Style Stories No. 10: Sweater Season

Sweater Season
It’s been cold in Hong Kong–like seriously cold especially by Hong Kong standards, so the wear of these three sweaters is completely authentic. If you follow along on Instagram, you will have quite familiar with these three pieces. I love each of them, and of course they each have their own little story.

Fisherman Sweater 1
I first saw this sweater on Sue from my Instagram feed. If you go to her feed as well, you will see this sweater proving its cost per wear. It’s basically the perfect winter sweater, and what makes it even more special is that it was hand-knit by Needle–a boutique started by two British knitters. (This sweater is called Coco. Charcoal is the only color left, but now it is half off! The Addie is also beautiful and comes in a pretty pale grey color–it is also half off!)

Mountain Sweater 1
I kept eyeing this sweater at Zara. I hemmed and hawed, but I never bought. Finally when I was ready to finally purchase it online, it was sold out. Then, in that rush of a week before going home for the holidays, during a last minute shopping excursion to the mall, I walked into a Zara, and there it was! Yes, I grabbed it and headed to the cashier register immediately. I have not regretted this purchase. To me this sweater is the quintessential ski sweater, so I have thoroughly enjoyed wearing it all winter long. (Next time, I know, don’t hem and haw. Just buy!)

Blush Sweater 1
I had been wanting to try out this pretty pale pink color for a while–it’s not the usual Annie color. I’m pleasantly surprised how nice I look (at least I feel it looks good) in pink. (And I will probably be wearing more of this color!)

Fisherman Sweater 2
I splurged on this sweater. It was just under $200! I never spend that much on my clothing. I made an exception on this piece however since I knew it was going to go the distance, and it has. I am wearing the heck out of it, so it has been worth the investment.

Mountain Sweater 5
I don’t know what took me so long to get this sweater. I know that when I think about something and fixate on it, I should just get it. I’m glad I did and while it wasn’t an inexpensive addition it didn’t break the bank either. By now, I’m starting to realize it’s better to go for quality when I really like it.

Blush Sweater 2
This sweater was on sale and then on sale again! So for $16 it seemed like a pretty good price to try out a new trend on me. Now I know that I like to wear a soft blush pink. I don’t mind taking a risk when it works out in the end–especially for such a deal!

Get your winter sweater now!

Before we get to the link up, I did some Banana Republic sweater shopping for you. Everything is already on sale, and then at the check out another 50% will be taken off of the price I have shown! Now, that’s a DEAL!

Last Style Stories’ Favorites….

Favorites from SS 9

Two weeks ago I ran a style story describing my week back to work. From the link up there were two bloggers that stood out to me: first, Sheela’s story about the word “cute,” and what that words to different people, was super interesting. I haven’t live in the States in 19 years, so it was intriguing to hear some of her impressions from her six years there. Also, Valentina stood out. I love everything about her outfit: the fun faux fur, the quirky bag, the sneakers, even the kitty cat hat. I love meeting new bloggers and have now become a reader of Fashion and Cookies.

Style Stories No. 10

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  • Loving all of your sweaters!

  • You got great sweaters! I like them all, and they all look great on you! I used to have a soft pink turtle neck that I loved (and the price per wear ended up being really low as I wore it all the time for several years, until it literally came apart and I had repaired it several times…).

    You are so right that it is worth it to invest in pieces you truly love, will have for a long time, and get a lot of wear out of. The hand-knit one sweater gorgeous. It looks like what I picture as the “perfect winter sweater.”

  • ADA

    That is cold for Hong Kong, Anne. I love your sweaters and you wear your gaucho pants so beautifully.

    Welcome by. Ada. =)

  • First….that cream jumper is a real “lifetime” item. I was straight onto the website for the grey (perfect for me) but it is sold out in my size…Booooooo!
    Second…… Culottes!! Right, I am definitely getting mine out this week for another go. You make them look so easy. I am still not convinced, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. If I can look half as good as you, I will be laughing.
    Third….Soft Pink is great on you! Pretty and feminine.
    Finally….I love how happy that embroidered jumper makes you! Your face in that photo is so genuine and beautiful.
    P.S thank you for hosting this linky :oD

    • Thank you Samantha! I just noticed on you Instagram feed that there’s a post of your in culottes. It’s time for me to head to your blog and see how it fared for you. It looks as if you styled them expertly, but I will go see your thoughts.

      I am sorry this cable knit sweater is not available for you. I might write them to enquire since it seems to be very popular.

      And yes to soft pink for me. I think it might be my new fave!

      Glad to see you here as always! Love, Annie

  • Ann I can’t get believe how cold it got for you and that you don’t have heating…aaaaaaaaargh!!!! You must have been freezing! Good job you had these lovely sweaters, I especially like the way you’ve styled them with the cropped trousers and boots – your quirky unique style is always so refreshing!

    Thank you for hosting, have a great (and warmer) week 🙂

    Catherine x

    • Thank you Catherine! Yes, it has been very cold. I’ve coped by doing two things: one, I have many, many covers on my bed–that I don’t get out of!! Haha! And two, I don’t shower as much as usual rather just remaining in my thermal underwear. I know gross! But the thought of getting cold out of the shower stops me.

      I am always glad to see you here Catherine! Love, Ann

  • OK… difficult for me as I am not a culotte lover. Personal preference my dear, nothing to do with you.
    The sweaters are lovely, each one of them.
    Oh and I will link to your link-up next Saturday to give you more exposure.

    • Both you and Samantha. I’ve been loving culottes for about, oh, a dozen years or so now. I think with the proper high waist and proper flare they are a great staple to a wardrobe. Again, just my opinion …. Ann