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Wouldn’t it be amazing to be an actual designer? I can remember when I read my first Vogue magazine… I was probably about 14 years old, and I would draw pictures from what I saw. Aside from daydreams of becoming a designer, I also had thoughts of working for the actual magazine. These thoughts were only in my head; they never escaped my lips. I was a small town girl, the oldest of five kids. There were expectations of me to go to college, but for what I was never really sure. A job in the fashion industry remained as a silent dream, and luckily I found another passion in literature. I wouldn’t have known how to articulate those fashion whims even if I had tried. I don’t have any regrets–my path of life has been extremely wonderful, and it has been with my literature degree that I was then able to become a teacher. With Kevin by my side we’ve accomplished one of our joint dreams which is living abroad. And now at 45 years old, I feel so fortunate to be embracing some of those old, younger self dreams that I only thought of with wonder.

This past Saturday Kremb de la Kremb designed (again) for the high school fashion show. (The first time was two years ago with five formal dresses.) This time around I made ten embellished bandana kerchiefs. I have enough jewellery to fill a treasure chest, so I simply adorned the scarves with costume jewellery that wasn’t being worn. My tailor Yee helped to hand sew them on. Now, tomorrow night, I’ll attempt to sell them with a spring shopping party at my home with three other ladies. Sue will be showcasing her jewellery line, Maria will be sharing her dresses (or frocks!), and Lauren will bring along the Louella Odié handbags she and her mother create. I’ll share my bandanas and I’ll also introduce Younique makeup to the guests. If you are one of my Hong Kong readers, and you would like to join us tomorrow night, please feel free to come on over. Here’s the evite; we’d love to shop with us at this Spring Shopping Party!

*By the way, I designed this jean jacket. I’d love to make more. All you have to do is ask, and I’ll tailor make one just for you.

Waiting for the Sale

Black Embroidered Tunic | Jeans (on sale!) | Sneakers

Before you read this post, pleace check out this picture of Carmen. The woman has amazing, no covetable, style. When I saw this picture of her, I knew I had made a mistake and maybe should have just bought this black, delicately embroidered tunic. But, it was very pricey–at least for me–at a $130. I just couldn’t guarantee I’d wear it enough at that price tag. Instead, this was one of those items where I’d be waiting for the sale, and hopefully, I would get lucky….and guess what? I did! Before returning to Hong Kong after our travels through India, we had a stop over in Kuala Lumpur. We were staying at the iconic Traders Hotel that sits directly across the Petronas Towers. Right at the base of those super tall towers is a mall, and of course we went in–a couple of times. During one of the mall visits, I went in for a very quick jaunt to Zara. The moment I saw this piece, I instantly thought of all the times I had wanted it but said no. I could even remember commenting on Carmen’s pic describing my discouragement with myself for not purchasing it. But, lo and behold, there it was, and lucking my waiting for the sale came through. This is a beautiful piece that I know I will now get plenty of wear out of, AND I only paid $50 instead of $130! The funny thing is…don’t ask me about the price of my shoes!!!

What item has you waiting for the sale?

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My First “Courtesy Of” with Shein

courtesy of Shein 3This cute sweatshirt is courtesy of Shein! Oh, I want, no make that dream to have a “courtesy of” anything when it comes to writing this blog, and it finally happened with clothing! It has gratefully happened with both jewelery (Lustre) and handbags (Louella Odié), but so far it hasn’t occurred within the clothing department–except for that one off post with prom dresses years ago (Fame and Partners). The great thing for me is Shein is a clothing outlet that I can support: it’s actually difficult to find any items over $30 USD, the shipping is free (around the world), and they offer tons of codes for even more discounts. Me likey! (In fact since I can’t seem to get enough velvet, I just made an order today for two more velvet dresses–this draping, steel grey blue, wrap one and this blushing pink t-shirt dress for only $14!) I had trouble figuring out what to choose among the pages and pages of fashionable options, but then I kept gravitating toward this chevron navy, white, and red hoodie. These colors are both our school colors and my son’s baseball team’s colors. With this hoodie, I can support the team without having to be logo’d out. It ended up being the perfect lightweight layer for this past Sunday’s game. Go Eagles! And thank you so much Shein for the courtesy of picking out a piece. I hope we can work together some more. (And to help me with that dear readers, please click on any of the Shein links; they’re keeping track, and if I do well….maybe I’ll be able to have some more courtesy of Shein!)

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My Third Bomber Jacket and Bomber Jackets for You, ALL Under $50!

Paisley Bomber Jacket 3
I told you I’d be back today in a bomber jacket! This is my third version of the fall trend that is making its way into your closet! I started getting excited about the bomber jacket back in June when I purchased my lacy Zara version, my letterman “A” jacket, and also this paisley one. Yes, this is true: I have three bomber jackets. To be honest it’s very difficult to choose just the right one–although out of my three I definitely know I will gravitate toward my monogramed one. I’ve received some feedback lately that for you too it’s been difficult to find just the right one. So don’t worry. I can relate, and I am here to help. Keep scrolling through my outfit pics, and you will find over 30 options all for under $50 USD! (Ok, there is one that is $56, but hey, it’s super cute, so there.) Here’s the thing: this is a new-ish trend that is definitely having a moment. It’s understandable to be a spendthrift while trying out the trend. And believe me…the options I found are worth every little penny! In fact there are two down below that I might not be able to resist….

Paisley Bomber Jacket 4
The thing about the bomber jacket is they’re super easy to style: jeans, suede, even sequins pair well with a bomber jacket. Here I busted out my Guns ‘n Roses tee. Since I was tryin’ to be all rocker, I also pulled out the studs. These little booties of mine are so old, but hey, they’re flat, comfortable, and meet the criteria needed for my hip. They stay despite how old they are! I tried out something new with my makeup here in this styling too. I went with a rather nude lip. I’ll be honest: I don’t think I like it. I always end up loving it on others, but on me, I feel just that–nude! I find it funny that bold and bright lipsticks offer me coverage of sorts! Makes me chuckle. By the way, I ask you to weigh in on another style of mine if you can make it through all the bomber jacket options….

Paisley Bomber Jacket 2

Paisley Bomber Jacket 5

Paisley Bomber Jacket 6

Get Your Bomber Jacket for Under $50!


Don’t worry. You won’t hurt my feelings. I’m fully aware I have a mullet; I’m quite proud of it actually (even though the curls don’t allow for the real length to show). I’d really be interested to hear what you think….

Paisley Bomber Jacket 1

What do you think of my MULLET?

So RAD! Keep at it!!
You need to get rid of that thing. :S
Hmm, I’m rather undecided…..You rock it but I can’t stand them.

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Chandelier Earrings | Gold Cuff | Stacked Rings | Turquoise Earrings |
Turquoise Cuffs | Indian Earrings

Recently, I was contacted by the most beautiful online jewellery destination: Lustre. I was so thrilled when they reached out to me, and even more pleasantly surprised when I got to meet the founder and owner of Lustre, Anaita. Anaita, although she’s an expat just like me, is originally from Bombay, India. She now lives in Singapore but also lived in Hong Kong for over a dozen years. When we started playing the name game and found that we had mutual friends, the small world spark had been lit! Originally, Anaita had told me to pick out some of my favorite items–now when you go visit this site, you will find that near impossible! Everything is GORGEOUS! I only just showed six of the many items I was impressed by. I was thrilled when she gifted me a beautiful pair of amethyst earrings and two titanium black cuffs (to be worn Wonder Woman style of course!). My birthday is this month, so I don’t plan on taking these purple baubles off. What do you like from this very affordable, very friendly, Singaporean based jewellery shop named Lustre?

Lustre 1

Lustre 2

Lustre 4

Lustre 6.5

Target Holiday Outfit and Gift Guide

Holiday Outfit from Target

Don’t worry: I will get to the gift guide from Target. But first things first–and that happens to be what am I going to wear for Christmas Eve!! We will be celebrating at my sister’s new house. It’s is utterly chic, and our Christmas celebration will be too. To my delight she has declared it a fancy affair, so I’m all about that. I feel determined to wear plaid dressed up, so to that end let me explain the above outfit details:

1. It’s all about THIS SKIRT! It’s long yet tailored and perfectly chic. The waistband cinches in the back to make a nice poofy bow. I can recall one of my dressmaking shenanigans where I tried to design a similar skirt–but this one is so much better. It is pricey at $80–Target’s prices are usually lower. BUT, this is THE holiday skirt. The cost per wear is going to surpass it’s heftier price tag.

2. OR 3. Now, I checked the plaid shirts in both the women’s and men’s section, but like usual, I also checked the kids’ section. From experience, I already know that the boys plaid shirts from Target are awesome: great, crisp cotton. So I found a typical Christmas plaid version OR a fun bright red one. Which one do you prefer?

4. These bow gloves are adorable and not limited to just Christmas Eve.

5. This ruby statement necklace would work with either shirt adding just a bit of glamour to the rather casual top.

6. OR 7. If I go with the Christmas plaid shirt, I’ll opt for the red and black statement earrings. On the other hand, these red and blue baubles would look great with the fun bright red plaid shirt.

8. OR 9. If I’m realistic, the lower heeled, knee-high boot is more practical for me and my hip recuperation, but in my dream world I would totally rock the pointy, stiletto heeled, sock bootie….

My Holiday Outfit from Target:

If I go with the Christmas plaid shirt with matching earrings and the knee-high boots the total is USD $207. If I opt for the red plaid shirt and high-heeled sock booties my total would be $197. To knock $50 off this outfit I could perhaps do without the statement necklace and simply go for just a pair of statement earrings as those are both only $8 dollars each!

Now on to the Pressies:

Target Gift Guide 1

Target Gift Guide 2

Target Gift Guide 3

*1. For the cute cook, some cute bowls

2. For the baker, a really nice kitchen tool

*3. For the coffee coniesseur, an instant espresso machine

4. For the elegant host, some gold flat wear

5. For the wine lover, a pretty bottle of wine

6. To help the wine lover, pretty, holiday stem wear 

7. For the lounger, a fuzzy pair of slippers 

**8. For the Christmas lover, a pine scented candle

9. For the recycler, a candle in a jar to be later re-used

*10. For the cozy craver, a faux fur throw

11. For the nail artist, a 12 pack of e.l.f. colors

12. For the makeup pro, nice, gold brushes

*13. For the true fashionista, a DK fashion book

*14. For the family, the two hour toy

15. For the make believer, a sweet doll house

16. For the engineer, a robot

*I’ve put an asterisk by those items on my actual Christmas list–helps the husby out! 

**I’ve already purchased 4 of these candles! I’ll keep some for myself and give the others as hostess gifts. 

Let’s Go Shopping for a Touch of Fur

FurJacketIt’s Friday night, so let’s go shopping! This time however I’m searching for touches of fur. I have my good ol’ Chewbaca coat waiting for me to pull out of the winter boxes, but until the temps chill here in Hong Kong, I’ll have to opt for more subtle options. For those out there who want to try the fur trend in a simple way, anyone of these items below would totally work. I found some hats, scarves, gloves, and shoes. All that’s needed is just a touch, and you’ll be furrrrrbulous!

Add a Touch of Fur

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J

*This post contains affiliate links through rewardStyle. Any purchase from an affiliate link gives me literally a couple of cents. But hey, pennies add up! Thank you for shopping with me, and please do let me know if there is something you want me to shop for–I consider it my side job. ;D

Let’s Go Shopping for Fringe


These pictures are from the Express advertisement campaign featuring Karlie Kloss.

There’s a fall trend out there that is hitting the shops big: FRINGE! Fringe bags can be found everywere as well as a little fringe on the boots. I myself fringed a pair of sandals this summer and then just recently posted my fringe booties. Even a few years ago when I just started posting my outfits, I styled this black jumpsuit with my super fringed tote (my hair was so long back then, and we didn’t live in Stanley quite yet). Now, fringe is definitely mainstream and is surely a look to try out.

Try Some Fringe!

This is a bold trend. BUT, as seen up above with both of Karlie’s classic looks, it doesn’t overwhelm. Rather fringe can add just a bit, a tiny bit, of boho to a very classy outfit. So, with the fall trend in mind, and definitely one that’s here to stay for a while, I chose some pieces for you to test the waters. The best thing about my choices is they’re all under $50 US dollars. When trying a trend not many want to break the bank. Once you know you’re liking the trend, you can head to my FRINGE shop where I’ve included a ton, I mean a ton of options as all sorts of price tags.


A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I

*This post contains affiliate links through rewardStyle. Any purchase from an affiliate gives me literally a couple of cents. But hey, pennies add up! Thank you for shopping with me, and please do let me know if there is something you want me to shop for–I consider it my side job. Also, for a ton of more FRINGE options visit this shop.

Get Redressed, September 22-24, 2015

Get Redressed
For those of you living in Hong Kong, there is an awesome event happening next week: Get Redressed is having their annual pop-up shop on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, September 22-24, from 11:30 am-7:00 pm at the Pizza Express in Wan Chai.

Why go to Get Redressed?

Here are the reasons why you should attend this great pop-up shop held by Redress HK:

  • Great Pieces–If you like high-end style at affordable prices, then this is the shopping excursion for you. Redress Asia does an exceptional job of sorting through some impeccable clothing–sometimes the tags are still on the clothing (like my Issey Miyake necklace showcased below!). They only will sell that which is in good, no great condition.
  • Great Prices–The pricing is easy. Everything is color coded with a sticker system. The code is place all over on posters, and the clothing is appropriately tagged. The Isabel Marant boots below were only HK$300 (That’s US $40 fora designer pair of boots!) so it’s easy to know the
  • Great Cause–Shopping always feels better when it goes towards a good cause. All the proceeds from this event will support the continual work of Redress in Hong Kong. Redress HK strives to promote environmental sustainability in the fashion industry. Unfortunately, Hong Kong experiences a large amount of clothing waste, and Redress is attempting to create awareness and inspire all of us to think twice about our purchases. By reducing our textile waste we in turn help out our local community and even world!

My Get Redressed Favorite Purchases:

I’ve been to a couple of Get Redressed shops, and I have never walked away empty handed. Below are a few of my very favorite purchases as seen here on Kremb de la Kremb or in my daily outfits as seen on my Instagram feed @krembdelakremb.

Isabel Marant Fringe Booties!

Isabel Marant Boots

As seen in these posts: 1, 2, and 3.

This Faux Leather Jacket!

Leather Jacket

Seen in three posts: 1, 2, and 3.

This Top, Necklace, and Clutch!

Pink Clutch

May be seen here.

And a Wrap Dress!

Get Redressed

Which can be found last fall on my Instagram feed, @krembdelakremb.

The Shopbop Sale Continues! And Shopbop Has Great Swimsuits–On Sale!


The suit from this beach poncho post definitely needs replacing–that’s why I’m planning to take advantage of Shopbop’s super sale!

Yesterday I did some (Internet–I must find what the term for this is….) window shopping on Shopbop’s major sale looking for updates to my LBD (little black dress). Well, then, I returned! There’s so much more that I want to window shop for–like take for example swimsuits. Swimsuits are a very difficult item to shop for–in general I think most women detest entering into the dressing room to try on swimsuits. But! With Internet shopping such a convenient way to shop these days, the dressing room can be your own bedroom. Ahhh, sigh of relief! Especially when it comes to trying on said swimsuits. Luckily, Shopbop offers free shipping, so it feels like a little less of a hit when mailing items all the way to Hong Kong.

Personally, like all other items of clothing, I want to feel confident in the swimsuit I wear. I mean, it’s going to expose some skin, so if I can find swimsuits and cover ups that make me feel sexy, well, I’m all about it. In my opinion there’s definitely a bit of blindness that HAS to accompany the swimsuit: I have some of those wrinkly dimples around my hips and such. But then I also have nice legs. I need to focus on the legs. I’m super heavy on top–which could be a good thing if played up right, but make sure I feel supported. I have a nice tummy but along with muscles that show are some of those wrinkly dimples. I could go and hide, OR I can try to find pieces that are just sexy enough to highlight my good bits to compensate for any of the others. Does this make sense? No, I’m not a VS model, and I’m sorry to say, but most likely neither are you. BUT, the moment I find something worth celebrating on my body, the better I’m going to feel in a swimsuit. So ladies, you have it, find it, and then FLAUNT it! I know you’ve got it!

I’ve done the pre-shopping on Shopbop. Many of these styles are going to look so great–if given a try. Below I’ve created three different shopping windows: bikinis or two pieces, one pieces, and cover ups (plus bonus: a couple of really cool rash guards!).

Bikinis and Two Pieces from Shopbop

One Pieces from Shopbop

Cover Ups from Shopbop

And Surpirse! A Couple of Rash Guards from Shopbop

What do you prefer to wear on the beach? Bikini? Two piece? One piece? Or really hot cover up? I like to wear a two piece and I love either a flowy, see through cover up OR a pair of cut off jean shorts.