Style Story: THE Bikini for Over 40

bikini over 40

This was my first halter crop bikini top. I splurged but it was so worth it. This criss cross back is brilliant! Unfortunately now it’s only available in XS.

I’ve found it: THE bikini for over 40. Now granted this post feels very gutsy on my part! I mean, I’m posting pictures of myself in a bikini on the Internet. Oh my!! While I’m not claiming this is the only bikini for over 40 or swimsuit for that matter, I will say that this style feels comfortable and safe while hopefully a little stylish–at least for me, so I wanted to share. Mostly, this suit makes me feel confident which in turn makes me feel good. I will always maintain that this should be first and foremost with whatever we women wear. Here’s why I think this bikini works: for one, I’ve switched to high waisted, retro style (or some might say grandma style!) black bottoms. A black bottom feels safe. I went a size up, so there’s no digging into my waist. Also, the brief covers my poochie area right above my double c-section scar. I love this style of bikini bottoms even if it looks funny. If I feel great, that helps me to look great. You’ve heard me toot that horn before: confidence is key!

Now on to the top for THE bikini for over 40. It’s called a halter crop bikini top, and they’re everywhere at all price points from all brands. You’ll definitely see one while choosing your summer swimsuit–give it a try. It’s an order! As you know, I no stranger to embracing the crop top, and this bikini top seems very close to one–just for the water. My skin around the chest area is always covered. This is important to me as I to try to help avoid more wrinkles and sun damage on my décolletage. My cleavage is always covered which is a total win since my breasts tend to fall inward and outward and never like to stay in the actual top. With this style, I do not have to worry. Let me repeat: this bikini top is full-proof. I can run around the beach, jump off docks and sides of pools, and do acrobatic swimming; ok, I don’t know how swim acrobatically, but you get the point. This top does not budge. One more thing that has me totally converted is the tie around the neck. My Girls are heavy, so sometimes I’ll get an indentation from the neck tie. That never happens with the halter crop bikini top even though the same amount of weight is being held up (no, I don’t get it, but it’s true).

Because I love this bikin top style so much, I have it in six styles. If I see a version at my local Forever 21, I simply get it. (Yes, I’m a sucker in that store) When I see one, I just get it in a large of course because my 36DD are not 21, in fact they are more like 43! Each time I wear this kind of top, I wear it each with the above mentioned black swimsuit bottom. In my opinion, at least for me, this just might be the perfect bikini for over 40. It works, and for this reason I’d like to share that news with you as you set out for your summers. Let the swimsuit shopping begin, but don’t think that because of your age you need to wear a certain type–that’s hogwash. String bikini, tanga, one piece, racerback… as long as a swimsuit is worn with confidence we’re all set ladies, so just find the one that makes you feel hot, and you will be hot!

bikini for over 40

I must tell the truth: I first spotted this top on the lovely Geneva from A Pair and a Spare.

bikini halter top

Just so you know… a friend saw me in this top and like it, so I picked it up for her. I’d do the same for you.
I can shop for ANYONE!

bikini for over 40

I like to pretend this top is from Rio and feel transported there–although I’m not complaining.
HK beaches are lovely!

bikini for over 40

Unfortunately this one is gone; I’ve looked. It’s from last summer.

bikini for over 40

I also got this suit last summer, and I love this swimsuit so much:
I keep one at the Spirit Lake cabin and one in Hong Kong.
(I wear this one with the matching bottoms.)

bikini over 40

This is my newest edition to the halter crop bikini top. It doesn’t offer maximum coverage, but it still works.
This one for sure might give an odd tan line but oh well.

My Bikini for Over 40

I’ve managed to find each top and the black bottoms–except for the boho styled one. Unfortunately it’s gone.

Some More Binkin Options for You:

For now, I stuck with some brands that are accessible to both Hong Kong and international readers with FREE shipping!

Forever 21
Revolve Clothing

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  • Sheila

    You look great and I love those bottoms.

    • Thanks Sheila! I highly recommend them. So comfortable–even if they’re a bit grandma-y! Thanks for commenting Sheila. You know how much I appreciate it!! A x

  • Happinessatmidlife

    This bikini looks wonderful on you! In all my life, I have never been at ease with my body and wearing a 2 piece was out of the question. I have worn them but never felt right in them. I have been thinking about trying a higher bottom and see if that makes me more comfortable.


    Would love for you to stop by & join TBT Fashion link up.

    • Oh, I hope it does Alice. Give it a try. Maybe you are being too hard on yourself….I bet you look great! I will come link up! 😀 A x

  • You look absolutely stunning in every single shot, amazing body, beautiful lady inside and out. Whoop whoop #proudinmybikini x

    • Thank you Vicki! I plan to infiltrate these two hashtags this summer: #proudinmybikini and #bikiniover40. Here’s to us brave women!! A x

    • Thank you Vicki! I plan to infiltrate these two hashtags this summer: #proudinmybikini and #bikiniover40. Here’s to us brave women!! A x

    • Thank you so much Vicki! I felt very gutsy–as I’m sure you do too with yours–with this post. But hey, I want to help and inspire others to feel good in our own skin! I’m going to be using these two hashtags all summer: #proudinmybikini and #bikiniover40! Thanks again. Ann

  • kp

    Legs!!! You looks so great!

  • That’s a great cut on you.

    • Thank you Celeste. I find it very comfortable too which in turn makes me feel confident, and if I can feel confident in a swimsuit, that’s a great thing! A x

  • Ruth Maldonado

    Love the halter top suit! And the bikini bottoms are awesome!!

    • Thank you Ruth! I feel so much comfortable in this style of suit. Here’s to summer on its way!! Love, Ann