Mullet Hair Goals

Mullet 1I’ve done it! I finally reached my mullet hair goals!! Forever I’ve been looking at this picture of Edie, bringing it to my amazing stylist, Aman, requesting that she attempt to create this sleek, mullet look. But, I have to face it: I have tons of curls! My hair, even when I blow dry it will never look like Edie’s. So, I became infatuated by this Zara model hoping that maybe this would be the kind of mullet I could achieve. Then finally with this last cut in December, right before we began our travels to India, I think Aman got it. Aman is a genius–and if you live in Hong Kong, please let me connect you with her. She is the best stylist I’ve ever had, painstakingly working with me until she gets my hair just right. Aman was the one who took my long locks off back in 2014. (Wow! My hair was sooo long!!) And now, with three years of short hair, I think I’m ready to grow it again. It’ll take a while; I have so many different layers. But, I’ve had enough of the mullet–or at least my family has. Keep reading to see why it’s so fun to sport a mullet….

Mullet 3

Mullet 4

Mullet 6

Mullet 2Mullets have a really bad reputation–like really bad, and for that I think having one has been kind of fun. I’ve done some research: so I don’t come across as bigoted, I won’t write about the stereotypes I found associated with them, although being a “femullet” does sound pretty cool! And I have enjoyed having hair that screams “business in the front, and party in the back!” I can totally relate to Laura Pullman from the Daily Mail because I too receive more attention from my hair now with a mullet than I ever did when it had been long, luscious locks. The attention is hilarious though: people don’t quite know what to make of my hair. It isn’t until I say, “I know. It’s ok. I have a mullet. I mean to have a mullet,” that they exhibit relief. I had one student ask his mom who is a friend of mine if, “Mrs. Krembs knows she has a mullet?” I love it!!! Of course I know it. That has been the entire inner societal prank going on in my mind. Although also, if I’m honest, I really like how rockin’ awesome mullets look. (If I think I’m a rockstar, I am a rockstar!) But, since I kind of seem to be the only one who appreciates my mullet, I have finally made a pact with my family to grow out my hair. But hey, maybe you could help me… Please vote if you think I should keep the mullet. (And I suppose if you agree with the fam, you can help their side too… wah-wah.)

Mullet Hair Goals

In regards to my mullet…

Yes! You rock it!! Keep the mullet.
Ann, it’s time to grow your hair out.
Hmm, nix the mullet but keep it short.

*Please note: as always, voting is completely anonymous.

**Also, I linked up this post to Not Dressed as Lamb’s #iwillwearwhatilike twice! Catherine has been named as the best blogger in the 40 year age group by Who What Wear! That’s somethin’!! I also linked up to Pleated Poppy‘s What I Wore and Elegantly Dressed and Stylish‘s Turning Heads.

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