Style Stories: Forever 21, Oversize Me!

Oversize me! Sometimes I just want to wear oversize everything. It’s so comfy. It’s definitely on the sloppier side, but oh, it’s so cozy. Like this sweater for example, in a very soft chenile, is way too big–I almost got the medium but then was like no I want large! And these pants, very brand new at the time are way too long (curently they are in the drawer to take to the tailor), but at the time, these long flowy pants were so comfortable. Even it if doesn’t look good, sometimes I just want to oversize everything–even big honkin’ huge hoops!

Wherever I travel, I always love trying out a new to me Forever 21. Some of my best purchases have been in Forever 21s around the world. Imagine my excitement when the mall right near our layover spot had a Forever 21! I went twice: once at the beginning and once at the end. This particular outfit came from the Forever 21 in Clark, Philippines. It was a descent size. It was kind of like the Baby Bear in Goldilocks. It wasn’t too big or too small; it was just right. I spent enough money at this Forever 21 that they divided my bill up, so I now have several of these Forever 21 totes lying around the house now. That’s ok. They make for the perfect lunch or gym bag.

Some of my favorite Forever 21s include those that I would shop at while living in India. India now has several Forever 21s alongside an online site, but while we were living there it did not. Every trip we took away from India I would check to see if the location had a Forever 21. The first one I ran into was during a trip to Malaysia; the Forever 21 in Kuala Lumpur is great! I can remember Kevin taking the toddlers and letting me have some alone time in my favorite store. That seems to still be the case. He knows I can’t refuse a Forever 21. The other Forever 21 that stands out in my mind and is probably my favorite is the one in Bangkok at Central World. This one is HUGE, but, it’s all on one floor which makes it awesome. It’s filled with little rooms that I can tackle one at a time and till I’m through. When I can divide and conquer like that, it makes the fitting room experience all the more manageable. Can you remember those burnt orange leather shorts? I have gone through two pairs they are that good. The final little Forever 21 I do adore is the one back home in Spokane. It’s out at the Valley Mall, and basically to get to my cabin you have to pass it. Sooooo….that leads to many a spontaneous trip just to grab a lil’ somethin’ somethin’!

Do you have a favorite, go-to store?
Do share what it is. Maybe I would like it too….

In Clark Philippines we stayed at one of the cheesiest hotels we’ve stayed at yet. There was a night club on the roof–where these shots were taken–complete with a pool and jacuzzi tub at the bar. In the middle of the pool stood a raised DJ. Here I was photobombed by one of the other tourists there for a fun night.

Fall Dressing in Hong Kong

I just checked the weather in the town where I grew up, and it’s 40° in Spokane, Washington. Hong Kong is currently 77°. I am not complaining about the weather in HK: I do love it here, and our weather is very eventful. Just Sunday we had yet another typhoon–why don’t they happen on school days?! What I will admit to however is some longing for fall dressing. When the seasons change in the Northern Hemisphere, I do have a tough time; I want to start dressing for fall just like that half of the world. Because I miss fall dressing, I make every attempt to adjust my style while remaining comfortable in the humid heat. Also, half the time it is absolutely freezing in doors because of air conditioning, so fall dressing becomes an actual necessity. For the rest of this month, I plan to show how I dress for fall in Hong Kong. I have some style tricks and tips that accommodate the yearning I feel for the style changes that come with each new season. I searched my site too; it appears this topic of dressing in the fall heat of Hong Kong seems to be a recurring theme each October….

Color is the one of the easiest ways to attempt fall dressing in a hot climate. Even on our October vacation, I brought clothing that was more fall like in color–like this cover up for example. By October, I’ve stored away my brigth summery clothes and replaced them with the autumn hues. The color that screams fall for me right now is army green. The greens in this skirt alongside an army green military jacket, make this outfit look autumnal. For me, in the Hong Kong heat the easiest way to accommodate fall dressing is with color. Next week I’ll feature another outfit where army green creates the fall look I’m after–even if shorts are involved!

This is my fall skirt that I first wear when I’m starting to attempt transitioning to the fall season. I’ve had this cornucopia skirt ever since 2014. Back then I was able to style it with heels. Wow, a lot has changed since then! Those heels are sadly long gone, but wow, they were sure sexy! This time around, I’ve basically styled my autumn looking skirt similarly yet with a military jacket rather than sparkly blazer. Still needing a little bling, I added a statement necklace–a recent score from the Rug Lane Pop Up. (Hong Kongers, Rug Lane will offer one more swap on November 11!) Also, I pulled out my satin yellow bow flats. While these are not heels, they are dressier than a pair of sneakers–which is what I would usually wear.

Does my attempt at fall dressing work?
Tell me. I’d like to know. Does this pass for fall style? What style tricks do you embrace once the season has changed?

*This post has been linked to Catherine’s #iwillwearwhatilike and Samantha’s #fakeituntilyoumakeit.

A One Shoulder Sweater

One day a couple of weeks ago, I was in the belly of Hong Kong riding the MTR (that’s the name of HK’s subway system). I can’t remember what stop I was at, but one of the advertisements really caught my eye: it was of a woman in a gorgeous white one shoulder sweater with a string of pearls around her neck. I’m pretty sure the advert was selling the pearls and not the sweater, but no matter. The image stayed with me, and once I got to a computer, I went searching for a white one shoulder sweater–granted the one I saw on the model was cashmere and mine is cotton, however I think I’ve emulated her look exactly.

This made me think… what grabs your style attention? Is it ads? Magazines? Blogs? Is it the colleagues you work with our strangers on the street? For me, I think I am forever and always examining what people are wearing. In fact, I often remember the outfits people were wearing when I first meet them, and I always remember what I was wearing. I find style inspiration all around me. Where do you?

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The Fab 40s in Formal During the Day

Formal During the Day 5
You’re going to see a lot of sequins during this round of The Fab 40s. We are all wearing formal during the day. This is something I’m quite used to. Since I’m on a total sneaker/casual shoe kick, I try to figure out ways to dress up this look. In fact you can see me wearing my sneakers at Christmas with satin joggers and a sequins top, here with an off the shoulder DIY dress, or here with my sequin pants. I’m no stranger to this concept especially since I adore dressing up and miss my high heels so much. I guess you could say I really believe that “Life is a party; dress like it!” Therefore I’ve had to create a new style concept that will not be hindered by comfortable shoes. And now, I’ve got six other ladies to take style cues from. Just you wait and see. But first, here’s my take with my new and ever so comfortable flatform (read two inch high heel!) Teva sandals. (I’m waiting for my pair in white to arrive….)

Formal During the Day 2

Formal During the Day 7

Formal During the Day 6

Formal During the Day 3

Samantha from Fake Fabulous

Photo 19-6-2016, 12 10 04 PM
Samantha, our pro pattern mixer, rocked her look in this elegant skirt paired with all things casual. I am realizing in my collection of skirts I am missing some polka dots! And I am sure Jennie is also coveting this piece. Sam, I love your gutties. (Did I get it right!?)

Vale of Fashion and Cookies

Wow! Vale from Fashion and Cookies is our guest this round. And WOW! She looks so fantastic. If I could pull this look off in the day time, I would be giving myself some high fives. Vale, is Italian–does that help explain? I highly recommend visiting her site; you will instantly get addicted to her chic style. Plus, she writes a bilingual blog in both Italian and English, so if you speak either of those languages, you’ll always understand!

Diane from Fashion on the 4th Floor

Photo 1-1-2000, 12 02 50 AM
Ummmm, Diane, I’ll keep it simple and just say I’ll be copying this look. I love it. It’s summer time, and I now live in my cutoffs, so I especially adore and relate to this entire look. Can you send that top over when you’re done with it?!

Jennie from A Pocketful of Polka Dots

Photo 25-6-2016, 1 26 03 AM
Jennie, it’s so fun to see your style evolving with each of our collaborative posts. You’re preppy self is turning a bit rocker? Do you agree!? I love it. You’re showing us all an edginess lately that I haven’t witnessed before. Also, I’m kicking myself: I should have bought those snake slip-ons that I saw ions ago. Super Jennie!

Mary of Curlybyrdie Chirps

Photo 25-6-2016, 2 33 02 AM
Holy smokes Mary! And you’re opting for a fabulous skirt this time around. (Mary is usually our dress wearer.) Mary, you’ve probably heard this before, but your curves are to die for! I love this skirt, and it fits you amazingly. You look smashing Mary!

Sheela Writes

Photo 25-6-2016, 9 27 49 AM
Sheela, I love your pants. I even have a similar pair! But I think yours are just a little fancier and way more cool with the jogger vibe going on. And Sheela, how, oh how do you manage in your heels? I am in awe, a little jealous, and just in complete awe how you can wear shoes as fabulous as you do!

And me, Kremb de la Kremb

Formal During the Day 8
For me, and my comfy shoe wearing ways, I’m letting my hemline creep up and up. And why not!? To avoid the muffin top, I’ve concealed it with a waistbag (fanny pack if you like!). To increase the look of a waist I side tied my tee OR I tied my bomber around my waist–two ways of cinching in a waist. And the shoes, well they feel like heels, so they add an instant pep to my step. I’m in love with these Teva flat forms and will be wearing them all summer long!

Formal During the Day 1
I got the thumbs up from my photographer!!

More Boho, More Paisley

More Boho More Paisley 7

Just Monday I participated in a blogger collab with The Fab 40s. The theme was boho. Here I am again two days later with more boho, more paisley. It was around November when I posted about my Thanksgiving paisley pants. This pair, just about as old, maybe even older, are my Spring pair of paisley. You know, now that I think about it…these pants date back even further. They were my very first online purchase–from J.Crew, the pioneers of online shopping. That means they might be as old as 15 or so years–proving that I’ve always been a sucker for anything paisley. This whole boho theme simply chosen for the eight of us to style, has got me thinking a lot about my personal style. I’m reminiscing all the way back to my high school senior pictures. Let me give a little despcription of just one of the three photos, and you tell me if my bohemian ways have been rooted thick. My favorite pic had me in a pair of oversized, red patched-up, Levi jeans. Oh, those jeans were so (flippin’) cool! I wore a red tee and had colorful seed bracelets stranded around my wrist. Oh, and I chose to go barefoot for these pics, sitting all cool Indian style. I miss those red patched jeans so much. Jill Cramp, my doppelgänger and good friend plus original owner of my fake ID, gave them to me. I don’t think I’ve felt as cool in a pair of jeans since…. Hmmm, maybe it’s time for a DIY. Yes, from paisley to patches, from beaded jewellery and fringe accents, to tons of texture, my boho style runs thick. Is it the story behind it all rather than the actual items of clothing? That’s what I’m left wondering. What makes me boho? What do you think?

*This summer I’ll take a picture of the above described senior picture. I’ll then update this post with the beloved red patched jeans from Jill.

More Boho More Paisley 6

Outfit Details:

I’m just curious? Do you care about the outfit details? Each items is long gone by now but I’ll tell you anyway…

  • Kevin gave me the earrings for Christmas one year. Each year at Christmas I always know there will be a pair under the tree for me. I love this annual gift.
  • Two of the stacked necklaces were made by my friend Mariana from Venezuela. The turquoise one is mine, and my mom let me have her coral one. Both pearl drop and the evil eye were purchased in Shanghai at a market during a visit to my sister.
  • The top is from Forever 21, and the pants are from J. Crew. Like I said they are really, really old. I still love them. They are in great shape proving that sometimes quality is better than quantity. Something I’m trying to embrace more of….
  • The fringe bag is from a second visit to Target (after I obsessed over not getting it the first time I saw it!), and the shoes are from Zara as are my sunnies.
  • Yay or nay to the outfit deets?

    More Boho More Paisley 1

    More Boho More Paisley 2

    More Boho More Paisley 5

    Have a Laugh!

    I think it might be fun to start including some of my funny, dorky outtakes. For example, here Remota (the name I have fondly given to my remote control so cleverly hidden in my right hand, ha ha!) told me to pretend like I’m looking for someone coming around the corner. Convincing? I don’t think so! Have a good laugh on my behalf!!

    More Boho More Paisley 8

    Style Story Link Up No. 5 + @catoinamsterdam

    I am making friends with the coolest women–around the world. No I haven’t met them in person yet, but I am getting to know them regardless of time and place. This week for my Style Story Link Up, I want to introduce you to @catoinamsterdam. For ease I’ll refer to @catoinamsterdam by her name, Carin. But have it be known that if you are on Instagram, and you like to seek inspiration from stylish outfits, then stop reading this post, click on this link right now, and select “FOLLOW.” Carin is known in Instagram as @catoinamsterdam, and to put it simply she is known!

    In the short three months that Carin has been on Instagram she has created one of the most exemplary communities I’ve seen. Carin is first and (obviously) foremost very, very stylish. But, this is not her only claim to fame. Carin is also super nice, encouraging and supportive, very fun, and finally engaging. She replies to every single one of her comments as well as graciously and continuously commenting to others on their own pics. I know this from experience. This is how we started to firm up our friendship: it was about a month ago that I began writing her the old fashion way as pen pals. (This is the old fashion term for those individuals who write hand written letters and send them through the physical post via an individual called a postman.) Now I’m anxiously waiting for my postcard to be sent over from Holland–yes, the “amsterdam” in her handle refers to where she lives. Lucky huh!?! Until I travel to Amsterdam or Carin travels to Hong Kong, we’ll continue growing our friendship via the many modes available to us today.

    Now, go ahead and take a look at why I follow Carin and why you should too! You’re going to see bold colors, fun pattern play, whimsical touches, and my favorite, confidence. Her smile and stature all tell us Carin is proud to wear what she’s wearing each and every day!

    Follow @catoinamsterdam

    @Carinamsterdam Collage 1

    @CatoinAmsterdam Collage 2

    All pics were taken from @catoinamsterdam with permission.
    I like to take a little credit for outfit inspiration on the “C” sweatshirt–right Carin?

    Link Up Your Style Story!

    Styling Amber

    Amber 6
    Last week I mentioned how I’m almost finish with my London College of Style certificate. Part of the most recent assignment, aside from this personal collage, was styling a friend, and I chose my dear friend Amber. The gist of the assignment was to take something of the individual but that add a bit of my own style to her look. Amber came over with her super cute tulle skirt and red Chucks. She agreed that she’d style the outfit pretty much the same way I did with a fun graphic tee; out of my collection she chose this fun black one with a message I actually believe in! I tied it in the back so as to give Amber a nice cinched in waist. Poofy skirts can be hard, so I wanted to make sure her slim waist was seen. To add a little of my enthusiasm for funk and color, I made one major difference: accessories. To play up the message of the tee, I styled her in pearls and a high, messy, ballet bun. Oh, and round sunnies, a glittery clutch, and her red lippy! Doesn’t she look fabulous?! Well, I think so, but that smile would be Amber’s best accessory!

    Need a Stylist?

    Do you have an item in your closet that you’d like help styling? Please give me a holler. I’m almost certified but most definitely eager to help you out. (Here’s my address annkrembs at krembdelakremb dot com OR there’s Facebook or even Twitter.)

    Amber 7

    Amber 8

    Amber 5

    Some Outfit Details:

    Sunnies–Tian Zi Fang boutique in Shanhai
    Earrings–DIY from A Pair and a Spare
    Double Bangles–Zara
    Graphic Tee–Nordstrom Rack
    Tulle Skirt–Anthropologie
    Red Tennies–Converse
    Clutch–Fabindia from my sister Mary
    Lipstick–MAC Ladybug (Such a cute red I hadn’t seen before. Thanks for the tip here Amber!)

    Almost Done…

    I’m almost done with two things that have been taking up a lot of my time and energy!

    First, I’ve been working toward a certificate in personal styling from The London College of Style for way too long now. They have been more than patient with my delinquency in turning in assignments. I have one module left, and then I’ll be official; any one of you could call on me for styling support, and I will have been trained. This last assignment was quite fun, so I thought I’d share. I had to create a mood board of my own style. The process led me to a kaleidoscope encapsulating all the color and bold prints and patterns I wear. Here’s the result:


    Second up, I’m having hip surgery today! I use an exclamation point because I am actually excited to have this surgery. Listen, my shopping game is becoming inhibited! When walking a city block becomes painful in flats, it’s time to get something done. While I have a long road of recovery ahead of me, I can only believe that I will eventually have some relief from my hip issues.

    If by chance posting on Kremb de la Kremb becomes more sporadic than it already has become (since summer I’ve scaled down to three posts a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), it’s because I’m still getting on my feet–literally! I have some posts planned though–like this Monday is The Fab 40s in menswear, so stay tuned!

    My Style Interview with Sylvia from 40 Plus Style

    There are a couple of very supportive and influential ladies in the middle aged blogging community. I’ve mentioned Catherine from Not Dressed as Lamb. She holds a similar motto to me regarding confidence being the very best accessory. There’s another very supportive and collaborative individual based in Singapore: Sylvia from 40 Plus Style. Sylvia has created an entire community of 40+ women. She provides her community with stylish examples, a network for communication, and support for being a woman of style over 40. One day I will meet stylish Sylvia…. In the meantime, I was very excited to partake in one of her style interviews. This entire post was published in June of this summer on 40 Plus Style. Her questions made me think a great deal about my own personal style where I found that again, confidence and carrying myself in what I choose to wear is of utmost importance to me. Have a read (or skim through–it’s very long!) and join the #40plusstyle movement:

    How to feel confident & beautiful and tell stories with your clothes – A style interview with Ann

    by SYLVIA

    How to feel confident & beautiful and tell stories with your clothes - A style interview with Ann | 40plusstyle.comAnn is a teacher and a world traveller who has lived in many countries. Her adventures are reflected in her clothing which she describes as hip, funky and eclectic. Ann feels strongly that you should dress to feel confident and beautiful and have lots of fun with your clothes. Let’s find out how she achieves that!

    [Read more…]

    24 Things I Shouldn’t Have Worn–Ooops! Basically, #IwillwearwhatIlike

    So….there was an article written recently that has ruffled many (stylish) women’s feathers–including mine. Over on Rant Chic a post was written about the 24 Things Women Should Stop Wearing After Age 30. Say what!?! For me, this is just asinine. I’ve never done well with people regulating what I can and cannot wear. I was the girl in high school that started a petition to be able to wear shorts. The moment I get a work related tee I head straight to a pair of scissors and make it my own. Lately, this idea of saying what women can and cannot wear at certain stages of their life seems to becoming more prevalent. Why is this? Meanwhile this article from Vogue states how women in their 40s are looking better than ever. Why shouldn’t we at all times embrace the very beauty of our womanhood. If there is a sartorial item in our closets that helps us to feel beautiful we should be wearing it. The beauty inside than transpire outside. I am probably starting to sound like a broken record, but confidence is the first thing we as women should put on. If those short shorts make you feel confident, in turn beautiful, than by golly strut around with those booty shorts!

    I have definitely not followed this list!

    I searched my past blog posts and found 20 out of the 24 items that I full heartedly embrace despite my age of 43! I copied the list from the article and then just filled in with my own pictures.

    24. Graphic Tees

    Self Confidence
    Well, for goodness gracious. She’s gotta be kidding here. Graphic tees are the best! I mean seriously. They’re so fun to wear. I had trouble choosing which one to post, so I went with the one representing my philosophy with what every woman should wear regardless of age–CONFIDENCE!

    23. Bedazzled anything

    Hahha! I love anything that sparkles. If it’s bedazzled all the better. Here’s an example of me taking an item (very old sneakers) and making them dazzle by adding studs!

    22. Blue Eyeshadow

    #instylecolorOh, now, no one can say that a little bright eye doesn’t perk oneself up right away! Especially in AQUA!

    21. Victoria’s Secret PINK

    bikini halter top
    While I don’t own anything PINK by VS, I am more than positive that my candy pink halter top that I love so much would be not permitted. I own two of this suit: one for Hong Kong, one for Spirit Lake.

    20. Leopard Print

    This one is gonna kill the author. :S

    19. Sparkly Pants

    I’ll tell you what: when I wear these sparkly pants, I feel special. Feeling special at any age is going to be a very good thing.

    18. Oversized Sunglasses

    Style Truck
    Hahha, which to choose! I went with my not only big but also bright red pair!

    17. Non-matching Socks

    I have yet to wear non-matching socks, but I’m tempted to fill this space now.

    16. Hoop Earrings

    Holy smokes! Hoop earrings!! They’re a staple for any woman’s jewellery box–in both silver and gold. I chose my gold based ones because of their long history.

    15. Furry Boots

    I don’t own any, but am always and most definitely on the hunt for a cute pair.

    14. Furry Anything

    over the top
    This one is gonna bug her big time!

    13. Tube Tops

    All my tube tops are in Hong Kong. I’ll make sure to post an updated tube top pic soon. Until then here’s an oldie from a New Year’s Eve outfit idea. (Gosh, my hair was so long and pretty. I wanna grow it back to long!)

    12. Short Dresses


    11. Mini-Skirts

    Oops again! I got nice legs–I’m gonna show them.

    10. Woman Overalls

    I don’t own a pair. I’m heavy chested so therefore they look awful on me. I always look at them with admiration and would like to wear them, but the girls keep me from doing so….

    9. Crop Tops

    Crop Tops Over 40
    Now crop tops! I love THEM! If anything, they remind me to hold in my core.

    8. American Eagle

    This is so random. American Eagle? I love this sweater that my sister gave me off her back.

    7. Booty Shorts

    Again, I like my legs….so I’m not going to hide them.

    6. Old Sneakers

    I guess the only thing I can agree with is old sneakers sometimes need replacing….? Luckily these ones are still going strong.

    5. Cheap Bras

    Moo Moo 5
    Back to the girls–can’t really go cheap there, but I’m sure the author would hardly agree with using a bikini as a bra

    4. Glitter Eyeshadow

    Bedazzled, sparkly pants, glitter eyes…especally in the form of sparkly sunnies–I’m all about it! Now I need to make sure and post some glittery eyeshadow eyes.

    3. Platform Flip-Flops

    I think platform flip-flops are rather ugly, so I wouldn’t wear them, but I’m sure these booties would make the author cringe!

    2. Abercrombie & Fitch

    I don’t own anything from here. It’s always so dark inside, so I never go in. But, I sure do admire the shirtless models. I’m sure that’s not allowed over 30 either!

    1. Scrunchies

    My hair is now too short! But here’s an oldie where I wrapped a bracelet around my high ponytail.


    See how preposterous this list is! I mean come on. We are really going to tell women of any age what they can and cannot wear. This is so Mean Girls “you can’t sit with us.” Please, women of the world, let’s start embracing our beauty at any age. Let’s congratulate each other for stylish movements that we may attempt. Let’s support one another so that the very thing we wear each day is confidence. Now that is the list that should be generated. Our dear Catherine over at Not Dressed as Lamb has created a list for us to try and follow on Instagram. There’s no order, no rules, just join and support other women as they embrace their own personal style. Follow Catherine @notlamb and me @krembdelakremb!