Style Stories: Forever 21, Oversize Me!

Oversize me! Sometimes I just want to wear oversize everything. It’s so comfy. It’s definitely on the sloppier side, but oh, it’s so cozy. Like this sweater for example, in a very soft chenile, is way too big–I almost got the medium but then was like no I want large! And these pants, very brand new at the time are way too long (curently they are in the drawer to take to the tailor), but at the time, these long flowy pants were so comfortable. Even it if doesn’t look good, sometimes I just want to oversize everything–even big honkin’ huge hoops!

Wherever I travel, I always love trying out a new to me Forever 21. Some of my best purchases have been in Forever 21s around the world. Imagine my excitement when the mall right near our layover spot had a Forever 21! I went twice: once at the beginning and once at the end. This particular outfit came from the Forever 21 in Clark, Philippines. It was a descent size. It was kind of like the Baby Bear in Goldilocks. It wasn’t too big or too small; it was just right. I spent enough money at this Forever 21 that they divided my bill up, so I now have several of these Forever 21 totes lying around the house now. That’s ok. They make for the perfect lunch or gym bag.

Some of my favorite Forever 21s include those that I would shop at while living in India. India now has several Forever 21s alongside an online site, but while we were living there it did not. Every trip we took away from India I would check to see if the location had a Forever 21. The first one I ran into was during a trip to Malaysia; the Forever 21 in Kuala Lumpur is great! I can remember Kevin taking the toddlers and letting me have some alone time in my favorite store. That seems to still be the case. He knows I can’t refuse a Forever 21. The other Forever 21 that stands out in my mind and is probably my favorite is the one in Bangkok at Central World. This one is HUGE, but, it’s all on one floor which makes it awesome. It’s filled with little rooms that I can tackle one at a time and till I’m through. When I can divide and conquer like that, it makes the fitting room experience all the more manageable. Can you remember those burnt orange leather shorts? I have gone through two pairs they are that good. The final little Forever 21 I do adore is the one back home in Spokane. It’s out at the Valley Mall, and basically to get to my cabin you have to pass it. Sooooo….that leads to many a spontaneous trip just to grab a lil’ somethin’ somethin’!

Do you have a favorite, go-to store?
Do share what it is. Maybe I would like it too….

In Clark Philippines we stayed at one of the cheesiest hotels we’ve stayed at yet. There was a night club on the roof–where these shots were taken–complete with a pool and jacuzzi tub at the bar. In the middle of the pool stood a raised DJ. Here I was photobombed by one of the other tourists there for a fun night.

Style Stories No. 16: Dresses with Sneakers

Dresses with Sneakers

I’ve learned a few lessons since the last time I tried out my style stories. Remember, I broke my back last time?! Hahah, not really, but kinda sorta. Anyway, since that time, I’ve been working hard at Gym (I’ve given the fitness room a name), trying to strengthen my back. The other thing I’ve done is move my flat lays to the bed, so I don’t have to lean over so far. Also, I’m using a ladder instead of climbing up on a chair. I will not be discourage! I will persevere!! Ha.

Recently I witnessed one of my blogger friends, Sam over at Fake and Fabulous, create a capsule wardrobe. I have tried this, but I have found it doesn’t really work that well for me. I want all my options. Instead I do something different: I set out with a theme in mind for the week. Here’s an example of a complete week in which I wore a dress with sneakers every single day. Setting a theme does a couple of things for me: obviously, first it gives me focus when I get dressed each morning. In fact, with a theme in mind, I often have a few days planned out. Second, when I dress with a theme like dresses with sneakers, I’m really able to evaluate whether or not the dress I wear is working for me. If it isn’t, I’ll give it away. If it worked, and I felt good, it can go in the drawer to be put away and cycled through. If it felt really, really good, the dress will go back into the wardrobe for one more wear before it gets stored away. (This makes me realize there’s an entire post waiting to be written about how I handle tight, small storage spaces with a mammoth, oversized collection of clothes….)

Dresses with Sneakers

The accessories I wear are another item that get decided for the week–they are usually the auspicious jewellery I’ll wear for the entire week. I’m very superstitious about my jewellery thinking it’s going to protect, heal, guard, help, give me super powers, you get the idea. It’s sill really, but I’ll save that for another post… For this week I chose my rose gold evil eye (purchased in Shanghai with my sister Mary), my gold Sanskrit good health pendant (a recent purchase on Etsy from Azaggi), and my gold AMK monogram letters (another purchase made with my sister Mary during a different trip to Shanghai–if you look closely there’s an A, M, and K. She got the one with an M and W!) Just for an example I changed up my jewellery again this week: I’ve gone with just a simple silver hamsa hand. Each week my necklaces and rings shift in a very whimsical way but always with the intention to protect or stir special memories. Like I said, I’ll elaborate more later.

Sanskrit Good Health PendantI pay too much attention to trends. I always have. I’m not ashamed of it nor will I ever stop. It’s just a part of me. Hence, when I started seeing round, simple pendants popping up in abundance on my Instagram feed, I felt ready to get my own–but it had to be my own. Remember that week of bedrest after my back broke because of this post? Well, I found my pendant: it’s a Sanskrit circle of perfection meaning “good health.” I’ll be surprised if I ever take it off! Yes, I’m auspicious about the jewellery I wear. I always have been, always will be.

The Evil Eye Necklace–Speaking of auspicious jewellery… I need to dedicate an entire post to the evil eye and my connection with it. Suffice it to say that there is one on my body at all times–either my ears, neck, wrist, fingers, or ankle. I will for sure have one on. Now, this one was purchased in such a great little boutique in a very HUGE Shanghai market. I’ll never be able to find another one just like it. But for you, my dear readers, I have entered the Etsy vortex and found 11 evil eye necklaces that I would be willing to drop bank on just to own just one more evil eye….It’s my good wishes Etsy gift to you!!

| 1 | 2| 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 |

*I’m curious….if you looked at all my Etsy evil eye shopping, which one catches your eye! Hehehe! Get it!?

Dresses with Sneakers: Monday

Dresses with Sneakers

Navy Polkadot Dress–I love how sometimes when you walk into H&M everything is either $50HKD ($6USD) or $100HKD ($12USD). In situations like that it’s almost like shopping at a charity shop, but the items are brand spanking new. This $6 dress was a no brainer. I don’t think I even tried it on.

Ruffle Socks–I can’t stop buying cute socks! First, my sneaker collection is enormous. Once I started wearing only sneakers, I’ve wanted plenty of options. Now, I need the cute socks to wear with the cute sneakers. These, plus all the other ruffly ones I one, are total winners!

Dresses with Sneakers: Tuesday

Dresses with Sneakers

Striped Zara Dress (US Link)–I paired this dress in this post to highlight my DIY acid wash jean jacket. I loved how sporty yet chic I felt in the ensemble. Total winner. Basically, those flatlays that broke the blogger’s back–well they broke the bank too! That week off on bed rest I took a little online trip to Zara and bought three very cute dresses. The socks I wore with this short shift are not shown, but I paired the red high tops with white fishnets. It was an outfit that felt pretty darn good.

Dresses with Sneakers: Wednesday

Dresses with Sneakers

Zara Plaid Dress (US Link)–Here’s another Zara dress from my bedrest splurge. I just couldn’t resist the plaid. I mean, I love plaid! Now, it’s a very blousy, bag like dress, so to fix that I tied a jean jacket around my waist all day. To pull out the red, I wore red tassel earrings, and to pull out the navy, I wore my navy gum soled shoes. Again, this outfit felt great! There’s nothing like feeling good in what you’re wearing. This equates to confidence–our very best accessory.

Dresses with Sneakers: Thursday

Dresses with Sneakers

Zara Floral DressThis is the final Zara dress–again, I love it. It’s bright and fun and just feels magical to wear–hence the pairing of my magical sneakers. I mean how perfect: rainbow sneakers to match the rainbow dress.

Magical Rainbow Sneakers(US Link)–I bought these fun sneakers online from Forever 21–where they’re sold out, but don’t you worry! Rocket Dog, the brand that makes them, still has them. If you want a fun sneaker, that will elevate anything you’re wearing (check out the orange bodysuit set), get these sneakers. They seriously ROCK!

Dresses with Sneakers: Friday

Dresses with Sneakers

Velvet Crush DressThis drees was only $12!! I am not kidding. There’s this rather random online shop called Shein. I think they must have Zara’s designs or something; they are always selling Zara items, but once the clothing arrives there is never a label present. It’s like a “Made in China” thing. Maybe? I don’t know. I do know that I often see Zara items over there on Shein–like this velvet crush dress that is still available in all sizes for only $12USD!

So, that was a week of dresses with sneakers!
Up next I’m thinking of planning out a total bohemian week. What do you think? Yay or nay for the Style Stories and my flat lays….?

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The Style Stories that Broke the Blogger’s Back!

Style Stories
Oh, it’s so silly! But these flat lays seen here in this Style Stories post, well, I ended up in the hospital because of them! That sounds awfully dramatic, so I’ll back up. I brought back my Style Stories two weeks ago with this post. I had such fun making the flat lays that I decided to do it again last week. To make these (somewhat silly yet extremely, creative outlets for me) I lay my soft white blanket on the floor in my living room, smooth it out, and place items on top of the blanket. I often go up and down getting things just right–the lipstick might not be perfectly straight, there may be a ruffle in the clothing, or an earring isn’t laying upright. Basically, there’s a lot of bending, smoothing, and straightening out involved. Oh and then, I climb up onto a chair and take a shot from overhead. This is all basic stuff–it’s not high risk, or it least it shouldn’t be. But, for me it is.

By the last flat lay on this Wednesday night, something had happened. Something felt extremely off. I hobbled off to Vincent’s bedroom, laid on his bed, and asked for the usual massage he’ll give my back that resuscitates me back to normal. This time that didn’t happen. All of a sudden I was completely stuck–stuck on his bed. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t moves my arms let alone my legs. It was scary. Really scary! Finally Kevin lifted me up, Gigi got my crutches, and somehow I made it to my bed. Fast forward to some meds, rest in bed, a visit to the doctor, and a request for an MRI on Friday afternoon. Yet, it happened again: on Friday morning around 9 am, I froze up again and couldn’t move. And this time I got quite hysterical–both in emotions and in pain. I was losing my mind, yet Kevin, rational thank goodness, got me to the hospital. I ended up getting that MRI, and it showed two tears in my L4 and L5 lumbar discs. The doctor said this was good because I did not need surgery, but on the other hand it was bad because those tears were SCREAMING! Yes, they were!!

On Saturday, I had an epidural procedure where he injected my spine in those two spots plus gave me six other shots. I didn’t care; I was out thank goodness! By Sunday I was discharged and brought home with the request to lay low for the following week. This part was so frustrating, but necessary! I had just had a great two first days of school with the students. The year was starting well, really well. I was present, excited, and ready to go! Forget that last August and even the August before that I’d been out. I was starting off on the right foot. But then….not so fast: Kevin called it my threepeat! This August and this start to the year also has had its challenges.

But enough of all this! Let’s get to the flat lays!
(And back to work on Monday–I’m ready!)


Style Stories
I start every first day of school in an lbd–usually this one actually. I usually style it with gold as seen here. (I can’t believe I used to wear heels. Kinda breaks my heart! And, my hair was sooooo long!!) Rather than go with gold like I usually do, I went with silver and turquoise. Since I pretty much only wear tennis shoes, I opted for my Old Skools. Love them–they’re just as good as heels!

Old Skool VansBasically I copied my daughter with these. I can’t count how many pairs she’s been through. I thought it was about time I joined her in the Old Skool look!

Black Fringe EarringsOne day last spring I went earring shopping on Zaful. I bought about five pairs, and the total maybe came to $20. They have an insanely awesome selection of earrings. Hey, now that it’s almost fall, maybe it’s time for me to go shopping again. I think I can spare 20 bucks!

*A note on the belt–This belt was too small for me when I bought it, but I was determined to have it, so I figured out how to make it bigger. I went to a local craft store and bought some black canvas belting to match the width of the belt. I asked my local tailor to take of the belt buckle, add three inches, and then put the belt buckle back on. Presto! The extra inches are covered by the other side of the belt, and the belt now fits me. There’s always a way to make a belt bigger–usually right by the belt buckle!


Style Stories

For the second day of school, we get all the students. I wanted to look nice yet of course demonstrate my sporty style too, so I paired my dress with my ballerina tennis shoes.

Who What Wear Snake DressWho What Wear in my opinion is rockin’ it at TargĂ©. I mean everything they create has been so cute. All summer long I wore this romper; now for fall I’ve got this cute dress (it comes in plain black and also a cute poppy floral print). I’m hoping it becomes a repeat for me too!

Mixing Two Lippies: Pink Me Up and White GoldAgain, I went with my metallic lippy, but I only wanted


Style Stories

I went super, super bright with my florescent shift on Wednesday. Again, I think I was just trying to set the tone that I am a zany dresser. Shock ’em now so to speak! This spring there were two cute ladies shopping in Zara when I spotted this shift. It was one of those moments where I went, grabbed a large, and purchased it. I just knew it was going to work for me, and it does–especially when I pair it with turquoise mascara and a hot pink lip!

Hot Pink Metallic LippyThis is for sure the brightest lipstick I own, and I LOVE IT! Plus not only is it bright, but it is also metallic. Like the last Style Stories post, I’ve got a thing for metallic lippy right now and this one ROCKS!!

Black Fringe EarringsThis was the second day I wore these earrings. They match a ton, and at only $3.72 I’ve definitely outdone my cost per wear!!

So, I only made it through three outfits last week.

And this week there were no outfits to report except for Wednesday’s Typhoon Hato getup. (I love that sweatshirt by the way!) But when I return to work on Monday, I think I’ll be continuing my tendency to wear dresses with tennis shoes. I like this vibe. It feels good–dress up sporty style! And, if I try to make flat lays again, I promise to try to use the kitchen table instead. Less bending over!

Clockenflap Style Story

clockenflap-4I had such a blast at my very first Clockenflap festival. I was so excited about going that I kind of forgot about how much I would enjoy preparing what I would wear to such an event. Then, once I was actually getting ready to attend, I realized I needed first and foremost to remain warm, but with layers because I was sure to get hot from dancing. I decided for each day I’d wear my army jacket–I scored this Banana Republic piece at one of Get Redressed’s pop-up shops. This second-hand layer had barely been worn–until this weekend. I wore the heck out of it!! And with that here are my style stories and experiences from my very first and very fabulous Clockenflap–a festival I will definitely be attending each and every year from here on out while I live in Hong Kong.

Clockenflap, Opening Night

clockenflap-5We had a beautiful day off after a Thanksgiving dinner with the other HK Krembs when all of a sudden it was time for Kevin and I to head into town for the festival’s opening. I tried not to go through too many clothing options as I am often apt to do. I knew I wanted to wear my pretty embroidered jeans and in the end I just paired an army green shirt to subtly layer underneath the army green jacket. (Yes, green has seriously reentered my life!) It’s said in order to keep warm, keep your head covered; well I brought my cream, cashmere beret that fit into one of the pockets. I didn’t actually need to wear it, but having it reassured me if I were to get cold. For this night I felt I had dressed for the festival perfectly. It’s actually the only time I did….



Clockenflop in Tons of Rain

clockenflap-3I really don’t know what I was thinking on this day. Seriously. I wanted to be funky but casual cool at the same time. I wanted comfortable shoes, but this option was awful. See, it rained so hard on Saturday. It wasn’t just a splattering of rain here and there; it was a full day of torrential rain. I was freezing! Tights were actually a pretty sound option because my pant legs didn’t get drenched, and the sweatshirt definitely kept me cozy. But my feet were sopping; there were literally squishy puddles coming out of each step! The jacket served as a nice layer, but it was obviously not waterproof. We put in a good amount of time on Saturday, but in the end, we bailed. We just couldn’t put up with anymore rain. (There was so much rain, the only shots I got were on the bus ride home!) I’ll call this look my wet dog look. Ick!


Clockenflap, Last Day

clockenflap-2Because I had been so cold the day before, I over layered on the last day. I did not need the sweater. It was tied around my waist the entire time. Otherwise, for this day I was set. But, it was on this day, that all the cool people were out. I do not look remotely cool! I look like I’m from the Pacific Northwest–not a bad thing, because it’s true: that’s where I’m from. But, if I was going for a hip vibe here, I have to admit there’s nothing hip about this layered, super cozy, outfit. Next year… well I’ve already started planning!


clockenflap-1Now Gigi, she’s effortlessly cool in her sweatshirt and sleek joggers. She’s just a hipster without even trying!

Paisley Style Stories

paisley-6A while ago I wrote about my childhood objection to green–since then, I’ve been wearing the color on repeat. (I even picked up two new shades of green eyeliner from H&M’s new makeup line. Have you seen their colors?! Amazing!!) Around the same time that I was growing a distaste for anything forest green, I meanwhile began my strong affection toward all things paisley. My mom was dabbling, and making a serious profession at the time, of interior design. She had books and books of wallpaper. Oh, they were lovely–and large. It was then that I remember turning to pages of this mango type, very intricate print falling in love with it. When I asked my mom what it was, she told my 7th grade self that it was paisley. Awwww….Love at first site. It was two years later when I got my first job in 9th grade (other than babysitting) and saved all my money up for anything paisley printed from Benetton–remember all their gorgeous items? Then the sister line came along called Stefanel. I couldn’t wait for Christmas and the outfits my stylish Santa would bring me. To this day, I really can’t say no to anything paisley–as demonstrated by what I wore this week. Here are four days–some good, some not so good, that I wore for my four day work week. I thought I’d bring back my Style Stories. (In the comments, please let me know if I should keep up this series or not.)

Monday’s Paisley

paisley-5I woke up on Monday, like many Mondays, and just wanted to wear pajamas. Enter, silky, wide legged paisley pants. I felt so comfortable all day, and that comfort led to a very productive Monday–a rarity for me! I’m always very slow moving on Mondays, aren’t you? Also, I was excited to break in my new very inexpensive silver runner find from the weekend. Throw on a jean jacket and I was perfectly cozy on our first cold Hong Kong day.


Tuesday’s Paisley

paisley-1I felt so rockin’ cool on this day! Wearing torn up jeans under a shift just feels cool. Plus I have a mesh henley that added a really nice layer to keep me warm–yes, it is starting to cool down in Hong Kong! Then, there are these shoes. Love. Love so much. These shoes are everything to me: comfortable with a three inch heel. If you read this blog, you know it’s been a very, very, very long time since I’ve been able to get away with a heel. (Yes, I’m admitting to posing in heels for style posts–they don’t ever actually get worn-worn.)



Wednesday’s Paisley

paisley-11While I like the paisley bomber, and I adore these slouchy joggers, together they don’t work on my figure–at least in my opinion. These joggers need slouchy on top. I must remember this for our trip to India as I plan on wearing these pants every other day. I have them in black and bought another pair of green–just because I love them that much. But, this outfit, it doesn’t do it for me. Oh, and the could shoulder top, it’s in the give away pile. I need to embrace my round shoulders, and this style does nothing for them.


Thursday’s Paisley

paisley-10Even a fashion blogger has an off day. This outfit is hideous! I can’t believe I’m even posting it. I need to put this skirt away and keep it for no-tights. Not sure if I know how to pull off blue tights. I remember trying last winter and feeling funny then too. I will have to ask and turn to my good friend Samantha of Fake Fabulous to figure out how to style these blueberry legs!

Paisley Style Stories

It’s been a while since I wrote my style stories from the week. What do you think? Keep it up or don’t bother. Please leave me a comment so I know.

Mum’s the Word–A Mother’s Day Collaboration

Kremb de la Kremb Mum 2

My good friend Sheela is a genius at joining women bloggers together around the world. From The Fab 40s, to her Project Sister Act, to now this Mother’s Day post, she connects people. When she asked me if I’d want to write this post this Mother’s Day post with three other blogging mothers, my instant reply was, “Of course!” I’ve written about my mom and how she has greatly influenced my style many times on Kremb de la Kremb. Joanie, mom’s name, has always encouraged me to try something on because you never know. When I was asked to prom one week in advance, she helped me to design and make a dress! She give me her cowboy boots, and I can’t help but be so grateful for the many special gifts I’ve received when she gives us a Christmas in June when we return from overseas each school year. It’s safe to say that I refer to my mum often on Kremb de la Kremb.

Kremb de la Kremb Mum 5
And here I am looking just like her. It happens now: I see myself in the mirror or in a picture, and I think, “Wow, I look just like my mom!” Back when I was newly married, I cropped my hair–very Joanie style. I looked a lot like her then, but at that young, immature time, I didn’t want to look like her. Now, when I see myself resembling her so much, I feel proud and even a little pretty because that’s how I’ve always seen my mom, as such a pretty woman.

Kremb de la Kremb Mum 6

Joanie also has always had colorful style. I remember in the 80s when she was wearing pretty much the same color blocking of hot pink and turquoise seen today. Just my post from Wednesday, the Makeshift Jumpsuit, well that could have been her in 1985! She’s always been fashion forward ahead of any trends or even without trends. She’s an artist, which shows, but she’s also subtle. Something I have yet to master. There are so many, many-many articles of clothing I can remember and just absolutely loving on her. That nubby cream sweater that I’ve tried to copy, or her mumu that she made herself that I covet and secretly want her to hand down to me. My mom has always had amazing style–even the pictures from before I was exhibit an extremely stylish woman.

Kremb de la Kremb Mum 3

And here I am in a tunic that she also owns. There’s a style story behind it. My mother has always supported the international life that Kevin and I lead. She has also tried to visit us in almost each of our posts. She enjoys seeing our daily life overseas and demonstrated pride in the lifestyle that has formed for our family. During each visit, of course a little shopping occurs. When she was in Beijing, we were shopping in a Zara. She was at the cashier ready to buy this beautiful coral paisley tunic when she turned to me and asked, “Was there something you liked?” I told her yes, actually I really like this tunic. She promptly told me to go grab one. I remember that shopping excursion like it was yesterday. I love this tunic, I love shopping with my mom, and well, to continue with the gushiness, I love my mom!

Kremb de la Kremb Mum 1

There’s more! The coral necklace….that was hers made by a beautiful friend of mine while living in Venezuela. My mom bought it from this artisan friend and then a few years later gave it to me. The turquoise crucifix she gave to me this past summer before I left back for Hong Kong. The incredible, yet very old, shoes I’m wearing were purchased for my rehearsal dinner when I was married back in 1997. (Here’s the dress from the event to match!) Finally, it’s hard to see but I’m wearing a very special ring given to me by my mother’s mother, and the earrings I’m wearing were given to me after I became Gigi’s mother. Oh, the style stories go on and on!

Enough…let’s take a look at the other three moms:


Sheela Writes
Here’s Sheela, mother, business woman, blogger, writer, and whom I always call Super Woman or even just plain ol’ Queen She. Sheela is also a daughter, and when you go read her post, you’ll be loving her even more for her honesty. And God bless her mom!


Val is the mother of a little girl, she is a working mom, and she is the author of Val Around the Town. Val, a very classy dresser, attributes this class from her stylish mother. All I know is I kind of want her beautiful pearl bag! It’s amazing!!


Rachel writes over at Garay Treasures. She’s a mother of four. The lovely spirit of giving is evident in Rachel’s outfit; it reminds me of my own story. Do go read Rachel’s post to find out about her coveted Michael Kors shoes…..

Happy Mother’s Day!

I say Happy Mother’s Day to my own mom, my mother-in-law, my sisters, my friends (married or not, with children or not). As a female gender we mother those we love in so many ways. So happy day to all of the women in my life and even to all women around the world!

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Style Stories No. 12: Moto Jacket Love


Thanks for these pics Norbyah–and for trying to bring out the tough girl in me!

Some Style Stories just happen. I’ve been on the lookout for a cool moto jacket for a while now. I have this sleek one that I picked up a swap, but sometimes with too many layers it’s a bit snug and to be honest almost too elegant. It’s not the true, edgy biker, moto jacket. Every time I go to my second hand haunts here in HK, I haven’t ever seemed to find one to my liking. Finally, with a generous gift card from a friend, I ordered a pleather one at Zara. But then, something miraculous happened! I went to a meeting and the room was freezing. I remarked how cold I was and my colleague mentioned I could wear the jacket that was hanging on my chair. When I put it on, it was like sparks of magic–it seriously fit me perfectly. Geoff said to me, “Ya, that coat has been hanging on a fence at the beach all week long. I finally brought it in.” He was going to add it to the trunk of clothes for students to paint on and such. But, after seeing my enthusiasm for this jacket, Geoff generously gave it to me. He could see my love at first fit! Now, I can’t seem to get enough of this coat. I did end up taking the Zara one back. This one is just too good to be true. I can feel that a real motorcyclist used to wear this worn in leather moto jacket. It has been loved. And now, I’m doing the same. I oil it with leather conditioner each time I wear it as there’s a good amount of seawater that dried it out. I’m set to take it to our local leather man in order to fix some of the wear and tear. Most importantly, I like to believe I wear this coat with the love it deserves. I feel rockin’ awesome in it, and (silly of me but) I think the coat feels it too!

Moto Jacket 2

Moto Jacket 4

Moto Jacket 5.5

Moto Jacket 3

Do you have a Love Style Story?

Do you have something in your wardrobe that was just meant to be? Maybe there’s an item in your closet that was just destined to be yours no matter what. Tell me about it. I’d love to hear the style story!

Or take a moment and link up your own style stories. Please spread the love and include a link back to Kremb de la Kremb. In the next few days I’ll try to make sure and visit your blog. And I hope Kremb de la Kremb readers are doing the same.

Thanks for linking up!

Love, Ann

Style Stories No. 12 Link Up

PS. From Style Stories No. 11 Link Up

My FavesHopefully from all the link ups from around the web you are getting to know different bloggers around the world. I know I am! Two bloggers stood out to me from the Style Stories No. 11 Link Up. First, if I were to place my thumb over Debbie’s cute face and lovely ginger hair, that outfit is exactly something I feel I would wear! Seriously. It’s like Debbie is my style twin or something!! (I am now after a similar plaid dress. I already have the baseball tee and boots.) I wonder if the fact that we’re both teachers makes us both like this outfit…just a hunch. What do you think Debbie? Kirsten is ironically also in plaid. Here’s to plaid ladies! But the style story from Kirsten’s post really got me. She has just moved, which I can relate too, but the neat thing about her new home is she is 15 minutes from a castle. Yes, castle! Can you imagine? I just finished reading Me Before You, and I’m having pictures that her new town might have Lou Clark in it…Thanks for linking up ladies.

Make sure to visit these two blogs: Debbie at Fashion Fairy Dust and Kirsten at The LIFB Issue!
Also go follow them on Instagram: @fashionfairydust and @thelifbissue.

Style Stories No. 10: Sweater Season

Sweater Season
It’s been cold in Hong Kong–like seriously cold especially by Hong Kong standards, so the wear of these three sweaters is completely authentic. If you follow along on Instagram, you will have quite familiar with these three pieces. I love each of them, and of course they each have their own little story.

Fisherman Sweater 1
I first saw this sweater on Sue from my Instagram feed. If you go to her feed as well, you will see this sweater proving its cost per wear. It’s basically the perfect winter sweater, and what makes it even more special is that it was hand-knit by Needle–a boutique started by two British knitters. (This sweater is called Coco. Charcoal is the only color left, but now it is half off! The Addie is also beautiful and comes in a pretty pale grey color–it is also half off!)

Mountain Sweater 1
I kept eyeing this sweater at Zara. I hemmed and hawed, but I never bought. Finally when I was ready to finally purchase it online, it was sold out. Then, in that rush of a week before going home for the holidays, during a last minute shopping excursion to the mall, I walked into a Zara, and there it was! Yes, I grabbed it and headed to the cashier register immediately. I have not regretted this purchase. To me this sweater is the quintessential ski sweater, so I have thoroughly enjoyed wearing it all winter long. (Next time, I know, don’t hem and haw. Just buy!)

Blush Sweater 1
I had been wanting to try out this pretty pale pink color for a while–it’s not the usual Annie color. I’m pleasantly surprised how nice I look (at least I feel it looks good) in pink. (And I will probably be wearing more of this color!)

Fisherman Sweater 2
I splurged on this sweater. It was just under $200! I never spend that much on my clothing. I made an exception on this piece however since I knew it was going to go the distance, and it has. I am wearing the heck out of it, so it has been worth the investment.

Mountain Sweater 5
I don’t know what took me so long to get this sweater. I know that when I think about something and fixate on it, I should just get it. I’m glad I did and while it wasn’t an inexpensive addition it didn’t break the bank either. By now, I’m starting to realize it’s better to go for quality when I really like it.

Blush Sweater 2
This sweater was on sale and then on sale again! So for $16 it seemed like a pretty good price to try out a new trend on me. Now I know that I like to wear a soft blush pink. I don’t mind taking a risk when it works out in the end–especially for such a deal!

Get your winter sweater now!

Before we get to the link up, I did some Banana Republic sweater shopping for you. Everything is already on sale, and then at the check out another 50% will be taken off of the price I have shown! Now, that’s a DEAL!

Last Style Stories’ Favorites….

Favorites from SS 9

Two weeks ago I ran a style story describing my week back to work. From the link up there were two bloggers that stood out to me: first, Sheela’s story about the word “cute,” and what that words to different people, was super interesting. I haven’t live in the States in 19 years, so it was intriguing to hear some of her impressions from her six years there. Also, Valentina stood out. I love everything about her outfit: the fun faux fur, the quirky bag, the sneakers, even the kitty cat hat. I love meeting new bloggers and have now become a reader of Fashion and Cookies.

Style Stories No. 10

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Style Stories No. 9: Back-to-Work

Here’s a sampling of what I wore this past week. It was difficult arriving back from an amazing trip where we went home for the holidays. Arriving late on Sunday night made getting up for work on Monday a bit difficult. I declared Monday a jeans day for myself. By the end of the week I stepped it up a notch. I feel very lucky that I have a pretty relaxed dress code at work receiving a lot of freedom in my sartorial ways. During the trip away, I managed to get some shopping in Stateside. Oh what fun! Especially after the holidays when the sales are rampant. Wow! I’m not shopping until after Christmas next year–if I can hold tight.

*You may have noticed a difference in the image up above. Santa delivered a Wacom tablet so I’m giving it a stab. I still have a ton to learn and much to get better at, yet I do love being able to write on an image though. It’s pretty nifty. All the images are from @krembdelakremb. Follow me and my style shenanigans on Instagram!

Back-to-Work Style Notes:

This is what I recommend from this week’s back-to-work Monday through Friday outfits:

  • After pining away for my sister’s Madewell Flea Market Flares that she let me borrow this summer, I decided to take the plunge and finally get a pair myself. It had been sooooo long since I invested in blue jeans. (Like 2009!) Lucky for me this pair was on super sale plus I was able to get a pair of black high waisted skinnies. I tell you what ladies: try out the high-waisted jeans. They feel so great over my ponchy pooch!
  • The thing I love about the co-ord trend is that out of this one outfit, I now have a top and bottom to mix and match. This is the co-ord I wore to the first day of school. I like how it comes across as a dress rather than separates. I’ve taken down my shopping guides and added the co-ord shop back to my shopping section on Kremb de la Kremb.
  • Zara is also having a major sale! I did really well there because I also was benefitting from the Canadian dollar. These navy blue suede culottes were a no brainer. I was also able to score the black velvet suit I had been coveting all fall long at a fraction of the price. It will be my go-to holiday outfit next year. I highly recommend stopping into the nearest Zara near you!
  • Anything from Banana Republic that is on sale can also have another %40 taken off with the code “BR40.” Here’s my exact blush sweater that I scored for US$16! (It comes in 12 colors, so there’s gotta be a color for you there!)
  • Except for special events, I am still preferring to wear a flat heal for work. My New Balance tennis shoes have been pillows on my feet, yet I’ve been wanting to mix it up a little. These new brogues with tassels were a stupendous find (again, at Zara). I can tell they will be on high rotation.
  • On a final note, I recommend you splurge (or find the perfect one on sale–don’t worry, I’ll help you!) on some faux fur! I big puffy black coat–like I wore on Tuesday, is so very cozy and suits just about every outfit. I’ve found some plain black versions for you at various price points from ASOS–the offer free shipping world wide! Trust me. You’ll love it. You can thank me later….

Shopping Day Dreamer

  • So, I do not own these, but I just wanted to include one of the items I am coveting from the after the holidays sales at J.Crew. They are still a fortune–even on sale, but maybe they’ll come down a bit more. I find these gold sequin culottes beyond fabulous. In the window at our Hong Kong branch they’re paired casually with a pair of neon New Balance. I was smitten!!
  • Another item that I kept going back to time and time again was this pair of Free People sock boots. (A sock boot is when the calf shaft is tighter around the ankle and goes up a little further than an ankle bootie. You can expect to see more of them.) They’re the deepest shade of navy, so they’d almost pass as black. They’re the perfect sock boot fit, and amazingly, they didn’t feel to high in even though there’s about a three inch heel there. I really can’t stop thinking of them. My birthday is in February–hint, hint to a possible gentleman reader.

Your turn!

Unlike my six style promises of 2016, I can’t make any promises in terms of my style stories’ link up, but it’s back this week. I will try my best to resurrect this link up!

Share any of your style stories. I want to see what you’ve been up to!

4 X 4 of Snake Print : The Perfect Print for Warm Weathered Autumns

4X4 Snake PrintI will never complain about the weather in Hong Kong; it is quite lovely all year long. Some people find the humid months to be stifling, yet I actually enjoy them–just another reason to visit any one of Hong Kong’s lovely beaches. Our weather will cool down, but it will just take a while. In the meantime, I love seasonal style and fashion: I enjoy the shift and anticiation. In fact, just this last weekend I switched out my wardrobes pulling out winter skirts and trousers to replace the more vibrant summer colored clothing items. The fabrics of my seasonal wardrboes matter. I’m not ready for wool or even cashmere. I sweatshirt is pushing it. Yet, I want to look autumnal. Enter snake print. Snake print is the PERFECT print for autumnal dressing. It’s got the muted colors, and it looks warm. Snake pring is the perfect November fall look without suffering through any additional heat waves. The other totally amazing quality of snake print is it’s timelessness. Some of the items below are new from this season while there’s one top in my wardrobe that dates back to 2000 where I picked it up in Saudi Arabia. Basically, add some snake print to your wardrobe–you can’t go wrong!

Here, I’ll show you four pics each of four different snake print variations:

Snake Print Shorts

Snake Shorts 1.1
These shorts from Zara are my newest addition to my snake print collection. I picked them up at zara. Shorts, in a luxe, wintery texture are the perfect fall look for Hong Kong. While we’re still having weather in the 28s/80s, shorts are an excellent option. Just choose muted, fall-like colors and textures.

Snake Shorts 4.4
For accessories I went simple since I’m wearing a mock neck top. I chose my snake eye earrings and kept it at that.

Snake Shorts 2.2
A short sleeve mock turtleneck is a great option. They’re not hot. In fact, once you hit the AC of most buildings you’ll be happy for this layer. This top looks wintery, but it’s not.

Snake Shorts 5.5
Autumn and the coming cooler months scream for texture, so at no cost to my temperature I added fringe black boots and my ostrich feather bag. Again, everything here my look warm, but my temp was not!

Snake Print Pants

Snake Pants 3Another great option to own is a pair of lightweight snake print trousers. I purchased these with a great friend named Sandy during one of our shopping day dates in Beijing–Zara always being a stop. I love how I can go into a Zara, see a type of pant, grab the large, and always be assured that it fits. Odd, but true.

Snake Pants 5Being the sucker for graphic tees, I was smitten with this “Hola” one. (“Hello” in Spanish!) To make this outfit appear more fall-ish, I simply wrapped a denim shirt around my waste. No, I really never had the need to wear it, but sometimes the tied-shirt-around-the-waist serves just as much as an accessory than anything.

Snake Pants 2

Snake Pants 6
This was an outfit I wore on a city day hence the kicks and a simple crossover bag. Again, I rely on the texture of fringe to add some more autumnal style to this look.

Snake Top

Snake Top 2
Here’s a top I’ve had forever! Since my days in Saudi Arabia to be exact which was back in 1999-2001! It’s really been the perfect fitting top that shows absolutely no wear. I will probably never get rid of it–is this jinxing myself with a stain of some sort!?

Snake Top 3
Snake print needs snake accessories, no?!

Snake Top 4
To both dress up this snake print top and add some fall-like touches, I added a leather jacket for my shoulders and a pair of sock booties. No tights are needed yet, but a full, flared midi skirt is weather appropriate even in the 80s. It’s still a skirt, so it’s airy, yet it’s a length that’s more suited for colder temps–even if we don’t have them.

Snake Top 5
My photographer (whom shall not be named for this particular set of shots–read teenage son) informed me my hair was WAY Justin Beiber. He caught me trying to fix it. Yes, I will admit it: I’m in a really weird hair stage. Not sure what is going on!

Snake Dress

Snake Dress 1
Oh this dress! I do love it!! Even though it is quite short I compensated the amount of seen skin with my over-the-knee boots. See here’s the thing: not much skin is actually showing–only like four inches. This feels totally safe and not provocative in the least.

Snake Dress 4
This was the snake print dress that I randomly picked up at a garage sale encounter while visiting the Jakarta Krembs. It was a “Stop the car!” moment.

Snake Dress 3
I added some over-the-top chain earrings that actually kind of match the sway of my hair’s waves. I think these will be on repeat….

Snake Dress 2
Psyche! I was wearing shorts underneath that short dress all along!

4 x 4 Snake Print

So, there you have it: four different yet at the same time similar interpretations of snake print and how it can be used to look autumnal yet still be comfortable in a warm weathered climate.

What do you think? Does snake print work for you? Will you be trying out snake print this season?

Stay tuned for a shopping post on snake print later this week….

And for more snake looks that will offer style inspiration you can visit these snake-y posts: Balinese Snake, Snake Camo, Snake Fashion Fixation, and S-s-s-snake.

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