You’re Never too Old to Sit on Santa’s Lap

Today we went to visit Santa. I think it might have been for the last time. This makes quite sad of course. Maybe in the future I can get the kids to take me to see Santa. Although next year and the year after I think we’ll be able to get our kids to help little Alex out with his visits.

Santa is magical, and while he has helpers all over the world he is still very, very real.



This almost tweener was following after her tweener brother’s attitude.


Meanwhile, Mom is stoked! I wish I could have sat on Santa’s lap.


Although, according to Santa I could! There’s was a musical prior to his line up where everyone including Santa sang, “You’re never too old to sit on Santa’s lap!”


Yet here they are, telling Santa what they would like for Christmas. It’s magical isn’t it? They were nervous and polite, and of course they did tell Santa what they each want for Christmas: Gigi a rip stick and Vincent a skate board. Next year, I’m sitting on his lap for sure!

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