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White Sundress

With outfitting Gigi in a white dress for her First Holy Communion, it meant I had my eyes peeled for the perfect white dress each time I went out. It’s only predictable that I found one a sundress version for myself; I liked the bohemian flow to this one. Paired with my little brown booties and a denim sleeveless jacket, I feel like I could be prepared for some fun music festival–take Clockenflap for example which I will be attending next year!


Special thanks to Sarah Tan for teaching me some new skills in Photoshop for this post. I’ve been trying…Photoshop is really tough, but practice makes perfect–well practice makes me learn more. I’ll just say that! Like Sarah’s photography on Facebook.

Some Outfit Details
Flower in Hair–DIY from Adrian and Kate’s wedding
Sunglasses–Chinese Village Town
Lips–MAC Party Parrot
Flower Earrings–Market in Seoul
Puca Shell Necklace–Puca Beach in Boracay
Ganesha Necklace–Market in New Delhi
Gold Necklaces–from Kevin
Denim Sleeveless Jacket–Topshop
White Sundress–Forever 21
Booties–Forever 21

Thank You J.Crew!

J.Crew is now in Hong Kong! We have all been able to purchase J.Crew online since they will ship to Hong Kong, and we’ve all been able to visit the small little section at Lane Crawford, but now we can go to two very distinct J.Crew stores. The woman’s store is in the IFC Mall in the southwest corner, and the men’s is in Lan Kwai Fung at 9 On Lan Street. I had such a great time attending the opening of this store, and I am extremely grateful for the gift card I got. I decided to splurge and bought myself a very, very nice earring and necklace set–something I’ll have forever. Thank you J.Crew for coming to Hong Kong and for the gift! I’ll be stopping by often. Plus, I was absolutely over the moon to meet and take a #selfie with Jenna Lyons. Wow! She’s is just utter coolness!




Saturday’s Best

This past Saturday was a very special day. Both Gigi and Vincent received their First Holy Communion. One neat aspect of living in Hong Kong has been able to join a parish again. Both Kevin and I were raised Catholic, went to parochial schools and Jesuit high schools. Since leaving our hometowns and setting out as international educators, we haven’t come across a place where we could attend Mass on a regular basis. Now here in Stanley, there’s a little church just a block away. It’s been nice to share a bit of our upbringing with our own kids at St. Anne’s.






Date Night: 001 and Souvla

The end of the school year is always so busy, and unfortunately our Date Nights have been a bit neglected. Granted, Prom from last Friday night could almost count as a date night–almost. A few weeks ago though we did manage to treat ourselves to a night out: we went to a secret, somewhat underground speakeasy and a sumptuous Greek restaurant.

001collageI have a go-to spot on the Internet that I always refer to when it comes to planning out our Date Nights. Sassy Hong Kong provides all of us with the hippest, coolest, most chic options for everything stylish in Hong Kong. When I found a review for a secret bar on Sassy that required an email submission, I was super intrigued. Moments after submitting my name, the address to this underground speakeasy appeared in my inbox. The establishment is simply called 001, and since it’s opening three years ago, it’s not such a secret, but it sure feels like it. The entryway is completely blacked out except for a light shining on just the black door’s doorbell. Moments later after ringing the bell, an opposite door–different from the one you ring–opens, and you are allowed in. Upon entering, it’s dark and mysterious and of course super sexy. We really felt like we had escaped back in time into a very luxe speakeasy. Kevin ordered an Old Fashioned and found a new classic cocktail for himself. Meanwhile, I tried a Thai Weekend; it was like a delicious, sweet, and alcoholic version of the Thai soup Tom Yum Goong. While I could easily give you the directions to 001, I recommend you go through the entire experience via Sassy HK to obtain the directions!

SouvlaCollageThe great thing about looking for a place to wine or dine on Sassy HK is the filtering system. You can narrow your choice of bars or restaurants by price, location, and type of food. So, once I knew we’d be in Central for our pre dinner drink, I then began looking at Sassy’s choices for dining in the Central area. Once I found a great looking Greek spot, I knew our full Date Night agenda was planned. We went to Souvla in Lan Kwai Fong. The food was AMAZING! These are the dishes that really stood out: the Saganaki, the Spanakopita, and the Baklava Cigars. The cheese appetizer was nice and salty with a subtly sweet fig jam accompaniment. The main entré, Spanakopita, was perfectly packed with spinach and only one light top layer of filo pastry. Finally, the Baklava Cigars! Ahhhh, I’m already a sucker for baklava, so when I bit into these delectable morsels and tasted both chocolate and cinnamon, well, I was a goner! They made the whole date scrumptious! While I found the food to be absolutely divine, I have to admit the atmosphere isn’t the quaint, charming, cozy Greek version I was anticipating. Rather, the place is bustling and hopping making it more a perfect spot for large groups. The other surprise was not a lick of blue decor–rather red is the color of Souvla. Oh, one last comment: the gyro was reminiscent to the ones we’d get while living in Saudi, so yes, we will go back to Souvla!

Fashion Fixation: Slip-ons


It’s been awhile since I’ve been completely fixated on a fashion items, but I want more slip-ons! I already own and frequently wear three pairs of slip-ons: I’ve got my black and white checkered Vans, my leopard skin, and my perforated white ones. Yet, I’m already on the hunt for more. They are the most comfortable shoe, and while this sporty trend is hip, I am prepared to fully embrace it. Also, I’m worried the three I keep wearing are going to wear out! Therefore, I’ve rounded up six that I have my eyes on.



frontCulottes have made a comeback. Or did they ever leave? I have had these ones forever! I can’t even remember the year I got them, but it must have been in the India year. There are two embarrassing facts about my black culottes pictured in this outfit posts: first, they are so old I’ve even had to re-dye them black before. (By the way, that’s one of the easiest ways to fix your favorite faded black clothing. Rather than get rid of it, just dye it black again.) The second fact about these culottes is where I got them. It’s humbling for me to say. I got them at Shopko–yes the very, very budget store up by my folks house. I think Shopko might even be below Wallmart in pricemark. It’s for sure not Targé. This makes me think of my mom in gratitude. She’d go to K-Mart to shop for us when we were kids, and I never cared. Ok, maybe a smidgen in middle school, but not really. She taught me to have a good eye before the brand name of any item. I really appreciate this–especially since good quality can be just as easily found at any budget store!




Some Outfit Details
Sunnies–Forever 21
Pearl Hairpins–Costume Alley at Pottinger Street, Central
Lippy–“Love that Red” by Revlon
Pearl Choker–Zara
“A” Charm–from Kevin
“Cremé de la Cremé” Charm–gift from friends, Kate Spade (One of the sweetest gifts I’ve ever received. Thank you HK Girlfriends:)
Rhinestone Earrings–DSW
Polka Dot Blouse–Forever 21 (I had to get this blouse the MOMENT I saw it as I have been forever trying to emulate Taylor Tomasi Hill’s look seen at Fashion Week 2012.)
Culottes–Shopko (Sooooo old though!)
Purse–gifted from Oroton
Sandals–Staccato via Swap and Shop HK (I was so stoked to score these brand new and unused!)

Prom Queen {Just Kidding!}


Prom 2014 at HKIS is over! We did it!! And it was a total success!!! I’m really proud of all the girls and young man I worked with all year long to create a memorable night for the graduating senior class at HKIS. They are truly amazing. When I came across this “Prom Queen” cropped tank last week while finishing my actual prom look, I could NOT resist! So here I have two looks: the casual prom look along with the glam. (Please excuse the balcony shots, but it’s all I could muster this week. It’s been a busy one–but totally fun!)




All photos by Vincent

Some Outfit Details

First Look:
Silver Headband–Beijing Market
Rhinestone Earrings–Forever 21
Silver Sunnies–ASOS
Up the Amp–MAC Lipstick
“Prom Queen” Cropped Tank–Forever 21
Lace Skirt–Me & George
Studded Pumps–Swap ‘n Shop HK

Second Look:
Rhinestone Earrings–Mumbai Market
Alexandrite Pendant–Jimmy’s Jewels in Bangkok
Purple Sequins Dress–Nordstrom Rack
Sequins Clutch–Zara
Bronze Pumps–Stradivarius

*This post has been linked up to #iwillwearwhatilike.

Prom Makeup

When it comes to your prom makeup, choose either the eyes or the mouth to accentuate. For example, if you go with a heavy, smokey eye, then go easy on the lips with a nice nude yet glossy lip. On the other hand if you decide to go with a perfect red lipped pout, more simple black or brown eye makeup suits this look. It’s also important to examine the style of your dress. If it’s super mod and more of a bold dress, opt for the bold lip or a cat eye. More feminine dresses with a bit of frill could use glittery makeup with lots of shimmer. Most importantly, choose the right amount that you are comfortable with–that way you won’t fidget with your face. You’ll just let yourself radiate!
AllWomenStalk All Women Stalk
Check out their ten makeup tips for Prom. My favorites were tips on glamorous eye shadow, the cat eye, or red lips.

MakeUpGeek Makeup Geek
Here you will find 8 distinctive different looks for your eyes. Each option is even prettier than the next. This post helped to inspire they eye makeup I’ll wear to match my purple sequins dress.

Gurl Gurl
This post is similar to Makeup Geek’s except on Gurl they offer 12 looks for the eyes with step-by-step pictures to help lead you along. Now I know how to get the perfect purple eye for sure!!

TeenVogueTeen Vogue
Count on Teen Vogue to find the 8 best video tutorials for applying prom makeup.

Prom Hairstyles


For the tutorial for this Messy French Twist, visit Irrelephant.

How does one choose a hairdo for Prom?! There are so many options out there!! First and foremost however, I think whatever is decided should fit into one’s comfort zone. The last thing you want to have happen on your Prom night is to be fidgeting with your hair–mainly because you are not used to the new way it is done. Therefore, choose a style that you are somewhat similar with. For example, if you usually wear your hair down, go with a similar hair style. If you are used to wearing your hair back, then an updo will work for you. There are tons of samples of how to wear your hair for prom. Simply search on Pinterest, and you’ll be filled with so many options. Also though, there are actual websites solely devoted to prom hair. I’ve rounded up four that look like interesting places to find the perfect hairdo for your prom.
PromHairLooksProm Hair Looks
This site has articles upon articles of prom hair. Search by hair length, braids, updos, curly or straight. Choose a vintage inspired hairstyle or one of a modern day celebrity. For sure, the hair for you could be found on Prom Hair Looks!

Of course Buzzfeed has put together a compilation of prom hairstyles. The great thing about this gallery however is that it is complete with tutorials. No need for a hairdresser with this one!

BeautyHighBeauty High
Link here and view a slide show of 101 prom hairstyles on Beauty High!

GHD stands for “good hair day,” and here they claim good hair for every day. This site is like a combo of Pinterest and Instagram but just for hair. Users upload pictures and then the option to “like” them is given plus you can link out to the user’s profile. Again,there are tons and tons of options here from people who really care about their hair!

Prom Dresses {More from Fame & Partners}


All year long, with a group of stellar students at HKIS, I’ve been working on the Prom for 2014. It’s this Friday, and we’re just about set. I feel inspired to make all my posts this week about Prom, so the first one is of course about the dress! I wrote in the fall about Fame & Partners: they’re an exceptional Australian brand letting you order styles direct from their site or even tailor making your own dress. I’m still hoping to wear this dress–hopefully it will arrive this week! Here I’ve chosen 12 from Fame & Partners that I really like–and four that I would definitely wear tagged as “My pick!”



*I’m noticing a trend to all my picks: I like my dress to cinch in my waste and if possible show off my legs!