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The Fab 40s in Red & Pink

Red & Pink 5
Wow! The Fab 40s have now completed a year of posts–this is twelfth collaboration. In March of 2015 we started with six of us styling up the Pantone color of that year: Marsala. We started with six–unfortunately Kirsten from The LIFB (she was featured as a Style Story fave just yesterday!) wasn’t able to continue on with us. At that point, Sheela our founder alongside me, Dawn Lucy, Jane, and Dixie continued with the five of us making up the Fab 40s with a each of us taking a turn on the themes. I bet you could guess my choices: jumpsuits and fringe. No brainer right?! Well, hopefully I will have surprised you this time around with red and pink. Somewhere along the way, the five of us decided to start inviting fellow 40 something bloggers. When I chose the theme of fringe, I invited my Hong Kong blogging buddy Norbyah from I’m a Norbyah. In fact this post of hers inspired this photo shoot’s backdrop.

As The Fab 40s continues to evolve, what I am most pleasantly surprised with is how incredibly awesome our little blogging community is. I can honestly say I am making some good friends–around the world! As a world traveler already, it’s rewarding to be making connections with other women (and a few men) who carry the same passion for fashion and style. In fact, I’d like to introduce you to Conny. Conny and I met over on Instagram–I don’t know how or when. I can tell you though that I’m always attracted to her steely eyes. It’s as if they speak to me. Oh, and I know another commonality–we have the same scarf! (Here it is on her and then on me.)

Upon visiting Conny Doll Lifestyle or following her on Instagram you will quickly notice that she’s German. Don’t let that stop you from following her! Conny is a beautiful bilingual blogger; she always responds to me in English and writes in both languages. Plus now Google translates pages for you so it’s super easy to read once translated in any language. (Thank you Google!)


Conny of Conny Doll Lifestyle
Outfit Details: Blouse and Cardigan, Dorothee Schumacher; Pants, Minimum; Shoes, Nike Air; Bag, DIY (not me – from a friend)


Following are two of The Fab 40s that have been with me from the start!


Sheela Goh
Sheela of Sheela Writes
Outfit Details: Vintage Knit Blazer, Ungaro; Turtleneck Sweater, Forever21; Capris, Urban Devi; Wristlet, Rebecca Minkoff; Heels, JustFab; Ring, Walk In Wonderland; Lipstick, Masochist @Jeffree Star

Dawn Lucy

Dawn Lucy from Fashion Should Be Fun
Outfit Details: Pink coat, vintage; Burgundy midi skirt, Boohoo; Black sweater, Shein; Red cross body bag, Boohoo; Red shoes, vintage Prada

With Jane and Dixie no longer able to post with The Fab 40s, I introduce you to four bloggers that will be joining us:


Samantha of Fake Fabulous
Outfit Details: Body-con Dress, Baukjen; Shirt Dress, Yon Kim; Coat, Hearts & Hands (Urban outfitters); Tights, Levante; Shoes, Clarks; Bag, Primark; Necklace, Boden


Diane from Fashion on the 4th Floor
Outfit Details: Turtleneck, Uniqlo; Jumpsuit, River Island from ASOS; Caged Heels, Hinge from Nordstrom; Ring, Forever 21; Bracelets, Forever 21; Charming Charlie, H&M


Jennie from A Pocketfull of Polkadots
Outfit Details: Jacket, Shein; Sequined Tee, NY&Co.; Trousers, Worthington, JCPenney; Pumps, Y-Not? Necklace, Charming Charlie; Bag. Kate Spade Small Harmony, Shopbop


DSC_0520 (2)
Mary from Curly Byrdie
Outfit Details: Skirt, Bisou Bisou Jcpenney; Coat, Worthington Jcpenney; Boots, Nina via Carsons; Clutch, Sam and Libby Target

And Me!

Red & Pink 7
February, alongside Valentine’s day, is also the month I celebrate my birth–along with a gazillion other people (including Sam in this post–Happy Birthday Samantha!). It’s amazing to me how many people I know were born in Feb. You know that saying, “Spring is in the air?” Well, I think in May it’s totally true!

Red & Pink 4

Red & Pink 1
Ann from Kremb de la Kremb
Outfit Details: Dress, Trousers, and Sunnies, Forever 21; Blazer and Clutch, H&M; Earrings and Pumps, Kate Spade

Style Stories No. 12: Moto Jacket Love


Thanks for these pics Norbyah–and for trying to bring out the tough girl in me!

Some Style Stories just happen. I’ve been on the lookout for a cool moto jacket for a while now. I have this sleek one that I picked up a swap, but sometimes with too many layers it’s a bit snug and to be honest almost too elegant. It’s not the true, edgy biker, moto jacket. Every time I go to my second hand haunts here in HK, I haven’t ever seemed to find one to my liking. Finally, with a generous gift card from a friend, I ordered a pleather one at Zara. But then, something miraculous happened! I went to a meeting and the room was freezing. I remarked how cold I was and my colleague mentioned I could wear the jacket that was hanging on my chair. When I put it on, it was like sparks of magic–it seriously fit me perfectly. Geoff said to me, “Ya, that coat has been hanging on a fence at the beach all week long. I finally brought it in.” He was going to add it to the trunk of clothes for students to paint on and such. But, after seeing my enthusiasm for this jacket, Geoff generously gave it to me. He could see my love at first fit! Now, I can’t seem to get enough of this coat. I did end up taking the Zara one back. This one is just too good to be true. I can feel that a real motorcyclist used to wear this worn in leather moto jacket. It has been loved. And now, I’m doing the same. I oil it with leather conditioner each time I wear it as there’s a good amount of seawater that dried it out. I’m set to take it to our local leather man in order to fix some of the wear and tear. Most importantly, I like to believe I wear this coat with the love it deserves. I feel rockin’ awesome in it, and (silly of me but) I think the coat feels it too!

Moto Jacket 2

Moto Jacket 4

Moto Jacket 5.5

Moto Jacket 3

Do you have a Love Style Story?

Do you have something in your wardrobe that was just meant to be? Maybe there’s an item in your closet that was just destined to be yours no matter what. Tell me about it. I’d love to hear the style story!

Or take a moment and link up your own style stories. Please spread the love and include a link back to Kremb de la Kremb. In the next few days I’ll try to make sure and visit your blog. And I hope Kremb de la Kremb readers are doing the same.

Thanks for linking up!

Love, Ann

Style Stories No. 12 Link Up

PS. From Style Stories No. 11 Link Up

My FavesHopefully from all the link ups from around the web you are getting to know different bloggers around the world. I know I am! Two bloggers stood out to me from the Style Stories No. 11 Link Up. First, if I were to place my thumb over Debbie’s cute face and lovely ginger hair, that outfit is exactly something I feel I would wear! Seriously. It’s like Debbie is my style twin or something!! (I am now after a similar plaid dress. I already have the baseball tee and boots.) I wonder if the fact that we’re both teachers makes us both like this outfit…just a hunch. What do you think Debbie? Kirsten is ironically also in plaid. Here’s to plaid ladies! But the style story from Kirsten’s post really got me. She has just moved, which I can relate too, but the neat thing about her new home is she is 15 minutes from a castle. Yes, castle! Can you imagine? I just finished reading Me Before You, and I’m having pictures that her new town might have Lou Clark in it…Thanks for linking up ladies.

Make sure to visit these two blogs: Debbie at Fashion Fairy Dust and Kirsten at The LIFB Issue!
Also go follow them on Instagram: @fashionfairydust and @thelifbissue.

What if it looked better on her?

Fringe BodyCon 9
I’m going to take a hunch that maybe you’ve wanted to wear something, but some thoughts like, “It looked better on her,” enter into your brain. I mean when we order online–which is becoming a predominant way of shopping, hello no dressing rooms!–the item is usually featured on a model. If we were to go to the dressing rooms say with a friend, we would then by chance see an item on a girlfriend. No matter how it happens, we often compare ourselves to others. This post isn’t about jealousies–since none of us have time for that. Rather this post is about the comparisons we make in relations to others and how to work through them. Comparing ourselves to others is a real, very genuine action that often takes place when we go to get dressed. If I am honest, I do it too despite my absolute love for getting dressed.

For example, take this bodycon dress on me. I was at a clothing swap, with much thinner women than myself, therefore I was going for stretchy items–like this stretch dress. When I tried it on, nothing, I mean NOTHING was hidden! This dress bares all! Then, another gal, who is utterly gorgeous and is indeed a beautiful, 6 ft tall model, with stunning blue eyes and a statuesque presence, tried this dress on. Well, obviously it looked amazing on her! Sabrina, who is as beautiful inside as she is out, didn’t want the dress though, and since I’m a lover of anything fringe, I ended up going home with it.

But, how do I wear a bodycon dress after seeing it literally hanging off Sabrina, looking so great and just as the dress should be? I’ll tell you what I do.

Armour, Adjust, Accessorize, and Attitude

Fringe BodyCon 4
With the proper armour I was able to wear this dress. I also made some adjustments to the way I wore it, but most importantly my attitude is essential at carrying off anything that verges on making me feel insecure!


Fringe BodyCon 7
The fringe on this dress is created by tied knots–knots that see through to the skin. In fact the ladies during the clothing exchange mentioned wearing this dress without panties or at the very least barely there underwear. For me however, since the dress is exceptionally tight, I paired a nice and tight, slimming, black slip underneath. Knowing that my skin was somewhat smoothed down plus not being able to see through to my skin was reassuring; it made it possible for me to put this fringe dress on!


Fringe BodyCon 8
There are a couple of adjustments I made to this dress. First, normally, it should be worn with the fringe running straight down the side hitting mid shin. Instead I twisted the body of the dress so that the fringe went from one side, across my torso, and over to the other side. This crossover action gives the line of the dress a slimming look at the waist. Second, I ruched the waist a bit so that is was bunched up which in turn shortened the dress. Because the dress is made of a stretchy, cotton material, it was easy to manipulate the way this dress hangs.


Fringe BodyCon 6.5
I would not wear this dress with out a couple of items that detract from its bodycon state. One, I quickly grabbed for my denim cut-of vest. Two, I wore my over-the-knee boots so as to not have any skin show. Finally, to draw attention up toward my face, I stacked on some rhinestone necklaces. Lastly, for a pop of color, I added one of my colorful embroidered clutches from India. It’s not that I want to take away from the fabulous fringe of this dress, but I did want to distract from it’s clinging ways, and with some purposely placed accessories this is possible.


Fringe BodyCon 1Our attitude can make or break us. I will always believe that we need to wear our confidence. It can be tough–especially if we tend to compare ourselves to others. Rather, even if it is hard, we need to embrace the assets we do have and make the best of them. I am curvy! Well, embrace a bodycon! But first, I’ve made some little tweaks and enhancements so to speak that make me feel good in this dress. Then, when I go to wear it, my attitude is better when I like how I wear it. When I like how I wear it, I’m liking me; in turn I will have an attitude of confidence.

Fringe BodyCon 3

Interested in a Black Fringed Dress?

Here are some very cute black dresses that incorporate a little fringe–luckily I didn’t choose only bodycon dresses!

DIY Embellished Jean Jacket

Embellish Jacket DIY 5I’ve been eyeing embellished jean jackets for a while now. Also, I have this bleached out jean jacket that doesn’t get much wear. (The bleach job was another DIY project from when I first started the London College of Style program. I bleached it out on the beach rocks of Couer d’Alene at my sister’s lake home.) There’s no denying that I gravitate toward a boho vibe. It’s part of my hippy chick style, and I think it’s to be expected after all the places I’ve spend most of my adult life. Rather than purchase an embellished jacket, I decided to make my own. I got it started, and the tailored did the rest. I may miss having a plain white, bleached out jean jacket, but I think I’ll get more wear out of this colorful, funky take on a jacket staple.

Keep reading to see how I made an embellished jean jacket….

Embellish Jacket DIY 2

Embellish Jacket DIY 3

Embellish Jacket DIY 4

Embellish Jacket DIY 9

DIY Embellished Jean Jacket

1. Choose a Jean Jacket.

There are a couple of stories behind the jean jacket I chose. I already mentioned I bleached it. One of my early assignments for achieving my styling certification was to alter clothing in three ways: dying, bleaching, and embellishment. This jacket was my bleaching attempt. The original jacket was picked up at one of my sister’s Thursday Night Girl’s Night. Imagine my delight of about 12 very fashionable women dumping a garbage bag of their belongings to be traded around. The party was at Jill’s house and I scored more than a few items from Joelle. Oh, what a night! I pine to attend more of those Thursday night get togethers.

I was lucky to have a jean jacket. If you need to buy one, first I suggest your local thrift shop. If that doesn’t work, I’d say head to the Gap. Both my jean jackets (this one and my denim one) are from the Gap. You can’t really go wrong with their selection.

Embellish Jacket DIY Supplies

2. Rummage for the embellishments.

Next up, I searched around for the embellishments that I would add to the jacket. I found a little embroidered purse in one of Hong Kong’s lady markets. I also found different trimmings plus some tassels. I shopped all my necklaces and chose a few that I thought might match. I actually wasn’t quite sure what I would use and if even all of it, but I wanted options as I pinned items on.

3. Pin the embellishments on.

After I cut the purse apart and had created patches of sorts I started placing the embroidered patches onto the jacket in various assortments. Once I was happy with an arrangement, I pinned it on. Then, out of my trimmings I found that the black and gold looked best. The jacket is pretty colorful, so I stopped there and did not add any jewellery or tassels. (This isn’t to say with a couple of more wears that I might want to add some more to the jacket.)

Embellish Jacket DIY Pin On 2

Embellish Jacket DIY Pin On

4. Glue and stitch on the embellishments. Or better yet, cheat!

Once I’d arranged the embellishments, I had planned on gluing everything on and then hand stitching each embellishment to the jacket. But then, since I was DIYing in Thailand, I thought to myself, “Wait. There are some really good–not to mention very inexpensive–tailors here in Thailand. Use one!” So that’s what I did. Well actually the hotel helped me out: I asked the front desk if they could take it in to a tailor and the next day, I owed US$10 for a beautiful job done. I thought it was well worth the money–especially after how difficult this stitch job was!

*Be forewarned!

However if you cheat like I did and send your garment off without speaking directly to your tailor, you might end up with sewn shut pockets! Here I am realizing that this jacket is now pocketless. Funny right?

Embellish Jacket DIY 8.5

Would you like an Embellished Jean Jacket?

I really enjoyed making this jacket–despite the fact that part of it was sourced. Would you like one? Similar to this fun ostrich clutch that I’ve offered in my Shop, I’d love to make an embellished jacket for you too. All you have to do is enquire….

Embellish Jacket DIY 6

Tie Your Blanket Scarf as a Skirt

Blanket Scarf as a Skirt 5

Sometimes, when a trend becomes saturated–say like the popularity of culottes for example, I end up not wanting to be a part of the movement any longer. I prefer to be unique. I do not want this to come across as snobby; I just prefer being a trendsetter as oppose to follower. Regardless, I have many culottes in my wardrobe that I still plan on wearing–I still have a fabulous gold-ish pair to pull out and style. Another trend that has been making the rounds is the blanket scarf. Granted a scarf is simply a scarf, therefore it should be worn for warmth–that’s hardly a trend. However, the big blanket scarf, especially in this pattern, seems to be everywhere. I was so excited when my library team gave me this scarf for my first Christmas working with them in 2012. I had seen this very famous blogger wearing it and of course wanted one just like it. Imagine my squeal when my lovely library colleagues gave it to me! Now, it’s four years later, and I thought to myself: it’s time to mix it up. Why not tie my blanket scarf as a skirt? I gave it a try and found out it’s just as cozy around the middle as it is around the neck.

Blanket Scarf as a Skirt?!

So, here are my questions for you: would you wear a blanket scarf as a skirt? No way, maybe? And which camp are you in–trend setter or trend follower? Or maybe, you just beat to your own drum are classic with no trends at all!

Blanket Scarf as a Skirt 3

Blanket Scarf as a Skirt 1

Blanket Scarf as a Skirt 7

Beanie, HM | Denim shirt, Gap | Blanket scarf, gifted (same same) | Fleece tights (similar) | Brogues, Zara | Bucket bag, Oroton | Red lips, Bourjois Rouge Edition

Pictures by my fellow blogging friend I’m a Norbyah.

You try it!

Do you already have a blanket scarf on high rotation? Feeling ready to wear it in a totally new way? Give your blanket scarf a skirt try. Wrap it around and tie it just like you would your swimming pool sarong. I kept one corner in my right hand at my waist. I grabbed the diagonal opposite corner with my left hand and started wrapping. Using diagonal corners helped offer varying lengths so that the skirt was not too short. Once the corners met, I cinched it. Voila! A blanket scarf as a skirt!

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Style Stories No. 11: My Love of Red and Black

Black and Red 8.5

Pictures thanks to I’m a Norbyah

Do you have a color combo that reminds you of a childhood memory? For me, it’s black and red. I can’t remember what year it was–maybe 4th grade, but there was one outfit for a school picture that definitely sticks out in my mind. I was so impressed by what I was wearing and can remember feeling special all day long, despite the fact that what I was wearing was definitely out of the ordinary. In fact, perhaps this was the start of my over-the-top-ness! My mom totally dressed me, but I was definitely into it. Imagine this getup: black loafers with white knee highs, black tailored bermuda shorts, a white collared button down, and finally a black and red tie. Oh! I felt so snazzy! Ever since, I’ve always been drawn to wearing black and red together, hence the inspiration for this outfit.

Black and Red 1.5

Black and Red 2.5

Black and Red 9.5

Drop earrings, India | Buffalo plaid shirt, Zara | Skirt, Forever 21 (on sale now!) | Black gilet, Firefly (also, on serious sale!) | Crossover fringe bag, market in Thailand | Black fringe boots, Tory Burch (similar at a great price!) | Red lips, Revlon Love that Red

What about you?

Do you have any color combos that you just love based on a childhood memory? Share with me. I love style stories!!

Speaking of which…it’s time to link up!

Link up your Style Stories!

But first, my favorites from Style Stories No. 10….


I did not mean to pick black and red favorites from the Style Stories Link Up from two weeks ago. Honestly, it is purely coincidental. I’m serious! It just so happened that I was particularly attracted to Johanna’s black top–probably because it’s a blouse that I’d never be able to wear. I did however immediately go buy some red trousers after seeing this post! See?


Then in terms of a style story teller I always, I mean always love Greetje’s posts. She and her husband are forever up to such fun. He takes very charming pictures of his wife, and well Greetje’s style is so great. She’s one of those lucky ladies with #legsfordays!

Your turn!

Do you love style? Better yet, do you love the stories behind your style? Here’s your chance to link up!

I can’t wait to see what you have to share.

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Dressing for Date Night

Dressing for Date Night 7

Tiffany Co. Knot Earrings | DIY Sleeveless Blazer, Forever 21 | I <3 KK, Kota Kinabalu Market | H&M Sequin Pants | New Balance Sneakers | Bourjois Rouge Edition in Hot Pepper

Oh! Do I love Date Night! Date Night doesn’t happen all that often in our relationship–it’s actually something both Kevin and I have agreed upon that needs to change. The kids are now at an age where their social lives are becoming as busy as ours, so we’re left often times staring at each other on a Friday night. This is a good thing! It means we can start going out again–similar to what I refer to as our “Rock Star Years” in Bombay, India. When dressing for Date Night there are three different individuals or groups of people that I dress for. I dress for him, I dress for me, and I dress for them. Let me explain….

Dressing for Date Night 3

Dressing for Him:

Dressing for Date Night 8When I go to get dressed for Date Night, I consider things Kevin likes to see me in or even items that he’s given to me as gestures of love. For example, here in this outfit, the t-shirt is one of my most favorite gifts from Kevin: he got it for me on a business trip to Kota Kinabalu–no the “KK” doesn’t actually stand for Kevin Krembs, but I like to believe it does! I squealed with joy when he gave me this simple souvenir; then I even had a quick tear of joy come to my eyes. Also of note are my earrings: while I could have gone with something more bold, I chose a delicate pair of knotted Tiffany earrings he gave one Christmas. These are two small gestures to show I appreciate him and his kindness. Another thing I might do is wear something I know he especially likes–for example something to show off my legs since that his favorite part of my body. On a Date Night, I make small little tweaks to show my date I like knowing that he likes seeing his date. Does that make sense? It’s definitely dressing to impress.

Dressing for Me:

Dressing for Date Night 9While I might dress to impress my date, there is also another person I want to impress and that is me! I definitely dress in items that I feel great in. The feeling of wearing something that makes me feel good will transpire into me actually looking good. Again, does this make sense? Maybe not, but let’s put it this way: if I’m uncomfortable in an item I might tug at it or hunch my shoulders, yet if I feel good, I will stand tall, have a more vibrant smile, and carry myself in a confident assured manner. With this outfit, yes, I love the t-shirt! It definitely makes me feel good, but so do the black sequin pants. I love sequin, so when I get a chance to wear it, I go for it. Another item that always makes me feel 100 times better about myself is a red lippy–granted it’s not the best for kissing my date with, but it can always be wiped away later!

Dressing for Date Night 10

Dressing for Them:

Dressing for Date Night 4This may come across as an odd group of people to be dressing for Date Night, but let me explain. There’s nothing worse than arriving to a party, venue, or restaurant in inappropriate attire. This is sure to make anyone uncomfortable. Therefore I consider who and where I will be for an event. In this case, Kevin and I were heading to a cool, urban area of Hong Kong: the Mid-Levels. It’s bustling with nightlife and is a very hip place to go. While I knew I was a bit over-the-top with my sequin pants, I went with black as to fit in. Also, pairing the look with a black (sleeveless and regular for layers) blazer helped with the more conservative but trendy vibe of Hong Kong.

What about you? What’s Dressing for Date Night like for you?

Really, I want to know. Do my three ways of dressing for date night resonate for you? Or do you have a different set of guidelines when getting dressed for a date with your special someone? Tell me in the comments….

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Chandelier Earrings | Gold Cuff | Stacked Rings | Turquoise Earrings |
Turquoise Cuffs | Indian Earrings

Recently, I was contacted by the most beautiful online jewellery destination: Lustre. I was so thrilled when they reached out to me, and even more pleasantly surprised when I got to meet the founder and owner of Lustre, Anaita. Anaita, although she’s an expat just like me, is originally from Bombay, India. She now lives in Singapore but also lived in Hong Kong for over a dozen years. When we started playing the name game and found that we had mutual friends, the small world spark had been lit! Originally, Anaita had told me to pick out some of my favorite items–now when you go visit this site, you will find that near impossible! Everything is GORGEOUS! I only just showed six of the many items I was impressed by. I was thrilled when she gifted me a beautiful pair of amethyst earrings and two titanium black cuffs (to be worn Wonder Woman style of course!). My birthday is this month, so I don’t plan on taking these purple baubles off. What do you like from this very affordable, very friendly, Singaporean based jewellery shop named Lustre?

Lustre 1

Lustre 2

Lustre 4

Lustre 6.5

Fitting into a Winter Wonderland

winter wonderland 3It was amazing to experience a winter wonderland this winter. Having lived overseas for almost half my life (wow! Putting it that way makes it seem like a loooooonng time!), I’ve missed the snowy winters I had growing up in Spokane, Washington. That’s why Christmas 2015 was so very special: the whole family got to indulge in the winter wonderland experiences of sledding, skiing, snow angel making, shivering, everything. For me however, I didn’t really get to take part in the actual physical activities that accompany snow. Rather, I just tried the look the part! I continually wore my big oversized cable knit sweater almost every day. I embraced slouchy beanies and got great use out of my cream, full-length, down jacket. I pulled out the Sorels from my snowboarding days circa 1990. I even wore makeshift ski-looking-pants with my faux leather joggers. I might not have hit the slopes, but I definitely tried to play the part. The only way I know I fit in was by all the “Oh! Don’t you look like a snow bunny!” comments that I received in the bar apré ski. Here’s the trick to fitting into a winter wonderland scene–just make sure to dress cozy.

winter wonderland 1

winter wonderland 5

winter wonderland 4

winter wonderland 6

winter wonderland 2

Shop the Winter Wonderland Look:

My sweater from Needle is now gone as are my (faux) leather joggers from a few years ago. I’ve found some other options for you though so you too can fit in and get the winter wonderland look. You just need a cable knit sweater, some faux leather joggers, and a pair of winter snow boots. You’ll be set!

The Sweater
The Joggers
The Boots

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January’s Instagram @KrembdelaKremb: Vol. 13

Krembdelakremb on Instagram
I realize it was just last week that I updated my November and December Instagram Collages. Therefore, for January I’m trying to stay on top of things. If you are a reader of Kremb de la Kremb and you are on Instagram, I want to know! Please follow @krembdelakremb so I can follow you back! Like I said last week: Instagram is by far my favorite social network. It allows me to celebrate style on a daily basis. Stay tuned for lots of red in February plus a trip to Thailand. Oh, and my birthday is in Feb so there’s that too! January was long, but not because of the days. It involved the tail end of our trip home to the Pacific Northwest, getting back to work and school, and extreme cold weather in Hong Kong. All in all, it was a great month despite the latter two.

@Krembdelakremb on Instagram:

1. The first pic up above was my most liked post of January. I never know what makes a picture get more likes–is it because this was a selfie? Not sure….but regardless, I do love the coziness of these mittens!

Krembdelakremb on Instagram

2. On New Year’s Eve we were able to finally see my niece Elle dance. It was amazing! And of course I cried. I’ve wanted to see her dance for over a decade now, so getting the chance was a memory made forever!

3. During our trip home, I went to Target, let’s see….hmm! Too many times to count!! Haha. On one such trip, I saw this faux furry hat but then did not purchase. When I woke up in the morning completely fixated, one more trip to target was made! I love this hat!! Anything that makes me feel fabulous when I wear it, is a winner in my book.

4. I hadn’t gone jean shopping since 2009! While home I made a solo trip to Madewell. Luckily I found two pairs of jeans: these high rise black skinny jeans and a pair of Flea Market Flares (on sale mind you!). I’d been coveting my sister’s flares since the summer when she let me borrow them. I was happy to finally update my jean collection.

5. We took a mini vacation away from our vacation and drove up to Vancouver for two nights. I LOVE Vancouver–nicknamed Hongcouver over here in Hong Kong. It’s such a vibrant city filled with both urban and natural treasures–much like HK.

6. I’ve created a new reading routine: a book at school that’s for teens and a book at home that’s adult. I had started to notice that I was only reading young adult for work, yet I was missing out on adult literature. Now that I have this new system, I find I’m reading more. This book Fates and Furies is quite good: the first half is from the husband’s point of view and the second half the wife’s. It’s interesting to see the discrepancies in understanding and what the lack of communication looks like on either side. I highly recommend this book by Lauren Groff; it’s made me really wonder how an author weaves a story together. She’s done a remarkable job in Fates and Furies.

7. Have you seen Star Wars?! I sure hope so!! I LOVED it!! In fact, I loved it so much that I bought a pair of limited edition Star Wars Vans to celebrate the Force!

8. The Fab 40s styled embroidery this month. I was excited to put together my black velvet suit with these two separate embroidered pieces that appear as a set but actually are not.

9. & 10. We’ve been unseasonably cold over here in Hong Kong–as I mentioned in this post. Outside it’s no big deal because I get to wear all my cozy sweaters and fun coats. It’s just in doors that it gets difficult–since we have no heat!