I was Featured on Rug Lane!

Here I am in head-to-toe Kremb de la Kremb DIY for Rug Lane!

I’ve been talking a lot about Rug Lane lately. From the market they just held this past weekend to their feature on me–yes! Rug Lane featured me as an HK “City Slicker” a couple of weeks ago. This was such a huge compliment and honor! They also showcased one of my all time favorite DIYs: my easy to make off-the-shoulder striped dress. The founder of Rug Lane, Billie-Grace, came over one afternoon, and I just talked and talked and talked. Her focus for me interview was my DIY–what inspires me and how I go about my DIY projects. Basically, I was giddy because I was able to have a show and tell about all my DIY creations. Telling stories about my style is one of my favorite things to do which creates a premise for this blog. Along with trying to inspire others, I really love stories behind stylistic choices. The other great thing about Rug Lane featuring me was making a new friend: Billie-Grace. She’s the sweetest individual with two jobs as well–one of the paying variety and the other her passion which is Rug Lane. I do encourage to go take a look at the ezine. It’s filled with great music lists, style inspiration, and Hong Kong happenings, yet because of her mission, to make it a global site, there’s no limitation to HK. It’s an everywhere anywhere everyone kinda online magazine, and I love it. Please go visit! Also, make sure to follow Rug Lane on Facebook and Instagram.

Billie-Grace takes a polaroid of every “City Slicker.”

Here’s a snippet from the interview:

Ann Krembs is a busy lady – blogger, librarian, mum, Fab 40’s mover and shaker and certified stylist with a instagram account worth following even just for her fantastic insta-stories! She recently came back from a trip to India where she lived a few years ago with her family and I got to spend an afternoon at her house talking make up and dress ups, discussing DIY, life BK (before kids), HK and AK (after kids) plans. We covered everything from eyelash extensions to button shops and Beijing.

Head-to-toe Kremb de la Kremb DIY
Off-the-Shoulder Mens Shirt
Tassel Embellished Handbag
Star Patched Jeans
Paint Splattered Booties

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  • Congrats on the interview, sounds a great coup and way of promoting your style.

    • Yes! Yes, yes, yes! I keep getting hits from the post, so I’m so appreciative! Any publicity is good publicity, and I’d love to keep getting more readers–obviouosly!

      Thanks for being such great reader yourself Gail. I always appreciate your comments.

      Love, Ann

  • Judy Gramith

    Congratulations Ann!!! I love hearing you so excited and enthused about your newfound celebrity! It’s pretty cool that you’ve been recognized for your DIY projects and the creativity involved. I’m guessing that was unexpected???
    I’m not on Facebook or Instagram so I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to read the full interview. =-(
    Have the kids at school started asking about your life outside of school with new interest?

    • I was so honored when I was asked, so yes it was unexpected. But Billie-Grace, the founder and editor of Rug Lane is such a doll. I’ve made a new friend!!

      You can read the full interview–I linked to it all over my post; no need for Facebook or Instagram as Rug Lane is a website. But for your reference here are the url links again. The interview may be found here: http://www.ruglane.com/single-post/2017/02/16/CITY-SLICKER-7-ANN-KREMBS and the DIY is here: http://www.ruglane.com/single-post/2017/02/21/DIY-CLASS-GET-THAT-WINTER-DRESS-READY-FOR-SPRING

      Pretty much most of the kids–especially the girls, know I’m a blogger. They often come to me, especially at prom. It’s fun! Also, some of them come to me for DIY things. I’ll be designing for the fashion show again this year like I did two years ago, so yes, many people know fashion is my passion. And, then there’s all my daily outfits!! Hahaha!

      Love, Ann

      • Judy Gramith

        Oh my, You just made me miss that same kind of relationship that I had with many of my female students during my years of teaching . It was fun to receive their compliments and to share that common and very personal fashion interest . I miss that!!

        On another subject. How long did the doctors predict for the mending of that knee injury?