Blue Velvet and Blue Walls

blue-velvet-8Blue velvet with blue walls….awww, fixes everything–at least this blue velvet shirt does. This velvet shirt was on pretty constant repeat during our family trip through Rajasthan, India. The temps wavered in the morning and at night; plus there’s constant shade from palace and fort corridors. This particular velvet shirt is now gone, but I’ll tell you what: I am not through with velvet. I love the material, so therefore I have been stocking up. I already posted my black velvet suit with plaid and a black velvet dress, the crushed red velvet dress plus the blush wrap dress, yet I’ve got more up my sleeve–both literally and figuratively. May I give you a shopping tip please? Now that the holidays are over, all the velvet options are on serious discount, so stock up now. I know I am!


Now let me tell you about this alleyway filled with blue walls looking like blue velvet because it is very special to me. When we lived in Inida, there was a repeat tour, much beloved like this velvet shirt, that we took many, many times. We’d start in Udaipur–which we had done on this trip to celebrate Christmas in the Lake City. From Udaipur we would always go to Rawla Narlai, a hunting lodge in the village of Narlai. Like years before, Lala was there to meet us, and he still remembers Gigi. He mentioned the treasured picture we gave him of the two of them. At dusk, Lala would always take us on a village walk, and when we requested it for this visit, he didn’t hesitate to take us. The village is the same, as if it has frozen in time, with the villagers being as kind as they’ve always been. Some things have changed like the renovation of their Jain temple, but that was about it. When I saw these two blue walls just outside the hotel, I felt inspired to match it. I grabbed the blue velvet shirt and my Indian tee with two elephants and a peacock. I pulled out my gold skirt and sparkly boots. I figured these were all the magical colors I saw in the walls and in the village. It wasn’t too hard to try to match one of my favorite spots in all of India: Rawla Narlai. (I’ll make sure to post an actual hotel post eventually–especially since it’s always the must stop that we tell people to make when they ravel to Rajasthan!)





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    These pictures are divine.
    You blend effortlessly with the surroundings…. I also love the slightly melancholic feel.
    You look beautiful and serene.
    I loved visiting India (back in 1997) and enjoyed wearing a headscarf, and an abaya too!
    I did it to stop people (mostly men) staring at me… I had waist length hennaed hair at the time and palest of pale skin. I think I was like a walking freak show! LOL
    Such a beautiful country but the poverty was heartbreaking…. especially people’s resignation to their fate.
    I have never felt such a HUGE mixture of emotions when visiting a country.
    I am so glad you had a wonderful trip.

    • Yes, it is definitely a very emotional place to be especially when the poverty is so extremely prevalent. I don’t know if it was from living there for so long, but somehow, this will sound very awful, we became desensitized to it. That is awful! But actually, there was something more. We found the people of all classes to generally be very happy and kind. That’s what amazes me about India. Their humility is beautiful. And there’s a beauty in all the chaos. I don’t know. Sometimes I think I might be part Indian! Or at least I was in a previous life or something.

      I hope I don’t sound callous. One definitely finds the privilege while visiting there. And I try to be kind to all the makes I meet while there.

      This shoot was fun for me; I tried to do exactly what you said. I wanted to blend into the walls. This town is such a special one for me. I could wander it for days. And basically it was this little town that set our itinerary for our return trip to India. I wanted to go here!

      I can imagine you really stuck out! But I know they found you so uniquely beautiful–I’m sure they were in awe of you.

      Sorry for taking so long to reply to your very nice comment. I seem to always take way too long in this aspect of blogging! :S

      Love, Annie

  • Anna Parkes

    When I saw this outfit on Instagram my heart flipped. I adore these colours on you – they’re so soft and flattering against your dark hair. I too, have a bit of a thing about velvet and didn’t manage to showcase all of my velvet lovelies over the festive break, but you’ve inspired me to get on and do it anyway. The little booties are such a cute finishing touch!
    Anna x

    • Thank you Anna! I think if I had to choose one post from my entire blog that I love the most, it might be this one. I love what I’m wearing, I love where I’m at, and I loved how I felt while taking these pictures. I’m glad you can see that too!

      Love, Annie

  • Oh Emma! You should have seen our transport to a couple of hotels that were inside the fort walls. One rickshaw was just for the luggage (and my husband); while the other rickshaw took us. Oh, we had a hoot. Another time I took a motorcycle without giving it a second thought in order to go get my nose pierced. Yes! I did this in India!!

    I do hope you get to travel there one day. It is a very fabulous and fantastic place.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Love, Ann