DIY with a Tailor: Deconstructed Denim

Deconstructed Denim
I’ve been eyeing all sorts of deconstructed denim lately. Keep in mind, I also pick up denim at my local thrift store (Mee & Gee or Me & George) any time I walk in the door. (In fact yesterday, I picked up two jean jackets and a jean skirt at Mee & Gee. I know! I don’t need them, but my DIY juices start flowing when it comes to denim…) I mentioned Geneva from A Pair and a Spare yesterday. Again, she’s the one who influenced me to attempt making my own deconstructed denim with her post here. The thing is, I could have given my pair a try with my sewing machine, but I actually prefer working with my tailor, Yee. She’s so sweet, and it’s quite fun to collaborate with her. I go in with my pictures, and then I attempt to explain what I’m after. We don’t speak the same language, but somehow we’re able to communicate. Granted, the first version fell off me. She ended up having to take a total of four inches in because they were so big. Luckily, we’re patient with each other, and as always, I was super pleased with the end result.

Deconstructed Denim

DIY Deconstructed Denim:

Deconstructed Denim
These were my directions:

1. I brought her two pairs of Levi’s–one dark, one light.
2. I instructed her to take out the side seam on the dark pair and insert the side seam of the light pair.
3. Before any of this was done, she had to take off the pockets.
4. Once the new seams were sewn in, we were able to place the pockets in a natural position.

Voila! I’ve got a pair of DIY deconstructed denim.

Do you think you’ll work with a tailor to make your own? Or will you buy a pair? There are a ton of options out there. Deconstructed denim is a hot trend right now.

Deconstructed Denim

Deconstructed Denim
This little blue, fishy, velvet bag is adorable. I got it from my favorite handbag designer: Louella Odié. Here’s the link to this exact little pouch bag. Don’t forget to look at all the beautiful totes too. If you decide to purchase, take an extra 20% off with this code: KREMBDELAKREMB20.

Deconstructed Denim

Deconstructed Denim

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  • Judy Gramith

    Yee did a knockout job on those pockets!!! I doubt that your average knucklehead (me) with a sewing machine could do this so seamlessly! (pun intended). What fun you are having finding these little gems and then conspiring with Yee to make an idea happen!
    I have done some DIY projects along these lines but the sewing has been done by me and by hand or with stencils and paint, decorative trim, or beading. I feel the same way about denim Ann! It screams ( in a tiny denim voice) to be embellished!! =-)

    • I know! I could never do the sewing part. And I feel so guilty because Kevin did give me one for my birthday last year….I’ve only made one thing! This floral skirt during a Fab 40s’ post: That’s all I’ve made! I feel so, so, sooooo guilty!

      But, working with Yee is so easy, and she’s so much better than me, so I just go that route. If it involves scissors, than I can do it!! Hahha. In fact, Jude, I’m in a skirt today that I love, but the waist band has the dorky elastic sides to it. Do you think I cut off the waist including the button or into the waistband? I don’t know where to cut off the waist…. Do you know?



      • Judy Gramith

        Sounds like a job for Yee! =-)
        OR… what’s so bad about a dorky elastic waist anyway?
        Is it comfy?
        Can you wear something over the elastic?
        I say, don’t worry about it!

  • That’s so cool, Ann! Every so often, I have a go at things like this but I never quite succeed quite like you and Yee have here. I have a pair of straight-legged jeans that I made into skinny jeans and because the colour tone is different, it created a ‘line’ down the side which I love. I once made a pair of jeans into a long skirt using purple panels of fabric. It was pretty cool but I soon got bored of it because I didn’t hem it properly! 😉
    Suzy xx

    • Suzy, for my next jean DIY I want to try to have Yee bring the seam toward the front–so it’ll kind of swirl forward. Have you seen that style yet? It’d be a cinch. I’m gonna have her to it!!

      I wish I could do the sewing but Yee is just so much better!

      A x

  • Diane Capozzi

    You made the coolest pair of jeans & no one will ever have these! Thanks so much for the tips on how to DIY. think I need to take 2 pairs I’m not using in my closet & see what I can do with my sewing machine! Thanks for the other links as well. Of course, you know I have to ask where you got your sneakers. Want Want Want!!!! So badly!!!

    • I can’t wait for this month’s collab Diane! Right up my alley!! winkwink!!

      Love, Annie

      PS I have tons and tons of DIY posts here for you if you need DIY inspo. Another WINK!!