The Fab 40s are BACK! In Velvet


The Fab 40s have taken a little four month break, but we’re back, in VELVET! I’m no stranger to the velvet love. In fact, last spring I compiled all the velvet looks I’d created in one single post; there were eight looks in total! Since that post, I’ve continued to add velvet to my closet–here are my green velvet joggers (I got rid of the cami), my blush velvet sweater, my navy turtleneck, and last but not least my pink velvet sneakers. Do I have a thing for velvet? Why yes I do! This blush dress is my newest addition. I especially liked that it could be worn in the tropics. I figured this winter fabric shouldn’t be limited to cold weather, and indeed, this wrap dress was the perfect New Year’s Eve dress!





Jennie from A Pocketful of Polka Dots

I’ve missed my Fab 40s friends. The break was nice, but the comfort of collaborating with these women each month is much preferred. Jennie chose velvet this month–and for a good reason. We ALL want her floral, navy, velvet suit. It’s on major sale now at the Loft, and she’s invited us all to copy her! She chose velvet for a very good reason, don’t you think!? Also, I love how when I look back at all our Fab 40s post, Jennie is a chameleon with her hair. This color is super fantastic in my opinion!

Suzie Turner

I have two very faithful readers who consistently read each one of my posts and comment: Suzy Turner is one of them, and I am so thankful for her. She is so supportive of me, and I am not quite sure if she knows just how grateful I am for her blogger love. Now she will! Her blog is definitely worthy of adding to your list of reads. Her recent lingerie post is my favorite (you rock it Suzy!), and all the pictures of her in this $6 dollar green velvet (Forever 41) dress will have you swooning. Wow Suzy!

Sheela Writes

When Sheela wrote us a little over a month ago if we were all interested in getting our Fab 40s started again, there wasn’t a one of us who didn’t agree. We were all in. And we needed our fearless leader back at the helm. The force known as Sheela is back! (With a kick ass pair of shoes no less! We know we will always be able to count on Sheela in this arena.)

Curly Byrdie Chirps

Mary’s velvet bootie socks rival Sheela’s in this instance–not to mention Jennie’s purple pumps too. But the star of the show is this stunning pink dress. Mary and her dresses, I’ve missed them. Mary, you could rock a potato sack I am sure of that! And I still would love to be a fly in your dress closet!

The Fab 40s–We’re Back!!

Are you as happy as I am?

I was Featured on Rug Lane!

Here I am in head-to-toe Kremb de la Kremb DIY for Rug Lane!

I’ve been talking a lot about Rug Lane lately. From the market they just held this past weekend to their feature on me–yes! Rug Lane featured me as an HK “City Slicker” a couple of weeks ago. This was such a huge compliment and honor! They also showcased one of my all time favorite DIYs: my easy to make off-the-shoulder striped dress. The founder of Rug Lane, Billie-Grace, came over one afternoon, and I just talked and talked and talked. Her focus for me interview was my DIY–what inspires me and how I go about my DIY projects. Basically, I was giddy because I was able to have a show and tell about all my DIY creations. Telling stories about my style is one of my favorite things to do which creates a premise for this blog. Along with trying to inspire others, I really love stories behind stylistic choices. The other great thing about Rug Lane featuring me was making a new friend: Billie-Grace. She’s the sweetest individual with two jobs as well–one of the paying variety and the other her passion which is Rug Lane. I do encourage to go take a look at the ezine. It’s filled with great music lists, style inspiration, and Hong Kong happenings, yet because of her mission, to make it a global site, there’s no limitation to HK. It’s an everywhere anywhere everyone kinda online magazine, and I love it. Please go visit! Also, make sure to follow Rug Lane on Facebook and Instagram.

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October’s Instagram @KrembdelaKremb: Vol. 10

October's Instagram

There are a couple of 31 day months in the year that always seem to be really, really long. March is one of them and so is October. I can’t believe all that happened this month, and yet it seemed to drag on forever. I also experienced my first big blogger’s rut just last week. I hope to get back on track. It might have been being solo with Vincent away on a school trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand and both Gigi and Kevin away on a school trip to Beijing, China. I kind of didn’t know what to do with myself!

1. October in both Hong Kong and China always begins with a week off of school to celebrate National Day on October 1st. The week before Kevin found super cheap tickets to Thailand, so we went for it. He’s called KevStar for a reason–amazing travel planning skills! I usually travel in a black blazer, but since we were going to colorful Thailand, I travled in a bright version this time around.

2. We stayed at a boutique resort outside of Hua Hin–which is a large beach town within driving distance to Bangkok. The Aleenta is a fantastic option. Our two bedroom room was exquisite with access to the pool from our own entryway. The kids slept downstairs while we had a sizable room upstairs. We’re always surprised when we travel, and the hotel room is actually bigger than our Hong Kong apartment!

3. The Aleenta is 87% sustainable. On one afternoon we had a tour of the entire farm and production that goes on for the hotel. They grow all their own produce, raise their livestock, and make almost everything. Every morning we’d get two of these three tiers of home baked goodies, with fresh grown fruit and in house smoked meat and cheeses. It was amazing–and that’s an understatement! For the other 13% of goods that Aleenta cannot produce, they source within a 30 kilometer radius of the hotel. Wow, it was an enjoyable experience! We highly recommend the Aleenta! In fact, we’d all like to go back….

4. I became a brand ambassador this month! I am so excited to be working with Australian online retailer Firefly Clothing. You can expect some great outfit posts coming up with some of their items from the winter line–which is greatly on sale right now since Australia is just starting their summer.

5. I made some pen pals via Instagram this month–like the old fashioned pen pals that correspond via written letters. It’s pretty spectacular to be making friends via this social network. The three pen pals I made this month are the extremely stylish @catoinamsterdam, minimalist extraordinaire, and local beauty @lasmora who I had the pleasure to meet in person last month.

6. I posted a solution for how to tone down bold items. My formula is to take something bold like a feather skirt and over the knee boots and pair it with something cozy like a warm, fisherman sweater.

7, 8, and 9. A few of my outfit posts this month were liked quite a bit. It’s always fun and actually interesting to see what outfits become popular. My #fashionblogger #graphictee was liked the most this month. It could have been because I posted about my mantra: If you think you are you are. Who doesn’t like a beach cover from days of R & R in Thailand? Finally the last outfit post was the most recent. While I have more t-shirts than I can count, I’m having fun pairing them with items like ball gown skirts and of course my runners. This is a skirt I designed for my designer walk at the fashion show last spring where I created five Kremb de la Kremb formal gowns. Also, this last Instagram photo in my own designed skirt was highlighted on 40 + Style! This is MAJOR! I love it when Sylvia chooses to highlight Kremb de la Kremb!

Are you on Instagram? Yes! Well, I hope I am following you then. If not, please let me know!

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Instagram @KrembdelaKremb: Vol 5


Instagram is a great place to visually look back and reflect. When I look at my Instagram pictures from May, aside from the slew of my usual #ootd shots plus the abundant amount of May rain, there were some special things that happened.

May Instagram @Kremdelakremb

1. Vincent turned 13 this past May. I wrote a little tribute to him about how proud I am of the young man he is becoming.

2. It took me forever–like all of May–but I finally finished I’ll Give you the Sun by Jandy Nelson. I did like it, but I did not like how long it took me to read it. For a 21st century novel it’s more surreal than most which was a refreshing change; the imagery and artistic way in which it was written was quite special.

3. I participated in another Fab 40s post; this month we all wore gingham. I felt especially crafty with this outfit since I wore a button down shirt as a skirt! I’m looking forward to June’s theme: cream lace. Stay tuned….

4. We had SO. MUCH. RAIN this May. I love the rain, so I actually didn’t mind, but the migraine that followed the crazy storms on Saturday, May 22 was no fun.

5. With Prom happening on May 15, I was reminded of my own first prom when I was asked just a week before but managed to design and create my own dress just in time–evidence that getting dressed for me is usually more fun than the actual event!

6. I had many Style Stories this month but my favorite was the one where I wore a different white shirt all week long.

7. Another fun feat this past May was when one of my designs actually fit me! I wore my first design to an annual fundraising ball held for my school each year.

8. We have a cake in our family that always gets requested every time: Kevin’s Carrot Cake!

9. Coming soon will be the outtakes from this super fun photo shoot with @louisejensenhk and @taipudd….

@KrembdelaKremb May Connections:

And here are the people I met, felt connected to this month, or was in awe of this month on Instagram:
@mamastylista–she’s so hot it’s kind of insane!
@sheelagoh–a fellow Fab 40s and definite dear friend.
@deethomasprj–the most supportive follower ever!
@apairandaspare–if you’ve always dreamed of going to Greece, go to her feed now!
@shanachristine–a blogger I totally admire and receive so much inspiration from–she’s the one who started the hashtag #myeverydayedit!

Instagram Flashback: Vol 4


April Instagram @KrembdelaKremb

April was a great month! When I look back on my Instagram feed, there were a few pics that caught my attention to highlight the month. Are you on Instagram? Follow me. I love connecting over this social media platform.

1. We started going to the beach again.
2. I wore blue mascara a lot–thanks to my InStyle inspired ten day color challenge.
3. I hosted an Istagram bag giveaway that introduced me to a ton of new people on Instagram.
4. When opportunity knocks, I opened the door!
5. We got back to some order in our household by planning out our weekly menu. Routines are good!
6. I showcased a Kremb de la Kremb line of clothing in the school where I work fashion show. (Pictures to hopefully come soon.)
7. We took an amazing trip through Yunnan Province in China.
8. I started regularly drinking tea again.
9. One of my pictures was featured on InStyle’s Instagram feed!

Aside from some of the fun pics found on my Instagram feed this past month of April, I also made some new friends via Instagram. I recommend following these rockin’ awesome individuals: @vanishalifeunstyled, @icadoo, @flatbummum, @house_of_ginger, and @sarawolfbuch.

Style Story 12: Patterns and Texture All Week Long

Patterns and texture were abundant in each one of my work outfits this past week. Lucky for me it was a four day work week. It has been interesting too look back on the outfits though and see tons of patterns and texture: checks with ribbons, sparkles with snake, lace with plaid, and lace with stripes. I think I’m just about ready to define my style–especially with a week where I scored a 5/5 each day! That is a first, so I must have been doing something right! (Wait for a post defining my style next Wednesday…)

Monday’s Patterns and Texture: Sapa Skirt and Checks, 5/5

Patterns and TextureThis skirt from the mountain village of Sapa in Vietnam is a winner. Once I tailored it to fit me better, I get tons of wear from it all year long. In the winter, it works with a sweater and tights; in the spring (or fall) I pair it with a button down as worn here. Come summer a simple white tank or tee will work. The skirt is deep indigo navy with hints of black complimented by some whites and greys, and also pops of turquoise and fuchsia. The skirt is actually sewn together with tons of different colored ribbons and thin strips of fabrics. Up close the detail is amazing. It’s this story behind my style that connects me closely to my clothing. We went to Vietnam during Christmas of 2010, and despite some hardship along the way, our time in Sapa was really neat.

Tuesday’s Patterns and Texture: Snake Pants with Sparkly Flats, 5/5

Patterns and TextureNow I can hardly even come close to being anything remotely close to my all time favorite fashion blogger The Glamourai, but when I wear this outfit, I feel like she would approve. She’s so slouchy cool with her draping of loose blouses and tailored trousers. Kelly Framel is the epitome of chic. It’s fun to attempt dressing anything like her, so I felt pretty great in this outfit. Plus, I’m a sucker for anything snake print!

Wednesday’s Patterns and Texture: Plaid Shirt and Lace Skirt, 5/5

Patterns and TextureThis is the shirt with the maximum story! First, my sister basically took it from me the instant she saw it. I knew I should have got Julie her own, but I did not, and since we have an unwritten rule of giving what the other must have, I handed it over. But, I still wanted this perfect plaid shirt. So a few years later, when it made a showing in the Hong Kong Forever 21, I scooped it up instantly. I love this shirt! It’s bright, it’s plaid, and yes, it’s perfect! Usually it’s best worn with denim on bottom, but here I liked pairing it with some lace. It’s an unusual pairing, but I think it works.

Thursday’s Patterns and Texture: Striped Dress with Lace Cardigan, 5/5

Patterns and TextureI went with lace again on Thursday. I started with the navy striped dress, and from there I added the treaded ankle boots. That was two days in a row for little booties–which are now an appropriate shoe wear all year long. (I have a post lurking in my mind for the perfect summer bootie….) I knew I’d need a layer, so I grabbed my cream lace cardigan. I loved all the juxtapositions going on with this outfit: stripes, edgy, lace, feminine, crystals, fancy. In the end I felt great all day long in this quirky outfit!

Patterns and Texture Just for You:

I did a little online shopping trying to see if I could find some similar items from this past week. I loved my outfits–I think it’s my best Style Story yet! I mixed some options for you combining patterns and texture with this last week in mind along with a little quirk–very Kremb de la Kremb!

While shopping for you, I found some things for myself!

Have you visited my shop on Kremb de la Kremb? It’s filled with the items I’m thinking about and almost ready to click the “yes, purchase!” button. After shopping for this week’s Style Story, I found more to add to my shop!

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The Fab 40s in Marsala and Denim

AnnKrembsMarsalanDenimToday I bring you The Fab 40s in Marsala and Denim. The six of us in the fab 40s each chose an outfit themed with “Marsala and Denim.” To be honest, I don’t think about my age that much. I know I’m in my 40s, but it doesn’t really phase me when it comes to my style and what I wear. (For example, my hemline might suggest my disregard!) Maybe that’s what happens at this age: I seem to care less about how things may appear and rather I just go for it! I like my legs, so I’m going to dress them! That’s what these five other fab 40s women are doing too. We love fashion and style and so therefore we embrace this passion–regardless of our age! Take a look at my peers and meet The Fab 40s:

The Fab 40s

Sheela of Sheela Writes

Outfit details

Marsala Tweed Jacket: H&M
Tank: Alexander McQueen
Black Capris: Babushka
Studded Denim Gladiator Booties
Grey Leather Clutch: Weekend Millionaire

Kirsten from The LIFB Issue

Outfit details

Denim Jacket: Levi’s
Crop Top: Topshop
Wide Leg Trousers: ASOS
Pumps: Zara
Bracelet: The Rubz

Dawn from Fashion Should Be Fun

Outfit details

Jacket: Lucky Brand
Necklace: Lucky Brand j
Tank: The Loft
Dress worn as a vest: Vintage Blue
Skinny Pants: Royalty for Me
Shoes: Madden Girl

Jane of My Midlife Fashion

Outfit details

Scarf: H&M
Sweatshirt: Boden
Blazer: Zara
Jeans: Zara
Trainers: Mango

Dixie of Inside Outer Style

Outfit details

Jeans & Clutch: Diesel
Cape: New York & Co
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Sunnies: Burberry

Sequin Shift

Sequin Clutch
And Me!

Outfit details

Sequin Shift Dress: New Look
Denim Jacket: Gap
Clutch: Janpath Market, New Delhi India
Leopard Kitten Heels: boutique in Hong Kong
Earrings: Amrapali
Lipstick: Bonjour Velvet Rouge Edition in Nude-ist
Henna: Rishikesh, India

Are you in The Fab 40s? A woman passionate about your style feeling passionate about your fashion? Introduce yourself! We’d love to meet you!

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Kremb de la Kremb Roundup for 2014

FamilyPicWhat a year! I definitely dove into writing Kremb de la Kremb with gusto and have had so much fun doing so. I’m not sure which direction Kremb de la Kremb will continue, but I definitely know I’ll keep writing…Here’s a roundup of some of the exciting things that happened this past year on Kremb de la Kremb, but first, the fam…

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#SeptemberFormulaDressing Week 4

September has been an easy month to dress for with a simple formula Monday-Friday. So far over 100 posts have been made with this hashtag, so that means Kremb de la Kremb has helped other people get dressed Monday-Friday in the last three weeks. This is the last week of this style challenge–if you’re in a rut, just follow these style prompts: KrembdelaKrembChallenge4

#SeptemberFormulaDressing Week 3


It seemed like there was a bit of confusion during week 2 of the #SeptemberFormulaDressing, so I’m going to go back to the first week’s formula. It worked, so here’s to more formula dressing and #septemberstylechallenges! I love getting dressed for work with a formula!

Have a great–and stylish week!