A One Shoulder Sweater

One day a couple of weeks ago, I was in the belly of Hong Kong riding the MTR (that’s the name of HK’s subway system). I can’t remember what stop I was at, but one of the advertisements really caught my eye: it was of a woman in a gorgeous white one shoulder sweater with a string of pearls around her neck. I’m pretty sure the advert was selling the pearls and not the sweater, but no matter. The image stayed with me, and once I got to a computer, I went searching for a white one shoulder sweater–granted the one I saw on the model was cashmere and mine is cotton, however I think I’ve emulated her look exactly.

This made me think… what grabs your style attention? Is it ads? Magazines? Blogs? Is it the colleagues you work with our strangers on the street? For me, I think I am forever and always examining what people are wearing. In fact, I often remember the outfits people were wearing when I first meet them, and I always remember what I was wearing. I find style inspiration all around me. Where do you?

Now I have to stop myself from getting this fisherman one shoulder sweater!

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  • Pretty sweater!!

  • Norbyah Nolasco

    The pictures really turned out well for this post! The light was just amazing that afternoon….

    • I know!! Thank you Norbyah! We need to head to that back alley more often!! And, I don’t have content, so I need to shoot, shoot, shoot!

  • Dottie Poole

    Love the sweater, pearls and jeans combo. These are great photos.

    • Thank you Dottie! I appreciate you coming by and saying so! Love, Ann

  • What grabs my attention style-wise. That is a good question, Annie. I cancelled almost all of my magazine subscriptions two years ago because I wasn’t reading them. Street-style photos (since style is almost non-existent here in Houston, my definition of style anyways), and Instagram. And, one could surmise, the two are essentially one and the same since the accounts I follow for inspiration on IG are, yup, street style feeds GRIN

    • Luckily, since I’m a librarian (hehehe!), I just browse through our subscriptions during my lunch hour every now and then. My IG feed and blogs usually influence me, but I’m always staring. I am such a people watcher!! I’ve got my neighborhood, all the Frenchies and tourists that come through there, then there’s the business sector of HK which always fascinates me, and then I always love walking around the Midlevels on a Friday or Saturday night. Oh, I forgot to mention all the Korean and Japanese fashion too–always ahead of everyone else! Ya, I’m a people watcher for sure!!

      Thanks for commenting Dear Queen She!! Love, Annie

  • The sweater and pearls look perfect together. I find a lot of inspiration from other bloggers. It’s a whole new world! Plus ads in glossy magazines.

    • Hey, you changed your profile picture! I like it!! Thank you Gail! And me too–it’s like a whole new world!! A x

  • Your photos are lovely Annie!
    And that jumper looks beautiful…. a kind of pointlessness to it too (which I love)
    I mean it’s a jumper, to keep you warm, but it only has one sleeve! A whimsical loveliness….. just what fashion and style should be all about.
    As for grabbing my attention…hmmmmm….. anything that looks interesting/unique/different… and quality.
    A beautiful fabric always catches my eye.
    Like you I am constantly “studying” people to see what is working for them and why.
    People are fascinating and someone with real style just stands out from the crowd (and not necessarily because their outfit is BOLD, they just wear it well…. like this outfit!! :o*)

    • I love that: “pointlessness.” You’re right!! For Hong Kong it might just be perfect because you’re usually hot/cold, hot/cold because of either the weather or the AC. I just wish I could pull off this sweater for school/work. Unfortunately, I think this one would DEFINITELY be breaking dress code! I’ll find more places and occasions to wear it though.

      I think the two of us would have such fun people watching together!! And I would definitely spot you out in a crowd. FOR SURE!!

      Love, Annie

  • señora allnut

    really cool & original outfit, I like that kind of asymmetric pieces, and your sweater looks fabulous with a string of pearls and jeans! and lovely sneakers too!
    You rock!