A Ginham Top–Shopping with Debbie

Debbie, from Fashion Fairy Dust, and I have been shopping again! This time I let her know that I’d been wanting a black and white gingham top. So just like last month, we went to Instagram and sent direct messages back and forth of items we liked. It’s amazing all that we can do in the palm of our hands these days! Since I’m in the States for the summer we also were not limited to global shipping which meant we could shop at one of our (similar) all times faves: Targé!! It was kismet; the moment I sent her this pic, she agreed whole heartedly that it was the piece. What’s so amazing is how there are many subtle similarities with both of our stylings. See if you can find them….

Debbie from Fashion Fairy Dust

The only thing that Debbie and I verbally agree on is the piece to buy. Then, after we’ve shot our looks we send out two pictures to one another. I’ve called Debbie my style sister before, and now there is evidence as to why: she paired the top with distressed denim and red just like me. I love the touch of red in her scarf and those cute cherry shoes. Plus that studded black belt–well, I’ve been looking for something similar! Plus her jeans are perfectly distressed. I could totally see myself wearing this exact outfit. Can’t you?

I met Debbie via Instagram. Follow her here: @fashionfairydust
and read her blog here: Fashion Fairy Dust.

Since I knew I also wanted to pair this top with red, I headed to my favorite thrift store of all time: Value Village on Boone in Spokane, Washington. I went into the store with the thought of either red jean cut offs or a red denim skirt cut off. Value Village did not fail me; I instantly found a pair of poppy red jeans in one of my favorite labels to cut off. If you are ever at a thrift store and you find a pair of Gloria Vanderbelt jeans, buy them! They make the perfect pair of cut offs. I’m not kidding. I have Gloria Vanderbelt cut off jean shorts and cut off hemmed jeans both in white. They are my favorite. She adds the perfect amount of stretch to her denim. I’d also like to note something special about the way I style this top: I’m not wearing tennis shoes!! I found a very comfortable black satin bow slides at Forever 21, and I am so excited that they work for me. (These cute slides also come in a pretty pale pink or a bold marigold yellow.) Finally, this kitschy bag is new to me as well. I just couldn’t resist it (nor the price) on Shein.

Would you like to go shopping with Debbie and me? Let us know.
Also, how would you style this black and white gingham top?

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  • How fun! I love your gingham top! It’s so versatile and looks great with the red cutoffs as well as with Debbie’s jeans. I can think of pairing it with so many different items. White jeans and a black skirt come to mind first.

    Have a wonderful time in the States!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    • Hmmm, I think I might just have to take your idea and wear this shirt to work this week. Yep, I’m back online and back in Hong Kong. That means I’m back to figuring out what to wear each day too. Ooh, I also have a cute new white pencil skirt that I scored at a very low clearance price. That’d look super cute don’t you think?

      Thank you Andrea! Love, Ann

  • Judy Gramith

    SO cute!! I can tell that you’re thrilled to be wearing a sandal too!
    I would choose red too but the other color that would be fun is YELLOW!!! Can you snap up a pair of yellow jeans at Value Village? I’d still accent in red with the yellow.
    You look great in black and white Ann. Your hair color sets it off beautifully!
    Another idea is a black and red or black and yellow floral print! Maybe a skirt…?

    • Judith, did you read my mind? When I bought the red jeans to cutoff at Value Village, I also picked up a yellow pair of khaki type pants. I have already cut them into cutoffs. Also, I LOVE wearing these little flat sandals, and in fact I bought them in YELLOW too. They’re so cute right?! Yes, I am having fun wearing other shoes than sneakers! I do love my sneaker collection though, and I surely added to it while I was in the states. I can’t wait to feature them all….

      Big hug! Annie

      • Judy Gramith

        I’m going to assume that you addressing me as “Judith” was the evil autocorrect demon.
        Interesting discussion over on Suzanne Carillo’s current blog about Social Media made me think of you. In fact I mentioned you in my comment!
        Hope you’re stll enjoying that lake, the family, and that lovely mountain air.
        Love, JUDE :-):-):-):-)

  • You both look utterly gorgeous! And I’m so envious of your legs, Ann!!!
    Suzy xx

  • señora allnut

    lovely gingham top and it looks so cool with red color, I love your redtomato shorts and I like how she worn her top with distressed jeans, she looks adorable!
    and you look so comfy&cool, and love so much your cute little bag!, such a perfect accessory!

    • Isn’t that bag fun? I couldn’t resist. Truth be told I didn’t use it as often as I thought I would. My sister ended up giving me the most gorgeous leather waist bag, so that became my summer staple. But this little camera bag would be fun to bring on a tour somewhere, right?

      Love, Ann

  • HI Kathleen,

    Oh goodness! I am so sorry for the delay in this reply! Sometimes I’m so puzzled how a comment (kind like yours) gets lost!

    The way you’d style it, with cobalt blue, sounds stunning!

    This collab only ran twice. It kind of petered out, but I’m always up for a collab. Do you have anything in mind?

    Thanks again for stopping by.

    Love, Ann