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Cheetah Love

It’s a known fact: I am filled with Cheetah Love! It’s a serious love that expands to scarves, shoes, swimsuits, pillows, coffee mugs, what have you. (In fact, as I write, I am draped in a cozy cheetah throw!) It isn’t limited to the traditional color scheme; it ventures into red and black and turquoise. The love is mutual as Cheetah loves me back. It offers me confidence with an attitudinal shift in my stature.

Here’s a little Cheetah Love for the day. Enjoy! And make sure to link below if you are so interested in any of these lovely finds.


  1. Cheetah Kaftan
  2. Cheetah One Piece Swimsuit
  3. Cheetah Pumps
  4. Cheetah Tee
  5. Cheetah Bikini
  6. Cheetah Coat
  7. Cheetah Clutch

Blog Lovin’

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Dressing Gigi in Zara

It is true: when it comes to Gigi and clothes, we sometimes battle it out. While Gigi will occasionally sport some pretty spunky style, usually she is all about practicalities–ease and comfort are important for her when she gets dressed.

While shopping with my daughter, Gigi will say things like, “I don’t need it.” Huh! Who said anything about need? Isn’t it about WANT! Here’s what Gigi would be wearing if I had my way, say at ZARA!


Feeling Plaid?

Timeless tartan shines during December. It’s as if the whole month belongs to this traditional, classic, red plaid.

Are you feeling plaid this holiday season?

Gilded in Gold

I love jewelry! I always have. I remember forever coveting what my grandmother wore. She stacked, she arm partied, she wore it all. Sometimes, I like to do the same–just like Grandma Soogie did. I gild myself in gold.

I love that jewelry tells a story. There are two on my left wrist. The watch is simple: Pion, my assistant librarian, was up in Shenzhen. She knew I wanted a Michael Kors watch, so while she was up there, she picked one up. She texted to say the vendor wanted 380 RMB. Having just moved from Beijing, I was like no way–100, 200 tops. She wrote me back saying the gal would only come down to 250. I admittedly kind of ignored her text. What do you know, that Monday I had a new (fake :S) watch for 200. While I’m not proud of the imitation, it’ll get me by until I get a real watch!

The charm bracelet is packed with family history. When Jane (Kevin’s mom) and her sisters had their children, the gifted their mother with a charm of their babes names. Grandma Farrell had a very full charm bracelet embellished with her grandchildren around her wrist. The first Christmas Kevin and I were married, she gave me Kevin’s charm on a beautiful gold bracelet. Oh yes, there were some tears. Since that Christmas in 1997, I have gradually been adding to the bracelet. Currently, there is a Florentine lily that brings me back to where Kevin and I fell in love. There is an elephant that the kids gave me while we were living in India. I have the silver dove that my godmother, Auntie Paddy, gave me on my confirmation. It was hers and is so dear. At the clasp there is a sweet little butterfly from Gizelle, my library assistant from Bombay. Each charm is so special and brings back such memories. The bracelet is so special, therefore I don’t wear as often as I should. I like to save it for special occasions.

Gold, gold, gold! On my right wrist three out of the six bracelets are from Saudi Arabia. Two of the bracelets are from Beijing. The colorful gemmed bauble is from HM.  The first gold chain is part of a necklace and bracelet set that Kevin gave as we were leaving Saudi Arabia. It was so sweet and generous. I was really quite surprised and touched by this gift. Saudi was a tough place to live, and this gift was like Kevin acknowledging the hardships of living there. The second bracelet is made of little gold beads. There’s a shop in the Pearl Market of Beijing where they are sold. It’s called Ken’s. The faux gemstone cuff was purchased for Cork and Sally’s wedding over Chinese New Year. It matched my dress perfectly! Sandy recently gave me the imitation David Yurman piece when she visited in October. It ties in with the next two perfectly. She also picked up this bracelet at the Pearl Market in Beijing. Finally, the last two pieces are the two bracelets I never take off; they have become a part of my skin.  They are both from Saudi Arabia. The gold bangle was given to me from my class. I wear it to remind me that I can make it through anything! The next bangle is made of silver, and it was given to me by one classy lady, Shannon Coyne. Shannon is such an amazing, nice, kind, and very stylish woman. She’s like a librarian Coco Chanel to me, therefore this bracelet reminds me to always strive to remain classy.

Around my neck you will find two matching pieces. The chain necklace accompanies the bracelet Kevin gave me from Sauid Arabia. The beaded gold matches the bracelet from Ken at the Pearl Market in Beijing. The necklace carrying the Ganesh is from Harry’s in Bombay. Many people who go to Bombay end up meeting Harry. While Jane and Alex were visiting Kevin got me this necklace for my birthday. It’s got three strands representing the other three in the family: Kevin, Vincent, and Gigi. The Ganesh is beyond special. Lord Ganesha became our Hindu god while living in Bombay. The story of this particular piece (and the piece before it!) deserves it’s own post, so with that I’ll say to be continued for this important pendant…..Yet, I can’t forget about the chandeliers that hit my necklaces all the way from my ears! I don’t remember which market it was in India, but these brilliantly gold earrings are stunners. They cost me a maximum of 50 cents, but they were worth every penny. They are bright, they are long, and they are stunners. I love ’em.

And with that, I conclude the story of each piece. I love jewelry, and I especially love to be dripping in it! To make similar purchases in order to be Gilded in Gold, I’ve found some spots on the web for you:

  1. To purchase a Michael Kors watch, visit here.
  2. I’d say the best place to find a unique and special pre-memory filled charm bracelet would be to go to Etsy: for example, check out this beauty! It’s only $65 US!
  3. For the beaded bracelet, you could DIY; Bead Infinitum is packed with both patterns and jewelry beading bloggers. It’s a super cool site worth a visit. I also found a beautiful crocheted bracelet on Yoola that’s even more dainty.
  4. Chances are you could find a similar gemstone piece at either HM or Forever21.
  5. For the David Yurman bracelt, you can buy it here.
  6. If you ever go to Beijing, make sure to go to the Pearl Market–it’s packed with fun stalls! (Please write me before you go, and I’ll set you up;)
  7. Finally, these are the best, most unique places I found for buying gold online: Meena Jewelers, TanishQ, and Atlas. And it would be remiss if I left out my ultimate favorite Indian jewelry store, Amrapali.

Merry Mary

In preparation for my sister’s visit, this is what I’m thinking she would love under the tree….

Merry Mary

Crumpet black top, 3,735 HKD / Moraccan Spray, 180 HK / Ganni striped sweater, 1,905 HKD / Ted Baker metallic skinny jeans, 1,125 HKD / Run Speed Short, 420 HKD / Sports bra, 325 HKD / Zara studded biker boots, 1,310 HKD / Mizuno , 1,435 HKD / Envelope clutch, 295 HKD / Zara shell jewelry, 230 HKD / Calypso St. Barth cashmere shawl, 1,355 HKD / Diane von Furstenberg , 195 HKD / NARS Cosmetics lip makeup, 185 HKD / Jurlique , 210 HKD / Gift sets kit, 260 HKD / Beauty product, 180 HKD / Beauty product, 78 HKD / Voluspa Maison Rouge – Scented Candle in Box – Figue de Bordeaux, 350 HKD

For Kev*

These are some of the items I’m thinking about getting Kevin this Christmas….


For Kev*

If you too would like to gift these items here are your links:

  1. for an iPhone 5, link here;
  2. and the Fossil watch, here;
  3. a Burberry scarf, here;
  4. for the white button down, go here;
  5. and for the sweater, here;
  6. for the socks, go here;
  7. and for the shoes, here.

*For the most part, I have chosen items that are shipped for free AND ship to Hong Kong!

Annie’s Christmas Wish List

This is my first attempt at using Polyvore. It’s so cool what you can do online these days. You will see more collages like this for sure! It’s so easy. Just search for your items, add some arrows and text, and presto, you have a collage ready to go! What better collage than all the items I’m wishing for this Christmas! (Now I just have to work on my sizing….)

Annie's Christmas Wish List

Military long coat
350 HKD –

Dv by dolce vita
645 HKD –

Seiko stainless steel watch
1,570 HKD –

Silver bangle bracelet
2,710 HKD –

NARS Cosmetics lip liner
185 HKD –

CB2 Peekaboo Clear Media Console
3,090 HKD –

Santa Hats

What did we do before Pinterest? I was rummaging around looking at “Christmas Nails,” when I saw simple little Santa hats. While I tried the whole Nordic red and sweater, my attempt was weak! They looked awful. I am simply a beginner at having fun with my nails. This look seemed easy enough.

1. Swipe red half way up–start in the middle with a holiday red and cover the nail from there. It’s like painting the whole nail just from half up.

2. Let it dry a bit and then with a white color, create a nubby ball mid way through which would be the top of the hat.

3. Finish French style again with some nubs–basically you don’t have to be perfect! Scatter the base of the hat (or the top of your nail) with some more white to make the rim of the Santa hat!

Easy! Just three simple steps and you’ve got Santa hat nails!

If I can make Santa hats, so can you!

You’re Never too Old to Sit on Santa’s Lap

Today we went to visit Santa. I think it might have been for the last time. This makes quite sad of course. Maybe in the future I can get the kids to take me to see Santa. Although next year and the year after I think we’ll be able to get our kids to help little Alex out with his visits.

Santa is magical, and while he has helpers all over the world he is still very, very real.



This almost tweener was following after her tweener brother’s attitude.


Meanwhile, Mom is stoked! I wish I could have sat on Santa’s lap.


Although, according to Santa I could! There’s was a musical prior to his line up where everyone including Santa sang, “You’re never too old to sit on Santa’s lap!”


Yet here they are, telling Santa what they would like for Christmas. It’s magical isn’t it? They were nervous and polite, and of course they did tell Santa what they each want for Christmas: Gigi a rip stick and Vincent a skate board. Next year, I’m sitting on his lap for sure!