Blush Velvet Dress with Booties for the Holiday

velvet-blush-dress-1I’m usually the one in vibrant Christmas plaid or blingy sequins and embroidery for the holidays, so this blush velvet dress is a little bit more subtle for me. Yet, the texture is glamorous as is the low cut neck and high slit skirt. I am still not able to really wear a high heel–much to my depressing dismay. So, I’m trying out a solid heel with these sparkly go-go type ankle bootie. What do you think? Does it work? I am not sure…Do I feel glamorous and celebratory in this dress with sparkles down below? Oh yes! Happy holidays! Ho, ho, ho!! I guess a blush velvet dress works just as well as Christmas plaid, or multicolored sequins or even just plain sequins. But if the blush velvet dress isn’t for you, there’s always the LRVD (little red velvet dress)!






(Thank you for the pictures I’m a Norbyah.)

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  • señora allnut

    You look fabulous in this subtle color, and I love how it fits you so nicely!, and love your sparkly booties!

  • Marilee Gramith

    This dress has that textural loveliness that is so special. Something that is perfect for an *occasion* like a holiday party. Silk, cashmere, satin, angora, fur…they all carry some luxurious comfort. When you add COLOR to any of them they almost take on an other worldly quality. We sort of bask in the wonderment and think; “maybe I deserve this…”
    That’s how a holiday dress should feel. That’s what I see in your expression. You look beautiful Ann!

    • Thank you so much Jude! Actually, for the event I wore it for in India, I did feel lovely, but in retrospect I should have just gotten a sari. They are so beautiful, and I wouldn’t have felt as self conscious as I did in this dress. Oh well. The next time I have the opportunity, I will not hesitate.

      For a Western holiday party though, this dress is a great option. I’ll just have to wait till next Christmas–320 days to go!!

      Love, Annie

  • Ann, this is pure perfection!!! Move over Shalice!! I am buying this dress tonight and I absolutely love it with those booties!

    • Mary, did you buy it! And thank you for one of the best compliments ever!! Seriously!! Thank you.

      Love, Ann

  • Not only do these fantastic booties work, I think it is even nicer than high heeled pumps. Absolutely stunning outfit, everything, every detail. You look gorgeous and sexy in it. And I bet it feels comfy too.

    • Thank you Greetje. I’m learning how to adjust without being able to wear heels. It still breaks my heart, but what is, is! Right?!

      A x

  • Good golly Miss Molly…this is fabulous!!!
    Curves a-go-go.
    Ankle Boots!!!
    Modern, fresh, sexy, fun.
    A Christmas Cracker!

  • Pretty outfit, you look gorgeous. With this, I also like your wallet and boots. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Maria. And thanks for stopping by. Come again! Love, Ann

  • J

    You look amazing! I personally love the short boot/sexy dress combo. I missed the link somehow, where are the dress and boots from, please? Lovely!

    • Sorry for the very long delay, J. The dress is gone I believe. It’s from Zara. BUT, the booties are still available. They are from Forever 21. Here’s a link for you: Glitter Booties. There are sizes left under 8 so I hope you’re an 8 or under. They also come in silver!

      Thanks again, and happy shopping! A x

  • What a beautiful outfit! Both the boots and dress are elegant but they don’t shout out “look at me!” Nice. I also really loved how you styled the sequin top in the ping-pong post. All three of you ladies did such a nice job with that top. Happy holidays!


    • Thank you so much Julia. I apologize for my delay in replying. I do hope you visit again!!

      Love, Ann

  • I usually go so bright and bold, so it felt like a nice change to be on the more subtle side of the color spectrum.

    Thank you Gail! Love, Ann

  • WOW!!! That dress is to die for. You look so darn hot { }
    Suzy xx