What to Wear to the Christmas Party?

For this year’s Christmas party I am determined to LOVE my outfit. Last year, I went to my school’s Christmas party, and I hated, absolutely hated what I was wearing. This may sound silly, but not being comfortable and confident in what I was wearing had an impact on my attendance. I didn’t have as much fun, I never really felt at ease, and I was preoccupied with my personal distaste for what I was wearing. This time around, I’m determined to love what I’m wearing to tonight’s Christmas party. I know if I’m comfortable and feel good, I will in turn have a much better time. I’ve put together two very different looks; I thought I’d ask for your help….Which outfit do you think I should wear to tonight’s Christmas party?

Option A: Christmas Plaid w/ a Sequin Mini

Here’s the thing about a night out for me: I can’t wear heels. Yes, you may see them every now and again here on Kremb de la Kremb, but it’s usually for a styled post–like Wednesday. I wore my sparkly black booties, yet I would be able to wear those for a four hour plus night. I just can’t do it–yet! (Never say never right!?) So, footwear comes first, and it might as well be gold. I also want to be dressy and of course Christmas-y. So, here I’ve taken my favorite Christmas plaid shirt and paired it with a blush sequin skirt. I think this outfit incorporates just enough glam while assuring comfort at the Christmas party.

This little reindeer ring comes out at Christmas time. When I spotted it at a swap, I scooped it up, knowing it would join the other holiday baubles in my holiday wear box.

Option B: Black Velvet Suit w/ a Sequin Top

I repeatedly state how half of my holiday wear box is filled with items picked up after the holiday season. This is the case here: the black velvet suit I had my eye on all winter at Zara but only bought it once it was on sale. The same went for the H&M top and was a lucky find. It was just one piece randomly left behind, and I snatched it as fast as I could. For sure I feel much better in this bright pink lip color which makes me make a mental note that those dark burgundy colors don’t work as well on me. Again, I chose comfy footwear; these are my winking kids’ shoes from the girl department at Target. It’s guaranteed I’d be comfortable wearing these sparkly shoes all night. Tennis with a suit reminds me of Ellen–if she can pull it off, maybe I can too.

Aren’t these earrings perfect for this top? Ironically they are also from H&M but just this season. It’s as if the two were made for one another, but there’s about three years in between….

What should I wear to the Christmas Party?

I’d like you to help me decide. Which outfit do you prefer? The more casual with the Christmas plaid blinged up with some sequins? Or do you prefer the black velvet suit with over the top sparkles? Please help me get dressed for my Christmas party tonight!

(This post has been linked to Samantha’s #fakeituntilyoumakeit.)

What should I wear to my Christmas Party?

Christmas Plaid with Sequin Skirt
Black Velvet Suit with Sequin Top

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This post has been linked to Samantha’s #fakeituntilyoumakeit.

This post has been linked to Samantha’s #fakeituntilyoumakeit.

This post has been linked to Samantha’s #fakeituntilyoumakeit.

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  • Judy Gramith

    I can’t stand it!!! Which outfit did you wear??
    I think they’re both cute but the velvet says” holiday ” much more brilliantly than the plaid shirt and sequin skirt.
    By the way I know EXACTLY how you feel wearing an outfit that turns out to be ” wrong ” for whatever reason. We’re funny birds we women but I really think that a lot of women have been there.

    • The party is in 4 hours, so knowing me I might not even go with either of these options!! Hahah! Don’t worry. I will let you know what I do end up wearing. A x

      PS Merry Merry! Do you have any parties you’ll be attending this holiday season?

      • Judy Gramith

        Tomorrow night. Hoping to meet a bunch of the people who live in our development. Our recent move has left me without a bunch of lifelong friendships to easily tap into. Gotta put my goofy ol’ sixty-six year old self out there! Luckily many of the folks who live in the neighborhood are also retired like we are. My husband is on a pheasant hunting trip so I’ll be on my own. You’ll be delighted to know I’m planning to wear a sequined top! Sparkle on girl!!

  • I absolutely love them both but I voted for option one, purely because you look like you’d be way more comfortable and fun in that one. The velvet suit, I’d wear to something more dressy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the gold pumps though… I could do with those because I struggle a lot with heels too!
    Hope you’re enjoying this wonderful festive season <3 <3
    Suzy xxx

    • Hahah! Suzy, you’ll have to read today’s post because I went with NEITHER!! 😛

      Yes, I am fickle. But actually, I felt great in what I wore and therefore had a great time! Thanks for the feedback. The shoes are Lacoste. I bet they’re still available. I get so much use out of them!!

      Merry Merry! Love, Annie

  • I didn’t vote in time, but I am so curious to know what you picked. I love the velvet outfit. I love the gold sequin skirt, but I would like to see what it would look like with a fancier top. I’m a sucker for dressing up for the holidays. I really like your sparkly sneakers and think that sneakers with sequins or sparkly canvas are so appropriate for a dressy outfit. It’s casually chic IMO. Dottie

    • Thanks for commenting Dottie! You won’t believe it, but I went with neither! In the end I went with a sparkly dress. I posted it today. You’ll have to tell me what you think. I was definitely comfortable which led to a great time!

      Thanks for your feedback. Love it!


  • Thanks so much Naomi! I liked that one too. In the end, I went with neither! Hahah! I chose a sequins mini shift that was super comfy. I had a great time at the party!!

    Thanks so much for commenting!

    Love, Ann

  • señora allnut

    I do love your velvet suit, and the sparkly top, so elegant and cool!, it’s my favorite (even if the outfit you finally worn looks Fabulous!)