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Labor Day at CdA [ If ]

White Tunic
Paisley Bikini Top
Denim Cut-offs
Gladiator Sandals
Aztec Beach Towel
Mirrored Sunnies
Straw Fidora
Straw Bag

Can you believe it? I have never really celebrated Labor Day–as an adult anyway, and as a kid, I don’t think I realized the holiday. Now, living overseas for over 16 years, and watching the Labor Day weekend happen, I definitely know about Labor Day. And, I get jealous. I want to still be on summer vacation! I want to go to the lake this weekend! So for all this envy, I found consolation is creating a few inspiration boards–as if I would be out at Couer d’Alene lake, sitting at the Collins’ lake home, enjoying the sun on the dock and the fun on the boat, the food and dancing at the pavilion, and the cozies in the house. Family back home, I miss you and wish I was there! Happy Labor Day to all of you! Mwaa!!

Triangl Neoprene Swimsuit
Leather Cap
Zara Strappy Tank
Oakley Mirrored Glasses
Black Havaianas
Ho Mach Slalom Ski

Chandelier Earrings
Paisley Maxi Dress
Left Bangle
Right Bangle
Mauve Booties
Narciso Rodriguez Body Cream
Chanel Fall Collection–Superstitious
Wood Speakers

Orange Bathrobe
Ugg Slippers
Jo Malone Pine Candle
Salted Caramel Chocolates
Topshop Pajamas
Idaho Mug
Couer d’Alene Wine
Levelled Ice Cream Puzzle

Fashion Collages


Yes, there is a lot going on  here: cable knit, plaid, cheetah love, polka dots, and flowers! By far the best part is cherry red lipstick on top! I love this outfit!

It’s just about the end of August. Fall is approaching, and with that the weather will change. Luckily it will take a bit of time for Hong Kong to get chillier, but eventually it will. I hopped onto (that’s my favorite web site for browsing Instagram online) and strolled through some of my past fashion collages made while living in Beijing. This little look/see was great because it reminded me of some super outfits I had put together up there. You know, there’s something to be said about shopping in your own closet–or in this case my own Instagram feed!


More texture and patterns. This skirt is special to me; I got it in Sapa, Vietnam. The bangles are even more precious. They are from India and sadly need replacing as all the glued in (fake) gems are falling out.


Admittedly I love wearing the peacock teal blue color. I like that it makes my eyes look blue rather than grey green (although, in the pic, my eyes still look grey green!).


My sweet and stylish sister-in-law Amy also has this dress. I feel thrilled that I was able to copy her!


Somehow burnt orange and charcoal work together. I think they do anyway….(I am so bummed I lost the other peacock earring! I keep planning to turn the solo into a necklace. I need to do that….)


I wore this very grey outfit the day after I saw Hannah. I think I felt like her!


Can’t ever go wrong with s-s-s-s-snake! My mommy gave me the beautiful necklace.


Black and gold, solid gold! When my sister Mary visited last year, I dressed her in this same mod and sleek outfit. I think we both rocked it! When she comes again, I’ll be putting her in the same….


Lost Feather

I was so bummed when I went to put on one of my most favorite pairs of earrings to match this dress, one of the feather’s was broken. I didn’t let that stop me though. I put the one feather in my extra double pierced ear and wore it 80s style solo. I got these awesome feather earrings one wonderful Christmas when we were visiting the Kobos in Tailand. All of us went down to Hua Hin and had a fantastic holiday. I will have to ask Caron and Skye to pick me up another set of feathers from the night market during their next trip. Or another option is to find out if my niece Elle wears the pair I gave her. Either way, I am now on the lookout for some new beautiful feather earrings. I might have luck at this Etsy store.
For having just lost one of my feather earrings, I look especially happy in these pictures. I think when Kevin takes my fashion pics there’s an extra smile for him–half embarrassment and half glee that he’s actually helping me out. I suppose the fact that the kids were behind him with a friend might have added to the extra smirks.
The dress I picked up years ago in Bangkok when the only Forever21 I could go to was there in Central World. I found some similar versions here, here, and here. It is the absolute perfect dress easily taking me from day activities to night dates in the summer heat. My bag was a purchase from the Beijing Pearl Market; it was one of those “Julie would love this” purchases where I let my sister Julie channel through me. I always listen to those Julie whispers. They guide me well. These aren’t the same but they’re cool nonetheless: option one and two. The red clog sandals have been in my wardrobe for a few years, so you’ll never find them again at Zara, but these would fit the bill.
These shots were taken in a very colorful alley of Hong Kong called King Sing Street. I know I’ll be going back to this exact spot when I want a really pretty blue wall for a back drop.
Kevin captured me applying my lippy on the sly. Perhaps all this outfit shooting will bring back one of his lost hobbies: photography. Back when we met and were just falling in love, he was quite the photographer and even studied the art in school.

The gloss is a perfect shade that my sister Julie gave me one Christams. She gave all the important ladies in her life the same gloss, Chanel Glossimer in Spark. I’m still enjoying mine Julie–although I’m close to being out!

I’ve inserted my outfit links differently in this post. If you have been reading Kremb de la Kremb lately, which way do you prefer: outfit details below the post in a brief caption OR links woven in with a story? Let me know, so I can adjust.


I participated (well tried to anyway) in an Instagram monthly challenge sponsored by superwowomg for the month of July. On one of the days, the theme of the picture was “Kawaii,” but I didn’t know what it meant, so I had to look it up. And then, everything made sense! All the times that I have seen young Asian female teeny boppers make the peace sign caddy wonked by their face, I never really knew what it meant. Now I do. “Kawaii” in Japanese culture is the quality of cuteness. With “kawaii” you are loveable, adorable, and very cute. Wearing this outfit of silver sequin shorts and a Star Wars tee down in the middle of Causeaway Bay, I gave all the KAWAII I got!

[ KAWAII: Silver sequin shorts (similar here OR here) / Star Wars tee /
studded black Converse (make your own!) / Leopard bra ]


Aside from Star Wars, I have no idea what this shirt says! Do you?


I = Tenley and Tate iPhone 5 Case
HEART = Hixson
D = Daphne and Perra
A = Mariella
N = Paxton, Giulia, and Lacey
N = Sunny, Aurora, and Umbilical
I = Miranda
J = Roe
O = Benjamin

I would love to get a piece of Dannijo jewellery. The only thing is….how would I decide which piece?!? Which would you go for? Tell me.


After wearing this JUMPsuit to school last Friday, I really did want to jump for joy! Let’s just say, without going into too much detail, that while I loved my first year in Hong Kong, my first year in the high school library at HKIS was probably my toughest teaching year yet. So when one of my favorite students asked me to be a part of the fashion show during an assembly on Friday, I really felt like jumping. You see, I wasn’t liked at all last year, and while I can take that sentiment, it does wear on your spirits. Granted this year I will still have some students who don’t like me–which is ok, not everyone will, but, the important thing is some students do like me! So, thank you to those students who understand that the expectations in the library are there for me to enforce to provide an academic place for high school students, yet as an individual, aside from my role in the library, I may be someone to get to know.

[ JUMP! Jumpsuit (similar here and here) / Fringe Bag / DV Sandals / YSL Simply Gold (Almost out of stock everywhere, but I found it here!) ]

Now, on to this amazing JUMPsuit–I’ll tell you I purchased it in Bangkok in a department store adjacent to MBK. It was a love at first site. I saw it hanging a bit hidden and then pounced! Since then, my dear friend (yes, Sandy I am speaking about you) tried to have it thrown into the give away pile, but I would not have it. Mind you, I did get rid of 3 other black jumpsuits, but I am so happy I kept this one. It’s perfect, and it’s definitely a keeper–forever!JUMPsuit2


In the morning, racing out the door, I loaded on some bracelets! The first wrap bracelet is from Norbyah. She gave it to me when I arrived last year! The capped crystal bracelet (This Etsy shop might have something like it) along with the necklace (similar) were picked up at Cat Street–a charming little alley in Soho where one can browse through tons of vintage goodies. Gigi made the little greenish gold bauble. Next I have my Hindu Gods bracelet and David Yurman (knock-off I believe;) from my dear friend Sandy mentioned above. Finally, another wrap made with real gold beads that I purchased in the Beijing Pearl Market. Of course, my daily bangles are on too.

Waiting for the Bus

I get pretty excited on the weekend for extra time when I can head to the bustling north side of Hong Kong. It doesn’t matter what time I leave and for how long; I could go to the city for an hour to all day. When I step outside our apartment to catch a bus, I won’t necessarily know which area of Hong Kong I’m going to. If the #40 Green Mini Bus comes by, I’ll be going to crazy Causeway Bay, and if the double decker 6X City Bus chugs up the hill, I’ll be headed to bustling Central. It doesn’t matter: I’ll be happy anywhere exploring in the city. On this particular day, I ventured around SOHO and the Mid-Levels of Hong Kong.

[ Waiting for the Bus: Monogramed Cap / Chiffon Leopard Blouse (similar) / Zara Leather Shorts / Reebok High Tops / Black Backpack / NARS Catfight ]



Where does your bus take you? Tell me. I want to know!

Sunday Post

Yesterday I made a post about wanting a floral dress–any of these four would be just fine. Then I looked in my own closet and was reminded I do have a floral dress. I purchased this flower/mirrored one at HM last spring when it was still too cold to wear in Hong Kong. It satisfied the urge then, but I think I still want any of these four.

[ Sunday Post: Dress (similar) / Lace-up Shoes (similar) / Pink Snakeskin Bag (similar) / Chanel Glossimer, 104 / Pink Skull Necklace (similar) / Shark Tooth here ]

It doesn’t always happen, but when Google+ decides to make you a motion GIF, you just got to take them up on it. I wasn’t even planning on posting these pics, but then the magic appeared before my eyes in my photo album, and I had to go with it!
Thanks to Chritsing C. and The 9th Muse, I have two new bracelets to add to my collection. When I bought these shorts from Christing’s new line, she gifted me the chunky gold bracelet with a bunch of threads braided in and a cute little “c” attached. It’s so cool! Also while I was at The 9th Muse, I couldn’t resist all the jewellery displayed. Gorgeous baubles were everywhere in this excellent little boutique filled with wonders around the world. When I saw this delicate evil eye especially brought in from Turkey, I just couldn’t say no. It feels perfect on my wrist, and I haven’t taken it off since last Saturday. It fits right in with my gold and silver bangles (The story about them may be found here.).

PS We can easily receive mail here in Hong Kong. Send us a letter!
1 Red Hill Road
Tai Tam
Hong Kong

All Dressed Up


I have dresses on my mind–especially floral ones. I think for work and with the summer heat we still have, I appreciate the ease in wearing a dress. I tried wearing one on Sunday that I will post later, but I think I need some new ones. I would be happy with any of these four. And, throw in the nude pumps!

A|Wear Floral Peplum Dress
Red Valentino Floral Satin Twill Dress
Uttam Boutique Bird and Floral Dress
Wallis Black Floral Belted Dress
Christian Louboutin Nude Pumps

Would you like any of them? Tell me which is your favorite.

First Day of School


We finally had it! Our first day of school! It was delayed by a day: everyone was waiting in anticipation. Would it curve toward us or not? When I woke up at 5:30 on August 14, with a Typhoon 8 signal hoisted, I knew we’d at least get to sleep in. Then at 10:00 am the signal was still up so we were safe for the day! In the Krembs’ camp, Gigi and I were joyous for an extra day of summer! Vincent was bummed. He really wanted to get 6th grade in the middle school started. And Kevin was happy to catch his breath. On this extra day, we were able to take a family walk, bake, watch some TV, make burritos for dinner. I was finally able to give myself a mani and pedi–something I’d been trying to do for DAYS! Around the world there are different types of snow days, and as long as everyone is safe, I think these days are little gifts of time for us to enjoy!


[ First Day of School: Dress / White Blazer (similar) / White Booties /
Evil eye necklace (similar) / Swarovski earringsSchiap Lips ]

This dress felt like the perfect dress to wear on a delayed start to school. The pattern looks like a typhoon itself: swirls of blue and black and white on an airy chiffon. I had hoped to wear my white sandals, but you never know if it will rain, so I stuck with the white booties similar to here. Also, just in case, I carried a blazer with me. Layers are off, then on right now with the remaining winds and spurts of rain. School has definitely started now. Luckily we’re all well-rested and off to a great start!