Mee & Gee, Wan Chai HK


I gave directions to Me & George a few weeks back. There’s more to this franchise–well, I can’t claim that it’s a franchise, but I do know there are three Mee & Gee type stores: the one in Central, this one in Wan Chai, and yet another for me to discover in Mon Kok. This branch, titled Mee & Gee, is my favorite of the two. While the quantity and prices of the second hand clothing remain the same in both these shops, I venture to say the quality at this branch seems better. Also, the best part about this shop is the two ladies working there; they are so sweet and nice to everyone who comes in–plus, they’ll always give you a little extra off. Their friendliness puts this shop at the top for me. Plus, I first stumbled upon it with my niece Elle where we picked up our tulle ballet skirts! (Eek, since then I’ve picked up two more–enough!)


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  • Ashley

    Thank you so much for the posts about second-hand stores in Hong Kong!!! I’m new to China and thrift stores are one of the things I miss most from home. I never would have found Me & Gee without your post and now it is my favorite place to shop when I’m in Hong Kong. Please post any other hidden gems that you find!

    • Hi Ashley! Welcome to Hong Kong!! You are going to love it here!! I have another post about George & Me–it’s like the sister store of Me & Gee but in Central. You can read that post here: I know there’s a third branch somewhere over in Monkok, but I have yet to go there. When I do, I’ll let you know. I’m so glad these posts have helped your shopping. Thanks for stopping by and come again:D A x