The Spirit Lake Legend

There is no doubt that Spirit Lake is a magical place for our family. Every summer, blog posts are created in this beautiful setting. I’ve shared cabin candids, the layout and rooms of the place, parades and park parties. Spirit Lake is a place we anticipate the very second we leave. It’s kind of like Christmas. Once it’s over, you can’t wait for the next year’s. 

I speak of the magic, yet Spirt Lake actually does have a legend: the legend of two Native Americans complete love for one another. It’s a Romeo and Juliet version; the two destined love ones will be separated by an arranged marriage. To be together eternally, they jump off a cliff into the waters never to appear again. Legend has it that there spirits may be seen out on the lake rowing in a canoe when the moon is full. 

One day, I went up to the town’s park and took some time to admire the legend. Spirit Lake Park on Main Street is a beautiful sight. It’s also used quite frequently. We don’t take our kids to run around up there anymore, but when they were young, we often let them run free. Now we use it as a place to picnic. It’s so perfectly kept with it gorgeous flowers and green everywhere. Each time we visit we take moment to appreciate The Indian Maid and her Brave. Love is in the air for sure in this picture perfect park.

Here is The Indian Maid, Hya Pam, which translates to Fearless Running Water. She’s accompanied with her love, The Brave also known as Hasht-Eel-Am-Hoom, or Shining Eagle. You can sense their desperate sadness and powerful love in this portrait of the two lovers. 

This simple outfit may be copied easily. The dress, which is super comfortable, can be dressed up or down. I wore this dress to my in-law’ 50th wedding anniversary party. I felt perfectly dressed up, yet casual at the same time. The dress in only $24.99, and it’s still available at Forever 21. The shoes are also from Forever 21–my go to spot even though I’m in my 40s. I like to call the place Forever 41!! Anyway, these shoes are so comfy plus cute–it’s exciting for me to branch out from my regular tennis shoe wearing. With the shoes costing $19.90 this easy outfit comes in at less than $50! I like that: looking cute for not much. It can be done! Please let me know if you’d ever need help. 

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  • Judy Gramith

    What an interesting post! Ya gotta love a good legend right?!
    This little one bare shoulder dress is very cute and could also make a neat tunic!
    I keep forgetting to ask you about your cool dangling sterling silver ankle bracelets. I think i have one (or two) just like these! Of course they’re 9 hours away in a storage unit right now. 🙂 Dang it!!
    I enjoy shopping at Forever 21 at 65 so put that on your list of fashion rules for aging fashionistas! There are lots of fun well priced basics along with trendy stuff. Fun place.

    • These anklets were purchased in India during our return trip this past Christmas. I bought them and had not taken them off. Now they are sadly off. I need to put them back on. I had to take them off for my operation on Saturday.

      Like I said in my earlier reply: my heart is in India. Or, I like to pretend to be Indian. I don’t know. I got my nose pierced there on Christmas day too! Indian women wear their anklets on both ankles. We were going through a tour of one of my most favorite villages on earth, and I stopped Mala (our guide–who remembered us from years before) when I saw a woman with silver anklets on. I said, “I want some of those.” By the end of our village walk we stopped at the town silversmith, and I got myself a pair. Hadn’t taken them off yet! I love them.

      Time to go put them back on!! Thing is it requires pliers they’re so tough!

      A x

  • señora allnut

    lovely to see those landscapes, the gardens and the cabinet (previously), it looks like a really beautiful place to relax and enjoy!
    And so cute dress, it fits you nicely and looks really comfy and cool!