a brand?

The boys let me include them in this post. Like father like son. (Gigi is not shown as she was my photographer.)

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  • Don’t you just love it when you score on great sales clothing? It’s so funny that you found the matching skirt a year later. I’ve had that happen once when I found a sweater from a company that perfectly matched one of their dresses from the year before. You know that they are from the same season, because of the color match.
    Those boots are perfect. I’m glad that you found shoes that make you feel good. However, no one rocks glitter sneakers the way that you do.

    • Yes! Each winter I do so well too. It’s like, “Why would I ever shop during the regular season?” I need to remember this next November and December when I splurge on that velvet mini that I know will be 1/3 the price if I wait just a bit. Sometimes I just can’t wait!! (I’m thinking of this really cute velvet mini I bought this winter, and I haven’t even highlighted it here on Kremb de la Kremb. Hmmm, I must fix that!

      Love, Annie

  • Judy Gramith

    I absolutely love that very first photo which looks like you’re giving the world double dancing peace signs ! These Zara deals have to feel like a win. I like the plaid on the diagonal in the skirt a lot!! I also think the pairing of black tights and mock neck are perfection and those embellished short booties bring out the funk!! I’d wear this if the skirt was a bit longer.
    This would be a great outfit for meeting parents. Playfully conservative?
    What fun to see your boys!!!

    • My daughter/photographer made so much fun of that pic. She was like, “Stop that!” It’s such a cliche pose!! But I tell you what: it was fun to make and it was all sincere. As you know I do love it here in Hong Kong!!

      I know you have great legs Jude. I think you too could pull off a mini with thick black tights!!

      A x

  • LOVE this outfit, Annie! And how cool that it all came together the way that it did. Those shoes are actually quite gorgeous and what a steal at $20! You obviously have an eye for the sales. I’d love to go shopping with you lol!
    Have a fabulous week.
    Suzy xx

    • That would be so fun to go shopping together, and now that you’ve seen a Forever 21 even more so! There’s got to be Forever 21 in Portugal. In fact, I’ll go check for you…. Ok, it doesn’t look like you have one, but your neighbors in Spain have two: Madrid and Barcelona. But maybe you never go there. I can say that the online global store—which I use—is very good. They often offer free shipping, and if you know your size—which it sounds like you do—it’s a pretty safe bet in ordering. It’s silly but with Forever 21 over an hour away, I don’t go as often, so sometimes I end up online….I’m such a shopper! But!! A good deal shopper!! Hahah. Yes, let’s go shopping together one day….

      Love, Annie

      • I still haven’t checked them out online, Annie! I must have a look. Madrid and Barcelona are way too far though, sadly. Although Barcelona is on our must-visit list so with any luck, I might get there this year!
        Suzy xx