Dior Inspired

Dior Inspired

There are so many items I would like to discuss in this post. I’ll start off by being Dior inspired. There’s a taxi stand down in Central, Hong Kong where the line usually takes at least 20 minutes to get a taxi. It’s no problem; the people watching is always good in Central, HK. Plus, there are luxury brands every which way you look. Recently, Jennifer Lawrence in her stunning Dior campaign, simply stared down at me from the beautiful advertisement overhead. I was completely mesmerized. I spent my time in that line staring at every detail of her look; once in my taxi, I spent the entire ride online continuing my Dior inspired search. How could I have that hat? (Never! I can’t even imagine the price tag!!) There’s a scarf under the hat…could I pull that off? I definitely have plenty of scarves. Could I dress like these images? I’ve got lots of bohemian clothes. Would I need to make anything? Or were all the items already sitting in my closet. The very next day, completely Jennifer Lawrence and Dior inspired, I set out to create the look that I’d studied and fell in love with the night before.

Dior Inspired

Dior Inspired

Dior Inspired

I wore this exact outfit to work. I received a couple of “Howdy cowboy,” comments, but other than that, I feel very safe in expressing my creativity through the way I dress. This safety makes me feel very lucky that I have freedom in what I can wear to work every day. Sure their are guidelines I should follow–the same ones the kids have to from the school handbook. But other than that I can experiment and create different looks daily. What a luxury! If I want to wear jeans on Friday, there’s no problem; meanwhile the day before I can be all Dior inspired and feel like J. Law. There’s an ulterior motive to dressing creatively as well. Who knows if my influence reaches far, but I like to hope that maybe I dare students to express themselves. Oh, we’ve got plenty of Lulu Lemon clones, but there are some keen teens out there with some pretty great style to share.

Dior Inspired

I’m pretty lucky about something else: I have a partner in crime at work. Norbyah is also a blogger and a style chameleon like me. Every now and then, we text one another in the morning to see if we’d like to shoot our looks. Recently on a reoccurring Instagram rut, she nudge me on, reminding me that I dress for myself. I blog for myself too. Instagram and its record of my daily outfits of the day are for me–no one else. Luckily she brought me back to my focus word: creativity. I love getting dressed; it makes me feel creative. Taking it one step further, I love to share my creativity–hence this blog and the whole Kremb de la Kremb package. Every now and then, it’s nice to have a friend that’s supportive and reminds me about what I love. So thanks to Norbyah, my fashion work buddy who’s so creative: she’s the gal I want to see every day just to see what she’s wearing!

Dior Inspired

Dior Inspired

How about you?

Are you free to express yourself through your clothing? Do you have a buddy who helps to motivate your creativity? And have you seen the real campaign that created this Dior inspired post? It’s amazing!

Style Story 12: Patterns and Texture All Week Long

Patterns and texture were abundant in each one of my work outfits this past week. Lucky for me it was a four day work week. It has been interesting too look back on the outfits though and see tons of patterns and texture: checks with ribbons, sparkles with snake, lace with plaid, and lace with stripes. I think I’m just about ready to define my style–especially with a week where I scored a 5/5 each day! That is a first, so I must have been doing something right! (Wait for a post defining my style next Wednesday…)

Monday’s Patterns and Texture: Sapa Skirt and Checks, 5/5

Patterns and TextureThis skirt from the mountain village of Sapa in Vietnam is a winner. Once I tailored it to fit me better, I get tons of wear from it all year long. In the winter, it works with a sweater and tights; in the spring (or fall) I pair it with a button down as worn here. Come summer a simple white tank or tee will work. The skirt is deep indigo navy with hints of black complimented by some whites and greys, and also pops of turquoise and fuchsia. The skirt is actually sewn together with tons of different colored ribbons and thin strips of fabrics. Up close the detail is amazing. It’s this story behind my style that connects me closely to my clothing. We went to Vietnam during Christmas of 2010, and despite some hardship along the way, our time in Sapa was really neat.

Tuesday’s Patterns and Texture: Snake Pants with Sparkly Flats, 5/5

Patterns and TextureNow I can hardly even come close to being anything remotely close to my all time favorite fashion blogger The Glamourai, but when I wear this outfit, I feel like she would approve. She’s so slouchy cool with her draping of loose blouses and tailored trousers. Kelly Framel is the epitome of chic. It’s fun to attempt dressing anything like her, so I felt pretty great in this outfit. Plus, I’m a sucker for anything snake print!

Wednesday’s Patterns and Texture: Plaid Shirt and Lace Skirt, 5/5

Patterns and TextureThis is the shirt with the maximum story! First, my sister basically took it from me the instant she saw it. I knew I should have got Julie her own, but I did not, and since we have an unwritten rule of giving what the other must have, I handed it over. But, I still wanted this perfect plaid shirt. So a few years later, when it made a showing in the Hong Kong Forever 21, I scooped it up instantly. I love this shirt! It’s bright, it’s plaid, and yes, it’s perfect! Usually it’s best worn with denim on bottom, but here I liked pairing it with some lace. It’s an unusual pairing, but I think it works.

Thursday’s Patterns and Texture: Striped Dress with Lace Cardigan, 5/5

Patterns and TextureI went with lace again on Thursday. I started with the navy striped dress, and from there I added the treaded ankle boots. That was two days in a row for little booties–which are now an appropriate shoe wear all year long. (I have a post lurking in my mind for the perfect summer bootie….) I knew I’d need a layer, so I grabbed my cream lace cardigan. I loved all the juxtapositions going on with this outfit: stripes, edgy, lace, feminine, crystals, fancy. In the end I felt great all day long in this quirky outfit!

Patterns and Texture Just for You:

I did a little online shopping trying to see if I could find some similar items from this past week. I loved my outfits–I think it’s my best Style Story yet! I mixed some options for you combining patterns and texture with this last week in mind along with a little quirk–very Kremb de la Kremb!

While shopping for you, I found some things for myself!

Have you visited my shop on Kremb de la Kremb? It’s filled with the items I’m thinking about and almost ready to click the “yes, purchase!” button. After shopping for this week’s Style Story, I found more to add to my shop!

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Style Story: Back to Work Outfits

My style story this week has returned to work outfits–well at least three out of the five days! On both Monday and Friday I was able to dress down which is rare for me. In fact, I seem to rarely wear jeans; I think it’s time to invest in a new pair…

This is the 10th Style Story. Should I keep them up? Tell me in the comments.

Monday’s Outfit: 4/5

Casual DayI think it’s time for me to get some new boyfriend jeans. I’ve had these one forever, and while they’re still doing pretty ok, they feel too slouchy. I can’t put anything in the pockets because they’ve fallen through with holes. Maybe it’s time for me to invest in a modern 2015 pair–these ones are from 2009 after all. I felt ok in this outfit; I was cozy for a visit to the spa, but during the time spent out and about getting there, I felt too sloppy for the urban Hong Kong. This outfit is better suited to a visit to the beach in the winter or hanging around my neighborhood.

Time for new Boyfriend Jeans:

Some of these jeans are more expensive than what I usually spend, but the cost per wear on a pair of jeans usually turns out even in the end.

Tuesday’s Outfit: 4/5

Repurposed SariTo continue with my enthusiasm for India, I wore this olide but a goodie from the night market in Goa. It’s a kimono wrap blouse made from an old, discarded sari (you can see a bit of mustard on the wrap bit of the blouse from the old sari). I love this top: it’s totally timeless, sentimental, and seems to always look good on me. My black, silk, wide-legged pants on the other hand, to be honest, were a bit too tight all day long! That’s my doing, and now it is definitely time for my UNdoing!

A Wrap Blouse is Timeless

There’s something very professional about wrap blouses. I tend to always feel very polished when wearing them. I found a few to choose from to add to your wardrobe if you need a piece to spiff you up instantly.

Wednesday’s Work Outfit: 4/5

Lace and PlaidI felt great in this work outfit. It combined some boho with classy–I’m not sure it actually looks all that good put together, but sometimes how you feel overrides the actual look. Does that make sense? Plus, I wore my mom’s cowboy boots which is a total guarantee for a great day!

Another great piece for your closet is a lace blouse

There’s something very classy about lace, and if it’s layered over a nude camisole and a pair of pearls, it very work appropriate. (The first one also comes in a beautiful cream when you link to Forever 21.)

Thursday’s Work Outfit: 5/5

Paisley PantsI nailed it on Thursday! Well, at least I felt that way…Basically my earrings matched my shirt that matched my pants that matched my shoes making everything match all together, right? Well, who knows!? But if I feel good, I think it is good. Each piece individually is such an awesome item, and sometimes it’s just fun to mix it all up: chandelier earrings, pinstripes, paisley, and leopard!

One More Wardrobe Staple: A Pinstripe Shirt

Friday’s Day Outfit: 5/5

Leather ShortsOn Friday, I had to go up to China to finalize my designs for the Interact Fashion Show happening on April 25th. The weather here in Hong Kong has flipped–and literally it’s like a flip of the switch. We skipped any freshness and have gone straight to muggy, hence shorts for me. Layers will start to become important though as the air conditioning kicks in about now. I love these suede leather shorts–they’re my second pair. The first pair I’ve stored away for a DIY project–any ideas?

Suede Leather Shorts for Spring

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Style Story: Work Outfits Monday Through Friday

This week I pretty much liked what I was wearing all week, but to be honest, I’m definitely still trying to get used to my hair. It is super short! The cut before was also short but because of all the flippy waves I think it felt very similar to my long locks. I think I will get used to it; I’m definitely enjoying earrings all that much more!

Monday’s Work Outfit: 5/5

work outfitsHahha! Time to take down those ugly signs! As I have a mug of coffee in my hand! This is a go-to outfit I have had since living in Beijing. It’s easy, and dressy, and I feel confident when I wear this black with gold sequin mini. When I wear this short of a skirt to work, I hide the short hemline by wearing a long black cardigan. Somehow, at least for me, this trick works. I get to accentuate my legs while maintaining what I think is a professional look. In the picture I’m noticing there’s a weird shimmer to my leggings, so I think I’ll toss this pair. I’m not sure I absolutely love the medallion–it’s a little to rapper 80s, so I’ve taken note for next time. I’m still searching for the perfect long, black cardigan to replace this one, but until I do, I’ll keep pulling out this totally pilled one.

From this work outfit, I recommend the following items for your wardrobe:

A Long Black Cardigan:

ASOS has some great ones; I’m seriously thinking about the first one or the fourth one by Noisy May…

A Sequin Mini to be worn with tights/leggings and a Long Cardi:

Tuesday Work Outfit: 4/5

work outfitsI actually don’t feel very comfortable in the generic, promo t-shirt. I always feel so top heavy in them. That’s why these days I get straight to tailoring (cutting up) the tee right away. Here I’m wearing the t-shirt for my school group that will be traveling to India this Friday. (Yes, I’m traveling again, and this time for work, but it’s to India! Yes, I’m lucky!!) Since I knew I’d be wearing a tee that I’d receive at work, I dressed rocker-ish in my DIY distressed jeans and my black cowboy boots. Easy, and yes, I also feel lucky that I can dress down at work. I’m still trying to settle into this new do of mine. There’s really nothing I can do….but I am not so smitten with it. Here, it’s so poofy in an attempt to rock hair like Madame Hols–she can seriously rock rocker hair! This is also what my hair looks like when I don’t wash it…Hmph!

From this outfit, I recommend two things:

Distressed Denim:

But rather than buy expensive pairs of totally destroyed denim, I recommend you head to your local Forever 21 and pick-up a pair of cheap black skinny jeans. I got mine for $12US. Then, head to the hardware store for an Xacto knife. Now, get to work distressing–here’s the DIY to show you how. Bing! Bam! You just made a pair of (trendy) distressed denim for $15!!

If you’d rather buy them pre-made, here you go. These all come highly recommended.

Black Cowboy Boots (all under $100!):

Wednesday’s Work Outfit: 5/5

work outfitsI love this dress! And there are so many style stories about everything I’m wearing. First of all the color is my color. I pretty much buy anything that is this color; although I will admit that I have started to have more discretion by only purchasing if the style actually suits me. I got this dress at a very random garage sale in Jakarta! It still had the tags on it! The necklace is also begrudgingly a favorite of mine. I first spotted this necklace at J.Crew last spring. I should have bought, but I didn’t, and then I regretted it. Then, one day last January I was over at Ladies Street in Mon Kok with Elle when I spotted it at a random little boutique. I did not hesitate this time; I bought it in an instant. But then, as we continued on our way down the street I saw the necklace again at a little kiosk for a fraction of the price! I hightailed it back to the boutique to request an adjustment on the price, but she’d have nothing of it. Yes, I gave the owner of the shop a piece of my mind, and no, I’m not going back. I don’t mind paying for things, but I don’t like getting fleeced! (That’s an Indianism for being taken.) So while I love this necklace I always feel a little reluctant at the same time. Finally, I had to include a closeup of my nylons! They’re psychedelic! Over in Jardine’s Bazaar there’s a gal selling the best nylons and tights. It’s fun to update my collection every now and then. I loved wearing this entire outfit hence the 5 out of 5.

Despite the woes in retrieving my floral statement necklace, I do recommend one especially for spring if you’re looking for the perfect accessory that matches a ton and sparks up a plain ensemble. I’ve also found some sparkly tights for you, but if you want me to pick some up for you for a fraction of the price (think cents not dollars), let me know. I’d be happy to ship some off for you!

{Reasonably Priced} Floral Statement Necklaces:

(JCPenney seems to be offering a lot of great options! And they’re having a huge sale until March 15.)

Sparkly Tights:

(Remember to ask me if you want me to send you some;)

Thursday’s Work Outfit 5/5:

work outfits This is another great dress. Sometimes just a simple jewell tone dress is the perfect wardrobe item. We’ve had parent teacher teacher conference from Wednesday on of this week, so I’ve dressed up a little bit more than my usual school day wear. Usually I wear a necklace with this neckline, but since my earrings are so bold I did not. (I also had a cami on that I pulled down for the pic, so my cleavage wasn’t so blatant all day long;) In the future, I think something around the neck is necessary. Please note another pair of sparkly nylons also from the same gal in Jardine’s Bazaar. This pair is navy with silver specks, and with my blue suede booties, I’m like Violet Beauregarde turning blue in Charlie’s Chocolate Factory! Another 5 for 5!

Based on both Thursday and Friday I recommend investing in a…

Jewell Tone Dress:

Friday’s Work Outfit: 5/5

Embroidered SkirtI went with the same formula as Monday and felt great. It’s easy: throw on an sparkly skirt pair it with some tights and my booties, and I feel set. I’m so glad I pulled out this eyelash sweater too–I’ll be bringing it with me to India. It’s so cozy! That’s right. This afternoon I set off to India with 20 students. It’s called Interim where all students travel for the next week. Trips involve service, culture, and an adventure. I’m all packed and ready to go. Maybe not ready to sign off of the Internet but so be it. I’ve scheduled posts for Monday through Thursday, so please continue to visit next week. My regular Friday post about my Style Story will be delayed till Saturday once I return. But, yes, I’ll be taking a picture of what I wear in India each day.

I recommend the following from this very easy formulaic work outfit:

Eyelash Sweater for Coziness:

An Embroidered Black Mini:

(My exact skirt is the first option!;)

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Style Story: Work Outfits Monday Through Friday

Let’s see…this has been the sixth week of keeping track of my work outfits. So far, I’ve gotten rid of plenty of items, I keep learning what looks best on me (most of the time), and I find myself still experimenting with different types of looks. This week wasn’t as good as last: I learned a bit though and I enjoyed incorporating a lot of red! Happy Chinese New Year! My family and I are off to Boracay, Philippines early in the morning. I have a few scheduled posts for next week but there will be no work outfits style story. Instead next Friday I’m hoping to share a glimpse of the cover-ups I wear each day while vacationing on the beach. Happy CNY!!

Monday’s Work Outfit 3/5

work outfitsThe weird thing about this outfit is that I loved it! I felt like it was a total 5/5 day. But then, when I look at this outfit in a picture, it doesn’t even match. In person, and I guess more importantly up close, this outfit goes together. Although most people are not seeing you right up; we give people personal space which would mean this shirt comes across as a dark navy blue rather than the black with blue sparkles that it is. I think this shirt matched this skirt so much better and this skirt goes better with a quirky top instead. What do you think? Also, unless I can fix or repurpose the necklace, it’s time to get rid of it. Broken jewellery doesn’t accessorize very well, right?

Give Colorful Leopard a Try:

Tuesday’s Work Outfit 5/5

work outfits

What a funny chipmunk picture of me. All the photos from this week show me especially smiley–it must be the approaching vacation for Chinese New Year!

With Valentine’s Day on Tuesday and Chinese New Year Holiday approaching I feel that red is necessary during this week. I had a little peeping out from Monday’s skirt, but on Tuesday I went for the entire red skirt. I’d been trying to wear the plaid shirt worn multiple times in the last few weeks. I finally nailed it here! In the past I kept trying to pair it with black, but really the plaid needed a little red. Also, since it was Poncho Tuesday, it was necessary to wear my winter white cashmere cape. And with that, you need to know the story about this garment: I went away one weekend in Beijing for a conference. I forget who told me on the phone, but there was a surprise for me when I would arrive back to the Kremb de la Kremb house. I was so excited: I had dropped (what I thought was) the appropriate amount of hints, and I was anticipating the coveted, winter white, cashmere cape from Woo. Imagine my surprise when I arrived late at night, entered the home searching for the furry goodness, and ultimately found Buster, the guinea pig squealing away in a cage in the kitchen. That was the surprise! A guinea pig! Not this plush treasure….Let it be known that the next time I went out of town–which was shortly thereafter, I was greeted to a chalkboard message, flowers, and the above staple that every woman needs!

A White Poncho is a Timeless Piece for Your Closet

Wednesday’s Work Outfit 4/5

work outfitsFirst, I better introduce Luka. Luka Lesson, slam poet from Australia, will be visiting our library after Chinese New Year. We made a (supposed) life size cutout of him, but as you can see, he turned out a little short! Anyway, I’m unsure about this outfit. I felt great, yet in a picture I don’t feel it works. I think the sweater, because of the think “A,” adds unnecessary thickness to my top. Then, I went for leggings over tights with little anklets, and that just added width to my ankles. A good thing happened in the morning though: I had planned on wearing this red sweatshirt of mine, but because it was so uncomfortable, it got placed in the giveaway bin. I actually love all this decluttering! This sweatshirt will remain, but it will be a cozy comfort out at the cabin.

A Leopard Pencil Skirt is a Must:

Thursday’s Work Outfit 4/5

work outfitsToday’s pants may be gorgeous–well at least I think so, but they were dangerously gorgeous (thanks for the word choice Maureen!). I love how long and flowy they are, but they were a total hazard. I tripped over them at least 20 times, so while they’re pretty, they will be cropped into culottes in order to enjoy them and not risk my life. I have to admit I had trouble dressing on Thursday. We were encouraged to wear Chinese garb, and the only thing I have that’s of an Asian style is the red kimono saved for Friday. Therefore, I figured to dress appropriately I could take this embroidered top and pair it with the auspicious color red. Hopefully that would work to celebrate and support the Chinese New Year festivities. But, I tell ya, it was risky! Next outfit with these pants will look a whole lot different!

You Never Know When you Might Need to Wear Red!

Friday’s Work Outfit 4/5

work outfits

I need a haircut! I actually blew dry my hair here, but I think it made it look funny! Haircut will be first up when we return from vacation. I’m ready for phase 3! (Stay tuned….)

I wore two items this week that I had been meaning to for a while: the plaid shirt from Tuesday and this tube skirt for Friday. Before I had copied my sister, so I think I felt like I needed to wear these two pieces the exact same way. With Chinese New Year vacation starting tomorrow, we were encouraged to dress in Chinese wear today, hence my red kimono. (I definitely prefer how I wore it during the Mid Autumn Festival.) I appreciate having a black tube skirt but the problem with this one is it actually affects the my stride–I have to take smaller steps! While I’m not willing to get rid of it yet, I am on the look out for a replacement. As for the Asian inspired kimono, it’s a must for the Chinese festivities. It’s such a fun and vibrant piece, and it’s RED!

If you live in Asia, it’s nice to have a kimono on hand:

Style Story: Work Outfits Monday Through Friday

For all of January I’ve been keeping track of my work outfits, AND it’s proven to help me a ton! While I’m getting to know what looks goond on me, more importantly I’m learning what makes me feel comfortable. I’m finding if I feel good plays highly into the score. The way I feel is like another garment: if my work outfits make me feel confident, than it’s a win. If I feel slouch and meh, not so good. Evaluating my work outfits is totally demonstrating to me what works on a daily basis. I find my style–or randomness of style to be quite interesting. Maybe in a bit I’ll be able to name it. I was happy to have scored much higher this week each day–my confidence and attitude weighing in highly to each day’s score. Have these Friday posts been helping out you with your work outfits? I’d love to know….I think I’ll keep it up for the month of February.


work outfitsI liked this outfit. I’m not sure if the flare of the crop black pants works, but I felt really comfortable, and that matters. I have almost gotten rid of this (very) dress a couple of times, mainly because it’s so short. I think wearing it over pants however makes it work. One of the reasons I love this dress so much is it reminds me of turning 40. I wore it to my 40th birthday brunch–Oh, that whole February month of 2012 was such fun. So, the dress stays. I like it. Heck, since I can’t afford Missoni might as well pretend!
*With all those muted natural colors I wore my very berry Chanel Destinée.

Missoni Look Alikes:


work outfitsI also liked this outfit. For one, the sweatshirt is the best!! I mean come on. For Kremb de la Kremb, wearing “Créme de la Créme” just makes me find cool–even if it is totally nerdy! The other reason I really liked this outfit was my plaid pants. I mean–they’re totally cool. At least in my opinion they are. In this outfit, although I’m a total wanna-be, I felt a little like Blaire Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific. (She’s where I first saw this sweatshirt.)
*My Lime Crime Velvetine‘s arrived the day before, so here I’m wearing Pink Velvet.

For Créme de la Créme Lovers:

And anyone Mad for Plaid?


work outfitsI really like this outfit–parts of it anyway, but I wasn’t completely comfortable. I’m chesty, and this top accentuated that. Sometimes that’s a good thing, but on this day it felt like too much. I do however adore the cape! I mean I felt like a super hero every moment I wore it! Unfortunately I was warm during parts of the day and had to take it off. I’ll be sporting the cape again soon; it’s feels RAD. (I love the reaction I got from Kevin too. He was like, “Are you wearing a cape?!” Yep and yep!) These pants I will not be getting rid of because I love the cut, but they need to either be replaced or copied. They’re done, sadly. But I’m not tossing them quite yet….
*Again, on this day I wanted to try out my new Lip Crime Velvetines, so I wore Red Velvet. By the end of the day though I was back to my favorite red lippy of the moment, Bourjois Rouge Edition in Hot Pepper.

You too need a cape!


work outfitsOh, I had such trouble getting dressed on Thursday. It was actually pretty comical. My bed was covered with options to pair with a black tube skirt. When that didn’t work I tried another long, black skirt with side slits. The outfit just kept getting worse and worse, but I already had on the black tights, so I didn’t want to give up. Then, the light went on: just wear a dress Ann. Duh! Once I shifted my mindset away from a black skirt, I was totally liberated, and pulled out one of my favorite dresses of all time. (See the story and its relationship to my lovely sister-in-law Amy HERE.) Paired with my black kimono, I felt comfortable and confident plus a little chic all day long. Phew!
*For a bright pink lip I reverted to my fave of the moment, Bourjois Rouge Edition in Pink Pong. Love this lippy!

Kimono Dreses to wear under a Lace Kimono:


work outfitsWhat’s not to love about a dressed down Friday?! While it isn’t formally announced that we can dress down on Fridays, it’s accepted and quite normal to wear jeans on Fridays. I don’t always but in the winter months it is a little cozier–especially when paired with some heat technology and an even cozier short sleeve sweatshirt. There are two items that add extra Italian love and friendship to this outfit. Remember, these are style stories! First, the jeans–they are reminiscent to a side seam, striped pair that I got in Italy and then traded later with Annie for a pair of earrings. I’m not sure if she remembers those jeans but I do! Also, I’m wearing a dear Italian bauble from Cathy, my roommate in Italy. When she returned to Florence during our senior year, she brought me back the necklace and earrings. Yes, that would mean these treasured items are over 20 years old. Wait! How did that happen!? Yes, this outfit gets a solid 5! (Even though I need to get rid of the boots. Yes, they were free at a swap, but they are just WAY. TOO. BIG! Ann, stop keeping things just because they’re a good deal!)
*More favorite lippy but today back to red, Bourjois Rouge Edition in Hot Pepper. (I sense a blog post and perhaps a give away…I love this lippy so much!)

I know you want embellished side seam jeans too!

Successful Work Outfits

Wow! Four out the five days this week my work outfits scored a 5/5! These style story posts are TOTALLY helping me out. I hope you are getting some #inspo too! Here’s to feeling confident, comfortable, and chic while we work.

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Style Story: Work Outfits Monday Through Friday

Wow! This practice of getting a pic of my work outfits each day is proving to be so beneficial. I am seriously cleaning out my closet! For example, Wednesday’s outfit, MEH! It all needs to go despite any sentimental value. Thank goodness I had a stellar necklace on that day. And Friday’s outfit, well you’d think this 40 something-year-old would get her styling straight during those delicate times of the month. So posting these work outfits is proving to be valuable. While I don’t recommend that you post your own pics for the whole world to see if you’re not comfortable, I do highly recommend getting a shot of yourself in your work outfits because it’s really helping my closet. If anything, I’m really starting to see what actually looks good on me in an every day sort of way all because of posting pictures these work outfits.

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Style Story: Work Outfits Monday Through Friday

My style story is back this week! Monitoring my daily work outfits has been a great way for me to see what I actually wear and need in my closet. Just from last week’s post I was able to clean out my wardrobe by getting rid of a few items. This week was freezing, and I couldn’t seem to wear enough layers. Take a look:

By the way, Monday-Thursday’s pictures were taken by Tom Price of Teaspoon Photography.

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Style Story: Work Outfits Monday Through Friday

I’m going to give this sort of post a try. We’ll see what you all think. Basically, these were my work outfits Monday through Friday. Once I got to work, I took a pic of what I was wearing. Many of my outfit posts on this blog have been styled outfits that are not always practical. (Like would I really make it out in these heels?!) Therefore, I thought it would be interesting to showcase my actual work outfits while explaining a bit of their style story. I indeed wore each of these work outfits Monday through Friday of this week. Some of them I like, and well….some of them will help me with my closet goals for 2015! I’ve given each a rating out of 5 with 5 being the highest. No 5/5s this week….

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