Style Stories: Forever 21, Oversize Me!

Oversize me! Sometimes I just want to wear oversize everything. It’s so comfy. It’s definitely on the sloppier side, but oh, it’s so cozy. Like this sweater for example, in a very soft chenile, is way too big–I almost got the medium but then was like no I want large! And these pants, very brand new at the time are way too long (curently they are in the drawer to take to the tailor), but at the time, these long flowy pants were so comfortable. Even it if doesn’t look good, sometimes I just want to oversize everything–even big honkin’ huge hoops!

Wherever I travel, I always love trying out a new to me Forever 21. Some of my best purchases have been in Forever 21s around the world. Imagine my excitement when the mall right near our layover spot had a Forever 21! I went twice: once at the beginning and once at the end. This particular outfit came from the Forever 21 in Clark, Philippines. It was a descent size. It was kind of like the Baby Bear in Goldilocks. It wasn’t too big or too small; it was just right. I spent enough money at this Forever 21 that they divided my bill up, so I now have several of these Forever 21 totes lying around the house now. That’s ok. They make for the perfect lunch or gym bag.

Some of my favorite Forever 21s include those that I would shop at while living in India. India now has several Forever 21s alongside an online site, but while we were living there it did not. Every trip we took away from India I would check to see if the location had a Forever 21. The first one I ran into was during a trip to Malaysia; the Forever 21 in Kuala Lumpur is great! I can remember Kevin taking the toddlers and letting me have some alone time in my favorite store. That seems to still be the case. He knows I can’t refuse a Forever 21. The other Forever 21 that stands out in my mind and is probably my favorite is the one in Bangkok at Central World. This one is HUGE, but, it’s all on one floor which makes it awesome. It’s filled with little rooms that I can tackle one at a time and till I’m through. When I can divide and conquer like that, it makes the fitting room experience all the more manageable. Can you remember those burnt orange leather shorts? I have gone through two pairs they are that good. The final little Forever 21 I do adore is the one back home in Spokane. It’s out at the Valley Mall, and basically to get to my cabin you have to pass it. Sooooo….that leads to many a spontaneous trip just to grab a lil’ somethin’ somethin’!

Do you have a favorite, go-to store?
Do share what it is. Maybe I would like it too….

In Clark Philippines we stayed at one of the cheesiest hotels we’ve stayed at yet. There was a night club on the roof–where these shots were taken–complete with a pool and jacuzzi tub at the bar. In the middle of the pool stood a raised DJ. Here I was photobombed by one of the other tourists there for a fun night.

The Spirit Lake Legend

There is no doubt that Spirit Lake is a magical place for our family. Every summer, blog posts are created in this beautiful setting. I’ve shared cabin candids, the layout and rooms of the place, parades and park parties. Spirit Lake is a place we anticipate the very second we leave. It’s kind of like Christmas. Once it’s over, you can’t wait for the next year’s. 

I speak of the magic, yet Spirt Lake actually does have a legend: the legend of two Native Americans complete love for one another. It’s a Romeo and Juliet version; the two destined love ones will be separated by an arranged marriage. To be together eternally, they jump off a cliff into the waters never to appear again. Legend has it that there spirits may be seen out on the lake rowing in a canoe when the moon is full. 

One day, I went up to the town’s park and took some time to admire the legend. Spirit Lake Park on Main Street is a beautiful sight. It’s also used quite frequently. We don’t take our kids to run around up there anymore, but when they were young, we often let them run free. Now we use it as a place to picnic. It’s so perfectly kept with it gorgeous flowers and green everywhere. Each time we visit we take moment to appreciate The Indian Maid and her Brave. Love is in the air for sure in this picture perfect park.

Here is The Indian Maid, Hya Pam, which translates to Fearless Running Water. She’s accompanied with her love, The Brave also known as Hasht-Eel-Am-Hoom, or Shining Eagle. You can sense their desperate sadness and powerful love in this portrait of the two lovers. 

This simple outfit may be copied easily. The dress, which is super comfortable, can be dressed up or down. I wore this dress to my in-law’ 50th wedding anniversary party. I felt perfectly dressed up, yet casual at the same time. The dress in only $24.99, and it’s still available at Forever 21. The shoes are also from Forever 21–my go to spot even though I’m in my 40s. I like to call the place Forever 41!! Anyway, these shoes are so comfy plus cute–it’s exciting for me to branch out from my regular tennis shoe wearing. With the shoes costing $19.90 this easy outfit comes in at less than $50! I like that: looking cute for not much. It can be done! Please let me know if you’d ever need help. 

Summer Shorts

I feel really hopeful about this summer. I could be jinxing myself….but I feel like it could be a really nice summer out at the lake. Usually when we go home to our lake cabin in Northern Idaho, I’m in a pair of cozy Uggs through all of June and parts of July, but this summer, I just think I might actually be able to wear summer shorts! We’ll see if it comes true; in the meantime aside from my regular denim cut-offs, I’ve also got these ready to go in my suitcase. I can’t wait to be at Spirit Lake all of July!

Tropical Racers
Floral with a Ruffle
Aztec Cut-aways
Plaid with Lace

All shorts from my staple, Forever 21!

White Sundress

With outfitting Gigi in a white dress for her First Holy Communion, it meant I had my eyes peeled for the perfect white dress each time I went out. It’s only predictable that I found one a sundress version for myself; I liked the bohemian flow to this one. Paired with my little brown booties and a denim sleeveless jacket, I feel like I could be prepared for some fun music festival–take Clockenflap for example which I will be attending next year!


Special thanks to Sarah Tan for teaching me some new skills in Photoshop for this post. I’ve been trying…Photoshop is really tough, but practice makes perfect–well practice makes me learn more. I’ll just say that! Like Sarah’s photography on Facebook.

Some Outfit Details
Flower in Hair–DIY from Adrian and Kate’s wedding
Sunglasses–Chinese Village Town
Lips–MAC Party Parrot
Flower Earrings–Market in Seoul
Puca Shell Necklace–Puca Beach in Boracay
Ganesha Necklace–Market in New Delhi
Gold Necklaces–from Kevin
Denim Sleeveless Jacket–Topshop
White Sundress–Forever 21
Booties–Forever 21


frontCulottes have made a comeback. Or did they ever leave? I have had these ones forever! I can’t even remember the year I got them, but it must have been in the India year. There are two embarrassing facts about my black culottes pictured in this outfit posts: first, they are so old I’ve even had to re-dye them black before. (By the way, that’s one of the easiest ways to fix your favorite faded black clothing. Rather than get rid of it, just dye it black again.) The second fact about these culottes is where I got them. It’s humbling for me to say. I got them at Shopko–yes the very, very budget store up by my folks house. I think Shopko might even be below Wallmart in pricemark. It’s for sure not Targé. This makes me think of my mom in gratitude. She’d go to K-Mart to shop for us when we were kids, and I never cared. Ok, maybe a smidgen in middle school, but not really. She taught me to have a good eye before the brand name of any item. I really appreciate this–especially since good quality can be just as easily found at any budget store!




Some Outfit Details
Sunnies–Forever 21
Pearl Hairpins–Costume Alley at Pottinger Street, Central
Lippy–“Love that Red” by Revlon
Pearl Choker–Zara
“A” Charm–from Kevin
“Cremé de la Cremé” Charm–gift from friends, Kate Spade (One of the sweetest gifts I’ve ever received. Thank you HK Girlfriends:)
Rhinestone Earrings–DSW
Polka Dot Blouse–Forever 21 (I had to get this blouse the MOMENT I saw it as I have been forever trying to emulate Taylor Tomasi Hill’s look seen at Fashion Week 2012.)
Culottes–Shopko (Sooooo old though!)
Purse–gifted from Oroton
Sandals–Staccato via Swap and Shop HK (I was so stoked to score these brand new and unused!)

Stripes on Stripes


Right after our one day of spring sunshine, we have had the typical rainy showers in April that will bring May flowers. Luckily it’s not super, super cold so I can start transitioning my wardrobe–except for booties. I remember wearing booties straight through all the rain last year all the way to August. It’s as if fall weather in Hong Kong is the sunny, strappy sandal weather. Yes, I wore stripes on stripes, but I like it. I felt cheerful all day! Like, in a I-know-I-don’t-match-but-I-don’t-care way! I added my Tutti Frutti necklace to add some bling. And one thing I seem to keep repeating this spring is an orange lip. My favorites so far are Rendevous by Revlon, Infared by Topshop, and Orange Power by Loreal.



Some Outfit Details
Striped Sailor ShirtLandsend, also seen here and here
Tutti Frutti NecklaceWhat the Frock
Striped SkirtForever 21
Treaded BootiesIsland Beverly, shop 306
Handbag–c/o Oroton
Pearl Bracelet–Zara
LipsOrange Power, Loreal

Leopard Love–Sometimes the Annie-mal in Me Comes Out!

Leopard Love
It’s no secret that I’ve got a little leopard love. The last time I experimented with this print it was a bit electric colorful try. This time around I’m almost fully animal–or like my brother-in-law sometimes calls me, Annie-mal! (I actually love this nickname!!) While admittedly all of this animal love in one outfit might seem a little over-the-top, I think it actually kind of works. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you have something in your life that makes you smile when you put it all on–for me, it’s definitely my leopard love.
Leopard Love

Some Outfit Details with Leopard Love:

Lippy–NARS Heat Wave
Sunglasses, Earrings, Sweatshirt, and Skirt–Forever 21

Photos by Elle

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Annie’s Christmas Wish List

This is my first attempt at using Polyvore. It’s so cool what you can do online these days. You will see more collages like this for sure! It’s so easy. Just search for your items, add some arrows and text, and presto, you have a collage ready to go! What better collage than all the items I’m wishing for this Christmas! (Now I just have to work on my sizing….)

Annie's Christmas Wish List

Military long coat
350 HKD –

Dv by dolce vita
645 HKD –

Seiko stainless steel watch
1,570 HKD –

Silver bangle bracelet
2,710 HKD –

NARS Cosmetics lip liner
185 HKD –

CB2 Peekaboo Clear Media Console
3,090 HKD –