DIY with a Tailor: Deconstructed Denim

Deconstructed Denim
I’ve been eyeing all sorts of deconstructed denim lately. Keep in mind, I also pick up denim at my local thrift store (Mee & Gee or Me & George) any time I walk in the door. (In fact yesterday, I picked up two jean jackets and a jean skirt at Mee & Gee. I know! I don’t need them, but my DIY juices start flowing when it comes to denim…) I mentioned Geneva from A Pair and a Spare yesterday. Again, she’s the one who influenced me to attempt making my own deconstructed denim with her post here. The thing is, I could have given my pair a try with my sewing machine, but I actually prefer working with my tailor, Yee. She’s so sweet, and it’s quite fun to collaborate with her. I go in with my pictures, and then I attempt to explain what I’m after. We don’t speak the same language, but somehow we’re able to communicate. Granted, the first version fell off me. She ended up having to take a total of four inches in because they were so big. Luckily, we’re patient with each other, and as always, I was super pleased with the end result.

Deconstructed Denim

DIY Deconstructed Denim:

Deconstructed Denim
These were my directions:

1. I brought her two pairs of Levi’s–one dark, one light.
2. I instructed her to take out the side seam on the dark pair and insert the side seam of the light pair.
3. Before any of this was done, she had to take off the pockets.
4. Once the new seams were sewn in, we were able to place the pockets in a natural position.

Voila! I’ve got a pair of DIY deconstructed denim.

Do you think you’ll work with a tailor to make your own? Or will you buy a pair? There are a ton of options out there. Deconstructed denim is a hot trend right now.

Deconstructed Denim

Deconstructed Denim
This little blue, fishy, velvet bag is adorable. I got it from my favorite handbag designer: Louella Odié. Here’s the link to this exact little pouch bag. Don’t forget to look at all the beautiful totes too. If you decide to purchase, take an extra 20% off with this code: KREMBDELAKREMB20.

Deconstructed Denim

Deconstructed Denim

Zara DIY Pants: Gold Button Trousers

zara-diy-pants-19Here are the last pair of Zara DIY Pants: the gold button, side seam trousers. So far I made a pom pom hemmed pair, a double red stripe pair, and now this pair. Every time I entered Zara, these luxe gold button trousers especially took my fancy. The authentic version actually does offer a couple of functional buttons down by the side cut of the seam; mine however only have the side cut at the hem with gold buttons adorning the seam. I’ve had these wide legged, high-waisted trousers for a very, very long time. In fact, I think I purchased them during our time in India, so that’s before 2009! Regardless, I love these trousers, and now, with an updated look, I have a feeling I’m going to love them even more. They have always been super long, so I have to wear a heel with them. Luckily I have my new flatforms that give me almost 3 extra inches! Ahhh, high heels for Annie again! It’s been a very long time, but I’ll take a high heel any way I can get it. Another irresistible trend this fall is the bell sleeve. In my opinion this sleeve elevates any top, so here I’ve got the boring combo of a white top and black bottom, but the look in my opinion is super chic with these extras details.







Zara DIY Pants: the Gold Button Trousers

Since the real gold button trousers are actually functional at the slit opening, I needed to choose a very wide leg to pull these Zara DIY pants off. Luckily as mentioned up above, I’ve had this pair for a really long time. They are definitely worn, and I’ve often thought of getting rid of the, but I just couldn’t do it. The high waist and the fullness of the leg kept me from giving them away. I’m glad I never did. This pair was perfect for my final Zara DIY pants. And again, just like the pom pom trimmed hem and the double red stripe, these were super simple. All I had to do was purchase similar flat, gold buttons. I brought the materials to my tailor, Yee, with a picture of the pants from Zara online, and she added the buttons to the side seam. The last step was opening up the bottom seam–something she resisted at first, but then finally accomplished after some prodding. Voila, another very easy pair of Zara DIY pants!!

Which pair do you think you would try out? The pom pom hem? The double red stripe? Or this gold button trouser?

And, are there any looks that you want me to try and figure out with a little DIY? Let me know in the comments…

PS May I make a recommendation? Elevate your standard white top with a bell sleeve. You won’t regret it! Just make sure it’s not a day of cleaning or cooking when you wear it. Wink wink.

Cute White Bell Sleeve Tops

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Zara DIY Pants: the Double Red Stripe

zara-diy-pants-11Called the “Zara Item Everyone Wore at Fashion Week” by Who What Wear, it’s been love at first, second, third sight with these double red striped trousers. I repeatedly looked at them, almost buying them, but then figured this too easy a pair to recreate adding another Zara DIY pants to my to-do list. This trendy piece is half jogger track pant and the other marching band uniform. Any way you spin it, I kept falling in love with these pants and had to have them. According to my Instagram feed, I haven’t been the only one! If it’s not Zara’s version, there have been plenty others; they can either be dressed up or down. Of course, I went down as I pair most things with any one of my tennis shoes these days. Despite causual shoes, I felt terrbily chic in this outfit and especially loved all the money I saved by making the look on my own!







Zara DIY Pants: the Double Red Stripe

Again, I searched through all my black pants and found a simple straight legged pair. I went to my gal Suzanne at TinTin Beads on Etsy, and she found the perfect 1 inch wide, red, gross grain ribbon for me. In fact, she made a separate entry on Etsy just for me. I went to my tailor, and she easily sewed the double trimming onto the side seam of each pant leg. If this DIY isn’t easy, I don’t know what is! I saved at least fifty dollars on this as I only spent about $15 to make these trendy, must-have, track pant. These Zara DIY pants could easily be done in any color combo; I just happened to copy the high street fashion, but for inspiration, look at all these interpretations.

What do you think of the double striped trouser? Too casual or something you might embrace?

I’ve got one more pair of Zara DIY pants ready for tomorrow, so do make sure to come back!

Norbyah, thanks for these shots. You line the pic of so nicely every single time!

PS The kerchief is often seen wrapped around the neck, but it can also be wrapped around the wrist providing a nice bracelet type accessory.

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DIY Color Book Jeans

DIY Color Book Jeans  11
I wanted to fit one last denim DIY before Labor Day this Monday. And I also wanted to offer a DIY that didn’t involve a tailor. This time it will be all on you! Have you noticed how coloring has become the trend for relaxation? Well this do it yourself project takes coloring to another level: here you have a pair of jeans to create the DIY color book jeans. This DIY could be done on any color and any length of denim. Since I wear cutoffs almost every day off, I went with a pair of white ones. (I initially got the inspiration from a pair that my mom colored this summer, but she did not use permanent ink, so the moment they were washed, all the color was gone!) The key to these diy color book jeans is to doodle a design and then simply color it in. It’s really that easy–and just like the coloring books, it was a very relaxing, calming, and meditative DIY. In the end, I just ended up with a really cute product that I can actually wear!

DIY Color Book Jeans  7

1. Find a pair of jeans to color.

DIY Color Book Jeans  12
From my thrifting this summer, I had an abundance of white jeans, therefore I chose the pair loosest in the legs chopped them off to my desired length.

2. With a very fine black permanent pen, outline your design.

DIY Color Book Jeans  3

This could be a vine of flowers like I’ve created, some waves, paisley or geometric designs, a portrait or landscape, or even just a zentangle (more meditative and calming effects to be had!).

3. Color the design with permanent markers.

DIY Color Book Jeans  4
Because the markers will run and bleed a bit, I dotted the color in. Don’t be afraid to mix colors either. I used to shades of green on the leaves and both yellow and red for the flowers.

DIY Color Book Jeans  10

Style Tip

Did you notice to crossbody bags? That’s intential. One is for money and my lippy and the other is for my phone. I like to use two complimentary small bags. Would you like to see more pairings to see how it’s done? Here I paired the bright and cute “Made in Mexico” over the natural colored fringe. Both matched my shorts and belt, and in my opinion tied the look together.

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DIY Star Patched Jeans

DIY Star Patched Jeans 1
I often speak of fashion fixations on Kremb de la Kremb. They are a very real thing for me. I will see something (like star patched jeans) and think about it for a long time. I don’t mean for it to happen, and I don’t mean to be obsessive compulsive; it’s just a trait of mine. I’ll ponder and store away a sartorial thought until it comes to fruition–then the fashion fixations is fixed! I could have just bought the star patched jeans online for $115–that’s actually not too bad of a price. But….I knew I could just make them myself–especially with my local tailor Yee. So, I got to figuring out the DIY for these start patched jeans. It was not difficult at all. And now, I have revitalized a pair of very old jeans (that have almost been given away a couple times)!

DIY Star Patched Jeans 4

DIY Star Patched Jeans 6

How To Create Star Patched Jeans:

DIY Star Patched Jeans 10
The fashion fixation happened when I saw these star patched jeans seen on Eva Chen back in March at the Fashion Week for Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 have haunted me. First, I figured out who made them to see if I could buy the original. They’re made by Paige in their very famous Jimmy cut. The price isn’t too bad, but…these old boyfriend jeans of mine needed some new life! They were the perfect candidate for the star patched jeans.

Here’s what I did in working with my tailor:

  • I grabbed two pair of jeans–one for receiving the star patches and one for creating the denim patches.
  • I printed out star templates for the patches AND the pictures of the front and back of the actual Jimmy Paige jeans.
  • I brought all of the above to my tailor and trusted her to do the rest. She said they would take a bit of time–I gave her two months since I’d be away for the summer. She was relieved by no time constraint (something for me to remember for future projects!).
  • Presto! Done!! And even better than the original! Wait till you see how I styled them for The Fab 40s post coming up this Monday!
  • DIY Star Patched Jeans 3

    DIY Star Patched Jeans 8

    DIY Star Patched Jeans 2

    How about you? Do you get fashion fixations like me? Do you just buy what you the item on or do you try to DIY (do it yourself)?

    Tweet me @krembdelakremb, email annkrembs at krembdelakremb dot com, or comment below in the comment section!

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    DIY Painter Jeans

    DIY Painter Jeans 3

    Over the summer I came to realize that Maeve, my cute little niece, has some of the same jeans as me. Op, I mean genes! Hehe. Maeve is a budding DIYer as well, and so the two of us got to it a couple of times. One of our main projects was some DIY painter jeans. Just like the splatter booties I made this spring, this is as easy a DIY as it gets. Anyone could accomplish this, and you don’t have to be a master artist to do it–in fact quite the opposite. The messier the better with DIY painter jeans. Here, out at Maeve’s grandmother’s lake home (featured last week), we both grabbed our recent collaboration, a white tee and tank, and headed outside for a photoshoot. I gave her one of my anklets to wear, so we were perfectly matchy matchy. Maeve is a dancer, so she even showed me the way to point the toe with the heel up. During the summer Maeve proved her passion with these other DIY projects: painting a tee, sewing a patch onto a white cap, making some cutoff jean shorts, and using the remnants from those jeans to create a crossover purse. Ya, I’d say she’s a DIYer–just like her auntie!

    DIY Painter Jeans 5

    DIY Painter Jeans 6

    DIY Painter Jeans 2

    DIY Painter Jeans

    Really, these couldn’t be any easier. It’s even silly to include directions, but here are some details not to forget.

    1. Gather the supplies.

    We used a variety of different paints, making sure that acrylics were included as they won’t wash out in the washer. Because we were on the grass we ended up not needing the newspaper, but if this were to be done inside, lay newspaper down. We used both paper plates and ceramic bowls for the kitchen: the paper plates were for smearing our colors onto, and the bowls were used to clean our brushes. The most important item was the plastic gloves. These were the best artist’s brush for smooshing paint around. The brushes, with a little paint diluted with water, were excellent for creating the splattering effects.

    DIY Painter Jeans 8

    2. Start painting and smooshing!

    DIY Painter Jeans 9

    We started of by wearing the jeans so the paint would be placed perfectly on our body, and then for the splattering we laid the jeans out on the grass. Maeve went with a color palette; she wanted pinks and purples to be prominent. Gigi went for all colors just as Gigi would. I was a little like Gigi going for many colors, but I really wanted white to be the primary color.

    DIY Painter Jeans 10

    DIY Painter Jeans 11

    3. Lay to dry and then wear!

    DIY Painter Jeans 7

    Really, it’s that easy. We laid our jeans out on the bushes. Once they were dried, we washed them–especially since the paint made them very stiff. Some of the paint came off, but that made them look all the more realistic–just like an artist!

    DIY Painter Jeans 4

    Will you be taking an old pair of jeans to make some painter jeans? I recommend doing so; they make for the perfect weekend jean.

    DIY Tassel Sandals

    DIY Tassel Sandals 5

    DIY Tassel Sandals 11

    I keep seeing the most beautiful tassel sandals all over this spring in magazines, on blogs, and in my Instagram feed. Most of the pairs I see have been around $300 USD! That’s way too much for me to splurge on a pair of trendy sandals–at least for now. But, when I found a pair of similar lace up sandals at my trusty Forever 21 plus a very trendy and colorful tassel necklace, I saw a DIY waiting to happen. These DIY tassel sandals were easy to make, and they ended up costing me $30 USD–that’s one zero less! #winwin

    1. Buy the Supplies.

    DIY Tassel Sandals 3
    I bought this pair of sandals and a tassel necklace from Forever 21. (I couldn’t find the tassel necklace, but I know any craft store carries tassels–menaing you could skip my next step of freeing the tassels from the necklace.) I then needed jewellery wire cutters and pliers.

    2. Prep the Tassels.

    DIY Tassel Sandals 2
    I cut off each of the tassels with the wire cutters. Once free of the necklace I sorted each tassel by color and then appointed a set for each sandal.

    DIY Tassel Sandals 1

    3. Start adding the tassels

    DIY Tassel Sandals 12
    I opened up each tassel, then added it to the lace. I was random with the placing trying to compliment the colors along the way. (I had the extra work of prepping each tassel, but tassels are sold ready to go at craft stores.)

    That’s it!

    DIY Tassel Sandals 8

    More Outfit Details:

    DIY Tassel Sandals 10
    Aside from the DIY Tassel Sandals that I made, here are some more details about what I’m wearing:

  • My top is also yet one other off the shoulder top I purchased at Forever 21. The red on this one just got me! I couldn’t resist!!
  • My cutoffs are Levis that I cut off literally! There’s a great second hand store in Rathdrum, Idaho that carries a ton of great Levis called Frugal Bob’s. I always make a quick stop into this little shop. The silver feathers added to this DIY embellished scarf are also from this little boutique. Thanks for the goods Bob!
  • My sunglasses are from this trip to Liang Jiang, wandering around the little cobblestone streets.
    DIY Tassel Sandals 4
  • And the simple pearl necklace was purchased in a Shanghai market while visiting my sister, ShangMarLa. (Now that she’s moving away from Shanghai, can she still keep this nickname?)

    DIY Tassel Sandals 9

    *Norbyah, thank you for taking the pictures!

  • DIY with a Tailor: Off the Shoulder Dress

    DIY with a Tailor 5

    Sometimes I start a DIY and I realize I’m going to need some help. I think this is ok. I can sew–barely; I’m definitely a novice. But my lovely tailor in my neighborhood is amazing. And, she’s so sweet! I got started on this DIY and by the end realized when it came to the sewing, I’d need her help.

    Let me back up: when I saw this long sleeve, crew neck dress in HM on sale for only $12, I instantly saw it as an off the shoulder dress for spring. At some point I’ll have to stop with all the off the shoulder styles, but for now, I’m deciding to go with what works, and this style works for me!

    DIY with a Tailor 1

    Here’s what I did to turn this long sleeve dress into an off the shoulder one:

    1. Choose a long sleeve tee or dress.

    DIY with a Tailor 9
    This DIY could be done with a long sleeve tee or dress. It could even be done with a regular old tee shirt (see here for the easiest t-shirt DIY ever).

    2. Put the item on, and using four pins, measure.

    DIY with a Tailor 8

    First, pin the point at which you would like the top to sit on your chest. (I went on the high side since I did not want to show cleavage while wearing this dress.)  Then, take another pin and mark where you plan to cut which would be folded over for the hem. I went about an inch higher than the top’s hemmed edge. Finally, mark the sleeve in the same way.

    3. Now, cut across at the top pin.

    DIY with a Tailor 7

    DIY with a Tailor 6

    Luckily for me, I was able to cut right along the line, so an item with stripes is highly recommendable. Otherwise, using a ruler, measure how far is needed to cut, take that measurement, and mark the garment across evenly. Then, cut across that line.

    4. Hem and sew. Or, at this point, take it to a tailor.

    Now, fold to the second pin mark, and hem. This is where I decided that my tailor would be better at sewing the hem. For this dress, I also hemmed the length–shorter just works better for me and my legs!

    DIY with a Tailor 2

    DIY with a Tailor 4

    DIY with a Tailor 3

    Now, tell me:

    Have you embraced the off the shoulder trend? Do you intend to? I’ve definitely got more of this look coming. This spring going into summer, I can’t seem to get enough of it!

    *Thank you Norbyah for these pics. You got the sun and me just right! 

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    DIY: Embellished Bandana

    Embellished Bandana 6

    I know, I know, every one is so over Coachella. Yet, despite all the hype, some really cool looking style comes out of this festival. And, I want to be a part of that: the #trending bit! I seriously would be fine to just be a fly on the wall at this event, just staring at everyone’s getup. And some of them are just that: getups. But, I’d be looking closely, and I’d find some gems: like the embellished bandana–if Chiara is wearing it, well, It’s coming! The bandana kerchief trend is big–it’s seen around necks, tied to belt loops, and wrapped around wrists. Well, now I’m ramping it up; I created an embellished bandana.

    And it was a cinch!

    Gather the sluppies.

    Embellished Bandana 2

    I took an old black bandana. Then I grabbed a bunch of random necklaces that don’t get worn all that much. I wasn’t sure what I’d use. I took off any hooks and latches. I also needed needle and thread for the stitching.

    Arrange the necklaces.

    Embellished Bandana 3

    I took my time here, arranging different necklaces in different ways. In the end I opted for four. Then I pinned them down.

    Hand sew the necklaces on to the kerchief.

    Embellished Bandana 1

    This part is time consuming, but you can sit in front of the TV and stitch the necklace to the bandana. The stitching doesn’t have to be perfect either–you just want the necklaces to hold to the scarf. For some necklaces you might choose more sporadic stitches, other a tight stitch. For example, the big bobbly shiny one on mine just has a few stitches while rhinestone is more secure. Luckily the stitching will barely be seen. (Alternatively, this is another one of those DIYs where you could bring the scarf to your tailor and have them sew on the necklaces, but I’m not sure how expensive tailors are in the US. It’s worth enquiring at your local dry cleaner.)

    Voila! Embellished Bandana!

    Embellished Bandana 4

    Embellished Bandana 5

    For Fun, here’s a pick of my cute photographer after I planted her with purple kisses!

    Gigi Krembs

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    I Love a DIY Post!

    DIY Ostrich Bag Set Feature

    I have to be honest: my favorite type of post is a DIY post. Finding something I like, then seeing, if just by chance, I could make it myself, well it’s a real joy. Recently I did it here when I wanted a patched shirt. I also made my own off-the-shoulder shirt as seen here, here, and here. Same goes for the fringe sandal trend and the tassel heel trend. I’m no pro at it, but I do fancy a little do it myself here and there. I also like how these fringe sandals turned out last year as well as these tassel heels. Then there’s all the bags I’ve DIYed, but by far, my most favorite DIY that I have ever made is this ostrich feather bag featured up above. I think it turned out so well, and it’s definitely my preferred black clutch that I always grab for–it’s just an all around fun bag. I’ve découpaged a bag and hand-stitched one, but those feathers are my love!

    DIY Patches 8

    Menswear 12

    DIY Fringe Sandals 15

    DIY Tassel Heels 7

    DIY Découpage Purse 11

    In terms of DIY posts on Kremb de la Kremb, I have a ton of DIY ideas lined up, but before I continue, I want to hear from you….I suppose, regardless of what you say, I will probably keep going with a DIY post here and there just because they are such fun, but as my reader, what do you think of them?

    Please take a moment to answer these three questions. Really when it comes down to it, I write for you, so I want to make sure you enjoy your visits to Kremb de la Kremb. (Don’t worry–the survey is set to anonymous, so I’ll never know your true thoughts, but the thoughts will help guide my DIY direction.)

    If you’d rather not answer, you could always check out my To-Do DIY List over on Pinterest. It’s continually growing. Truthfully, I actually have a little corner in my room piled with the projects ahead: star jeans, cold shoulder dress, lace up sweatshirt, and super long frayed jeans–just to mention a few!

    Here’s the survey. Thank you for your blogger love! Ann

    Create your own user feedback survey

    PS. Before you leave, I just gotta tell you: thanks for reading!