The Faux Fur Leopard Coat–Day 5

faux fur leopard coat

Ok, ok, ok. I cannot and will not unnecessarily force everyone into wearing leopard print. It isn’t for us all. And that is ok. All this week I have simply attempted to show various ways of wearing leopard print: from a touch of leopard print with jeans to leopard print skirts paired with black, to overly bold and even overly casual, leopard print can be embraced in subtle or over the top ways. I will attempt to say however, that there is one leopard print item that with resounding ease will elevate any woman’s day: this item would be faux fur leopard coat!

faux fur leopard coat

Similar to the way I styled two leopard print skirts with black, I’ve done the same with my faux fur leopard coat. I’ve had this coat since I moved to Hong Kong, so that means it’s been in my wardrobe six years this winter. Unless something tragic happens to it, I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it. And yes, it only gets about a weeks worth of wear here in Hong Kong, but that one winter I did go home, it of course went with me. The best thing about a faux fur leopard coat is how chic I feel with one on. In these pictures, underneath the actual jacket I’m wearing a tank top, but I’m so warm! Simply paired with sparkly goodness, and I don’t even need any accessories. If I live in a cold weathered climate I think this would become my uniform: it’s chic yet comfortable all at once.

faux fur leopard coat

faux fur leopard coat

faux fur leopard coat

Shop for your Faux Fur Leopard Coat:

Or maybe you already have one!?
Do tell….

faux fur leopard coat

This time around, I’ve offered some faux fur leopard coats for you to shop. Personally, I used free shipping to HK and went with ASOS. (Pretty much a ton of vendors offer free shipping these days. Just look for a promo somewhere on the site.) I chose prices from $40 at target to $240 from Anthropologie. Whatever your budget, there’s definitely a faux fur leopard coat out there for you!

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Pair Bold with Bold–Leopard Print, Day 4

pair bold with bold

Ok, so yesterday I went very basic pairing leopard print with black. This is the easiest and shall I even say tamest (hehe) way to go with this wild print. But, today, I’m just going to go for it, and pair bold with bold. Why not! Take this wild print and match it with even more. Don’t worry about being OTT (over the top); just embrace it! The last time I featured this sweatshirt was out at my cabin in my cowboy boots sitting on my leopard sofa. With one of my very favorite sweatshirts, this time around I’ve gone with an Asian flare mini, and since I already had a lot going on with both the top and bottom, I threw in some studded boots as well. (These are a recent score from the Ruglane Market I attended last weekend.) Hey, call it pattern mixing or just pair bold with bold.

pair bold with bold

pair bold with bold

pair bold with bold

I have to admit something: I love it when Gigi is my photographer. Here I am in a pretty wild outfit, and ironically, she just brings out the zany Annie. My smile feels pretty bright along this bold styling.

pair bold with bold

pair bold with bold

Ok, what do you think?
Pair bold with bold and go wild or stick to tame styling leopard print with black?

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The Fab 40s in Leopard

Leopard 1

I love leopard! So I was very, very excited to hear that The Fab 40s theme for July was leopard. Mainly, I’ll be honest, I was happy for the chance to showcase my leopard lounger from our screened in porch out at our cabin on Spirit Lake. This old bamboo patio set came with the cabin; then while we were living in India, I had these leopard covers made. In my opinion, they are perfection! Let me get back to clothing and my extensive collection of leopard options–(this being one of my favorite ensembles). It is true: I have tons of leopard–my wardrobe is more than plentiful of this roaringly awesome print, hehe. But to style leopard on my leopard sofa…I knew I shouldn’t over do it–which is hard for me to do, so I (tried) to tone down the look with my leopard sleeved sweatshirt.


Jane at My Midlife Fashion

Biker Jacket–Zara
Necklaces–Stella & Dot
Bracelets–Ashiana Jewellery
Bag–Ghost Fashion
Flip Flops–La Redoute

Dawn Lucy

Dawn Lucy from Fashion Should Be Fun

Top–Rag & Bone
Earrings–Tina Turk
Bracelets–J Crew & Gorjana
Bag–Refbecca Minkoff
Slip Ons–Candies


Sheela from Sheela Writes

Hat–Forever 21
Top and Trousers–Thrift Shop
Boots–Charlotte Russe


Dixie from Inside Outer Style

Jacket–haute Hippie




My Outfit Details:

Necklace (worn backwards)–J. Crew Venus Flytrap Necklace
Leopard Sleeved Sweatshirt–Forever 21 (very old, but this grey, muted men’s version is pretty cool!)
Cutoffs–Wrangler Jeans thrifted from Mee & Gee’s
Cowboy Boots–Old West from Zappos

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All My Faves

All My Faves 6It’s pretty true: my hashtags about getting dressed for work and liking it are for real. I do indeed like to get dressed each morning; I always have and I always will. I think this pleasure first started in high school. Now working in a high school again, the inspirations occurs daily. Recently, I wore this exact outfit to work, and I have to admit. It was a great day! Everything I was wearing I liked–no loved! It was all my faves. My sister Julie gave me the striped cropped shirt. Immediately this summer when I told her I tried to get it at HM but it was sold out, she gave it to me–kinda like the Shirt Off My Back all over again! The pants I cropped with inspiration from Friend in Fashion and this Instagram pic on her feed. I’ve been looking for leopard heels forever now, and I finally found a pair of kitten heels at this random skywalk little shop in Central. Finally, the search is over. The bag–oh, it’s my luxury handbag! I splurged after a rigorous professional end of school year in June. I’ve always wanted a Louis Vuitton, and after the intense year I completed, I treated myself with the gains. I love this bag! My own little Speedy! Sometimes with the love of getting dressed, I end up just absolutely loving everything about my outfit. It’s on these days that I feel auspicious. I could handle anything. With all my faves on I walk taller, and I carry a bit of a strut. Do you have any outfits that do this for you? Just curious….

All My Faves 5

All My Faves 3

All My Faves 1

(Do you see at the top of my head where my hair is ally windy on the left? That’s our apartment window right there at the start of the Stanley promenade!)

Some Outfit Details
Top–H&M (sold out so from my sister Julie) (similar)
Gold Chain and Choker–Zara (similar)
Pearl Earrings–DIY from Wander and Hunt (similar)
Pearl Drop Necklace–Underground Market at Shanghai Science and Technology Museum (similar)
Pants–Banana Republic but hemmed to be cropped (similar)
Shoes–Leopard Kitten Heels from random Central store (similar)
Bag–Louis Vuitton Speedy 35
Lipstick–Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro #402

Almost Fall

It’s almost feeling like the weather might start shifting in Hong Kong. Today there was a bit of a breeze all day long, and the humidity is definitely less. We still have some time before it gets cold here, but I always love the shift that begins to happen in October. These pictures were actually taken this summer out at the cabin. This is my last outfit post from that time. I purposefully created a couple of fall looks (like this one too) to allow myself to reminisce about Spirit Lake. Usually this type of attire would be necessary all summer long, but we were lucky during our month of July out there. It was so nice and hot! The sweatshirt will be the first one I pull out when it does get cold here in HK. I picked it up during our roadtrip to San Francisco along Highway 101; it’s such a cozy souvenir from that great trip from Summer ’14.



Some Outfit Details
Sweatshirt–California Republic
Leopard Jeans–Forever 21
Slipons–Report Shoes

Leopard Love–Sometimes the Annie-mal in Me Comes Out!

Leopard Love
It’s no secret that I’ve got a little leopard love. The last time I experimented with this print it was a bit electric colorful try. This time around I’m almost fully animal–or like my brother-in-law sometimes calls me, Annie-mal! (I actually love this nickname!!) While admittedly all of this animal love in one outfit might seem a little over-the-top, I think it actually kind of works. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you have something in your life that makes you smile when you put it all on–for me, it’s definitely my leopard love.
Leopard Love

Some Outfit Details with Leopard Love:

Lippy–NARS Heat Wave
Sunglasses, Earrings, Sweatshirt, and Skirt–Forever 21

Photos by Elle

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Nerdy by Nature

Neon OutfitBlue Leopard Blue Beanie
So, this whole get-up might be a little over-the-top, but when has that ever stopped me!? I’ve always been a little “nerdy by nature!” However, there’s this fashion blogger I admire, Blaire Eadie, of Atlantic-Pacific; I like to believe that she would pull off something like this quite successfully. Me? Well, I don’t know. It was fun to put it all together, but I don’t know if I’d actually wear it out about–definitely some variation of this though. That’s the fun of writing this blog. It gives me the chance to experiment and try new things. Some may flop, and some may rock! And that’s the beauty of fashion and style: testing and finding what works for you.

What do you think? Does the quirkiness of it all work? Or is it just not gonna make it. Go ahead…It won’t hurt my feelings. Before leaving take this poll:

What do you think? free polls 

Some Outfit Details:
Bright Blue Beanie: I was able to score this beanie at the Swap and Shop exchange, but this one looks pretty similar.
(Cheapie) Knock Off Ray-Bans: Asiatique Night Bazaar in Bangkok–if you go to Bangkok, spend an evening at this new night market. So fun! And so much to look at, not to mention purchase!!
Lips: MAC Party Parrot (This was part of a special collection, but I found it for you on Amazon;) This is a really great bright pinky coral color. Your lips will P O P !
The Rest: I’m a Forever 21 Girl. The necklace, sweatshirt, skirt, and pumps are from there!
Silver Clutch: My sister Mary gave me this beautiful clutch for Christmas. She picked it up for me at one of my favorite Indian textile stores, Fabindia.

California Dreaming

CaliforniaDreaming4Whenever we go over to South Horizon, we always pass by the Ferrari store and drool. Since I was wearing a fire red shirt paired with my leopard print jeans, I thought it’d be fun to do my outfit shoot in front of this store–no we did not go in and pretend to feign interest…
CaliforniaDreaming1Imagine our surprise when we saw the plates: California! I was born in California; I always feel so proud of that little fact even thought I’m completely a Washingtonian mixed with all the places I’ve lived.

CaliforniaDreaming2Since this outfit already clashes, I through in a zany belt. I believe I got this long ago with Mary Kelly on one of our shopping excursions in Caracas. Do you remember MK? Or am I getting it confused with a similar belt that you have?

CaliforniaDreaming3Here I’ve been photobombed by the master of the skill! I had no idea she was there: I never do! Vincent my photographer, finally let me in on the fact.

The weather has shifted, just a little, in Hong Kong. It’s not cold by any means, but the air has changed. There’s a scent of flowers blooming when I take a walk out to Chung Hom Kok. The winds have picked up. We better take advantage of our sunny days and head to the beach before the weather gets too chilly. It’s fitting that I wore this combo on what could be considered the first feeling of fall; it’s similar to this outfit post which was the first day of summer.

Yesterday I messed up on my Shopcade gallery, so you can visit yesterday’s post again to see what I put together for you. Today I got it right. Shopcade lets me find similar items that I’m wearing and then puts it into a little rotating gallery for you. It’s a pretty nifty site offering me a widget code for every list of items I create. I hope you enjoy them.

Would you ever wear leopard and bright red together? Tell me about it;D


Waiting for the Bus

I get pretty excited on the weekend for extra time when I can head to the bustling north side of Hong Kong. It doesn’t matter what time I leave and for how long; I could go to the city for an hour to all day. When I step outside our apartment to catch a bus, I won’t necessarily know which area of Hong Kong I’m going to. If the #40 Green Mini Bus comes by, I’ll be going to crazy Causeway Bay, and if the double decker 6X City Bus chugs up the hill, I’ll be headed to bustling Central. It doesn’t matter: I’ll be happy anywhere exploring in the city. On this particular day, I ventured around SOHO and the Mid-Levels of Hong Kong.

[ Waiting for the Bus: Monogramed Cap / Chiffon Leopard Blouse (similar) / Zara Leather Shorts / Reebok High Tops / Black Backpack / NARS Catfight ]



Where does your bus take you? Tell me. I want to know!

First Outfit of the Summer

FirstDayofSummer3Aside from being able to take better pictures of Kremb de la Kremb adventures, part of the reason I invested in a new camera was to try to increase my posts of one of my other favorite passions: fashion! Well it’s time to start! Here’s an outfit post of my first day of summer, 2013.

I was going for something vibrant so that my good friend Khush would be able to find me in the massive Dragon Boat crowd to be found on this major Hong Kong public holiday. And, of course pairing bright red with a neutral like cheetah shorts seemed like the perfect ensemble.

It's definitely not an accessory, but we seem to always leave the house with a soda water in hand. I should be in an ad! Ha!

It’s definitely not an accessory, but we seem to always leave the house with a soda water in hand. I should be in an ad! Ha!


I read on Song of Style that a sure way to get beachy waves is to twirl each side up. I tried it out, and it totally worked! A new trick:D

I read on Song of Style that a sure way to get beachy waves is to twirl each side up. I tried it out, and it totally worked! A new trick:D

I am not really sure how I made this gif, but it’s pretty fun!

DSC_1948-MOTION (1)

Tom Ford sunnies, Swarovski earrings, Forever21 blouse (similar), J.Crew shorts (They’re sold out, but from experience J.Crew will try to track something down for you if you ask them to here. These are kind of similar.) , Zara sandals, Thai market purse (similar)

Photos by Vincent