Zara DIY Pants: Gold Button Trousers

zara-diy-pants-19Here are the last pair of Zara DIY Pants: the gold button, side seam trousers. So far I made a pom pom hemmed pair, a double red stripe pair, and now this pair. Every time I entered Zara, these luxe gold button trousers especially took my fancy. The authentic version actually does offer a couple of functional buttons down by the side cut of the seam; mine however only have the side cut at the hem with gold buttons adorning the seam. I’ve had these wide legged, high-waisted trousers for a very, very long time. In fact, I think I purchased them during our time in India, so that’s before 2009! Regardless, I love these trousers, and now, with an updated look, I have a feeling I’m going to love them even more. They have always been super long, so I have to wear a heel with them. Luckily I have my new flatforms that give me almost 3 extra inches! Ahhh, high heels for Annie again! It’s been a very long time, but I’ll take a high heel any way I can get it. Another irresistible trend this fall is the bell sleeve. In my opinion this sleeve elevates any top, so here I’ve got the boring combo of a white top and black bottom, but the look in my opinion is super chic with these extras details.







Zara DIY Pants: the Gold Button Trousers

Since the real gold button trousers are actually functional at the slit opening, I needed to choose a very wide leg to pull these Zara DIY pants off. Luckily as mentioned up above, I’ve had this pair for a really long time. They are definitely worn, and I’ve often thought of getting rid of the, but I just couldn’t do it. The high waist and the fullness of the leg kept me from giving them away. I’m glad I never did. This pair was perfect for my final Zara DIY pants. And again, just like the pom pom trimmed hem and the double red stripe, these were super simple. All I had to do was purchase similar flat, gold buttons. I brought the materials to my tailor, Yee, with a picture of the pants from Zara online, and she added the buttons to the side seam. The last step was opening up the bottom seam–something she resisted at first, but then finally accomplished after some prodding. Voila, another very easy pair of Zara DIY pants!!

Which pair do you think you would try out? The pom pom hem? The double red stripe? Or this gold button trouser?

And, are there any looks that you want me to try and figure out with a little DIY? Let me know in the comments…

PS May I make a recommendation? Elevate your standard white top with a bell sleeve. You won’t regret it! Just make sure it’s not a day of cleaning or cooking when you wear it. Wink wink.

Cute White Bell Sleeve Tops

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  • Judy Gramith

    Another genius moment of DIYing!!! Although I’m wondering if having a tailor do the crafting is really Kosher…
    “Pinky” must be loving these new shoes and they look great with the pants and shirt!
    You’re looking happy and fashionable my dear!!

    • I know! You’re right! I really must put a disclaimer in that my DIY is with a tailor. I will do that!!

      Yes, Pinky does love wearing a high heel again!! They are almost an 8 hour shoe. I just need to work them in a bit more.

      Thank you so much Judy!!

      Love, Ann

  • I like the gold button style the best. They remind me of the military jackets that are in style and they seem more dressed up. I like your advice about the bell sleeve blouses. I haven’t bought any of that style yet b/c I just see the sleeves dragging in everything like your lunch or fresh out of the printer paper. Though I have seen the shorter sleeve version so that might be the direction I go. Thanks for the advice! Julia

    • Oooh! Do it Julia! Believe me you won’t regret it!! I find that when I do something like eat lunch for example, the sleeve blouses over, so I needn’t worry. This top is very much my most favorite purchase this fall.

      As far as the pants go….I tend to be favoring the red striped version–wearing them today, but I plan on wearing the gold ones with this exact bell sleeve top tomorrow. We’ll see which come in as favorites….

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting Julia! It’s nice to see you here.

      Love, Ann

  • Wow, this is a very fun look. Classic but with many twista. Love your buttons, bell sleeves and those shoes!! What fun shoes!
    You did extremely well Ann.

  • Brilliant, Annie!! And I was chuckling away at how Yee initially resisted taking apart the leg HAHAHA you must have shocked her tailoring senses 🙂 love it xoxo

    • Yes. Yee is hilarious. She always starts with a “No,” but then ends with a grin which means yes. I usually have to persuade her. It’s like bargaining in a market with her. Speaking of Yee. I need to go visit her and give her some new work for the new year!

      ;D A x

  • Anna Marcus

    my favourite is the one with golden buttons, I like how the flow and elongate the legs. You really are a very creative person

    • Thank you so much Anna. I’m also just a big copy catter! Hahha! Thanks for dropping by. Sorry for my (major) delay. I hope you come again!

      Love, Ann

  • señora allnut

    I’m loving your diy posts, as they look easy for a newbie seamstress, and they’re pretty useful to improve some black pants, which is brilliant!.
    You look gorgeous and elegant wearing your black and white ensemble, I love particularly your flatforms!, extra coolness!!

    • Thank you Señora Allnut. It’s now time for me to get my mind working on some new DIY posts for 2017. It’s been a bit….

      A x