Style Story 17: Crop Tops Over 40

Crop Tops Over 40
Crop tops over 40?! Really?! Yes, I totally think crop tops are an option for any age. Granted, at any age I think there are a couple of tricks and tips to wearing this trend– unless you have a completely rock solid set of abs. JLo, my amazingly sexy same aged sister can choose to wear crop tops in any way she wants! (I bet she’s holding the ice cream for her child or something…) But for more modest attempts at wearing a crop top, stick with simple colors, choose a boxy style, or wear crop tops with a high waist. The last time I tried out the crop top trend was back in 2013 when the trend was just hitting the stores. I didn’t last long with that one; it was too cropped.

In my opinion, the secret to wearing crop tops over 40 is in the sneak peek. Just a sliver of skin exposure alludes to the style. I guess for the most part, I like wearing the modest version that hints at skin but is not in any way overt. Well…for the most part anyway. I have one exception but you’ll see it down below! ;P

Wear Crop Tops in Simple Colors

Crop Tops Over 40
There’s nothing too flashy with this look: it’s just black and grey. By keeping the colors simple, you won’t feel like you’re drawing more attention to your outfit with any other boldness. Let the cropped top be the bold of this outfit.

Wear Crop Tops in Boxy Shapes

Crop Tops Over 40
The boxiness of this crop top actually hides the tummy. The waist is visible which is good, but because a boxy cut falls from the breasts, the tummy actually gets shaded. It’s the glimpse of the top that might create the allure…. (This style works well for larger chested women since the top falls from there.)

Wear Crop Tops with High Waists

Crop Tops Over 40
Wearing a high waisted pant or skirt meets the crop top just about where it ends. This is a very safe way of wearing a crop top. Only movement of the arms reaching out will give a glimpse of the stomach. With a high waist there is minimal exposure from the crop top, but again, just enough. A little peak here and there is a good thing with a crop top.

My Exception with Crop Tops

Crop Tops Over 40
There’s one occasion when I will bare more midriff while wearing a crop top and that’s when a swimsuit is involved. If I’m headed to the beach or swimming pool even a boat ride, I find it totally appropriate to bare more skin. There’s usually a two piece on underneath, so for me the crop top is just an extension of my top. I’m usually in my high waisted denim cutoffs too, so I’ve got that pooch area covered. I don’t think I’d ever wear this same top with a pair of low waisted cutoff denim shorts. I would then be too self conscious. Funny huh? But with high waisted bottoms, I feel just fine in wearing a shorter top that shows off my middle.

Crop Tops for You:

I went out to three of my favorite online stores to shop for crop tops: Forever 21, ASOS, and Revolve Clothing. Each of these shopping destinations offer excellent options at various price points. If you want to just try this trend out with basics, go with Forever 21 or ASOS. If you interested in high quality and a more unique cut, shop at Revolve Clothing. Either way, for crop tops over 40, there are plenty of super cute options out there! Don’t be shy. Go for it!!

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  • Dawn Lucy

    You look fabulous in al the crop tops! I might have to get braver and try one myself! (Showing just a sliver, like you said!) Thanks so much for being a part of Fun Fashion Friday!


    Dawn Lucy

    • Yes! Totally try it Dawn Lucy. You will rock it; I just know it for sure. Thanks for giving us a link up:D A x

  • Lena B, Actually

    Crop tops can be so versatile… for anyone! Thanks for sharing this great post and for linking up for Passion4Fashion!

    • My pleasure! Thanks for stopping by Lena and for commenting=D A x

  • Monika Faulkner

    Terrific crop top tips, dearest Ann…for ANY age!! I believe that great personal style can’t happen without self-confidence; and your pointers are all about just that!! P.S. That white tee with the mesh inserts is the definition of “abbreviated” perfection!! XOXO

  • Ruth Maldonado

    Love crop tops! Being a child of the 80’s/90’s never thought I would go back to them, but I love them with high waisted pants/shorts/skirts! It’s alot of fun to show a smidge of skin for a date night or girls night out too!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more Ruth! Thanks for stopping by and commenting:D A x

  • Not Dressed As Lamb

    Ann you’ve got crop tops ABSolutely spot on (see what I did there??!) – your tips are perfect for anyone who wants to try them but is too nervous to do so! I think the high waisted bottoms are the best trick, also makes the look modern and not too late 90s. BTW you look hot in the denim cut offs!!!!!

    Catherine x

    • Thanks Catherine! I’m getting all sorts of bravery these days. Wait till you see the Style Story this Friday where I’ll be sporting 6 styles of the halter bikini top! What am I thinking!!? Thanks for stopping by Catherine. I appreciate it. Love, Ann