Dressing for Date Night

Dressing for Date Night 7

Tiffany Co. Knot Earrings | DIY Sleeveless Blazer, Forever 21 | I <3 KK, Kota Kinabalu Market | H&M Sequin Pants | New Balance Sneakers | Bourjois Rouge Edition in Hot Pepper

Oh! Do I love Date Night! Date Night doesn’t happen all that often in our relationship–it’s actually something both Kevin and I have agreed upon that needs to change. The kids are now at an age where their social lives are becoming as busy as ours, so we’re left often times staring at each other on a Friday night. This is a good thing! It means we can start going out again–similar to what I refer to as our “Rock Star Years” in Bombay, India. When dressing for Date Night there are three different individuals or groups of people that I dress for. I dress for him, I dress for me, and I dress for them. Let me explain….

Dressing for Date Night 3

Dressing for Him:

Dressing for Date Night 8When I go to get dressed for Date Night, I consider things Kevin likes to see me in or even items that he’s given to me as gestures of love. For example, here in this outfit, the t-shirt is one of my most favorite gifts from Kevin: he got it for me on a business trip to Kota Kinabalu–no the “KK” doesn’t actually stand for Kevin Krembs, but I like to believe it does! I squealed with joy when he gave me this simple souvenir; then I even had a quick tear of joy come to my eyes. Also of note are my earrings: while I could have gone with something more bold, I chose a delicate pair of knotted Tiffany earrings he gave one Christmas. These are two small gestures to show I appreciate him and his kindness. Another thing I might do is wear something I know he especially likes–for example something to show off my legs since that his favorite part of my body. On a Date Night, I make small little tweaks to show my date I like knowing that he likes seeing his date. Does that make sense? It’s definitely dressing to impress.

Dressing for Me:

Dressing for Date Night 9While I might dress to impress my date, there is also another person I want to impress and that is me! I definitely dress in items that I feel great in. The feeling of wearing something that makes me feel good will transpire into me actually looking good. Again, does this make sense? Maybe not, but let’s put it this way: if I’m uncomfortable in an item I might tug at it or hunch my shoulders, yet if I feel good, I will stand tall, have a more vibrant smile, and carry myself in a confident assured manner. With this outfit, yes, I love the t-shirt! It definitely makes me feel good, but so do the black sequin pants. I love sequin, so when I get a chance to wear it, I go for it. Another item that always makes me feel 100 times better about myself is a red lippy–granted it’s not the best for kissing my date with, but it can always be wiped away later!

Dressing for Date Night 10

Dressing for Them:

Dressing for Date Night 4This may come across as an odd group of people to be dressing for Date Night, but let me explain. There’s nothing worse than arriving to a party, venue, or restaurant in inappropriate attire. This is sure to make anyone uncomfortable. Therefore I consider who and where I will be for an event. In this case, Kevin and I were heading to a cool, urban area of Hong Kong: the Mid-Levels. It’s bustling with nightlife and is a very hip place to go. While I knew I was a bit over-the-top with my sequin pants, I went with black as to fit in. Also, pairing the look with a black (sleeveless and regular for layers) blazer helped with the more conservative but trendy vibe of Hong Kong.

What about you? What’s Dressing for Date Night like for you?

Really, I want to know. Do my three ways of dressing for date night resonate for you? Or do you have a different set of guidelines when getting dressed for a date with your special someone? Tell me in the comments….

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  • I love those pants!!

    • Thank you Jaymie! Me too:D I’m a sucker for anything sparkly!! Love, Ann

  • SheelaGoh

    Hmmm, I think I mostly dress for me. That sounds rather selfish GRIN but I’ve come to realise that what Pierluigi likes about me, I don’t necessarily echo the love. For instance, he loves me to show a little leg or decollete whilst I much prefer to show the back, arms. So I dress for me first and foremost because that makes me feel confident and sexy and powerful which in turn leads to a much more enjoyable evening. All inferences intended GRIN

    • Oh, I love you! You horndog you!!

      I should have mentioned me first, then him, then them; there is some hierarchy to the pleasing. I guess I just like to flatter him which in turn leads to an enjoyable evening. *winkwink* Annie

  • Love this fancy but casual look, those pants are awesome on you. Ok, maybe I am getting old, but we call it “Date Afternoon” as we usually go out at 4 or something.lots of times. I dress how I would normally dress… I used to wear heels but hubby is happy either way

    Thanks for linking up with TH TUesday

    jess xx


    • I love it! A couple of weeks ago my husband and I went in a day date! Quite fun actually, and yes suits us better now! *winkwink* A x

  • Anna Parkes

    You’re very good at accomodating everyone in this dressing up aren’t you? I’m afraid I’m totally selfish and just dress for myself. But in my defence I do it so that I can feel confident and therefore will show the best, most relaxed version of myself. Anyway, I love the casual t shirt with these sequin trousers – what a great combo x Thank you for my card honey, I’ll message you soon.
    Anna’s Island Style